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Lux Build Guide by Conversion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conversion

Lux - The Lady of Luminosity

Conversion Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Hey, I'm Conversion, and this is my first guide here. I hope you'll have fun reading it, and please leave a comment/feedback on this, so I hopefully can improve in the future. I hope you'll get to know Lux much better, and get out there to show them who's got the biggest laser!

I do not think I'm pro at Lux, nor do I think I'm the best. I'm just having fun writing guides to help newcomers and others.

NOTE: This guide should be used with the intention of Lux as an AP carrier!

I hope you're gonna have a great time reading this. Enjoy!

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Why choose Lux?

Lux is an AP based champion with high burst damage. She has the potential to kill off most champions due to her insane CC (crowd control) and burst damage throughout her abilities. Furthermore the CC will also help you avoid ganks or fleeing from team fights when at low health. If your team does not already have a similar champion, Lux is definitely a wise choice. Of course you will need to know how to play her, and this is where the guide gets useful. A more detailed list of pros and cons are listed below.

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Pros & Cons


+ Slow and snare (great CC)
+ Shield for protection
+ Very long range for her abilities
+ High burst damage = Kills
+ 2 abilities which grant vision
+ Good in both solo and as a supporter

finales funkeln

- Very squishy
- All abilities are skillshots
- CDR is needed
- Often focused by enemies
- Consumes a lot of mana
- When Flash is on CD, it's hard to escape

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
    These runes are very basic in your build. If an AP based champion becomes OP, enemies might tend to get magic resistance and therefore magic penetration is a must for Lux
  • greater seal of replenishment
    In early game these runes will help you stay in your lane longer to gain more gold and experience. These runes help your mana regenerate faster in order to use your abilities more frequently.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
    Of course you can't live without AP runes either. These runes will provide Lux with more AP later in the game to keep (hopefully) your killing streaks.
  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
    Because Lux may have a hard time dealing magic damage early game flat AP runes like these is an absolute must! This will ensure the early kills, which will make her a dreaded champion later in the game.

Alternative Runes
  • Marks
    Instead of magic penetration you could go for Greater Mark of Ability Power if you feel like you don't need it. Flat AP is also a better choice than AP per level, because you will want to be as strong as possible early in the game.
  • Seals
    I wouldn't recommend any alternative seals, because you will have a hard time staying in your lane over longer periods, which will make it difficult to farm and level up.
  • Glyphs
    If you want to concentrate all your AP on the early game, you should get Greater Glyph of Ability Power. This can give you an extra boost and hopefully secure you some kills. Although I recommend trying out whether you like flat AP or AP per level before going into ranked games.
  • Quintessences
    Instead of Greater Quintessence of Ability Power you could get Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed if you want better mobility and movement for Lux. Another great rune is Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction if you want more CDR. However, it isn't needed as much as AP, because you'll have Ionian Boots of Lucidity for this.

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Tier 1: Start off with Summoner's Wrath to gain an additional 5 AP and 5 AD (AD not really needed) while ignite is on CD. Also it's a good idea to put 3 points in Mental Force for 3 extra AP. It's not much, but you're better off with this than AD or 2/4 bonus damage on minions or monsters.

Tier 2: You should maximize Sorcery to bring your ability CD's 4% down. This will make your abilities more "spamable".

Tier 3: To get 10% magic penetration, put 1 point in Arcane Knowledge . Furthermore you should put 3 points in Havoc in order to increase damage dealt by 1.5% - the other two masteries in this tier are useless.

Tier 4: There is no doubt about where you should put your points here. Maximize Blast for 1 AP per level (18 AP at level 18).

Tier 5: As for this tire you should also choose to put all your poins in Archmage for more AP, because the other one is not for mages.

Tier 6: I bet you figured this one out. Finish the offense tree by adding a point to Executioner . This will help finish off your enemies.


Tier 1: In the first tier you should aim for Summoner's Insight (to reduce flash CD by 15 seconds) and Expanded Mind (to give you that extra mana throughout the game).

Tier 2: Here you'll want to put 4 points in Swiftness . It will help you to increase your mobility and speed in order to either slay an enemy or flee from a team fight.

