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Lee Sin Build Guide by tajatysz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tajatysz

Lee Sin - Old Monk and the Jungle

tajatysz Last updated on November 6, 2011
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In short, this build has been archived because it is 'EXPIRED', i dont really care about it anymore, i could do great changes here, but im too lazy, now everything i care about is my udyr build, when im finished changing it link will be here, and in every other archived build made by me.

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Pros & Cons

+He's got 7 skills instead of just 4.
+Energy - no problems with mana.
+Very good ult with short cooldown.
+One of best slows in entire game(plus, it's multi-target!)
+25% Lifesteal from just one skill.
+Ult without cost, which eliminates situations like "ZOMFG HE WOULD BE DEAD BUT I HAD NO MANA FOR MY AWESOME ULT!"
+Can escape easily when close to allies using (even through walls)

-Prety squishy in early game.
- might be difficult to use for new players, as they may save enemy, or help them kill an ally.

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Summoner Spells

(Smaller icon-less useful spell)

- Needed to jungle as Lee Sin

- My favourite spell, good as opener to ganks, for chasing, for escaping, for everything.

- Tired of being CCd to death?Grab it.

- Yeah, you shouldn't really need it, if you want to get over a wall in most of situations a jungle monster should be on the other side so you can just -> to it.


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-A basic jungling item, some AD, some Armor, some lifesteal, passive from Razors, free ward every 3 minutes, and it's CHEAP! Just great item.

-Very good boots, i take those on almost every champ, i do take them as Lee Sin, because i don't feel like he would need Attack Speed, you can always take instead.

- Another good item, it gives almost everything, a little AD, a little HP, a little crit, some movement speed, and also passive from which i don't know why, but i've noticed that it works great with Lee Sin.

- Also good item, damage, crit, armor penetration, some nice CDr which is useful to Lee Sin, and a passive just great for pushing and teamfights.

- Very, VERY good AD item, gives you a lot of AD and bunch of lifesteal, if you don't die, of course.

- AP Maybe isn't needed for Lee Sin, but don't you think that 60 AD, 20% Life Steal and 25% Spell Vamp(You deal lot's of damage with your skills too..) Is VERY Nice?Also you can shoot someone to slow him down.

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Optional Items

Tanks stacking armor like or are being a pain in ***?
Take or and they will die easily!

Tanks stacking health like or are annoying as hell?
Get and they shall fall!

Tanks stacking magic resist like are hard for you to kill?Well, they shouldn't...

Mages like or keep beating you up?
Take instead of and a and their combo should be broken!

Physical DPSes like or are a pain in ***?
Spec a little tanky, get a and they will help you with killing themselves.

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Early Game

If you are too lazy to read the text about jungle route, watch it Here

So, our whole early game is about...jungling...of course...So, get yer spend yer skill point for and move yer *** to the wolf camp. As the wolves spawn, use to hit all of them, after wears off, use again, use it as often as possible, but only if isn't on. Go to the wraiths' camp, the big blue one, you should lvl up, quickly put a point into then use it, when wears off, use it again, then after wears off again, use after weras off, use it again, congratulations you just aquired a basic combo for farming in the jungle((SAFEGUARD)->(IRON WILL)->(TEMPEST)->(CRIPPLE), always waiting until wears off before using new skill). Go to the twin golem camp and use your basic combo which you just learned ((SAFEGUARD)->(IRON WILL)->(TEMPEST)->(CRIPPLE), always waiting until wears off before using new skill) to kill both of golems, now you should and buy stuff.

After recalling, go to the Blue Golem and keep using your basic combo, smite will NOT be needed here, just drink after the fight ends, then go to the wolf camp and use your basic combo, you will heal both from potion and lifesteal and spell vamp. Go to wraiths, use your basic combo(of course), then head to twin golems, use your basic combo(again) and then it's time for Red Lizard keep using your basic combo, this time we'll use to last hit, but make sure you've got (IRON WILL) turned on, because Spell Vamp works on so you'll heal a little.

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Mid Game

So, you've got lvl 5, both buffs...smells like perfect time for gank, doesn't it?Go into the bushes at mid lane, wait until the enemy is far enough from their turret, then rush into him with ->, slow him with -> and then just mow him down with your attacks. if it becomes available, you can finish him of with -> because Resonating Strike deals more damage if target is injured. Then go to the solo lane(usually top) and gank using same combos as at mid, then help at this lane with harrasing and pushing a bit. Go for the dragon for first time at about lvl 9, it should be easy at this lvl. In this phase, instead of wandering through the jungle killing everything, you usually should just get buffs and keep ganking/helping at solo lane. Remember to kill dragon as often as possible.

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Late Game

Yeah, i've never said much bout late game, just keep roaming, getting buffs, killing dragon...nuff said i think

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Dragon's Rage...

There are few things you have, or at least should know about your ultimate.
#1 You can use it to just harass, it deals nice damage and has pretty short cooldown.
#2 If you hit a flying enemy with Resonating Strike, he will stop, so by using ->-> combo quick enough, you can deal the damage from ult without knocking the enemy back.
#3 During teamfights use it at enemy who stands at front, to hit entire team with him.
#4 Don't kick a running enemy, if you are not sure that this kick will kill him, as you may help him escape.
#5 Make sure to hit your target with before kicking him, so you can fly to him then.

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Few things to remember.

#1 If you are killing jungle creeps, remember, to wait until wears out before using another skill, to maximize your damage output.
#2 You get a free ward from , remember to use it.
#3 + can make an excelent combo for chasing someone.

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There's a screen of few of my stats, feel free to send me yours, they may be there too!

Here's a screen of my stats from ranked game, im pretty new to ranked and this 2 were my 2 first ever wins :D

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Recent changes to Lee Sin

In this chapter i'll write down all changes to Lee Sin.

11.05.11(In US-05.10.11)
range increased from 300 to 350.-Not a big buff, but now it's easier to slow chased enemy with cripple.
no longer returns energy if the shield is broken.- That was pretty useful, but this nerf doesn't hurt me really much.
Costs on ALL abillities reduced to 50/30 from 60/40.- That will help us spam our skills.