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Gangplank Build Guide by AfrostLord

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AfrostLord

Makin' bank: True Pirate's Bankplank (into Critplank) guide

AfrostLord Last updated on November 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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What is Bankplank and why should I play GP that way?

Bankplank is a Gangplank build that focuses on gold generation, allowing him to buy more items than his opponents and overpower them through that extra power. Right now, Gangplank as a champion isn't in a very good position, being a weird type of cross between melee adc and bruiser, with no gapcloser and all. However, he has just the tools for the job to become the greatest goldgen machine the League has ever known.

1. Firstly and most importantly, GOLD GENERATION QUINTS AND SEALS. These grant +5.25 bonus gold gen / 10 sec.
2.PHILOSOPHER'S STONE ANDAVARICE BLADE. Philosopher's stone grants +5 bonus gold gen / 10 sec, and Avarice blade grants +3 bonus gold gen / 10 sec.

This is a total of +13.25 gold gen / 10 sec. For comparison, default passive gold gain is 16 gold gen / 10 sec.


3.AVARICE BLADE'S PASSIVE grants 2 bonus gold whenever you kill an enemy unit.
4. Gangplank'sPARRRLEY skill grants 8 bonus gold whenever you kill an enemy unit using it.

All these add up to give you a metric ****ton of gold more than your enemy.


Those are traps. Kage's lucky pick gives less gold per 10 than philosopher's stone and has a lower sellback price. Buying it will only serve to delay your build. Taking utility masteries will only make you weaker at all stages of the game - you already effectively have no quints or seals earlygame in comparison to the enemy. You miss out on crit damage% and early ad and armor pen if you go utility.


Teh damagez. Nobody expects you to deal so much damage, and the change from tickle-parrrley to anusdevastator-parrrley happens happens as soon as you finish your core items. You can go offtankplank or supportplank or whatever if you want to, but this build is about critplank.


This build is really expensive. Your core items include Trinity Force and Infinity Edge which I'm pretty sure are the two most expensive items in the game. Additionally, all the gold gen makes it REALLY hard for you to be behind.

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Runes and Masteries


-2 Critical strike chance marks. A cheesy strat where that one lucky crit can be the difference between life and death. Don't take more than 2, it starts becoming less efficient after that.
-Attack damage marks. AD is always good, and this allows for easier csing early too.
-Armor penetration marks. Similar in advantages to AD marks.

-Gold generation seals. This is bankplank, what did you expect, sissy armor seals?

-Flat magic resistance glyphs. You need SOME tankiness. These are also a great help if you're going mid lane. Alternatively, take scaling magic resistance glyphs if you're into that.

-Gold generation quints. Nothing more needs to be said.


ADC-ish masteries. Get CDR over attackspeed for more parrrley. Get armor over magic resist in defence because you don't have armor seals.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner spells:

Ignite: Allows for KSing (Kill Securing). Also great against healing champions such as Fiddlesticks or Swain.

Flash: Do I really need to explain why you should take flash?

Teleport: Teleport gives you further global map pressure and the ability to do surprise ganks, as well as making splitpushing and backdooring easier. The downside is that you'll have to miss out on Ignite for it.

Other good Summoner spells:

Barrier: You are one squishy mother****er as critplank. Barrier allows you to survive burst and situations where you would have died otherwise.

Heal: Similar to Barrier but more team-oriented. Can be reduced by heal reduction.

Ghost: If you gotta go fast. Like, REALLY fast. Flash is preferred to Ghost in most situations, though, as flash is instant and allows you to go through walls, which is really helpful as Gangplank has no actual gapclosers of his own.

Exhaust: This spell can be used both offensively to incapacitate an enemy for two seconds or defensively to slow them down. Allows you to easily 1v1 champions you wouldn't be able to 1v1 otherwise (Unless they're Yi. Can't be slowed Can't be slowed Can't be slowed).

Not-so-good Summoner spells:

Cleanse: Oranges are usually enough. Get this with Mercurial Scimitar if you absolutely hate cc, though.

Clarity: Why?

Clairvoyance: Why would you do this?

Revive: This can actually be good in some situations, particularly with teleport. However, its long cooldown constricts it to a life of trollpicks most of the time.

Rally: Never forget.

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Starting items, Laning phase, and Skill sequence

Starting Items
Your starting goal is to getPhilosopher's stone andAvarice blade as soon as possible. Therefore, start with the items that build into them:

1. Start withFaerie charm andRejuvination bead, plus 3 pots (I like to get 2 health pots and 1 mana pot). Alternatively, buy one potion and a ward.

