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Xin Zhao Build Guide by elaybm

Jungle gold

Low Elo Xin Zhao Jungle Guide - (10.19)

By elaybm | Updated on September 21, 2020
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Runes: Meta

1 2 3 4
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies

Champion Build Guide

Low Elo Xin Zhao Jungle Guide - (10.19)

By elaybm
About me!

Hey MobaFire!
My name is Elay and I'm a Gold IV player in League Of Legends.
I'm playing League Of Legends since Season 5 and I've got 207k mastery points with Xin Zhao and a mastery level 7.
Thank You for 0.5M views! <3

Why am I playing Xin Zhao?

1. Xin Zhao costs only 1350 Blue Essence.

2. Xin Zhao has high base damage that easily wins my early game.

3. Xin Zhao is an easy champion to main.

4. Xin Zhao is an easy chest you don't need to work so hard.

5. Xin Zhao can easily carry your way to Gold.

Me Playing Old Xin


Xin Zhao is one of the greatest Champions I have ever played.
But like any other Champion, he isn't perfect...


+High base Damage.
+Easy for beginners.
+Costs only 1350 BE.
+Quick chests.
+Easy ganks in the bot lane.
Xin Zhao is a great pick in team fights.
Xin Zhao doesn't need a team to get fed. but you would get better if you would play with your friends, it will help you to gank better.

- Susceptible to CC.
- Can't fight with 2 enemies or more.
- Not an early game champion.
- Tanks can kill him very easily.
you have to be careful from AP damage.
Xin Zhao is pretty useless without lifesteal and damage (early game).
Weak Against Top Lane champions ( Darius , Fiora , Jax , Illaoi ).
Xin Zhao's Counters

Xin Zhao is a strong champion, so you might experience some bans from the enemy team.
The first thing you should know about bans with Xin is that some champions can danger Xin Zhao. as you can see up there, there are some threats, like Fiora Or Jax even a strong ap champion could threaten you when you play Xin.
So think carefully who you want to ban, usually, I ban champions according to the patch notes, in the patch (10.6) you can read the buff Wukong just received.
It may be a real pain to fight against him during this patch.
I believe riot will balance him soon

Who should you ban?

Jax is one of the biggest Xin Zhao counter because he jumps on you, dodge your basics and does a lot of AP and AD damage, he is as dangerous as Fiora is,
But they are just 2 of Xin's counters.
In higher Elo's, you ban a Champion because of the threat he might be for your team picks.
My suggestion is to ban one of the champions that I mentioned earlier (Threats).

Conqueror has become the default rune for Xin because he can stack it very well considering he is a melee champion and has a kit that's based on his basic attacks
When you get 12 stack of Conqueror, you'll get healing for 15% of your damage.
Every stack you get will increase your damage.
Probably the best pick between the other two, for example, imagine you and your enemy fighting while he/she has an ignite and you got the triumph rune. result: if you kill her/him you won't die from the ignite.
The Triumph will give 20 more gold and 12% of your correct hp.
For every kill, or epic monster (drake,baron,rift) you slay you get bonus life still, as simple as that.
You can get a quarter of the stack for every large monster (blue/red buffs).
What cut down will give you is basiclly bonus damage against tanky champions.
In patch (10.4), some tanks got buffs, the buff ment to make them playable in the jungle but it made some of them stornger, thats why I pick cutdown.

This rune will work with your E, Audacious Charge.
Basically, when you use your E, you are getting Lethality and magic penetration for 5 seconds.
this will work on tanks perfectly, it'll penetrate their Armor and their Magic Resistance.
As I mentioned earlier in the guide, Xin Zhao is weak against tanks and this rune will really help him in Top lane or in the late/mid game team fights.
The rune gives you 10 Movement speed and 9 more for each takedown you slain.
Lately, this runes has worked for me better than Ravenous Hunter.
The movement speed bonus is necessary to get faster across the map, to gank, and to farm.

