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League of Legends Build Guide Author MISSILLLEAUS

LS SV ULTIMATE (Team) Melee and Ranged Duo's Both

MISSILLLEAUS Last updated on November 28, 2015
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Missil's Dream team all-stars


Missil's Dream Team All Stars

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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What Does Support Really Mean

Mana..... Cooldown Reduction..... Spell Vamp..... Attack Speed..... Ability Power. Smite also works with spell vamp. Take whatever Summoner spell you like first, but keep Teleport. I prefer smite because I heal myself with 9% spell vamp at level 2 when I smite the 40 gold minion. And throughout the whole game, whenever I use smite, I have 2 charges of smite and I heal for a % of the damage done with smite. At full hp I smite the tanky CS for my ADC to easily 3-5 hit this minion, gain the 40 gold... and then I BUST MY *** TO DENY... the 40 gold CS to my enemy adc, by using THE INSANE amounts of poke that Lux has naturally. Also, late in the game I CAN, if I want or need, easily clear enemy jungle camps.

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Find a few ADC Friends

You really want to find a few ADC friends who you can show this to. If you happen to face a Blitzcrank, or a Nautilus, and your ADC does not know you or your playstyle... Often times you can get womped by these tanky champions before your ADC or you can get ahead. As soon as your ADC realizes that you are a killer, not a tank... Things can go very VERY smoothly, vs any opponent, tanky or squishy. But Lux will have most trouble with tanky opponents if your ADC is new or has never experienced a support like you before. Often times I have no problem with tanky supports, Braum's, Nautilus's, Blitz's, but every now and then I get that ONE idiot ADC to not realize I am getting people low hp for her/him to 3 hit to get champion kills. It will get very frustrating. At times like this I try to remember if I can just get my Items, then I don't have to worry about my ADC being terrible.

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The 3 ranged minions per wave, Hit these guys with your auto attacks WHILE you wait for moments to cast on enemy champions, or attack enemy champions with your auto's. The most damage that you can output on enemy champions, early, without taking damage yourself... Is going to determine a lot of things. You as an ability power, ranged, duo, in the bot lane.. need to help your AD guy get his first item. Do this by attacking the minion with the highest health. Use your auto attack, hit 1 minion, then hit a different minion, then a 3rd. now all 3 of those minions are at equal health, start over on the first minion. let your adc worry about the 3 melee minions. Focus on landing your abilities and using your passive. do not take CS unless absolutely necessary. your adc needs to get an item so that he can pump damage with his auto attacks while you land kills with your spells. you are the strongest team together, thats why im making this guide. stick with him - and tell him to build life steal since you are not an idiot :D lastly. you do not have gold income items... you need assists and 1 out of every 3 kills, you must get. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS. DO NOT STEAL TO BE A ****. BUT DO NOT LET YOUR ADC TAKE ONE SINGLE POINT EXTRA DAMAGE THAT HE DOESNT NEED TO TAKE. if you can land your passive. BURST QUICKLY. Do NOT wait and let your ADC get the kill by standing there while your adc takes 3 attacks extra in his face. this is NOT what we want to see. that is BAD play. ok. get in there, get up there, get dirty and do it hard. there is no waiting around to get kills. he is arleady getting EVERY minion in the game, he CAN and he WILL share with you once you prove that you're not an idiot.

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What NOT to get

don't buy wards under level 13, dont even buy a sightstone. do NOT buy boots. what EVER you do, NEVER BUY ATHENES UNHOLY GRAIL. If you need mana, BUY A MANA ITEM WITH ABILITY POWER ON IT. you do NOT need 25 magic resist with athenes unholy grail when your opponent adc has all the damage and your opponent support has 0 ABILITY POWER. USE. YOUR. BRAIN. are you having mana problems?
then buy an item with 1000 mana on it, tear of goddess. I have made multiple videos to show the difference in mana between a sapphire crystal and a level 1 gold income item. to a tear of goddess vs, a lvl 2 gold income item, to archangels staff vs a lvl 3 gold income item. IN ALL SITUATIONS. ARCHANGEL STAFF HAS BETTER OUT PUT, THAN ANY. in terms of mana. YOU WILL NOT NEED BOOTS OR WARDS IF YOU CAN CALM DOWN, STOP FREAKING OUT, and work with your adc when you are about to get ganked. if a jungler comes in to kill you... kill him first and then back up from your lane opponents. its not as if your first death is going to be a big deal either... when you're up with your ally adc 7 kills. if you die from a jungler, then thats ok. dont worry. it happens. you dont need to see the WHOLE of the enemy jungle, when you can face off against 3v2's and 4v2's because you have damage as a "support" and not... sightstone, wards, boots, athenes. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS, GO PRACTICE IF ITS NOT WORKING.

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What skin?

find the skin that it is most tough for your opponent to see your (Q) and your (E) casts. if your opponent has a hard time see'ing when you're casting damage... this will help you: land, secure, and win.

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This is for people who like to front line the game. This is for people who Like the movie 300. Spartan's don't counter enemies... Spartans make the enemies, counter their everything.. because their frontline damage is so high above that no on can handle it, unless they match it. So remember. When you are doing this build in game? you are RUSHING items. you are not waiting around, you're recaulling at 310 gold, so you can buy Tear of Goddess when you have 321 gold on your character, and teleporting instantly back onto the turret in the bot lane to stack that Tear of Goddess INCREDIBLY early. This is not a build for you if you are unsocial as well. Many times I have to talk to my ADC and say, we don't need wards, we haven't died yet. This is how you force enemie's to counter you. AND the best part.. is that with this build, if they begin to counter you? you switch out 3 items once you reach a support point in the game... so literally? you're almost uncounter able. If there were 5 of ME on one team, everyone would have 700 AD or 1000 AP. it would be impossible to handle a full team of FRONT liner's. we need you to front line AP for the team and not counter like a .....


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