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League of Legends Build Guide Author MergianosLOL

Lux, Demacian and dangerous

MergianosLOL Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi fellas and welcome to my Lux guide. I believe that Lux is one of the best ability power casters in-game. I hope you will find my guide good and informative. Don't forget to comment and vote.

Now enough with the ownage. Let's proceed with the explanations and gameplay tips.
If you find some League of Legends terms here that you don't know what they mean you can view a list here. If you want to know the Lore, trivia and other interesting stuff for Lux go here.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Lux, know your role

An important thing is to know when to pick Lux in a normal game and a ranked game. If your team already has an AP carry like Karthus or Morgana then Lux is a really bad choice. You need a Melee/Ranged DPS carry to protect Lux. Your team should be like this

Tank>Melee Carry>Ranged Carry>Support>Offtank/Tanky-DPS.

Your role is to carry the game meaning that early game you will support your ally and he/she will support you and late game stick with the team and try to nullify some huge minion waves that are about to conquer an unattended lane and then carry the game to victory.


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+ Gives AP, mana and HP and they increase per 1 minute with a cap. of +180 health, +200 mana and +20 AP. It also, when you level up, restores a portion of your HP over time.
- Bad choice for Lux because she is very squishy and extra HP won't help her. Also if you are a little late and buy this late game and say you are level 17 then its passive won't be of use.

+ Has an amazing unique passive and also grants usefull stuff for Lux but most importantly with it you will deal with a basic attack 365+120+86=571 damage.
- You have to get close enough to be in danger of getting owned to land a shot.

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Pros / Cons, The good, the bad and the excellent


+ Good Crowd Control with Lucent Singularity which slows up to 36%
+ Have you seen her taunt?
+ Can catch fleeing enemies and/or escape with Light Binding
+ With a range of 550 she can do the hit 'n' run thing really easy especially with her passive Illumination.
+ Can kill steal/kill secure with her Finales Funkeln which has an extremely low CoolDown.

Finales Funkeln

- Squishy
- Can be easily countered
- If you don't buy a Void Staff she can't do much against a fortified tank.
- Phreak Jungled with her.(AGAIN)

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Masteries, be a master

Lux is based on her Ability power a lot so I will provide ways here to maximize it.

Summoner's Wrath : We take this mastery because when you use ignite and it goes on cooldown you gain extra Ability power and attack damage(we need the AP).
Mental Force : Maxed out it gives 4 Ability power on startup.
Sorcery: 4% CDR. What kind of sorcery is this? It is the kind that will decrease the cooldown on you Abilities.
Arcane Knowledge : With only 1 point in use it grants this valuable 10% magic penetration on startup that will help a lot with harassing and pushing your lane.
Havoc : Increase all source of damage(except true) by 0.5/1/1.5% so we will want to max it out.
Blast : This one is awesome! But we will not max it out. We will put 3 points to it and leave it granting only 13.5 Ability power at level 18.
Archmage : THe reason Blast got only 3 points is because of this mastery. It gives 5% total Ability power increase with 4 points so it is a better pick than Blast .
Excecutioner: Isn't it obvious?
Summoner's Insight : It reduces the cooldown on Flash.
Expanded Mind : Gives a good amound of mana, but it is per level. But still a nice pick.
Meditation - Swiftness : It was hard to decide what was gonna be better maxed for Lux. Movement speed of Mana per 5?
I beleive that MP/5 will be more usefull early game for lane sustainability.
Movement speed is needed for escaping mid lane ganks and/or chasing opponents with low HP.
It was a tough decision but MP/5 won. But you can always max Swiftness if you like.
Runic Affinity : Wheen you are low on mana or you want to use your abilities faster you go for the Blue Buff. It gives you alotof mana regen and massive cooldown reduction but it ends a little early(2:30). With Runic Affinity you can have more of it with only one point(3:00)!
It also aplies for all buffs.
*(Math will be calculated on a later version of this guide).

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Runes, old powerfull shiny things


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Start randomness "Quote:Chuck Norris is older than the whole universe!" End randomness

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Summoner Spells, some extra help

Flash: Is "THE" spell that can pass you through walls and guarantee you escape. After the nerf it remains a good option for Lux.
Teleport: Is nice for moving around and destroying enemies or minion waves that come dangerously close to to your turret. It lucks the element of surprise though.
Surge: Gives you 35% attack speed and 10-78 (Depending on level) Ability poer. It is good to raise your total AP and it gives attack speed making it easier to push a lane's turrets. With the mastery it goes to 40% AS and min AP:11 max AP:86(85,8).
Ignite: This one is a great pick if you want to end an opponent who has less than 100 HP It also has a nice aftereffect with the mastery Summoner's Wrath .
It deals 50 + 20 × level true damage over 5 seconds and reduces healing done by 50%.

