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Lillia Build Guide by arcanejhin



Updated on September 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author arcanejhin Build Guide By arcanejhin 81 11 185,394 Views 0 Comments
81 11 185,394 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author arcanejhin Lillia Build Guide By arcanejhin Updated on September 30, 2020
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Recommended Items

Runes: main runes

1 2 3 4
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By arcanejhin
Hello, Welcome to my Lillia guide. I could go by ARCANE, I am currently a Platinum player. My highest rank was P1. I hope by the end of the season I could reach Diamond or Masters.

Here is a link to my youtube that consists of clips and champion specific videos.
This link is a guide for Lillia that I posted with clips of gameplay at the end
I highly suggest you watch this
This will help you understand how to pull of her combos and how to trade with her. Its one thing to read, but its better to understand and see the combos in action! :)
The most common rune I would run would be electrocute. The reason for this is because it provides a great amount of burst damage to help you finish off your enemy.
I would most likely chose cheapshot for more damage, but taste of blood is nice if you would want a little bit of healing.
This will give you more damage, your kit helps the team a lot so you will be in a lot of team fights to rack up stacks
I would go Ravenous Hunter for the healing. Relentless is nice for it will help you catch up to fights a little bit faster but you don't really need that. And if you want to max out R CD go ultimate hunter. Id still say Rav is the best for the healing.
This is my preferred path for it will give you speed off the activation of spells with Nimbus Cloak. yes they did nerf nibus a bit, but it is still viable.

Transcendence will give you added CDR that you don't have to worry about to buff how often she can q
This is a second option. Id only go this if you want more burst damage and late game scaling.

most common setup. If you don't want to buld CDR items but want full CDR change the first rune to CDR one.

And for the last Bonus, depending on the enemy laner. Flat Health for mixed, Shield for AD, Tenacity and Slow Resist for Magic
Tank Runes
for increased damage and healing for long fights. This rune page is for going against tank teams and long fights.
to regain some health and get some extra gold after taking someone out
I would say Legend: Alacrity however, you don't really auto that much unless you want to build lich. Legend: Tenacity lets you be able to resist cc to allow you to keep moving in fights.
deals more damage to champions that are low health.
most common setup for the second page. Ravenous Hunter for healing from ability damage and [eyeball collection]] to increase total AP.

The Bonus Runes will be the same as the other path
flash should be a most common rune for it helps you get in and out of fights. You can also pull off a combo where you flash in and q everyone, R, Zhonya to try to put as much people to sleep as you possibly can without being targeted.
This will apply additional damage which should help you finish off your opponent. It also reduces healing to stop them from surviving, such as vlad. It works really well with your passive as a double burn
Her passive will apply an effect similar to a bleed or ignite. After landing an ability, the enemy or even minions will start to take 5% of their health damage over 3 seconds. Their is no CD for this, it gets reapplied with every ability. It does not stack
Her Q is a sweep attack, similar to Darius. The outer circle applies additional true damage, and the inner circle is halved and normal AP damage.
-There is also a passive that whenever you land ability you gain MS that can stack up to 5 times. You become very speed allowing you to kite and quickly trade with the enemy.
Her W is a big slam dunk on the ground with a good area of effect. However, the key to this move is landing it on the center of the ability for it will do triple damage. This will be challenging because the radius is very small and only the size of a champion. I would only use this move if you know you can land it. For ex. on someone that is CC or who fell asleep by your R.
Her E is a bll that can be lob tossed out at a good distance. It will keep rolling until it collides with something. It also has a bit of splash damage and applies a slow. A good tip for in lane is to throw it at minions and have the splash effect hit them enemy. You could also use this as an engage to get someone from far away. For ex. you are mid and are rotating to drake or other lanes to slow them. It can also be nice for slowing the enemy from getting away.
Her R requires you to land an ability first. Once landed you can activate it and it will slow the enemy for 1.5 before falling asleep for 2-3 seconds. Once they are hit they will reawaken and take some magic damage.
-tips- you can sleep entire team if you hit them all
-You can land a far E and R them to catch up to them
-Full combo includes landing E then R - then wait for sleep to proc. then hit them with the W Q combo to finish them off. You can also add ignite and gunblade in there if they are still alive.
maxing abilitites
I would honestly start Q - W - E against champs if they have no dash or you can catch.
I Would start Q - E - W on people who are playing passive and you cant get close to.

I Would max Q first, Then W, E.
The reason for this is that after maxing W you will get a big damage spike and should be able to one shot people with the full E R W Q combo.