In my opinion it's the best jungle item Xin Zhao can buy.
It gives you AD, Life steal, extra damage to your jungle buffs.
The red smite passive will reduce 20% of the enemy's AD damage for 4 seconds.
Besides, the red smite will make your next basic attacks burn and deal 48-125 true damage based on your level.
This item will give you the advantage when chasing an enemy because of its momentum stacks you'd earn by moving or chasing an enemy out of combat.
When you're fully stacked (100 momentum stacks) your next basic will slow the enemy for a second.
Your basic attack will also discharge the momentum stacks, which means you'll no longer have your movement speed bonus but you will deal overtime damage of 1 damage for every stack you've gained.
This item will be extremely useful during a chase or when trying to clear your jungle faster.
This item will give you an advantage on the other jungle because of the CR (Cooldown Reduction) which will expend your use in abilities, additionally, you'll get 250 HP and some Mana.
This item is giving you the hp you need so you won't stay too squishy.
Also, there is a bonus of 50% of your attack damage as a bonus.
My suggestion is to buy it in the late game when you almost finished your build since this item is giving you 1/2 of your attack damage, which means if I had 200 AD and I'd buy this item I'll have 300 AD.
When you enter a fight, for 8 seconds, this item will make you bigger and will give you 30% Tenacity (Armor Pen).
making it the basic item every Xin should buy.
This item will make your basic attack deal bonus magic damage and will apply magic resist against ap champions like Fizz.
the bonus movement speed does the job if you need to be more mobile during the game.
This Item is a situational. you got to choose depending on which situation you are facing. in my opinion, if you are losing you might wanna pick Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads for more Armor or Magic Resist (Depending on what the enemy team picked) but if you are winning you should pick the Berserker's Greaves

1. When you play Xin Zhao as Jungle you have to pick Smite because if you would take another spell the jungle items will be unavailable.

2. In my Opinion Challenging Smite is the best pick for Xin Zhao. It would reduced your enemy's damage. Additionally your basic attacks apply a burning effect to the target that deals true damage for 2.5 seconds which is very strong.

In my opinion, you have to pick flash every game because Flash its your way out from bad situations.

Jungle Path

1.When the game starts you should go Blue Sentinel then Gromp then Murk Wolf .
2. After clearing one side you can recall or you can continue to the Red buff (look at your HP).
3. You should gank only after you got to level 6 (check the enemy levels, don't gank if the enemy is above your level).
4. After you completed your side (red and blue buffs) you might wanna gank mid or top lane, in my opinion, you shouldn't gank your bot lane until the ADC gets her ult.

In season 10, Riot made some changes to our jungle pathing (The drake update).
Those changes affect our farming and ganking.
The massive change was the change in farming.
The change included map altering according to the type of the 3rd drake who slain.
For any jungle, the option to gank upgraded with the new bush added to the bot and top lane.
The change made a few things complicated, for now, drakes are super valuable and should be considered as your first worry.
A jungle who won't fight for the drakes will be wicker and the enemy will have an advantage.
In my opinion, the best drake now is infernal, it could expend your jungle pathing and make the blue/red buffs easier to farm.
In Game Farming

Farming is never a problem when you are playing Xin Zhao as Jungle .
If you were able to farm enough to get the first item in 12 minutes it's ok, don't get stressed.
farming for jungle it's important, but you should know that as a jungle your team should come first, the reason you there is to help your team get objectives and kills.
Another thing you should know about farming is that while you farm you should pay attention to the other lanes and calculate where and when your next gank should take place in.
Important Skills

There are some things you have to know when you are playing Xin Zhao as Jungle :

1.You have to know how and when to gank. In that context, you match your way to the Jungle Bafs.

2.You have to know which monster you should take:
3.You have to know when you should take kills and when it's better to leave them for your team.

4.You have to be in the right place (the fight, baron, drake) when your team needs you.

Those skills aren't that unique, you will learn how to use those automatically
the more you play Xin Zhao.
League of Legends Build Guide Author elaybm
elaybm Xin Zhao Guide
Low Elo Xin Zhao Jungle Guide - (10.19)
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