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Lucian Build Guide by Dawnbringer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnbringer

Lucian - the rather fast BLACK man

Dawnbringer Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Reya Dawnbringer, and this is my first ever guide. I ended Season 3 at Silver III (I'm no pro and I willingly admit it!) and I've been playing LoL for almost a year. As you can expect this guide won't be one of the best around, but I believe that the actual content is worth taking note of. In any case, as this is my first guide, I hope that you will share any constructive criticism you have, and I'll take it on board. It is still under construction, and I'll continue to add to it whenever I get the opportunity; my main aim is, however, to keep it short and sweet.

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Who is Lucian?

He's one bad-*** damage-dealing ADC carry. I first picked him up when he came out and kept getting owned by every other ADC out there, and consequently dropped him. However, I decided to give him another go a month back, and everything suddenly clicked. Since then I've been playing him every other game at the very least, and have been consistently winning lane and carrying my team to victory.

The way I see it, his charm is his unique style compared to every other ADC - which is perhaps why he's underplayed. Many comment on his lack of damage late game, and it's true that he can't sit there and auto-attack his way through a team like some. He requires concentration, positioning, and BALLS. You aren't going to sit back and let your team do the dirty work; you're going to show everyone WHY Lucian should be feared and purify their sorry behinds!

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Pros / Cons


  • Amazing burst
  • Can easily win trades in lane
  • Good harass with Q and W
  • Is black
  • Great mobility
  • Is black
  • Can remove slows with E
  • Is black
  • Is under-played and often under-estimated
  • Great at clearing up team-fights
  • One of the best tower-defending adc's with his ult

  • Mana-hungry early on
  • Hard CC takes him apart
  • Good harass requires sticking your neck out
  • His ult requires skill to keep enemies in the firing line
  • Ult can be blocked by tanks or minions
  • His second skin makes him look white

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This is quite an aggressive page, I know. I just feel that masteries are more geared to early game than they are for late game - and early game, you should be gunning your opponents to b, or preferrably to death. The 7 points in defense are to give you that little bit of extra resistance in case you get focused early, and their jungler realizes how much of a threat you are and starts camping bot. I've tried several mastery pages since I started playing Lucian, and this one works best by far.

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I feel some explanation is needed here. Most adc players and teammates and people who for some reason think they need to tell you how you should play will tell you "z0mg not rushing bloodthirster omg NOOB go die surr@20". To solve this, simply type /laugh in chat. This will instantly make you right.

Seriously though, Lucian is not your typical adc, so don't rush the typical adc item. The way I play him, he benefits so much more from Sheen than he does from The Bloodthirster. It's shocking that if you play Lucian correctly, you can out-damage an Ashe with Vampiric Scepter and B. F. Sword with a Vampiric Scepter and Sheen - which means you still have money left over to get your tier 2 boots. Advantage, you.

Doran's Blade + 1 Mana Potion is a great way to start with Lucian as it grants you much more aggressive sustain than any other opening set of items. These should always be followed by Boots of Speed - do not neglect yo boots, man!

As the ADC, you need attack damage and sustain. Vampiric Scepter give you more survivability than most people think, and since the nerf on Doran's Blade it's an almost obligatory second purchase. Again, I really don't recommend rushing The Bloodthirster though.

I feel that Lucian is probably the only adc that benefits from an early Sheen. You want to get an auto-attack off after every skill due to his passive, Lightslinger, and this makes you hit so much harder. Trust me :D

After bullying your opponents in lane with this start, finish off your Trinity Force (ALWAYS build Phage before Zeal) and follow it up with your second tier boots. I often started off with Berserker's Greaves but I feel that they drop off quite severely late game; I've started building Ionian Boots of Lucidity instead. The extra CD allows you to spam your abilities more often, and therefore make use of your passive more often. Simple. Once you have that, finish building The Bloodthirster.

As for the other items, Infinity Edge is pretty much core for every adc nowadays. However, I have sometimes opted to trade this out for a The Black Cleaver against tanky teams. Zephyr is 100% necessary for Lucian, as every stat it gives you makes you even more fearsome to your enemies, which you should be - you're a black predator, for goodness' sake!

Muramana is a great item, and the mana is certainly useful on Lucian. However, I tend to only build it when I'm struggling early game. If you're not winning your fights early game, build Tear of the Goddess. In doing so, you give yourself more sustain in lane, which means you'll farm better. When going for this build, you should definitely understand that you will become a beast late game - but your mid game will suffer. This can be a good idea if your mid ap carry is an early game champ like LeBlanc, and can therefore compensate for game presence later on.

