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League of Legends Build Guide Author jlh165

Maister Warwick

jlh165 Last updated on September 8, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, Aldones03 here. This is my first guide for League of Legends, so I apologize for any inconsistencies. Please leave feedback for any ways I could improve the guide, suggestions to add and/or change.

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Jungling Tips and Tricks

If the enemy doesn't have a jungler try to stay on top of both blues and both reds. This gives you gold and experience faster as well as keeping beneficial buffs out of the enemy's hands.

On the off chance you are both tanking and jungling, simply try and combine the two builds.

Keep in mind that although Warwick is easy to jungle with, it is very hard to gank before 6. It's possible, but don't expect to get more than 1 Hungering Strike off. Also, without runes/abilities, jungling is hard to pull off. At lower levels (and sometimes higher) this forces someone to lane 2v1 and may give the enemy some easy early kills.

DO NOT jungle without at least 10-12 Armor Penetration (Use + ArPen runes until you hit at least 10-12), as you'll most likely level much slower than if you were laning BE VIGILANT for enemy ganks while attacking blue early.

Also, I have solo'd the dragon as early as level 7 before (make sure you have blue/red buffs and/or a gank or two - or help). However, do with caution as you are VERY VULNERABLE while attacking the dragon .

Note: Don't worry too much about ganking before level 6 ( Infinite Duress). Before then you'll generally be too slow to chase anyone down and will only have 1 semi-ranged ability on a 6 second CD.

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Jungling Rotation

1) Giant Wolf (only) [9 Ar]
2) Ancient Golem (blue) [20 Ar - lizards 8 Ar]
3) Wolves [6 Ar]
4) Wraits [Wraith 15 Ar - lessers 5 Ar]
5) Lizard Elder (red) [20 Ar - lizards 8 Ar]
6) Golems [12 Ar]
7) Wraiths
8) Wolves
9) At this point nothing on your side will be alive. You'll have 3 primary choices: (1) Go heal/spend, (2) Go gank an enemy, or (3) start counter jungling.

For a more risky (but rewarding) rotation:
1) Giant Wolf
2) Ancient Golem
3) Lizard Elder (enemy's)
4) Gank Enemy Jungler as he fights Wraiths (only if viable)
5) Any enemy camp you can feasibly defeat the "big" minion with minimal risk (watch for enemy Champions leaving their lanes)
6) Wolves (back to your side)
7) Wraits
8) Lizard Elder
9) Golems
10) Wraiths
11) Wolves
Note: Only do this if you are sure you can jungle faster than your opponent. With this strategy it will help if you can have someone help you take out the Ancient Golem . Additionally, if you have help, kill the entire Wolves camp as it allows it to respawn. If you pull this off right, you get an early gank (usually first blood), steal red, and debuff and set your enemy jungler back. I did this to an enemy Warwick; I was level 6 when he was still level 2.

Note: I am still in the BETA phase of when this is appropriate. I would not recommend this rotation against a jungling Skarner. Any feedback on success / failure for this would be highly appreciated.

Master Yi
.-.-.-.-.-.-. Failure

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Counter Jungling

Counter Jungling is when you prevent the enemy jungler from ganking your team and/or killing off his jungle minions. While killing minions, kill only the high-gold reward ones in each camp, forcing him to waste time finishing off the camp in order to let it respawn. Shutting down blue or red early on can make a big difference in early game progression.

It may be a good idea to use a Sight Ward near your blue/red. If the enemy tries to counter by taking it from you, you can usually stop him while getting an easy kill in the process.

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Tanking / Laning

When lanning, remember to "last hit." Wait for the killing shot to attack minions. This allows you to be closer to your turrets, helping your jungler gank and reducing the effectiveness of getting ganked yourself.

If you can afford to sacrifice the defensive stats, Madred's Bloodrazor will greatly increase your dps. I'd estimate that single piece is nearly half Warwick's overall dps.

As far as tanking in general goes, know it is your responsibility to initiate team fights. As long as your team follows you, you should rarely die on balanced team fights.

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Champion Abilities

Hungering Strike (Q), while not a group ability, does a lot of damage and will often be the killing blow for enemies running away. This does 8-16% of the enemies hp + 75 - 275 damage as well as healing you for 80% of the total damage. Keep in mind, Blood Scent is Warwick's only ranged attack.

Hunters Call (W) gives the entire team an attack speed bonus; works wonders on turrets/inhibitors. This will also be your primary spell while farming (high damage output, low mana cost).

Blood Scent (E) at level 5 it reaches nearly half way across the map, showing the team the enemy and giving you a nice run boos. Keep in mind this is a toggle ability. If you are trying to gank someone, deactivate it until you are ready to run, or a glowing pair of eyes and a loud howl will give you away.

Infinite Duress (R) stuns enemy champions for 1.8 seconds; in conjunction with Madred's Bloodrazor, this will shred squishies (5 attacks x 4% hp = 20% hp) - throw base damage in as well as Blood Scent, and you can take out over 50% of an enemy champion's hp in about 2 seconds (less % for tanks, but potentially more overall damage). Keep in mind you are rooted for 1.8 seconds on top of the enemy; don't give the enemy an easy kill in group battles.

