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Cho'Gath Build Guide by GregStein

Support Main Cho' Gath Support Tanky/High Damage (Carry a bad ADC)

Support Main Cho' Gath Support Tanky/High Damage (Carry a bad ADC)

Updated on May 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GregStein Build Guide By GregStein 92 7 235,185 Views 11 Comments
92 7 235,185 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GregStein Cho'Gath Build Guide By GregStein Updated on May 9, 2023
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Runes: Anti Slow/Root/Stunt (best)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Font of Life
Second Wind

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Anti CC
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Ability Order Abilities Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Main Cho' Gath Support Tanky/High Damage (Carry a bad ADC)

By GregStein
Why Cho'Gath Support?

My Pentakill As a Support Chogath

Chogath may seem like a troll pick to some.. But since we are playing him Tank (most of the times), He outscales all support tanks by a large margin.

One, All Cho abilities are essentially CC Rupture & Vorpal Spikes slow down enemy while Feral Scream can silence several enemies in a cone.

Two, At level 6 Cho starts to shine and scale thanks to Feast Cho does 1000+ damage to monsters meaning you can help your jungler take dragons faster. Once the dragon is at 1000 HP just ult it and gain a permanent 80 hp or 160 hp depending on Feast level.

Since Cho Feast does true damage, you can either use it to peal kills for your ADC or stack an unlimited count of enemy champions while gaining a permanent 80 hp or 160 hp depending on Feast level.

Three, The longer the game goes the stronger becomes Cho'gath. Level 2 & 3 Feast grant 120 & 160 permanent hp once successfully stacked a champion besides scaling true damage based on your max hp. There is no limit to how many stacked champions (599 maximum) as well as dragons/barons/heralds. While minions and jungle monsters are limited to 6 stacks.
How To Support and Carry As Cho Gath


I have enclosed 4 rune set pages for you to pick from. It's highly recommended to pick runes accordingly to enemy bot-laners. e.g If they have cc champions such leona, thresh, lux, morgana, or syndra go with anti cc runes.

Healing Runes

In case you did not notice, We use 4 rune items for healing. In the early phase, they should keep you almost always above 50% hp. However once you reach lvl 9+ and with Visage, you will heal insanely from your passive and from damaging enemy champs with your abilities.

Anti CC runes
I find myself picking these runes more often due to all matchups being a cc support or many cc champions on the enemy team.

HP Scaling Runes
I usually pick these against bot-laners with little to no cc. In this scenario I prioritize buying more health items first before buying any magic resist or armor or even boots such as Ruby Crystal, Bami's Cinder, Giant's Belt.

AP Runes
I pick ap runes when my adc has ways to escape like shields, dashes, slows or roots e.g. jhin, mf, trista. The second circumstance is where enemy botlaners have high poke potential such as jhin + swain; trista + lux or any ap bot combo. Boots in this matchups are a must to dodge skill shots at least tier 1 boots.

Why AfterShock?

Once you use an ability, Aftershock temporarily increases your armor and magic resist by 35 + 80% of your current armor and mr for 2.5 seconds.

So do not randomly spam abilities because it takes 20 seconds for aftershock to be available. Wait for the right moment to engage after aftershock is activated ( explanation below)

Laning & Howto Cho

🔴Step 1: Q comes first.

You want to open up withQ. Always and no matter what.

🦴Step 2: Tricking them.

At the first wave, you want to trick enemy champs that you are going to land yourQ (but you don't) By going inside the bush getting out. Do not landQ until you see a window of opportunity (usually Once ADC last hits a minion or cannon minion)

🪓Step 3: Go in?

You need level 2E + Aftershock rune. Essentially at Level 3, and once you successfully land yourQ, do not be afraid just go in and hit with your E + (Exhaust/Ignite only if enemy ADC is 50% hp or below).

Even if you or your ADC didn't kill enemy ADC you should force him to heal + flash which is more than worth it. (Don't hesitate to chase to land anotherQ).

⛑️Step 4: Saving my ADC

Your ADC is stunt or in trouble? => landQ on enemy ADC (not enemy sup) and focus him with everything you got.

How to deal with Ganks?

Cho is one of the best at denying ganks thanks to his Q that launches enemies into the air and slows them for 2+ seconds. Using Q from inside bushes is a better practice so no one can see your animation while landing a Q.