Tier 3: The last point in your masteries should go to Runic Affinity . Buffs (especially the blue one) are highly attracted by AP champions like Lux. This mastery will allow the buffs to last longer and help you get smoothly through the game.

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Summoner Spells

Optimal Spells
  • Flash
    This is probably one of the most popular spells in the game and with good reason. The reason why you simply need Flash is because it really is your only real escaping tool in team fights. This spell will flash you to a nearby location and this also allows yout to jump over walls, which can get really useful to chase potential kills.
  • Ignite
    Another spell which is commonly used is Ignite. This comes in handy when your enemy has barely no life, but still manages to escape your deadly AP. Not only does it deal true damage over time, but it also reduces any healing effects done by your target over the next 5 seconds. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is.

Alternative Spells
  • Teleport
    This spell works pretty well to get to a friendly turret or minion quickly. It may come handy when defending/pushing in lanes or even ganking enemies. However, I wouldn't recommend this item for Lux at mid. From base to mid isn't that long a way, so if you should get this spell, you should definitely be at another lane as a supporter.
  • Clairvoyance
    At first I was kind of skeptical towards this spell, but I quickly learned it can be a dangerous weapon. It reveals an area of the map for 4 seconds, and if you place it well, there is no way your enemies can escape your AP. finales funkeln and Clairvoyance is a deadly combination and can secure you that last hit. Also it can be useful in the jungle for chasing with your other abilities or getting out of a difficult situation.
  • Clarity
    I've used this spell a couple of times, but I never really liked it. It is useful in early game, but it becomes less efficient later on. Although if you do have trouble with mana, this spell can solve your problem.
  • Ghost
    This spell is either a chasing or an escaping spell like Flash. In my opinion Ghost isn't as good as Flash, because you can't jump over walls. You're going to have a hard time taking down people who can, but not against others.
  • Exhaust
    Another spell like Ghost and Flash. It won't just slow and exhaust your target, but it will also reduce their AP and AD for 2.5 seconds. It may not sound as much time, but in reality (along with your CC abilities) you can easily escape a 1 vs 1 situation.

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Skills & Skill Sequence

finales funkeln

Illumination (passive): This passive is just great! Everytime you hit an enemy with one of your damaging spells, the target will be charged with energy, which can be triggered by a basic attack. It will then deal 10 + 10 x level (190 at level 18) magic damage. This process can be used continuesly and can secure you the kill easily.
Tips & Tricks:
  • When using your abilities, try to first use a spell, then trigger the passive and continue this until all damaging spells have been used - this will trigger your passive 3 times and you will be devastating to the target champion.
  • Illumination works well with Lucent Singularity when pushing at lanes. Try to hit as many minions as possible with Lucent Singularity and trigger as many passives you can for maximum pushing. This can also be used to last hit minions for extra gold. This is VERY helpful late game, and you should definitely try to do this.

Light binding: This is one of my favourites in the whole game. It will snare the target making it unable to move and deal magic damage. Why is this better than Ryze's Rune Prison? It may be a skillshot (difficult to hit with), but Light Binding can inflict 2 enemies instead of just 1. This makes Lux a strong CC champion, and this is simply something you'll need to master to get your kills rising.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Because Light Binding can strike 2 enemies, you can still bind the target champion even though there is a minion in the way - always keep this in mind.
  • You should also be aware that Light Binding isn't a stun, and therefore your target is still able to deal damage to you. Always keep a decent distance to your enemy, or you'll risk being slaughtered just like that.
  • Because of Light Binding's long range (1175) it is possible to smartcast fairly easy with this ability. Try to predict where your enemy is heading when chasing him/her through the jungle areas. This can settle you for a simple kill along with your other abilities and spells.

Prismatic Barrier: This spell will apply a shield on herself and any friendly champions it hits on its way out and back again. What I love about this shield compared to others, is that it can grant a shield twice. For instance, if Ashe is chasing you, and you find yourself low on health, you can throw it and Ashe will try to break through the shield. When her wand returns she refreshes her shield (unfortunately it doesn't stack with the first one), and I've seen this ability save my life too many times from Ignite or Teemo's Toxic Shot.

