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Teamfight Tactics Guide by LuxIsMyCrush


Map control

By LuxIsMyCrush | Updated on July 21, 2019

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Teamfight Tactics Guide

Map control

By LuxIsMyCrush
As the title suggest, the main strategy of this build is to incapacity enemy actions with a lot of stuns from glacials and mana burn, once you finish your main dps items you can also build items like sword breaker to disarm enemy and make him unable to attack, creating a perfect lock.

*disarm effect is on hit, so it works best on someone that can spam basic attacks, but it will be decent and on a tank.
Traits Back to Top
Following a map control team, best options you have are glacial trait and demon.
Glacials are good by himself providing CC even without their stun chance from traits, but that will also help you lock enemies a lot more.
Best CC glacials are Sejuani and Anivia, Lissandra is a solid option for other reasons.
Demon class have the unique niche to burn enemy mana and damage them equal with the mana burned, this will stall enemies from using their skills, and increase a little your dps.

Depending of your needs, you may consider out of those traits champions like Kennen for a elementalist full trait (if you dont have alerdy Anivia, Lissandra and Brand) or Leona for guardians, if you alerdy have Braum.

Also you can build triats with Spatula,+ Giant's Belt will build Frozen Mallet that give Glacial trait to whoever wear it (dont think i need to say it, but dont build it on someone which alerdy have that trait, unless you are trolling). For Demon trait you can combine a with Tear of the Goddess

Also with Negatron Cloak will result in Runaan's Hurricane which do basically exactly what does in rift, it will work good on your adc/dps to aplly multiple burns/stuns at same time (recommanded on Ashe or Varus)
Also + will get you a item that gives you an extra party slot, dont place this item on someone important tho it gives you nothing than an extra party slot, so will be better on an tank or someone you did not pay to much importance what items have and do not need 3.
Items Back to Top
For your dps, best items I can recommand would be (double) Guinsoo's Rageblade and Rapid Firecannon for full damage or for some defense Bloodthirster / Hextech Gunblade / Phantom Dancer / Guardian Angel
Other good items are Titanic Hydra , Infinity Edge , Spear of Shojin

For tanks i recommand double Warmog's Armor and Thornmail or any utility you can bring (disarm effect, silence, shrink), but on sejuani would work a shojin too, or someone to help her give the ult faster (that include attack speed).
Early game Back to Top
Early game you should be focused on which-one side you get faster, and get from carousel Sejuani Anivia Swain or Brand as they cost the most and don't show so often in shop. Inting may be useful if you are not getting early items and riot still refuse to fix drop items at the moment you read it, as you will be able to choose faster than others a champion.

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Map control
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