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Ability Explanation, why is Lux so good

Finales Funkeln

  • Illumination: Her passive allows her to deal big huge damage to enemies and along with Lich Bane it can destroy a squishy. It triggers after an ability use and not basic attack. Many people confuse this.
  • Light Binding (Q): This is the second best of Lux's skills. It snares the first enemy for 2 seconds and the seconds it catches for 1 second. It can be used to catch a fleeing enemy or escape danger.
    Range: 1000
  • Prismatic Barrier (W): You can use your shield to protect teammates and yourself. It can shield for 80(+35%) of total AP. It may be time for Riot to change the ratio.
    Range: 1000
    Missile speed: 1400

  • Lucent Singularity (E): Your primary scouting skill. It slows up to 36% and Lux can detonate it after 1 seconds. Throw it in the brush and if see a Garen hit "E" and cut off a piece of his HP.
    Range to Center of AoE: 1100
    Radius of Damage AoE: 350
    Radius of Sight AoE: 575 (estimate)

  • Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln (R): You ultimate. Use it when you see that your kill is about to escape. To land your ulti correctly first throw Lucent Singularity, if the opponent is out of your AoE then snare him and use your Ulti for the kill. But your ulti is not only for killing, when you see the enemy team don't be afraid to smash them with your ulti because of the low cooldown.
    Range: 3000

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Ability Sequence, first to last

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Finales Funkeln > > >

We take Lucent Singularity at level 1 and max it out first because of its slow. It is also an AoE so it is great ti wear off the enemy team if the are holding together. Light Binding at level 2 and max it by level 15 and last prismatic barrier because it can do much and cannot do more. It is a shield and it breaks easily. We take ulti whenever possible to gather kills.

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Items, they make you what you are

  • : It's a classic oick for mages of this kind. You will need its extra AP and HP. With this you will begin with 50-60 AP. Sell it late game for Deathfire Grasp. PS:Don't buy too many. 1 if you are ok, 2-3 if you are having problems and 4 if you can't kill. 6 if you the game is one-sided.
  • Kage's Lucky Pick:It is a fantastic starting item. It gives everything you need. GP5 and AP. It will later evolve into a Deathfire Grasp.
  • : Your boots. You do not need to buy them early in the game. Remember: Deathcap=High priority Boots=Medium priority. Buy tier 1 boots and then after you have finished your Rabadon's Deathcap buy the Sorcerer's Shoes. They will give 20 Magic penetration and if you have troubles with tanks they are gone(UNLESS THEY ARE AS FED AS HELL!!!!!). If you can't affor a Rabadon's Deathcap for any reason buy them first.
  • : After the new masteries Mejai's Soulstealer is no longer needed although it is still a recommended alternative for early game ownage. You now look forward to building a deathcap, the soner the better, and raise your AP. From it self gives 182 AP. Combined with all the others it can raise you AP to epic levels. So make sure you save money for it. If you can't buy it first buy the boots!
  • : This item is made for Lux. Many will wonder why Lich Bane, and I say when you buy it you will have at about 310-365 AP so imagine it with your passive at level 11. You will deal 365+120+86=571 damage only with your basic attack. That's why. It has one big disadvantage though. You will nedd to get into the teamfight to land a soht, thus getting focused by AD carries and propably die alot. Be carefull when you trie to land a shot with it.
  • : "I like Morello's Evil Tome more than Mejai's Soulstealer, it's a really nice item, that gives her everything she needs (AP, CDR and Mana Regen)". Thanks to "Belmyne" for pointing that out. Also pwner agreed with it so MUST BUY!
  • : When you get close to an enemy this item's passive will activate and you will gain 40 MP, with Sorcerer's Shoes, and he will no longer be alive. Try to land all the skillshots correctly so that your damage will be maximized. It also aplies to Lich Bane.
  • : This is now easier to buy because you will just have to replace your G/P5. It will absolutely destroy tanks and bring any high HP opponent to its feet with one shot. Use it carefully because it has a long cooldown.
  • :Buy it really often. If you an opponent at your lane gives you a hard time and harasses you consider it as a good option if your gold is not enough to buy any of the other items. On use, grants 20–40 ability power, based on champion level, and 10% cooldown reduction for 4 minutes. Maximum stacks are 3 per item slot. Unlike Oracle's Elixir, the Elixir of Brilliance will stay active upon death because it runs on a timer.