Explaining Items

Bramble Vest: This mini item is must against healing champs. Take it first against yumi, soraka and other healers or champs with a passive that heal them. It has another passive that reflects magic damage of 10% of your extra armors. Against heavy ad team, build Frozen Heart (80 armors) first or Sunfire Aegis only then finish thornmail at last. This vest is overpowered by itself so always delay upgrading Thornmail until you got 4 core items at least or sell it to buy a situational item if your team is doing well.
Bami's Cinder: Againt ranged ADC, This item is my second go after Vest. You can rush it first against troll melee ADC together with your Aftershock rune you should inflect much damage to both adc and sup.

Spectre: Against an AP carry or high ap dmg support such as Brand, Lulu etc. Your health will be restored once you take dmg every 10 seconds. Sometimes you could take damage from ap champs on purpose then run back to restore lots of hp.
Dealing With Lane CC & Bullies

Runes & Exhaust

Against some high CC support champions such as: Leona, Pyk, Nautilus or Tresh. You are recommended to pick Anti-CC runes as shown above.

Thanks to patch 10.12 and onward, Unflinching & Legend: Tenacity will supply Cho with over 40% Tenacity once legend tenacity is fully stacked.

Mercury's Treads boots are a must buy in this scenario because they give you another 30% Tenacity.

By opting for Tenacity runes as well as Mercury boots, every CC champions become over 70% useless because their slows, silences, rooting and stunts will last half a second or less on you. Meaning you can spam your abilities no matter how many times you get CC-ed.

Early Phase

You never ever want to use your Q first!.. In fact wait for Leona for example to use her E or Nautilus Q only then land your Q on the ADC

By only responding to high cc enemy support moves your aftershock rune effect will get the highest value possible. Meaning you will tank both enemy ADC and support or force them to retreat from attacking your ADC or in most cases kill them both.

Post-Early Phase

Once You are equipped with 2, 3 or 4 mini items, your team should win any team fights in the river or ganks in your lane.

Just remember to focus enemy champions with lower hp or squishy ones. For example imagine your team is taking a fight in the dragon side:

Enemy team:
    Leona (50% hp)
    Vayne (100% hp)
    Rammus (40% hp)

Whom would you attack first? Of course you must attack Vayne first even if she's full health because she has no resistances and dies a lot faster than Rammus with 40% hp. Remember most ranged mid and adc champions are squishy so always focus them first.
Best Complete Item To Rush
In this season, though bramble vest nerf yet Thornmail remains the strongest and best item for Cho'Gath to rush. Why?

    ✔️While thornmail is equiped, your E and Q expose an enemy champion to 60% grievious wounds for 3 seconds meaning they will heal only 40% from their abilities and basic attacks in the next 3 seconds.
    ✔️It provides 350 hp which scales your R true damage.
    ✔️If you take a basic attack from an Enemy champion this latter will automatically take at least 10 + (10% extra armor) => 30 magic damage at least and 40% grievous wounds for each basic attack on you for 3 seconds (Yes you heard that right! you don't need to attack him he takes damage just like that).
    ✔️It supplies you with 60 extra armor resistances.
Conditioning & Mountain Dragons grant extra armors as a result more magic damage reflected from thornmail.

Remember grievious wounds is triggered with yourE &Q, or when the enemy basic attacks you. Champions that rely only on Abilities (Q, W, E, R) WILL NOT take grievous wounds unless they mess up and basic attack you.

Morello and Executioner On the other hand inflict grievous wounds as long as you hit them with your abilities. And since this is a Cho'gath guide Morello is the second most convenient choice against a full healing team.

The only situation where Sunfire Aegis is a must-first-buy is when enemy champions deal mixed damaged such as Shen, Yorick, Warwick or enemy support is going for AP penetration build such as sorcery boots, luden's echo.
Lethality Counter Play
Sometimes you may play against Ash/Caitlyn/Miss Fortune LETHALITY or more than 1 enemy team players going lethality. In that case You must first buyNinja Tabi boots then try to finishFrozen heart as fast as you can.

Together with Tabi boots and Frozen heart you will not believe how tanky you will be against lethality. In fact, you can buy another Frozen heart to tank and help your team win team fights so much easier.


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League of Legends Build Guide Author GregStein
GregStein Cho'Gath Guide
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Main Cho' Gath Support Tanky/High Damage (Carry a bad ADC)

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