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Irelia Build Guide by AnhViet

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnhViet

Manplaying with Irelia

AnhViet Last updated on January 7, 2012
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My name is AnhViet and Irelia has been my personal favorite champion ever since her release. With Season 2, Irelia is a dominant force in the new meta-game. She is a top-tier champion and is definitely a game changer. My build mainly focuses on off-tank Irelia who excels at solo top.

- Please try my build before voting. And if you're gonna down vote, give a specific reason why.

This is just an everyday penta-kill with Irelia.

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1. Superb farmer
2. Is an off-tank
3. Great damage output
4. Does well in team-fights
5. Amazing design
6. Can tank very well
7. Bane of Squishies

1. Not that strong until level 3
2. Can get shutdown during Early Game
3. Item dependent

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Summoner Spells

is the best summoner spell in the game in my opinion. A mere click of the button and you automatically transport your character to a different spot. However, flash is not like it once was; the range was decreased considerably. But, this is still great for chasing, escaping, and positioning.

helps you get back to lane. This is a must for Irelia because she needs to farm as much as possible. If she is behind in levels and farm, Irelia is plain useless. Teleport also helps you get to teamfights with the Wriggles + Teleport combo.

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Greater Mark of Desolation are a must on Irelia. Dat armor penetration.

I prefer these runes because I love spamming my blade surge to farm. However, you can switch these for .

lower the cool down on your blade surge just in case you actually miss a minion. Believe me, I've missed a lot of minions when I play Irelia. Also, eight percent cool-down reduction at level eighteen is nothing to laugh at.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation are the best runes for Irelia. The armor penetration along with Hiten Style will make you a killing machine.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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is a very good item on any melee champion. It gives you armor, attack damage, life steal, and a chance to do 500 damage to a minion. This is definitely helpful for farming. Also, it gives you a free ward for map awareness.

is a must. These are, in my opinion, the best boots in the game. Magic resistance, movement speed, and 25 tenacity for 1200 gold. Mercury Treads are very cost effective and will scale with Irelia's passive.

give you 5 gold per 10 seconds. Even if you are farming like a god, this item is amazing. This item will pay itself off and give you , another great item which slows all enemy champions in range on activation every minute.

or . These items are heavily dependent on the enemy team's composition. Wit's End gives 42 bonus magic damage on hit while giving magic resistance as well. Stark's Fervor has an aura that gives your team extra attack speed and reduces enemy champion's armor. However, if the enemy team has a HP oriented team, will be your best pick.

Now, you may be asking why I don't get earlier in the game. This is because you will be utterly useless without the above items. You will have plenty of damage from either one of the items in the above paragraph. Also, you should be activating Hiten Style before you engage a fight with anyone. But anyways, Trinity Force is definitely a must on Irelia. It is very cost effective, although it is very expensive. It gives you attack damage, attack speed, critical chance, mana, ability power, health, and movement speed which is practically everything you need besides your defenses.

is a luxury item. You can switch it with whatever you want. However, this is my most recommended of the Situational Items because it gives you both armor and magic resistance.

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Situational Items

gives 42 bonus magic damage per auto attack, 40% attack speed, and magic resistance.

has an aura that gives 20% extra attack speed to you and your teammates while reducing enemy champion's armor. It gives you 40% attack speed if you add the extra 20%.

is a very expensive item which gives you attack damage, armor, attack speed, and has a great passive that adds 4% of the enemy's maximum health to your attacks as magic damage. Magic resistance lowers the extra damage, however.

like I said, it is a luxury item. It gives both armor and magic resistance while reviving you every five minutes. Good stuff.

only get this if the other team is mainly comprised of casters. Magic resistance, massive health regeneration, and movement speed are definitely useful.

an aura that gives armor, magic resistance, and attack damage to your teammates and you. Very good.

gives health and health regeneration while also goes with Atma's Impaler.

with Warmog's, you can hit 252 attack damage. Also gives much needed armor and critical chance.

you can Wriggle's Lantern with this. 100 attack damage and 25% life-steal is definitely something to get scared of.

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Early Game

Start off with your and 5 . Proceed to top lane and simply try to last hit. If your opponent engages, simply turn on Hiten Style and cut away. When you have enough gold, buy and . If you have enough money, buy and . Now, with and Hiten Style, you should be healing about 42 health per auto-attack. Also, the proc will help you farm very well. Try to last hit with your attacks instead of Blade-surge because Irelia's mana pool sucks. I recommend you buy 1 Sight Ward and a few . Like I said before, Irelia can be shutdown in this phase of the game. Having map awareness prevents many ambushes from the enemy team while keeping your butt safe.

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Middle Game

By now, you should have either , , or . Continue to farm and try to build a . Stick with your teammates and let your tanks initiate; if you are the tank, focus the casters and ranged carries. Always get dragon because of the global experience and 150 gold. It is the equivalent of a turret.

In team-fights, try to wait for your tanks to initiate;Irelia should not be initiating unless she is the tank. Then, use your ultimate rush for the caster, ranged carry, or the support. Remember to always activate Hiten Style for the extra true damage. Also, remember that you can use your Blade-surge to close distance between your opponent. For example, killing an enemy minion with Blade-surge and subsequently using it again on your enemy. Its a very great trick and should definitely be used once in a while.

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Late Game

If you are actually this far into the game (which you shouldn't be), build your . Remember to activate this during team-fights for the amazing slow. Never go out alone and stick with your team. Continue to farm to get one of the situational items (I prefer Guardians Angel). Don't get too greedy and make sure to pick of the key targets. Now, win the game and profit!

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Irelia is definitely a great buy. She can:
1. Tank a lot of damage
2. Deal loads of damage with Hiten Style
3. Be a carry
4. Win games

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