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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Leona Build Guide by suffering001

Support Leona Badass Tank/Support (S3 stuff) under construction

Support Leona Badass Tank/Support (S3 stuff) under construction

Updated on December 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author suffering001 Build Guide By suffering001 6 3 30,905 Views 5 Comments
6 3 30,905 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author suffering001 Leona Build Guide By suffering001 Updated on December 10, 2012
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Hello, this is my first guide here in mobafire, soo if u think there are wrong things here plis mail me for some fixes :D
I main leo since pretty long time and i got some experience jumping to battle for stun, stun, stun and Stun. She is one of the best CCers in the game since she have 2 stuns (1 aoe) and a snare skill.


[*]Awesome CC spam
[*]Good burst dmg.
[*]Good initiator.
[*]Short Cd for ult

[*]Nule damage after combo
[*]Lower hp than other builds
[*]slow build
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Runes for this champ are centraliced in tanking, all going to armor and magic res. i added some move speed, always good for chasing runers and saving partners.

Nothin to say about this, u are the tank u need armor.

Yay more armor!

Magic resist is always welcome.

Good for escaping, Awesome for chasing
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I usually go with

Soo nice in any situation and with those new Enchantment: Distortion you can lower it cd in 75 seconds Thats a lot!

Another CC for a dmn good CC champ. Also this skill lower Atack speed and dmg, Perfect for catch those runing squishy champs or save your lane companion from their adc or jungler.

Other skills that shud work are or but if your AD carry is good Flash and exhaust are just perfect for Leo.
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You want be a wall that protects your partners and break your enemies face

Leona is a tanky champ soo you will need tanky items, but as support you will need some items that will help your teammates aswell.

Ill make a little explanation of my order to buy my arsenal hope it helps if you read it <3

You will start with Sight Ward

after laning a bit you can make your Philosopher's Stone
you will be able to turn it in to a

If everything going ok, and you got some assists then can go straight to your

or in case you having problems go for Emblem of Valor
that will give you bit more armor/regen and speed
in case you need run from ganks or your enemy laners.

If were fine and you got your aegis then you can go for and get your
just keep getting assists and buy the better version


now you started to look like a tank, you have some hp and got both armor and magic ress over 100.

now its time to change your aegis to the new
And get

Now you can deside start building your
or complete your
it all depend on how good your enemies ad or ap carries doing.
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Main build

Movement speed and Magic resist. But good from this bots its the Tenacity bonus, it will lower the effect of enemy CC on you.

New S3 item, its crafted from Aegis of the Legion as old aegis it haves base stats plus a buff that gives armor and magic resist to your partners, the bonus magic res buff from bulwark is a bit bigger and it gives a bit more hp

New S3 item, cute gauntlet that gives good armor/mana and keeps the Sheen effect on it, but best of it its the pasive AoE CC after you use any of your skills.

Best item for supports ever maded, no more "Leo, get some wards!!!" just buy it once and you will have unlimited wards and a juicy 300hp.

good magic res ,mana and hp. That pasive is awesome when you initiating since it blocks first skill you get hited with. I sometimes screw ashe┬┤s ult with that passive and makes me feel soo powerfull *-*

This build only contains 5 items cause since S3 patch you get low money from assists when to many people atacks the same champ, soo i never got 6 items in a single game, you can get whatever you think its ok, i usually just use that free space for those buffing pots.
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Situational items

If your enemies ADC doing well you can change for that will give you more armor and it pasive slows atk speed of all nearby enemies.
something that can work too its go for but it wont give you the cdr and mana from

If you getting killed to much go for instead of a dead tank cant tank, and your partners will die right after you. You can think GA is useless in a tank but the true is when someone get killed and its reviving, almost always the enemies wait for that champ to revive xD that will give time to your partners to escape, or in case you can revive inside the teamfight the stuns party will start again giving more chances to control the situation.

Never tried other items in my cute Leo build soo if you have any other hint, feel free to mail me <3
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our tools to turn enemies into useless meat bags.

Its your main stun, the nightmare of your enemies. First skill you take, long cd early game, but it lowers when lvling it. late game you will be able to spam this skill every arround 6 secs.

Cute self aoe that buff you with 70 armor and magic res when maxed. Its the first skill you will max cause it will do great early game dmg and make you dmn hard to kill in any fight. it will buff you for 3 secs, and explode doing dmg to all arround you, then you keep that buff for another 3 secs. Be careful with that explotion, i sometimes take kills by error cause i cant get out in time and it kills an almost dead enemy.

Straight line easy to hit skill. It will take you to the enemi in a sec and make them unable to move till you get to them. It works like Amumu Bandage Toss but its easier to hit champs with it since Zenith Blade pass trough minions dmging them as it pass, and hiting champ for start your combo.

Aoe stun/slow with pretty long range. you can take this ult cd to arround 35 or 40 secs at lvl 16. its easy to hit when you get used to the little delay after casting it. ill add some pics of how to use it properly, but after using it you will notice how easy is to stun 3 or 4 enemies at same time.
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You know the tools, now lets learn hot to use them

Leo lacks in atk dmg, but her combo its mana cheap and late game it haves really low cd

Lvl 1 combo: Basic Atack + Shield of Daybreak + Basic Atack
Not a real combo. but Will haras anybody that get close to the bush were you camping them.

Lvl 2 combo: Zenith Blade + Basic Atack + Shield of Daybreak + Basic Atack
Same as lvl 1 but Now you can start jumping from bushes to lane using Zenith Blade.

Lvl 3 combo: Eclipse + Zenith Blade + Basic Atack + Shield of Daybreak + Basic Atack + Exhaust
Now this is a real combo, First of all mark your target, You will use Eclipse ,and jump to your enemy with Zenith Blade, Basic Atack it then Shield of Daybreak, by that time Eclipse shud explode doing dmg, Basic Atack again, then if your ad doing well and can score a kill, use Exhaust for secure the kill.

Lvl 6 combo: I usually dont start with Solar Flare unless im sure i can hit it. Example: enemy adc paying to much atention to last hiting.
In case i hited it, combo is same as lvl 3 combo.
Dont use it after you started a combo as just another hit on it, there is a big chance they use Flash to get out. Then if you saved it you can stop them with Solar Flare and jump to them with Zenith Blade for start combo again.
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Let me show you.

Ok this is the correct use of solar flare to catch enemies, always take in count that it will stun targets in center and slow targets close to limits of the aoe, soo you have to calculate the cast time for be able to stun some enemies and slow the others.

Now, this is how to use your lovely ult for save yours and your partners life, as always take in count the little delay after cast the flare, if u get all atakers slowed or stuned u secure the escape in almost all cases (agresive enemies, enemies with rush:example hecarim, Jungler ganks.)

I know it wasnt the best situation xD but i just wanted to show you the full combo, just took my time when my lanner was dead for make the video, pretty complicated to make a vid at same time i have to defend him :o soo here it is the full lvl 3 combo.
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Coming soon

changing my purchases lists!! well, trying still need learn how to do some things here v.v

finished skills explanation.

hunting for good pics for show correct use of skills, hard to take them in the fervor of the fight xD but ill make the effor

Tnx Hecodie for tell me about Eleisa's Miracle i tested it in few fights and i works pretty well.
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