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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by Proxxiii

AD Carry Legendary Mechanics (FRESH - Tutorial Video + New Montage)

AD Carry Legendary Mechanics (FRESH - Tutorial Video + New Montage)

Updated on September 12, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxxiii Build Guide By Proxxiii 157 12 5,862,480 Views 137 Comments
157 12 5,862,480 Views 137 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxxiii Vayne Build Guide By Proxxiii Updated on September 12, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi,I am Proxxiii is Back(EUNE) / Mephiix(EUW).
Im challenger marksman from EUW, my main champion is Vayne and I will lead you through my quick guide.
You may find me a little bit cocky in some sentences, but that is who am I,that is how I earned my challenger title.

For those that want to see how i play Vayne in soloq , check this out!
If you like the video please SUBSCRIBE - it means alot to me!
Invisible text!

Check my Facebook Page here!


Why am i making this guide? Well, according to my skill level, I can easily say i had more than 1000 Vayne games in my life and she is also my Main Champion!


Vayne - The Night Hunter (QUICK OVERVIEW)
Ranged, Marksman, Duelist, Late Game Steroids

Synergy: Janna / Nami
Kite & Kill potential: Strong
Speciality: Hard & Fun to play
How to Play Her: Vayne is an mid/late game Hero.Her only weaknesses are low auto attack range (550) and weak early game.Try to farm as much as you can in early game because you outscale almost any ADC later on.In mid game you shine: when you have your Blade of the Ruined King completed, aswell as Rapid Firecannon you are ready to do a huge amout of damage, you play ADC role, so your job is to survive and to take enemy frontline as soon as possible which is quite easy since you have Silver Bolts.
There is 1 thing how you can recognize and separate bad and good Vayne and that 1 thing is, my dear friends, MECHANICS

Early Game

Trading damage

First of all, Vayne is not an early game champion.
You cannot win lane on your own, you must have a decent support, however you are the key.
Making trades with Vayne can be dangerous, but that doesn't mean you can just let your enemies control your lane, take a hit,strike back, tumble --> another hit, do not hessitate but be always careful because once you use tumble, there is no escape in case they engage you.
The more games you play, the more understanding you will get for trading.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget that your Tumble resets auto attack timer which can lead into 2 quick attacks, more attacks = better trade.

Last Hitting

This is very important part, as an ADC role, last hitting minions should be easier for you, taking closer math you must atleast last hit 5/6 minions per wave (+cannon every 3rd wave),
but make sure that you work with your support, so if he goes for a trade, leave minions and help him, maybe you secure a kill, then go back farming.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to group up with your team if they are going to take some objective on the map!

Recall / Lane Freeze

Recall, why am i writing about recall? I will tell you why...
So you have enough gold for that shiny Bilgewater Cutlass, lets go back? NO.
There are some things you must check before going back:
    1. Check that your lane is pushed to the enemy tower which will result into enemy bottom lane losing XP and GOLD (if they recently recalled to base)
    2. Enemy team is about to do Dragon and you just recalled? What a failure... Ask your team first if they are willing to contest the Dragon, then fight/go back based on your team's decision
IMPORTANT: Change your trinket to blue one as soon as your support buys Sightstone because he will do the warding from now on, you won't need your old trinket anymore and blue trinket provides can detect Fog of War so you don't have to facecheck anymore.

High Elo Tip: The best way to recall is when you kill the incoming wave of creeps and the next enemy wave of minions, that is coming down the lane, MUST be the wave with CANNON minion, WHAT does this mean? Well, you are about to back so you push the wave under enemy tower, you recall, enemy bottom lane cleans your wave and they will 90% push YOUR next wave (which is obviously a cannon wave) and then they recall. So the result is: enemy wave of minions is about to approach your tower and tower will obviously kill them, BUT since enemy bottom lane has a cannon minion, your Tower will kill one melee minion and then will start shoting enemy CANNON minion which will save you some time until you arrive to pick up the rest of the minions. Brilliant!Isn't it ?

Lane FreezeInvisible text!
This is a proper lane freeze, as you can see there is an wave of creeps incoming from both sides, but the blue team has 4 more caster minions and red team has only 1 more.
What does this mean? It means that eventually, the blue team will push the wave, killing red team's minions. This will result into Red team's favor because you (as a Red Team Player) will still have those extra blue minions to kill while blue team lost that extra gold and XP. Also You can ZONE enemies while lane freezing if you freeze it properly close to your turret. How does it work? Well, they will have to go closer to your turret to take minions which makes them vulnereable to gank and picking them off with your support!
Lane Freeze is recommended when you are losing lane and you fall behind.
If you are ahead of enemy bottom lane and you already pushed the first tower down there, rotate mid with your support and help your mid laner take down enemy turret and maybe secure a kill.