2. Start withBrawler's gloves and two potions (or alternatively a ward).

Personally, I prefer the faerie+bead start. It allows you to stay in lane for a longer time due to the sustain, meaning you can farm more (Also you can get more potions than in the brawler glove start).

On the other hand, the brawler's glove start allows you to be more aggressive. Everyone knows about Gangplank's infamous crits with Parrrley. If by chance you manage to crit your opponent, you could zone them or force them to go back, or maybe even get a kill (This is however unlikely. I don't often do this as it relies on chance, and also on attacking the enemy rather than using parrrley to farm).

Other good starting items include:

1.Boots of speed if you need to move faster, dodge skillshots, etc.
2.Doran's shield if you're against a strong autoattacking champion.

Laning phase
Before we start taking about laning phase we have to decide which lane we should even go to. Gangplank is a versatile champion and can perform well in multiple lanes.

1.Mid lane:

Advantages: This lane allows you to gain more experience and faster farm as it is shorter in comparison to other lanes. The jungler might also offer you blue buff. Allows roaming.

Disadvantages: Most common mid laners are ranged, and nearly all of them have high damage, usually in the form of burst. Your roam isn't that strong as you don't have any strong cc and your damage isn't that high early on as Bankplank.

(Speaking of blue: While it does benefit Gangplank a lot, allowing him to use Parrrley more often and spam skills, only take it if your jungler doesn't really need it, or if you're against a tough lane, as Gangplank isn't very reliant on it).

2. Top lane:

Advantages: Most enemies here are melee. Some are low damage tanks. A single ward here can prevent many junglers from ganking (exceptions include champions who disregard wards like Evelynn, champions who can clear distance really quickly like Hecarim or Rammus, and junglers who lane gank).

Disadvantages: Less farm than mid lane. "Isolated" from other team members, though your ultimate helps in this regard. Many champions here can be really aggressive early, and a lot of them are pretty tanky meaning you can't kill them or force them out. Gangplank is unable to initiate and is squishy as **** as Critplank. You don't have armor seals. THIS LANE IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT TO PLAY CRITPLANK (though it can work in some occasions), CONSIDER PLAYING OFFTANKPLANK OR TANKPLANK INSTEAD.

3. Bottom lane (with support):

Advantages: Dragon control. Friendly wardbot.

Disadvantages: Enemies can easily zone you out as it's 2 champions rather than one this time, almost always with one being a marksman and the other being a support. THIS MEANS LESS FARM, WHICH IS DEVASTATING. This spot comes at the opportunity cost of an ad crit damage dealer who is always ranged. There aren't really many advantages to this lane, only play this as a last resort in normal games if you really want to play Bankplank.

4. Bot lane (as support):

While I do like support bankplank with shurelya and zeke's herald, this is a critplank guide.

5. Jungle:

Don't do this as bankplank, and particularly not as critplank bankplank. Gangplank already isn't the best champion at jungling, and he's put at an even bigger disadvantage without an early quint/seal disadvantage (particularly the lack of armor).

After you've chosen which lane to go, laning phase is pretty simple. Unlike regular Gangplank, who usually pokes enemies with parrrley every now and then, Bankplank focuses on using parrrley to farm minions for its bonus gold. AS LONG AS YOU ARE FARMING, YOU ARE AHEAD OF THE ENEMY. This makes many unfavourable matchups for regular Gangplank bearable, as you can just sit back and farm minions with your ranged parrrley. This is why I prefer to go mid lane, as this for the most part nullifies the enemy's advantage over me, allowing me to gain full advantage of the lane's farm.

HOWEVER, that is not to say you should never poke with parrrley. If the enemy is squishy, and you know you can force them back eventually, do not hesitate to fill that mother****er with bullets. Also, poking is encouraged after you get your Trinity Force, as your parrrley is now starting to hurt and you have the mana to sustain the spam.

Use oranges to sustain or escape dirty jungler ganks. And speaking of ganks, while Gangplank isn't the easiest champion to gank for as he has no innate hard cc of his own, he can do a ton of damage if he's allowed to, so if your jungler can hold the enemy in place, go in with intention to kill with your parrrley and autoattacks (and ignite).

USE YOUR ULTIMATE TO FARM WITHOUT EVEN BEING THERE. All your minions are belong to Gangplank.

Skill sequence:
Sweg-soaked Blade: Stacking slow+DoT onhit. This is an underrated but very useful passive. Not much more to say about this.

