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League of Legends Build Guide Author twicicle

Lux - Soulstealing for Beginners =S4= (Mid or Support)

twicicle Last updated on December 19, 2013
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Created on Feb 11, 2012 ; last updated on December 17, 2013

(Recent Additions: support section update, link to new teemo guide,Counters detailed)
-bookmark this page and leave a comment if you want more updates

Note: Welcome Summoners, Hello,I am Twicicle; I have been playing Lux since season 1, back when the laser was like the distance of four towers! I am making this guide because I want to promote the Mejais Soulstealer (its practically made for Lux) and also to help new players learn some cool tricks that make playing so much more fun. I also invite summoners who have played Lux for some time now and want to discuss ideas so we can learn together. Its amazing move much that can still be learned after so long...
I hope you'll enjoy this guide - you just might learn something :)

Burning question about Soulstealer? .
I hear this comment a lot - "Soulstealer is bad cause it makes you get targeted" a lot.
On the contrary,I think that "If you don't get Mejai's Soulstealer, then there is no point for them to target you" You can read more about this in Items Selection.

"With your power level, [they] should forfeit instead" -Lux

-Lux has few counters she can adjust by using two play styles: long range spell poke and aggressive trade
-very fun, sniping enemies are epic, they'll admit it too :)
-snares, slow, shield are really good for saving allies and catching enemies
-Very fun to play: Laser, snare, long-range, cool jokes; even fun to make a guide about her!

-assassin champions are a harder to play against because it requires extra patience.
-as a burst champion, her ability to carry,win even if you have bad allies, is not the greatest because you can't kill the whole team yourself and tanky champions are hard to burst down late game.... New build (vs Tanky Carries) pierces tank defense and allows her to carry much for than tradition Rabadon Deathcap build.

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Small section on Supporting

Who said supports can't be POWERFUL? But, why Lux?

oooooooooooo =AOE TEAM shield and SLOW

ooooo ooooo =LIGHT VISION

"Some supports save by healing allies, I save by killing enemies"

Why mid when you can do the same thing by supporting? and perhaps better than the guy that doesn't want to support.That is why Azubu Frost used support Lux competitively; it also trick people into trying to counter pick, lol.

Masteries/Runes: Currently,I used the same masteries as her job is still bursting enemies. For Runes, armor runes would help because she is REALLY squishy early game; Survive that and you should be fine. And also remember to buy a ward so there will be no surprise ganks; trinklets are not enough!

Summoner spell I suggest Ignite and maybe exhaust or heal. Ignite lets you have more kill potential while your ADC has barrier. Exhust is good against burst ads that DIVE , ie.. Corki; else don't get it because you likely wouldn't be in range to use it well.

Go with the vs TANKY build but SKIP Chalice of Harmony and get Haunting Guise first. and soulsteater after. You get a stack every time you assist and you will likely have lots of them; The reason you dont get Soulstear first is because if all your allies are bad and can';t get a kill, you yourself are doomed. This sums it up really. Support Lux can often out rival AP mids easily and ppl calling new S4 OP (it worked before that...a damaging support better than one that just tickles!

When to use support lux?
-when you have burst or long-range type ADC (attack damage carries) ie. Ezreal, Jinx, Kog'maw...
-when you have no AP on your team OR need more damage on team
-If you believe that your ADC can sustain themselves with just Vampiric Scepter, and potions

If none of these cases are true, I suggest you use a healing support like Sona; she heals and has damage too!

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Summoner Spells

Use this to escape over walls or flash to enemy and then ignite them for the kill; and no, it is not a waste, it was used and they are dead so all good :P; I tend to flash and use 'E' to get far away fleeing enemies too, it works ! SO many tricks for this spell, one can write pages on it but I'll let you figure it out.

Makes you dangerous even without Laser; this means your kill potential is quite high before level 6 and if you're doing well, you can beat mid or keep him scared. I tried barrier against assassins but I only end up regretting every time cause my ignite would have killed them already.

Other Summoner spells:
Clarity helps you build AP earlier while trading off DAMAGE from ignite. I used to do this a lot, but later realized Chalice of Harmony isn't too expensive anyways and it provide MORE manna as well as magic resistance. Most mid champs are AP; perhaps one could try this against AD champs - to be tested.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This is my set up; you can swap the Seals Glyphs and Quints to whatever works best for you. Choose the runes that help youearly game, that is when runes are most effective as you have few items during that time.