Mid Game


Mid game is where some serious teamfights approach.
Vayne is ready to fight as soon as she gets her Blade of the Ruined King + Rapid Firecannon, this items provide you enough attack speed to bring down those strong Tanks.
I will explain the basics of teamfight in 3 chapters:


This is your position, the better position you have, the better player you are (overall), this means that you should stay in back line, you are a squishy target, so 1 mistake my cost you life, this is why position is important, if you are too close to enemy damage dealers you may get oneshoted and the teamfight is lost, it's crucial that you stay in back line and pick up those tanks that trouble you.
You are Vayne !!! There is no tank that you cannot take down, your Silver Bolts will make them fear you, so take down those tanks and don't go front line unless you know what are you doing.

2 Tips: Use your Tumble to reposition yourself whenever you feel in danger and do not forget to use your Condemn if you find your target near wall.

Front line/Back line

You are marksman - AD carry, your position is back line, the front line belongs to tanks, whenever you decide to go front line, you will probably die ... so make sure you stand behind your tanks and deal damage to whoever threatens you.


Mechanics is a name for a stuff that each player has, you have many kinds of mechanics, but in order to play Vayne in high elo, if you don't have that, you fall off.
Mechanic is ability to dodge a skillshot, predict enemy spells, use them in your advantage and most important: TO LOOK F****** COOL.
When your enemies miss all skillshots and you ace their entire team, juking them all around, truest me mate, there is no better feeling when you know that you are better than all of them combined together ... This is what makes me a good vayne player, maybe you should give it a try.. hah ..


Objectives are most important thing in League of Legends.
Whenever your team goes for an objective (Baron, Dragon, Tower, Inhibitor) you must be there because big teamfight may be there for that objective...
Following pings, listening to your allies will make them appreciate you.
I know this community is quite toxic and immature but you have 5 enemies already, why should you have another 4 ??

Late Game

Final build

Your core build is at the start of the guide, you should use it in 8/10 of your games, but every game is different, so in some cases you might change this build a little bit, but it's up to you.
Every gold counts so DO NOT waste gold to buy items first, then sell them, that's such a waste.
Always remember to upgrade your boots and trinket.

Split Pushing

Split pushing is NOT your job, however in high elo games it may be useful.
For example - you are pushing Bottom Inner Turret and bait enemy team so your team can take a free baron ... but that usually top lane champions do, which have teleport, so don't bother splitpushing, your team needs you!!!

Check out Vayne Gameplay (FULL GAME) for better understanding of the champion:
If you like the video please SUBSCRIBE - it means a lot to me!
Invisible text!


(Passive) - Night Hunter

Vayne gains 30 Movement Speed when moving toward nearby enemy champions.
This passive gives you chase potential, whenever you have to chase your target, remember that your passive gives you an extra movement speed.

IMPORTANT: Your passive bonus in Final Hour is 3x larger.
Invisible text!
Tip: Since your passive range is quite big, moving towards Fog of War while your movement speed gets increased by your passive means that you are moving towards a nearby ENEMY.
Invisible text!

(Q) - Tumble

This is your main ability.Being a good Vayne requires great usage of Tumble. It has many uses and it's manacost is so low.Use it for an extra auto-attack proc (Make AA then quickly tumble), for dodging a skillshot, get into the stealth if your Final Hour is active, extra chase and more!

PATCH 5.14
COOLDOWN: Begins upon hitting a target ⇒ Begins upon launching the attack.
GOT THE RESET: Tumble's attack will be consumed even if the target becomes invulnerable mid-flight.
- This means your tumble will charget a little bit faster than usual and it should reset the cooldown if you attack the invulnerable target, little but powerful buff, tnx riot!
Invisible text!
Tip: If your going for a harras, do not be afraid to use Tumble, but be careful since you do not have your mini escape anymore!

(Passive - Silver Bolts)

This is what makes them fear you!
Max this ability first and every third attack on them will cost them a lot of health, in lane, do not hesitate to make AA,fast Tumble and quick Condemn to make big trades on enemy.
Invisible text!
IMPORTANT: Your Condemn Proc one tick of Silver Bolts, remember that!

(E) - Condemn

This is your Crowd Control, very few ADCs have any kind of CC, use this wisely and if you hit the enemy against a wall, your chance of winning a fight are really high, you can always use this as a flash trick (Press E and then quickly flash to another direction to reposition yourself and push enemy directly to the wall).
Invisible text!
IMPORTANT: Use your Condemn wisely! You may use condemn on target to finish them off and you instead save their life by pushing them away from you...that's not what you want!

(R) - Final Hour

This ability will make you hit harder and "dance", do not use your Tumble while your target is CC-ed, you wanna make sure you dodge every deadly skillshot and many auto-attacks with restealthing, this ability (with a good mechanics) also makes you the worst nightmare to your enemies.
Final Hour also improves your passive and gains you bonus Attack Damage!


Heal is a basic pick up for ADC player, ADC role is a squishy role, you must provide most damage in teamfights and sometimes, specially in soloQ you cannot count on your support, this may help you survive fatal damage, also it's crucial spell for fighting in bottom lane.
You may consider taking Barrier if you KNOW enemy support has Ignite,but i do not recommend it.
Why? Well, Barrier counters ignite,but you are not ALONE on lane, so your Heal could be a much better use.
Invisible text!
IMPORTANT: Always use Heal to save your support or nearby allies if they are about to die, DO NOT FORGET THAT, your teammates will appreciate it!
Invisible text!
Tip: Heal also provides a little bit of movement speed, it's hardly noticeble, but it has many uses ... If you need just a little more movement speed to take down important target or to escape a certain death, do not hessitate to use it even if you have full health points.