Makin' bank: Gangplank shoots an enemy with his flintlock pistol, dealing 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+ 100% AD) physical damage. THIS CAN CRIT AND APPLIES ON-HIT EFFECTS. However, this is not the most important function of this ability - killing an enemy with it (this includes minions) grants you 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 BONUS GOLD. Killing something with it also refunds half its mana cost.

In lane, use this to farm minions all day. It has 625 range (same range as Annie's autoattack) so you don't need to go into melee range and risk being damaged. Use it on enemy champions to poke them down enough for you to be able to kill them.

WHEN TO MAX: Max this first if you can poke and are ahead, OR if you are able to farm without dying.

Eat orange, be K: Gangplank eats an orange, making everything K and restoring 80 / 150 / 220 / 290 / 360 (+ 100% AP) health, as well as REMOVING ALL CROWD CONTROL EFFECTS FROM GANGPLANK.

This skill allows you to stay in lane despite enemy harass. It also doubles as a cleanse, removing ALL CROWD CONTROL EFFECTS. This includes stuff like Fiddlesticks's 3 second Terrify and Malzahar's Nether Grasp.

WHEN TO MAX: Max this first if the enemy is constantly poking you down - the heal is one of the strongest in the game. Otherwise, max it second.

Gotta go fast: PASSIVELY, Gangplank gains up to 16 free AD and up to 7% free movement speed. Upon activation, Gangplank shoots his pistol into the air at a passing bird, which for some reason raises his team's morale as well as his own, increasing the passive effect to 40 AD and 20% movespeed and granting allies half these bonuses.

This skill is underrated yet actually really important to gangplank. Combined with Triforce, Statikk Shiv, and boots, you can easily be moving at ~460 movespeed PASSIVELY. Also, free stats are always good. In longswords, 40 AD is worth 1600 gold (total of 4800 artifical gold if you count in Gangplank's teammates), and movespeed is quite hard to come by in items so it's also a really good artificial gold gain.

WHEN TO MAX: Though this skill is pretty awesome it's not that useful early game and pales in comparison to bonus gold or oranges. Max it last.

Ultimate: International Forced Taxation: Gangplank orders his flying ship to rain cannonballs at an area. Everyone in the area is slowed by 25%. The cannonballs fall in random places and deal 75 / 120 / 165 (+ 20% AP) magic damage each.

THIS SKILL IS GLOBAL. As in you can use it at bot lane while you're farming in top lane.

Uses for this skill include:

1. Killing a large minion wave even though you're nowhere nearby.
2. Stealing allies' minions.
3. Killing a large minion wave around a tower (bonus, you stop the push).
4. Trying to steal Baron/Dragon/a buff camp.
5. Killing low health enemy champions (as in, VERY low health, the damage is random and pretty low if you only hit a few cannonballs).
6. Extra damage in teamfights.
7. Getting assists while you're farming. (AKA aiding allies in in skirmishes)

WHEN TO MAX: This should be obvious, but level this skill whenever you can.

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Gangplank is a versatile champ and can be built multiple ways, but this build focuses around Critplank. You can try other Banking builds such as Bankplank into offtankplank, but who would do that when you can deal teh damagez instead?

Starting items:
Scroll up, I can't be bothered to retype this.

First back:
On your first back, aim to get AT LEAST both of your gold generation items.
Philosopher's stone: Health and manaregen allow you to stay in lane and farm. Highest passive goldgen out of all goldgen items. You don't build this into anything as critplank, but it has a good sellback value and more than repays its price as you keep it for a large portion of the game.
Avarice blade: This item is core on Gangplank in most builds so you're going to get it even if you're not banking. Gives early crit chance (which is amazing on Gangplank) and decent goldgen per 10. Its main value is in its other passive, making you gain 2 gold per kill. With enough CS, it can surpass Philosopher's stone in goldgen. Also, this builds into Statikk Shiv, another core item.

Core items:

Your core items are really REALLY expensive and that's why you gotta bank it.
Trinity Force: This item gives Gangplank pretty much every stat he wants. The main highlights of this item include its spellblade proc - casting parrrley counts as a skillcast, and it also applies on-hit effect - and the ridiculous amount of movespeed it gives which synergises with Raise Morale, Statikk Shiv, and Furor boots. Though this item is really expensive, it has a great build path, so you can build it in small pieces. I prefer going Sheen > Phage > Zeal. Sheen gives you the spellblade proc and allows you to use more skills before going out of mana, Phage gives you more ad and health and the movespeed onhit (this is applied upon using parrrley), Zeal gives you crit chance, attack speed, and movement speed, but is built last as gangplank can't make much use of attackspeed early on. This item also allows you to deal Tons of Damage (tm).
Infinity Edge: Gives a good amount of ad and some crit chance. This item INCREASES YOUR CRIT DAMAGE BY 50%. And guess what crits? Parrrley. Your damage really starts to ramp up after you get Infinity Edge and Trinity Force - a Parrrley that crits and applies spellblade does ridiculous damage.
Statikk Shiv: Nowhere as expensive as the other two items (particularly as you already have one of its components). This item is the cherry on the cake that is your core items. Now your parrley deals magic damage AoE as well as the spellblade proc and critically striking. The magic damage from this ALSO crits and is affected by the Infinity Edge modifier. At this point you can probably chunk half a squishy champion's health or more.