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While picking the masteries, I have in mind to maximize Lux's burst role and setting up a good early game (the hardest part of the game i.m.o.) Tailor it to your play style.

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Tips and Tricks

-Predict Enemy (if your enemy expect you to laser them from afar, give them a sec to do their fancy juke, then knock them out!)
-Smart Aim IMPORTANT:(use smart cast for all spell including SUMMONER SPELLS except laser maybe, trust me, it will be much more fun once you get the hang of it or when a volibear decides to charge at you!; pres esc in-game and find those keyboard settings!)
-Be creative! games,style,builds and even LoL changes, so should you
-Ward ward on the side that the enemy jungler must past through to flank your allies, saves your support a ward at tri bush too. At the same time so you don't get ganked (Oh and ward safely, use the singularity to scout first);
Line them up!Retreat so enemies line up while chasing or choose fights in narrow jungle bushes. Then use your spells and watch the entire enemy team melt! Lol, clean up crew to isle 5! Make sure you use your ultimate last, as it activate your passive for more damage.
-teamwork; remember the objectives, and no, it isn't stacking Soulstealer or getting kills. It's getting the Nexus before they get yours!
-"Stay Positive" if you're gonna play, play for fun and don't give up. If enemy trying to make fun of you in all chat or allies raging, you should prob ignore them- let the end game result speak for you. And if you end up-losing, no need to speak either, lol.

You don't need a page on what Lux's spells do..and the skill order is pretty obvious... HOWEVER , there is a case when things change. When VS strong early burst champions (lvl 3-5), get shield at lvl 3 will possibly save your life as they're prob all in and ignite you.

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As I said earlier, Lux has few counters because she can switch from aggressive to defensive plays
-Aggressive is using Singularity on them and auto attack them to activate the passive damage;if the health trade is in your favor, keep this up and they can't farm, get exp, and soon shot down.
-Defensive is only using spell to wear them down and not auto attacking them to proc the passive; this is because if you get close, the enemy will out trade you, ie: Fizz(at lvl 3 or higher), good Kass(lvl 6 or higher) players, Talon...Just spam your E and them(at the tip if you must) and save your Q snare for important evens like ganks or tower dives.

Special Care for these Champions

Fizz/Zed: These champions are special because they have hopping spell that dodge your spells for a counter attack. You have to bait/ wait for them to use it before you cast your important spells. In-fact, it if they are very low but can dodge, you mind as well save your Laser and make them waste time running to teleport back before deciding if you should ult. Use long range Q against them and wait patiently assuming you have Chalice of Harmony. Stay near your tower too because that'd force them to tower dive if they want to all our you. Overall, these champions aren't too hard with practice- just have to be patient against them and get a bit of health from 'VS Tanky Carries build'.
"Banish the shadows"-Lux

Talon: He is said to outright counter Lux. I haven't play one lately, but I'd try the same strategy above. Note: his dash goes behind you, so patiently wait for the best time to use your spells; don't panic.

LOLCOUNTERS website and read the comments.

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"A sniper's greatest tool is precision and good equipment" -Caitlyn

If you're going to play Lux as a sniper (not adc), get AP...
I fine tune my item build all the time (wether adapting or trying new things), so should every player because the game changes. The general rule of thumb is get as much AP as you can without getting killed :D
Mejai's Soulstealer

To be more convincing about getting Soulstealer:
-I have check top Lux players and some have this item every game!...and winning.
-When I started using this item early, my kills almost doubled every game!
-And no, I did not die more. I get stacks quickly cause I can gank other lanes with laser.
-The item only require 800gp investment, and it pays off quickly most of the time (around 7 stacks)
The item is made of cheaper parts so you can almost always purchased some AP whenever you go back to shop.
-Mejai's Soulstealer keeps you strong without high costs
-It is easy to get stacks, just one good team fight and u get around 4! you get one for each assists!

So get Soulstealer once you learnt how to aim and aware of your opponent's kill moves.
There are times not to get soulstealer; when you know you can barely survive lane, you should stick to normal Rabadon Death Cap or Hourglass first. But try them out in a normal game anyways and test your limit.