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Summoner Spells


.-.-.-. Smite is mandatory for any jungler and near-worthless for anyone else. While jungling, Smite helps you defeat blue/red early on as well as assisting in that early dragon kill. Furthermore, if you time it right, you can kill steal blue/red or even the dragon / Baron from the enemy.

.-.-.-. Flash is one of the most useful Summoner Spells in anyone's arsenal. Combined with Infinite Duress, Flash will help in any ganking situation. Furthermore, Flash allows you to move through brush in a quick escape (or catch up to someone on the other side).

.-.-.-. Exhaust is terrific all the way around. It will slow the enemy allowing for the team to finish him off or prevent an enemy from killing off a teammate. Furthermore, Exhaust reduces the enemy's damage by 70% (35% ability damage), turning a carry into a mere squishy.

.-.-.-. Ignite can come incredibly in handy. Everyone remembers a time when the enemy escaped with little to no hp, and just one more attack would have slain him. Ignite doesn't have a global cool down, so it acts as a "free" cast. Furthermore, Ignite is the only spell Warwick can cast while Attacking from Infinite Duress.

Not Recommended


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**Coming Soon**

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**Coming Soon**

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sight ward .-.-. Never underestimate the value of a single Sight Ward. They save lives, notify you of ganking opportunities, and keep a watchful eye on high-value minions.


.-.-.-. Magic Pen in Sorcerer's Shoes will generally give you your highest dps. I know Warwick is melee, but Mag Pen makes Eternal Thirst, Hungering Strike, Infinite Duress, Wit's End, and Malady do more damage.

.-.-.-. Mercury's Treads are your classic tanking shoes. If you care more about taking less damage than you do doing damage, these are the shoes for you.

.-.-.-. I only mention Berserker's Greaves because they are the default shoes for Warwick and may appear to be the highest dps shoes. However, you'll get AS from many different items, but it's much harder to get Mag Pen.

Life Steal

.-.-.-. Wriggle's Lantern is often on of the first items people buy. It's rather cheap, and every stat is beneficial, with a nice passive of a free ward to boot. However, towards the end of the game, the LS is the only stat worth the bang for its buck.

zeke's herald .-.-.-. Zeke's Herald is a great healing item because it gives everyone on the team a passive of 20% attack speed and 12% life steal. However, if going for this you'll want to add it in later as the item shines in group battles, not 1v1.

.-.-.-. The Bloodthirster is another melee heavy LS item high in dps. However, this item offers absolutely no defensive stats, and if you find yourself dying often, the item looses up to 40% of it's value.

.-.-.-. Hextech Gunblade is extremely expensive, but a very good healing item for Warwick. You receive 15% LS as well as 20% SV off a single item! However, a core part of this item is 70 AP which is almost always lost on Warwick unless you are stacking AP. Hungering Strike is Warwick's only ability which stacks with AP, and unless the enemy has roughly less than 2150 hp, the AP will get overridden by 16% of the target's total hp (they do not stack). Because of this, I will generally not even think of Hextech Gunblade unless the match has progressed to the point I have 4k of unusable gold to spend.

.-.-.-. Doran's Blade is decent for laning, but terrible for jungling. If you buy this, expect to resell it towards the end of the match.

Note: Overall I usually don't get a LS item for Warwick. Eternal Thirst will heal for 16-48 health every swing, and Hungering Strike will heal for 80% of the damage dealt. Because of this, I generally find Warwick's passive healing to be sufficient and would rather spend my gold either taking less damage or dishing more out.

**More Coming Soon**

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Abilities Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You are free to take Hunters Call over Blood Scent early on, but I find the run boost will nearly always assist you more. Hunters Call is rarely very effective against enemy champions (you have to stand still), but Blood Scent gives 20-40% run speed which is invaluable in ganking as well as running away.

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  • AD: Attack Damage, increases damage of physical attacks
  • ADC: A champion stacking Attack Damage, has little health
  • AP: Ability Points, increases damage of spells/abilities
  • APC: A champion stacking Ability Points, has little health
  • Ar: Armor, reduces damage from physical Attacks
  • ArPen: Armor Penetration, reduces the targets Armor
  • AS: Attack Speed
  • Carry: A champion with low health but high damage output
  • Counter Jungling: Preventing the enemy jungler from ganking your team and/or killing the enemy's jungle minions
  • CD: Cool Down
  • DPS: Damage Per Second
  • Farmed: Champion has a lot of minion kills
  • Farming: Killing enemy minions
  • Fed: Champion has a lot of champion kills
  • Gank: Killing an enemy champion by surprise
  • HP: Hit Points (health)
  • Jungling: Rather than laning, gaining experience and gold via the jungle and moving from lane to lane in order to gank
  • Laning: At the start of the match when each champion picks a lane to fight in
  • Last Hitting: Waiting until you can one-shot a minion before attacking it
  • LS: Life Steal
  • Mag Pen: Magic Penetration, reduces damage from spells/abilities
  • Noob, Nub: A champion who doesn’t know how to play his/her class
  • Support: A champion who’s primary role is to assist the team
  • SV: Spell Vamp (Life Steal from abilities)
  • Tank: A champion who primarily buys defensive items
  • WW: Warwick

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Special Thanks

All chapter dividers were created by jhoijhoi and used with his permission. If you are interested in creating your own guide and/or learning mobafire's BBCode, see jhoijhoi's guide.

Additional thanks to everyone who votes and/or posts a comment on my guide.

Thank you all!