Frozen Mallet is amazing on Lucian - it's just so damn expensive! I do however buy this quite a lot as my final item when I'm carrying the game hard, as if you get focused and die late game, your team will probably lose the team fight. You're there to deal damage, and if you aren't surviving the focus, you need survivability. Frozen Mallet gives you a great amount of HP, and also increases your kiting ability while still giving you an AD boost. You should definitely consider this over Last Whisper depending on the match.

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Rather fast BLACK man explained...

So you may be wondering where the title came from, especially since the base speed is 400 in the guide. You may not seem all that fast once your build is complete when walking around, but just wait until you get into a fight... Lucian suddenly becomes a sexual predator! There are maths involved so if you want to skip to the tl;dr you may.

When playing any AD carry, you try to get off as many auto attacks as possible, and as we know, Lucian's skill Ardent Blaze allows you to proc a speed boost when auto-attacking marked targets. So far, so good. Fully ranked, this skill gives you 40 base speed increase. Add this to the 20 base speed increase you get from Trinity Force, as well as the speed multipliers gained from Trinity Force's passive, Zephyr and your enchanted boots, you end up with raw speed of 592. UNFORTUNATELY this won't be your actual speed as there are hidden speed reductions from 415 upwards; let's look at the maths:

When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied:

The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%.
The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.
The two ranges have their reductions applied at the same time before being added back together.

(taken from )

Therefore, this gives us the following equation:

(592 − 490) × 0.5 + (490 − 415) × 0.8 + 415 = 526

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, you'll be running around team fights with a base speed of 526. You'll seriously feel so overpowered, even if you're running for your life cos' every white guy in your team died. Add this to your personal slow cleanse Relentless Pursuit and you'll never, EVER get caught - and the legend continues!

tl;dr: What with speed procs during fights, your base speed will rocket up to 526, allowing for great repositioning, chasing and fleeing.

THIS is why Lucian is so fun to play.

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Playing as Lucian


Last-hitting is, as always, important. However, always keep an eye on your opponent in lane, to see where they are standing. If they are mobile, you can always try to harass them with your W if you get a clear shot. You may wonder why you should take this skill first; well, it reveals any enemy it hits in the brush, allowing you to attack a back-alley Blitzcrank, for instance. But more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to over-extend to harass and get back safe. What do I mean? Well, Lucian's trading strength comes from his passive Lightslinger, which allows you to get off two quick auto-attacks after using a skill. Moreover, enemies are marked by Ardent Blaze, and attacking a marked enemy gives Lucian a speed boost for 2 seconds WHICH DOES NOT CONSUME THE MARK. Remember this. This means you can over-extend, get off several quick shots at your enemy ADC even at level one, and get back to safety before their support can close in on you, giving you a crucial advantage. The same applies in later levels; I suggest always opening a fight with Ardent Blaze to mark as many targets as possible as for the following 6 seconds, you can attack any of the marked enemies to give you a speed boost for chasing or getting away.

If they're standing still, try to line up your Q Piercing Light on a minion so that it hits the ADC standing behind it. This is a tricky skill to master, but allows for incredibly safe harass. However, I wouldn't recommend using it too much as it rapidly dissolves your mana pool, and I generally only do so if I'm close enough to get a double auto-attack off afterwards. It is vital to proc your passive as often as possible, as it is your main source of trading damage. It can make it incredibly easy to force an opponent out of lane at an early level, giving you the advantage.

Your E, Relentless Pursuit, is a short-range dash which should be used wisely. The cooldown is very long at early levels, and chasing an enemy with it should only be done when you KNOW you'll get the kill with your passive. Also, never, EVER forget that it can remove any slows placed upon you. Using it too early can result in a quick demise; keep your dash when you're getting bummed by an enemy with a slow ( Nasus' Wither, for instance) and laugh at their anger when you completely shrug it off. However, this changes once you hit level 6. If you kill an enemy with your ult, The Culling, the cooldown on Relentless Pursuit is instantly refreshed, allowing you to dash once again out of trouble or quickly reposition to switch to a new target. When tower-diving alone, it can be a good idea to "waste" your ult to finish them off so you can get out again quickly.

tl, dr: Ardent Blaze, auto-attack, Piercing Light, auto-attack, chase fleeing enemy with Relentless Pursuit, auto-attack, The Culling them in the back, Relentless Pursuit to escape, GREAT SUCCESS.