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How to play real nice with LUX

At early levels you should mostly stay behind your ally and support them. Lux's passive triggers everytime an ability hits an opponent. You will see a glow on their face, try to take advantage of it everytime by throwing your Lucent Singularity, detonating it immediately and then autoattacking the enemy, by the time you reach level 6 half of their HP will be away and then try to Light Binding them and immediately using your ulti to burn them and destroy them. Any enemy after this will be dead and if they ain't throw another Lucent Singularity to finish them off.

If your team lucks a precious Jungler them try to take the blue buff at level 1 with the help of a teammate. This will make you incredibly strong early game. If you have a Jungler then farm the blue buff at around level 9-11. Ask for the Jungler's help. Some good Junglers are Warwick, Volibear and Fiddlesticks.

Try maxing out your Lucent Singularity as fast as you can then Light Binding, Finales Funkeln when possible and your Prismatic Barrier last. Always have your shield at smart cast to be thrown immediately at you and your teammates. You can save lives with smart cast.

Now Lucent Singularity can be used to farm, harass and scout. You may want to throw it in the brushes early game to avoid possible gangs. especially when the enemy team has a Jungler. A jungler's job is to clear the jungle and gang early game to gather gold for him and his solo teammate. So be careful when a jungler is your opponent.

To close this section I'd really like to point out that your ulti is not only to kill, but it is also usefull ot harass with a cooldown of 36-24 it can be a really good tool to turn the favor for your team. So use it often mid to late game.

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By taking Lucent Singularity you guarantee minion kills form early to late game, with quite ease late game. Try hitting caster minions first to deplete them early as they can be a real good enemy when you attack an enemy and autoattacking them to trigger your passive. The siege minions are quite easy to kill if you have a DPS ally. Just hit them all the time and if they are in the AoE of Lucent Singularity smash the "E" button to cut them down. Super minions have -30 magic resistance so they are easy to kill with your abilities. Do not let them get close to you and hit you because you are done.
More info: Minions
Siege Minions
Super Minion

Now jungle monsters are a good optional if you feel like you need extra gold or a level up. The dogs are a good option as they do not hurt you bad early game and the golems that grant nice amounts of gold. Dragon is strictly for Junglers and DPS champions but not for lux. Wraiths are a bit challenging because they have lifesteal but you can take them at by level 4. PS: By any means do not take Smite! Why? It is for junglers and not mages that carry the game. Also for a laner it is almost useless.

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I hope you found my guide useful. If you have any scores, thoughts or improvements you want to share let me know in the comments section.

Special Thanks to:
pit777:For bringing me to LoL
pwner66: For learning me the ropes
jhoijhoi:For this awesome templateEPIC!

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Changelog/Random stuff

16/11:More detailed items section is here.
20/10:Remade items. More detailed items section is coming soon.
20/10:Remade the Summoner spells section.
20/10:Removed Clarity because it is not necessary with all the MP/5 here.
20/10:Remade the masteries section.
25/9:Some small fixes here and there.
1/1/2012: Happy new Year! I hope you score over 7 pentakills.
31/12: Added more sections and more information on Lux.
31/12: Removed Void Staff and replaced it with Lich Bane.
30/12: Added Void Staff to the build.
29/12: First release with the new template.

Old Changelog:
-22/12 Let us Begin!
-26/9 Demacia!!!(The guide is back)
-26/8 No longer updated
-13/8 the big comeback!
-12/8 started the mega changes at the upcoming team work section
-5-6/8 Change too many
-4/8 tested all the sections
-3/8 100% comeback
-1/8 Minor changes to spelling and grammar.
-30/7 90% of the comeback
-28/7 started the big comeback plans
-28/7 Removed DPS Lux
-28/7 removed the feedback section
-27/7 added Full DPS Lux
-22/7 added the feedback section
-22/7 added half DPS Lux (not recomended for test)
-22/7 rearanged the items
-19/7 corrected some wrong spelling stuff and removed the "Require comment to vote"
-18/7 updated the cheat sheet and put first
-18/7 released the guide