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Lissandra Build Guide by 1Indian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Indian

Liss 101: How to build a snowman

1Indian Last updated on July 12, 2016
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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Lissandra with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Malphite really ez to poke down and malphite is an armor based champion
Trundle easy to poke down, and easy to kite theres virtually nothing you have to worry about from a trundle . If he gets too close use ring of frost to escape, if he uses pillar of ice use glacial path to get away
Tryndamere you can out kite a tryndamere, and when he ults ult him, you'll heal, he can't move, nor can he deal damage to you, when his ulti wears off you can kill him
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Who are you????

Hey whats up guys I'm 1indian and I am gold this season in NA. I love tanks and play them often. tanks are great champs which you can fool around with in norms or go crazy with in ranked. They usually never die, and provide alot in a team.

This time around I'm writing up on one of my favorite mages to use top lane, and a pick that isn't that often seen top lane in NA (or not seen often in low elo).

Hope you guys enjoy.

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Why lissandra top???

" Hold up 1Indian, lissandra is a mage who is played mid lane, why do you have her listed for top?"

Ok, ryze is a mage who is played mid lane and top lane? So is teemo, kayle, etc.

My first source of inspiration for lissandra top was one of my favorite top laners from pro play: Huni. When I first saw Huni take Lissandra top, it was around the time I first created a smurf (I also happened to be bronze round that time), and Lissandra is one of the champs you can play for free during lvls 1-6. So I decided to give it a shot, and realized that it was more broken than a car without an engine in low elo.

Lissandra being a mage makes her all the better top lane. She has loads of cc and is great to kite with. A top tier Lissandra will only die when cornered on the sides of the map, or when 5 man ganked. With flash she has a wide range of outplays that she can make that, imo, its actually ridiculous. Plus she is a great source of engage in any team comp.

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Pros and Cons


    -A ton of CC
    -Great escapes
    -Awesome engage
    -Ulti that has multiple uses

    -Weak early game and falls off late game
    -Mana starved early
    -Low movement speed

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Lissandra's next ability periodically has no cost.
Iceborn's cooldown is reduced by 1 second every time Lissandra applies crowd control to an enemy with her abilities, excluding crowd control spell effects from items.

Explanation: Basically everytime your passive is up you can cast abilities. FOR FREE. NO MANA COST. 1 ABILITY. FREE. Honestly is one of the most ridiculous things ever, and it gets better, you can reduce that cooldown by affecting enemies with ring of frost or Ice shard or your ulti. Each enemy hit reduces the cd by 1 sec. So you hit 5 enemies, 5 seconds, a minion wave including the cannon winion plus a champ: 8 sec cd reduction. Its like, free poke whenever your passive is up, really useful and helpful in early game.

Ice Shard

ACTIVE: Lissandra hurls a spear of ice in a line which deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits and Slow icon slows them for 1.5 seconds. The spear then shatters and passes through the main target, dealing the same magic damage to all other enemies hit.

Explanation: This is basically a break away effect. After the first shard hits, it breaks into 3 smaller shards; 1 going straight forward, 1 leaning to the right and 1 leaning to the left. This makes for unpredictable poke,or a wider range of poke. This ability also helps a ton with wave clear.

Ring of Frost

ACTIVE: Lissandra freezes all nearby enemies, dealing them magic damage and briefly rooting them.

Explanation: This ability is an AOE root, which keeps then enemy from sticking to you. Using it when enemies get too close give you the chance to back away and reposition. And when they try to start chasing you again kite back using your ice shard. I personally like to max this second for the reduced CD on it, allowing me to use it more often.

Glacial Path

ACTIVE: Lissandra casts a claw of ice that moves forward in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through.

Reactivating Glacial Path consumes the claw and blinks Lissandra to its final location.

Explanation: This is your engage or your escape. The blink is the main key here. It's basically a second flash but the range of the blink can be increased in a way. Glacial path only travels a certain distance but moving away from it can help increase the distance between you and an enemy. The enemy will either have to chase after you or your claw, because they won't know which one to choose. If they chase the claw, then you can walk away freely. However if they choose to chase you, you can reactivate this ability to reappear where the claw is. On top of this you also have flash, meaning you have a **** ton of escapes.

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Using your ult

Your ult is one of the coolest things in the game, no pun intended.

    Frozen Tomb

ACTIVE: Lissandra encases the target enemy champion or herself in ice, stunning the target for 1.5 seconds if they are an enemy or placing herself in stasis for 2.5 seconds while healing herself, increased by 1% for every 1% of missing health.

Dark ice then spreads from Frozen Tomb's target and lasts for 3 seconds, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area as it expands and slowing them while they remain within.

Your ulti has two uses
    1) to make yourself invulnerable and to heal yourself
    2) to lock down and enemy and heal yourself

Scenario 2 is more suited round the laning phase. When Ulting someone else you need to be sure you can at least pick up a kill from it, because once people realize that your ulti is down they are gonna hop ontop of you like your a black friday sale. If you can get a kill off its worth, even if the person your ulting isn't the person who dies. You can use your ulti as a delay when your ring of frost is down. Ulting someone who is on your adc allows your adc to put distance between the opponent and themselves, whilst doing damage(also known as kiting backwards)

Now scenario 1 is a personal favorite for engaging especially when you have zhonyas. What you do is you use glacial path or flash into a teamfight, then use ring of frost to hold down as many people as possible. Wrap it off with an ulti used on yourself, and your opponents can't attack you. If you have zhonyas hit zhonyas after you ulti to have your opponents stand around for like 5 seconds doing nothing whilst your team is killing them.

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Hextech Protobelt

Don't get me wrong this item is really good, but personally I think it depends on preference. I tend to use this item to mess around with friends in normals. With flash and glacial path you already have enough escapes. However I won't deny that this item is definitely fun to use, and changes the gameplay experience.

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Laning is pretty easy. Just farm up and poke down your lane opponent. Don't forget your passive makes it really easy for you to poke down your opponents. Also don't forget that you hve tp if you take it. TP will allow you to make sneaky plays bot, which r even better once you hit 6, because no one can avoid your ulti excluding a sivir. Be careful if here is a sivir, make sure her spell shield is down first b4 using your ulti on her.

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Team fighting

If you are not grouping as Lissandra, your playing Lissandra wrong. The point of Lissandra is to make excellent engages and cause chaos to ensue in the enemy team. Read up on how to use your ulti in team fights because when your ulti is up you should be looking for engages. DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT. Lissandra is excellent at 1v1s but with 2 or more people on her it becomes alot more tricky, and your chance of survival grow slimmer unless you are with your team, and your team can back you up.