This is where Lucian really stands out. By now you should have your Trinity Force, second grade boots and a Vampiric Scepter at the very least; a full The Bloodthirster is ideal. Your passive allows you to take down towers quite quickly by using Ardent Blaze on anything or nothing, or Piercing Light on minions. DON'T use your dash to help you take down a tower quicker, unless you know where every enemy is. You've probably taken down your bot-lane opponents' tower, and you should feel free to assist mid for their tower - just keep an eye on your own lane and try to make sure you don't lose yours in the process. This means returning to your lane occasionally, and picking up free farm (life is so cruel... xD).

In teamfights, feel free to poke your enemies with Ardent Blaze as often as possible; if your team is well coordinated, make sure you use it just before your tanks initiate. Remember that you have more than enough damage to take on multiple opponents, and your cooldowns and speed boosts will mean that you can often lure enemies after you, kite them and then chase them down when they panic at your damage output. As with all adc's, don't stray too far from your team, but you don't need to stay as safe as some others, especially if you decide to go for a Frozen Mallet instead of Infinity Edge. You can feel free to engage heavily on an over-stretched carry who wanted to poke back, as long as you know your team will follow or you won't get focused down. I feel that this is what makes Lucian so fun to play, as it's all about figuring out how much you can get away with without getting caught.

When it comes to defending towers, Lucian is probably the best-suited adc for the job. He can easily poke squishies behind tanks with Piercing Light, and if you're alone in defending a tower against multiple opponents... Use The Culling. Fire like crazy at everyone who comes close to your tower, while maintaining a safe enough distance so you can't be stopped mid-ult. This is often enough to scare them off, but if they stick around they'll have taken a severe beating and might think twice about tower-diving you.

tl, dr: Take down towers with passive, be ballsy and burst down cocky opponents, and defend towers with ult.

Late game

By this stage you should pretty much have your full build, and shouldn't really be going anywhere on your own. Teamfights will be breaking out, inhibitors will fall, and you really need to stand up and carry your team by dishing out as much damage as you can. Don't take any silly risks now, just go to town on whoever is closest to you. "Focusing the carry" can be accomplished with your ult if you get an opening, but don't forget to press R again if you need to switch focus to cut your ult short. Never stay still, keep on your feet and blast anyone who gets in your way.

You will notice that your base speed is decent, and may be wondering why you're not faster given the guide's name. Well basically, Lucian turns into a whirlwind of destruction in team fights. His speed boost from Ardent Blaze accompanied by Rage from Trinity Force and Enchantment: Furor, give you an INSANE speed boost in battle, without even mentioning the movement speed multipliers you get from Trinity Force and Zephyr. I promise you, you will feel so damn awesome when chasing down enemies with Lucian's special Naruto-style run that he gets when he's so fast that even his shoes are in awe!

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From experience, I've found that Leona is the perfect support for Lucian. Her tanky aggressive nature provides the perfect engage for Lucian, and can grant easy kills even before Leona's hard-hitting level 3 combo. She also allows for incredibly easy tower dives to secure kills; just follow these steps.

Let minions push to tower, and use Ardent Blaze on the opponent while maintaining enough distance to avoid taking tower aggro. Leona then engages with her combo, and you follow straight up with a double auto attack, Piercing Light, double attack. This should give you the kill while Leona is retreating, and if not you can still get an auto attack or two off, and your Relentless Pursuit will allow you to retreat at the last second.

My other favourite support is Janna, as the movement speed she gives you from her passive Tailwind makes you feel even more powerful. Plus, her engage with Howling Gale and her shield, Eye Of The Storm gives you even more damage to dish out.

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In conclusion, Lucian is a really fun ADC with great burst and a lot of versatility to bring to a team. He can easily clean up team fights, and has enough mobility and survivability to take care of himself in a pinch, while still dishing out very good damage through his combos. He is definitely one of the more under-rated champions as he does have more of a skill curve than other ADC's and his damage output is quite low when simply auto-attacking, but follow this guide for GREAT SUCCESS!

I will try to make this guide more accessible over the coming days. In any case, many thanks to JhoiJhoi's guide on how to make one. Please let me know in the comments if there's anything I can improve on - just remember that this is my way of playing Lucian, and it works well for me. I hope you'll get the same sort of success and fun out of it that I do!