I would also put some stacks into E if the enemy team like to run away or chase you a lot to slow them down.
Compared to the other items, this is the best. it will give you AP, health, and mana regen.
this will give you some healing for the lane
you should grab this on your first back for movement speed If you have enough.
If the enemy team is split, I would go this for the extra magic pen.
I would go tabi when the enemy team is full AD or the AD on their team is fed, such as their ADC
To reduce the amount of time CC if the team is heavy with CC and AP
This is the best item to run on lillia in my opinion. whether the enemy is trying to catch you or run away, it provides slow and damage making it easier to land e and begin kiting. It also has healing for abilities so you last longer in fights. Upon first back I would grab Hextech Revolver if you have 1050. I would work in buying basic boots if you don't have enough for revolver or you have more.
This is the second item that should be built. It will scale with her passive to constantly increase her damage the longer the fights go and applies more DOT on the enemy during the fights to burn them without constantly hitting them. It also provides you with a lot of health to avoid being one shot. Great for dealing with tanks
Id only suggest this as first item if the enemy team has 4 tanks. Other than that it will just mess with her other build options
This will give her a lot of damage. I would only build this as like a second or third item if you are extremely ahead. Otherwise I would save it for the last item if you do not need anything else.
you do not really get chances to shine with this item. I would only go if you are trying to achieve a full CDR build
This should be one of your standard 3rd item because it grants health, magic pen, and applies grievous wounds. However, if the enemy team does not really have any healing there is not really a point to build this
if the enemy team has some annoying cc such as morgana or malzahar id go this item. If the enemy team also has a lot of AP, such as 3 AP users I would build this.
If they are full AD I would build this. I would also try to get it if you want to be the one to full engage - q - R - zhonya combo to put everyone to sleep and stay alive. Also useful against assassin matchups like zed or rengar who will try to one shot you
only get this as a 4th or 5th item if the enemy team is build heavy magic resist.
I personally like building this on her for the slow effect it adds and health. It helps to deal with people running from you, slowing them and allowing you to kite their abelites, or slow down the assassin or tanks from reaching you.
I would go this if your team is having a hard time engaging. This item gives a lot of AP and helps with picking someone out of positioning and slowing them.
Lillias kit is straight forward in how you want to go about using your abilities. for ease, zhonya will be Z, gunblade will be GB, Ignite will be IG.

For starters, you can constantly poke the enemy down with q. this is the simplest and easiest method out of all of them.

Next would be E - Q. this is nice for slowing them before you run up with your Q to secure the fact that you will win the trade.

E - Q - W. This one is defiantly challenging. The main problem with using w in any combo is that it takes time to cast and it is hard to land it in the center. If you feel confident I would do this combo. It might be able to one shot some champs at level 3 or get them low enough to make them leave the lane.

E - Q - W - IG - Q. this combo and throwing some autos in there should one shot someone once you have Hextech Revolver.

GB - E - Q - W. This will be the standard combo when pulling up on someone. This will get squishy champs low enough to want to run away. You can add ignite for some extra damage

E - R - wait till it procs - W - Q - IG - GB. this is the max damage combo and should be able to take anyone out early. This is the easiest and safest method to use. You can even use it at a farm distance

Flash - Q - R - Zhonya - W - E - Q. Id use this combo if three or four of the enemy champs are pilled on each other to put them all asleep and let your team do the work.

GB - E - R - Wait - W - Q - Ignite. an alternative method where you star with landing GB so you can ensure the E will hit so you can R from a safe distance.

Tip - you can try to use the minions with the E so that it will splash back and hit the enemy champion which will allow you to use R

If you don't use your e before R, but you used w. You can Q - W - Q - R - wait - E - Q. You want to stand a little bit back when you E so that it hits at the same time when you Q.
It should not be that difficult to be able lane with Lillia. Her MS helps her dodge attacks and go in for quick trades by landing Q. You most likely will want to look for trades whenever you can to keep them at a low health. Once they are low enough I would say try to use the e q w ignite combo to finish them off.

Lillias Q helps you to be able to farm cs easily. Mana is also not really a problem so spamming q should not really be a problem.

Once you hit 6 I would look to finish them off. Try to land one E Q before fully engaging unless you are fed. you should have revolver at this point for a little increase in damage. You will want to land your E and make sure they are not that far under their tower. Once that hits instantly press R. Once they are asleep, get your W ready and then Q ignite and they should be dead. if not they you will have forced them to back.
You Most likely will be looking to put to sleep their carries. Whether that would be their jungle, mid, or ADC, maybe even the support. If you cant get to them you would want to wait for a tank to start the fight on your team and jump around qing the tank until the carry appears. once they do and you land your E, Use R and run to them to finish them off.

Lillias kit allows her to be able to zone people away from objectives such as baron or drake. Just lane e on the enemy jg and put them to sleep if they try to get close
pro / con and more info
If you made it this far I would like to say thank you! :) If you have more questions you can ask them on my youtube page or provide me with more information so I could make this guide better. I wish you the best of luck in trying out this champion and hope you will be able to be a strong member of your team in your next games.

pro - I like this champion because it provides a different type of play style. You will have to constantly be clicking back and forth to jump in and land qs and jump out. The best thing is her MS which will allow her to dodge any skill based CC. Her combo is simple, but learning how to predict the enemy movement and land the W without cc is the most important part which makes her very strong.

con - The problem is landing the W is sometimes annoying for how small the circle is. The only other problem would be if the team has a lot of slows like ashe or building rylai's. This will stop you from moving around. This is where you might want to build some tenacity or merc treds.

I included details on most matchups above. She should be able to counter most mid laners by gaining ms and dodging CC. Her kit has a safe way for you to land damage and all it takes is to land one E - R - W - Q and then u can run if they are not low or fight if they miss CC and are low.
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