Tips & Tricks:
  • This skill works extremely well in team fights to support yourself and others and avoid severe damage. Try to hit as many of your team mates as possible both on the way out and back. Just like Sivir's Boomerang Blade you can change its direction when it returns by walking in a direction - make us of it if necessary.
  • As metioned above Prismatic Barrier can also help you survive over time damage, especially mid through in the game. Remember, if you're by yourself just throw it in any direction. It doesn't matter whether you hit someone or not.

Lucent Singularity: This is probably Lux's most powerful ability besides her ultimate finales funkeln. What it does is that it slows and deals magic damage to targets nearby. Lux can detonate it over the next 5 seconds if needed - this is also why it is easier to hit enemy champions than with Light Binding. It also grants vision around it, which can be pretty useful to avoid ganks, especially when you are solo at mid. Additionally this skill is extremely well for farming along with Illumination.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Because it is much more difficult to hit your target with Light Binding than Lucent Singularity it's a good idea to make use of the slow from Lucent Singularity and then afterwards hit with Light Binding + Illumination. This can be a devastating mixture, but it may take some practice to master.
  • If you find yourself low on health and running through the jungle, it can be a very good idea to make use of Lucent Singularity in order to provide more vision and potentionally slow a chasing enemy.
  • Last but not least this skill is great to check whether there is any danger nearby buffs or monsters, which you may want to get your hands on. Make use of this technique throughout the whole game, and you'll prevent possible ganks from your enemies.

finales funkeln Finales Funkeln (ultimate): One of the reasons I play Lux most of the times. finales funkeln is an incredible ultimate dealing tons of damage (tribute to Phreak) and revealing the area along the line of the ultimate. It also has an extremely long range (3000) making it a destructive weapon to everyone low on health. Furthermore, it ignites her passive Illumination and refreshes it - this is why you don't want to open up with her ultimate unless it can secure you the kill(s).

Tips & Tricks:
  • Don't hesitate with finales funkeln too much. Try to use it as an "executioner" when possible. Often it will just scare your enemies off before you can hit with your other abilities if you use it at first. Also it won't ignite your passive, if you haven't hit your target with either Light Binding or Lucent Singularity.
  • If you are having trouble hitting with finales funkeln, you should first try to slow or bind your enemy in order to get an easier hit. After all it takes 0,5 seconds for Lux to send off her ultimate, but it's not too long compared to Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage.
  • Quite often your team agrees to put wards around monsters (mostly dragon or baron) and this will help you to finish them off with finales funkeln and get the gold/buff if the enemies try to take them down.
  • If your target can't be seen, sight ward, Clairvoyance or other similar items/spells can help you shoot down enemies with low health. Don't fire your ultimate off immediately, because you'll just end up missing. Take a second or two, observe which way they are going, relax and fire away. It's important to be calm and cold blooded.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

finales funkeln > > >

First of all you will want to max out finales funkeln of course - this will ensure you huge burst damage. After this you should definitely max out Lucent Singularity because the advantages of this ability is better than Light Binding in general. As for Light Binding you should level out that one as 3rd. Because Lux "only" have 3 damaging abilities you need to max out these before the Prismatic Barrier.

  • Why would I get Light Binding at level 1?
    It happens too often that enemies will try to gank you, even before the minions have spawned. Therefore you'll need this ability to ensure yourself or team mates an escape.
  • What's the point of levelling Prismatic Barrier up at level 3?
    Your enemies will probably have Ignite or other spells/abilities which grant over time damage, and Prismatic Barrier can make sure you survive most of these attacks. There's nothing I hate more than being slain by Ignite.