Chalice of Harmony
I usually get Chalice of Harmony first; it makes harassing and farming much easier- solves the mana problem more than Tear of Goddess and provide magic resistance. Skip this if you don't dont need to spam and or get blue from jungler. You can also just buy a faerie charm and get Amplifying Tome first if you have only minor mana problems.

Creative Parts
Items from here on, I dare say...its up to you and your game+ creativity. Most people rush Rabadon's Death cap for steady AP but recently, I tried Rylai's Crystal Scepter to combo with Liandry's torment; the test results show Blinding results so far; of the first two game in ranked I tried, I scored 10/0/11 and then 17/1/12 against a decent Katarina (oh and the lvl 3 shield saved my life from her ignite); with Soulstealer stacking, and Amplifying Tome cheap to pick up, my AP was more than enough,these items also give HP and CC - which is not vital but keeps Lux from being assassinated-no stacks lost! By skipping Rabadon, Lux gets these items to transition well into late game, damaging anyone- tanky or squishy alike.

Twin ShadowTwin Shadow can be a powerful addition for lux late-game. It give massive movement speed that is vital late game when all towers are gone, and active that prevent fatal game changing ganks, and is all very affordable compared to Lich Bane. Get this if you need the speed and vision.

As for boots, try to get a sorcerer's boot unless you are up against a strong assassin you can't kill before they kill which case get mercury tread or ninja-tabi might be a better choice. I used to get Ionian boots often, but without the power, there may be no second chance eve if you have 40% cd on Ult. Late game, Sorcerer's boots are not as useful because its just flat magic pen, trade it in for a Ionian Boot if you have money to spare to get 40% CD.

Items for thought:
Archangel Staff: Not good for early game since getting the AP portion would mean weak AP early game and Lux needs AP fast as Ap helps win lane and farm minons; the mana regeneration much less compared to Chalice of Harmony; and spamming would hurt your fingers...not good
Morellonomicon: Situation might require that you get one. Mainly for the CD enemy from healing- healing is OP...Nasus...lifestealers...
Liandry's Torment: Tried it, great for transitioning into late game and keeping your AP effective against tanks
Hourglass: great against AD mid champs, if you are expecting to get dived on in teamfights or undertower.

General Defense items: Rule of thumb- be useful first, deal with staying useful later... AP first, others later

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Ranked Play

Good items and precision makes you a good at mid, but to win consistently, you need:
-to consider about everyone- your ally's champion picks, and who the enemies are... (Try to focus less on yourself to begin with, after all you are only 1 of 10 people in the game)
-champion selection can often decide the game outcome; make sure your team has the following: (someone REALLY tanky to be front line, at least 3 people with CC. (crowd control)= snares, slows, stuns!, because if they don't have CC. who will save you and team from splitting up when they go after you and ADC?
-Don't argue,if the team splits, its probably over...all the typing is a hazard and angry allies = lose, so keep every positive- say gj or something when they do something well. I know I'd like a comment when I save my allies from certain doom!

I've played from Bronze 4 to silver 1 promo. I noticed that AP burst champions have tougher time carrying game then say: top champions and ADC. Don't waste time using Lux to get out of Bronze, she works way better from Silver 3 tier onward when top and adc are more trustworthy (my new VS Tanky Carries build might solve this, but I not bronze anymore- so can't test- some1 tell me). Oh, and make sure you can play support before you play ranked; because few people at that level know how to/want to support. I suggest Sona or Janna if you are new to support.

Below are some of my recent ranked games.
As seen- so far, this new build (Rylias and Liandry instead of Rabadon) works really well and even seems to solves the "Lux can't carry late game" problem.

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That is it! Sorry if you were wanted to read more, LoL.
I'd like to hear some feedback after you guys have tried it;
I hope this has helped you to be a better player.
Good luck on the field of Justice and don't let Lux die!
If this guide helped you, I don't mind a comment :)


PS. I also got a special Bruiser Teemo guide, just click here

6390 viewer at S4,
oooh 13k now, I guess I'm one of the few that update the guide
25k, - finally a reply-
I'll update when someone comments :)