Boots of Swiftness: Get this if you gotta go fast. Also if the enemy has a lot of slows. Not really recommended, but it's fun to go at supersonic speeds.
Mercury's treads: Because oranges aren't enough. Get this against magic daamage and heavy cc comps.
Ninja tabi: Get this against heavy ad comps, especially those with autoattackers.
Ionian boots of Lucidity: Allows you to use parrrley and eat oranges more often.
Enchantment Furor: If you gotta go fast by stacking this with phage's passive.
Enchantment Homeguard: If you gotta go fast out of your base (or to defend it).
Enchantment Alacrity: If you gotta go fast in general.

Other items:
Recommended: Last Whisper: AD and 35% armor pen. You're going to get this pretty much every game unless the enemies are ******ed and don't build armor.
Recommended: Ravenous Hydra: Good amount of AD, AoE damage and lifesteal. This makes Parrley do AoE damage (in addition to the shiv proc) and allows you to decimate minion waves. The main purpose of this item is to splitpush, something this build is good at as you move really fast and can duel just about anyone. The active is also nice in duels.
Sword of the Occult: If you're a true stack brother.
The Bloodthirster: Like Ravenous Hydra in that it gives AD and lifesteal, but more single-target oriented.
Maw of Malmortius: Buy this if you're against heavy magic damage. It gives good AD and magic resist, and the passive is a real lifesaver particularly against someone like Karthus.
Frozen Mallet: Gives you more survivability. Is hilarious in combination with your high movespeed and furor boots. This item is also good for offtankplank. Also great for splitpushing as you're now even harder to catch.
Mercurial Scimitar: Double the oranges, double the K.
Eleisa's Miracle: lol jk

Don't forget to sell your Philosopher's Stone later on so you can build your last item.

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Mid and Lategame

By now you've (hopefully) farmed your *** to a Trinity Force and are building your Infinity Edge (or have already completed it if you got a few kills). Now you can actually do damage. Continuously poke enemies with Parrrley (dem crits are devastating), continue farming when possible, use ultimate when appropriate. Your skirmish power is starting to get quite significant now. Group up with your team to take objectives (even though your Raise Morale is probably still level 1, it's useful). Not much else to say about this.


Lategame is when you get full build and everyone else is struggling with their last one or two items. Now you're REALLY a force to be reckoned with. In a 1v1 you will destroy anybody except maybe burst mages/assassins or Vayne. Try to pressure the enemy team and push turrets with your team using your Raise Morale.


Critplank is admittedly not the best in teamfights if faced with heavy cc/burst/etc. All you can do is sit at the back and Parrrley. Of course, Parrrley does a LOT of damage now and a single parrrley on an enemy squishy pretty much removes them from the fight (think a targetted full damage nidalee spear at shorter range), so that might help.

But if you lose teamfights? Well, there is always an alternative:


You can win a lot of champions 1v1, you have high movespeed, you have high ad, you can give global map pressure with your ultimate. If you can't win teamfights, this is what you do. This strategy requires a Ravenous Hydra for the quick minion waveclear. Another great item here is a Frozen Mallet: though it's expensive and doesn't add a lot of damage, the 700 health bonus is nice and it would be pretty much impossible for someone to catch you after you Parrrley them (%movespeed from Triforce, Statikk shiv, raise morale, and furor boots if you bought those, flat movespeed from boots and Triforce, enemy is slowed by 50%).

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Gangplank is a simple yet really fun champion (and he has dat laugh too). This build for him may seem a little ridiculous with all the gold gen stuff, but you can't really see how good it is until you try it out. In a game of good length you can easily have over 5k more gold than anyone else, even that fed enemy Vayne. And it's just so fun when you get that burst of power after your core items. Seriously, try this build out.

Also remember to always spam /laugh, to remind the enemy that you are a pirate and can do whatever you want.

Any feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Bank on!

Edit: Oh, why do you doubt me so? :(