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  • First of all I advice you to buy Doran's Ring. This starter item is really worth buying, because it gives you AP, HP and mana regeneration for a fairly low price. Along with greater seal of replenishment you should be able to stay in the lane for a bit longer (if you are careful, which you should be).
  • Next you'll want to get your hands on some more AP. Depending on which champion(s) you are facing at your lane, you should either get Amplifying Tome or Boots of Speed + 2 x Health Potion. If you need to dodge a lot of abilities I suggest the boots and health potions to avoid taking too much damage. Otherwise you should definitely go for Amplifying Tome to deal more magic damage.
  • After this you'll want to get your hands on Blasting Wand and Needlessly Large Rod for extra AP. You should then build towards Rabadon's Deathcap, which will increase your AP by 30%. Before buying the deathcap, I advise you to upgrade your boots to Ionian Boots of Lucidity. This will give you that additional speed and CDR, which is needed. In fact you should be able to get your CD for finales funkeln down to under 30 seconds - how AWESOME is that?!
  • By now your enemies will probably begin to build magic resist due to your ownage. Therefore you should begin to save up for Void Staff. You already had Amplifying Tome and along with another Blasting Wand you'll be able to get 40% magic penetration from Void Staff.
  • Then I recommend going for Zhonya's Hourglass and Lich Bane. The sequence of these two items isn't that big a deal, and you should buy the one you find the most efficient at the current time before the other. Zhonya's Hourglass will give you a lot of AP and also some armor. This is for protection and it's a good idea to make this purchase, if you're focused by the enemy team. The other item, Lich Bane, will grant you with AP, magic resistance, extra mana and extra movement speed. It also has a unique active, which makes your next basic attack deal an additional 100% of your AP after using one of your abilities. This works really well with Illumination, and you should get this, if you think you can survive without armor.
  • At last you can sell your Doran's Ring and get one of the alternative items listed below. Remember to get enough gold before selling your starter item. If you can't afford another item instead of Doran's Ring it's just a waste.

Alternative Items
  • Mejai's Soulstealer
    If you want insane AP + CDR (which is what we want with Lux), this item is the one you'll want to get. I don't recommend this item if you are slain too much during the game - this will just ruin your stacks and make it useless. Although if you think you can keep getting kills/assists, this item can contribute to your build in a very effective way.
  • Abyssal Mask
    This item grants magic resist, AP and reduces the magic resist of nearby enemies. You should get this item if your team starts to build magic resist or has a team, which is reliable on AP.
  • Rod of Ages
    Some say this item is really great, but I don't like it that much. If you are planning on buying this late game you should be aware that you won't get the benefits from its unique passive, which restores health and mana upon levelling up. Although it has AP, health and mana, which is very helpful. Therefore I suggest you should get this in early game (not before Rabadon's Deathcap) if you want its full effect.
  • Deathfire Grasp
    This item isn't that expensive, and it can help you take down tanks if needed. Besides granting Lux with AP and CDR it also grants her a unique active, which works very well on particularly tanks. The more AP along with this item, the more damage it will deal, so keep this in mind.
  • Morello's Evil Tome
    A fairly cheap item as well. This will give Lux AP, mana regeneration and CDR. Its unique active isn't that great though. It's kind of useless because you've already got Ignite and Illumination to correspond to Heal.

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Because all Lux's skills are made for smartcasting, it's important to know when and where to cast them. I've been able to take a screenshot from the game in order to show an example of smartcasting with Light Binding at Summoner's Rift.

Teemo's running through the jungle and Lux is waiting to strike. Even though there's a wall between him and her, she can throw her ability and snare him. This is what I like about Lux, and you should definitely make use of these methods in order to settle down for more kills. Although you should be careful of ganks, and I advice you not to chase someone through the jungles for too long - eventually your enemies will gank up on you, and you'll get aced.