Flash is main summoner spell for almost every champion.
    It has many uses:
  • Escape gank
  • Dodge skillshot
  • Secure kill
  • Reposition
  • Outplay

Flash is a crucial spell for AD carries, you are squishy, you must live!
If you die your team might lose teamfight easily, you are their main source of damage, you are the brain of whole team!
What im trying to say? Well, flash will save everytime you f*** up, literally.
Bad position? Got caught? Standing in the middle of Rumble ult? NP, flash away!
FLASH IS A MUST! No more discussion!



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Invisible text!
Invisible text!


  • Fury This will give you some more attack speed during the game, after some further tests i decided to go for this instead of Sorcery.
  • Double Edged Sword since the last buff is actually a viable pick for ADC, 3% more dmg helps a lot.
  • Vampirism is clearly better option than Natural Talent , that early sustain is amazing and even good in lategame
  • Bounty Hunter Excells pretty good in soloque, once you get atleast 2 unique kills,it already worths more than Oppressor
  • Savagery Helps last hitting early game.
  • Secret Stash whenever you grab a potion you get a better version of it.
  • Merciless is an amazing mastery, that 5% bonus damage can be matter of life and death.
  • Dangerous Game is strongest mastery in League of Legends, this will make you survive that annoying Ignite, you can survive longer in teamfights, crucial for kiting.
  • Battering Blows Grab that bonus ARP.
  • Fervor of Battle is the most powerful mastery for ADC now after Thunderlord's Decree nerf, also you may consider taking Warlord's Bloodlust .. right now im testing these 2 masteries and will update the guide as soon as i test which one is currently better,for now.. Fervor has the lead !



Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King 3200
Phantom Dancer 2600
Infinity Edge 3400
Lord Dominik's Regards 3000
Mercurial Scimitar 3300
Berserker's Greaves 1100

Invisible text!
Invisible text!
BOTRK is back! Yes, you heard it right! After spending days and days of testing i realized Blade of the Ruined King is still viable on Vayne even after nerfs.
As one of the core items, it gives you huge attack speed,some bonus AD and two passive ability.
Unique passive: This passive makes you deal some serious damage to your enemies, this passive will trigger on everyhit, also it is crucial for taking tanks down.
Unique active: Steals HP from your target, use it when kiting/runnin away/chasing enemies.
Invisible text!
This item is your core, after buying this item you should have enough attack speed to easily kite everyone and enough damage to take down anyone, it also provides you with one passive ability.
Unique passive: This item will give more potential in dueling enemies, also it may help you survive those high bursts.
Invisible text!
This Baby will make them fear you, not only your crit chance is 50% now, it also gives you 65 attack damage and passive that improves damage done by your critical strikes by 50%.
Invisible text!
After some testing I realized this item is rly strong, even thought it's not so strong on Penetrating Armor it gives you bonus damage on every champion that has more than some health than you yourself which is rly great since a lot of Mid champions build Rod of Ages now, Top has always been tanky same as junglers.
Invisible text!
This item is amazing right now,it gives you a lot of AD, some Magic Resist and one active ability..
Unique active:Removes any Crowd Control effects on your target and some abilites like Zed's ultimate (More details below)

Take these when you finish your Blade of the Ruined King,there are no better boots for Vayne than these, keep that in mind!
IMPORTANT:Your biggest priority is Blade of the Ruined King, so you might consider skipping these boots and spare more gold in case to buy BOTRK even earlier because you have to get it as soon as possible in order to become stronger in dueling/early team fights.
Invisible text!


You could replace Guardian Angel with this item if enemy team has a lot of crowd controls, this item has many uses but here are the most important ones:
  • Removes any Crowd Control effect
  • Removes Zed's and Vladimir's ultimate
  • Removes Ignite

As the ADC, you are extremely squishy, also, type of mages like LeBlanc or Syndra can pretty much oneshot you with their burst, Banshee's Veil is a great option against burst-mages, if you find yourself in trouble getting nuked by fed mages, try this.

Having troubles with 2 or even 3 tanks and every one of them has thornmail!? No problem, take this baby for an extra sustain that equals to 20% lifesteal + your Elixir of Wrath and this should keep you alive long enough to kill them all.


Invisible text!

Here you can see my older Vayne/Graves montage!


Invisible text!

Here is best montage so far!


Let me know if you have any questions.
You can add me on EUW (Mephiix) & EUNE (Proxxiii is Back) and spectate some of my games.
You can follow me here:



Check my latest ADC Montage:

- I am currently working on new montages and some other projects, For more info follow me on facebook!

Check my current rank/division here:
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxxiii
Proxxiii Vayne Guide
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