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Game Phases

Early Game (Level 1-5)
  • Be squishy. Nothing much to it, but you're lacking finales funkeln, which is absolutely necessary in order to secure kills - without it you only have 2 damaging abilities.
  • Support your team - help your team mates no matter what. Use your abilities to snare, slow or shield according to the situation - if you're lucky, you might pick up some kills/assists.
  • Harass if an opportunity arises. This will make sure you can push the lane a bit more and settle for a kill/assist. Don't do it too often though - you might get ganked. Lucent Singularity is a very good harass ability. Try to throw it a bit behind your enemies, because they'll most likely try to avoid it by running backwards - if you can, hit them with Illumination for extra damage.
Mid Game (Level 6-13)
  • By now you should have finales funkeln ready for action. Time to be a little more aggressive. I recommend opening with Lucent Singularity to slow your enemy, and then Light Binding. Hit your enemy with a basic attack to ignite Illumination and pop your Lucent Singularity to apply a new one. After this use Ignite, and finish off with finales funkeln. This is a deadly combination, and will definitely secure you the kill.
  • This is also the part of the game, where ganks are more common. Do not waste your Light Binding. This can easily save your life, if you are at the risk of being ganked.
  • It is be a good idea to place sight ward different places on the map according to where you are in order to avoid ganks. You should defintely place two by the blue buffs, because you'll want to get these as much as possible.
Late Game (Level 14-18)
  • Now's the time to shine. By now you should have lots of AP, and a full combo with your abilities will certainly get your kills. You'll want to stick with your team mates as much as possible, as you are not a tank! Keep a decent distance to your enemies and fire away.
  • Place sight ward by dragon and baron nashor . This can give you easy kill steals with finales funkeln to help you and your team.
  • Focus weaker champions like Ezreal or Ashe when in combat. Do not focus tanks like Malphite or Alistar, unless you are 100% sure you can take them down.

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Team fights

This is what we all love - the possibility of an ace, which Lux plays a significant role in. When in team fights there are several things to consider - therefore I've listed some of the most important tips to follow, when in a team fight with Lux.
  • First of all you'll want to stay out of the center of the battle. Most players focus the weak ones according to defense, which Lux is. You should always stay out of melee range, when big team fights occure - otherwise you're doomed. Keeping a nice distance to the others can be a life saver, and don't worry about damaging your enemies. All your abilities have awesome range (all above 100).
  • finales funkeln can really turn around a team fight. You should focus on hitting as many enemies as possible, unless you can secure a kill on a fleeing enemy.
  • Whenever you're in a team fight, Prismatic Barrier becomes a great ability. Try to hit as many of your team mates as possible, both on the way out and back. This gives a great advantages over your enemies, and can definitely help you win it.
  • If one of your team mates decides to flee from the team fight, because of low health, you should cover him. Use your Light Binding and Lucent Singularity to snare and slow your enemies following him/her.
  • Last but not least, it's a good idea to open up with Light Binding as you will most likely hit 1 or 2 anyways. Follow up with Lucent Singularity and finales funkeln for full damage potential. Then protect your enemies with Prismatic Barrier. Remember: Keep in mind, that you'll want to hit as many champions with your spell before using finales funkeln - it will ignite the Illumination mark you've put on them.

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I felt like it was important to show you guys some videos, that I found useful, when learning to play Lux. First I'd like to show you the Lux Champion Spotlight.
This video is just great. It shows you the basics behind Lux, and if you had trouble understanding what her abilities really do, I suggest watching this video one or two times. The next video is about zoning. If you don't know what it is or when to do it, you should definitely watch it.
You may wonder why I've decided to show you a zoning tutorial. Because of Lux's abilities, she can zone really well against most champions - this is really helpful and something you should always do if possible.

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Let's summarize things up a bit:
  • Lux has great CC.
  • Huge burst damage.
  • Awesome range on her abilities
  • 2 abilities which grant vision (helpful to avoid ganks)
  • Prismatic Barrier for protection (very helpful in team fights)
  • You should smartcast with her for the highest potential damage throughout combos.
If you consider all these things, Lux is truly an awesome champion and worth getting.

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I figured that I should make a glossary for you guys, because not all (especially newcomers) understand the abbreviations, which are used in this guide:
  • CC: Crowd Control
  • AP: Ability Power
  • AD: Attack Damage
  • CD: Cooldown
  • CDR: Cooldown Reduction
  • HP: Health Points

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First I'd like to thank one of my best friends, Neurosion. He helped me with the screenshot, even after a few failing attempts. He has been loyal, industrious and an absolutely amazing friend - I am truly thankful!

I'd also like to thank jhoijhoi. I can't tell you guys how helpful her Making a guide has been. Also I'd like to say thank you for the use of her line dividers - I didn't have the skills to make one myself, and I'm greatful for letting me use it.