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Lux Build Guide by Brock19

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brock19

Marksman Lux. Try it. You'll Love it.

Brock19 Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 27

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 3

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Here Reader, Take a Seat. Let Me Tell you a Tale....

So hi! This will be my second guide, so it will be a little rough around the edges. Just hang on tight and I promise you'll enjoy it. BUT I do try very hard to put everything I know into this here guide. If you are willing to listen, these tips can and will help you along your journey to the next tier!

ABOUT ME! So at the time of writing I'm Silver 1: also known as Iron Tier (Recently moved to GOLD! WOO). As a player I main Attack Damage Carry but I am proficient in both bot lane roles. Support being a little tricky for me because I lack a deep champion pool, but it expands when I get the IP. I picked up Lux on a whim one day because she looked like a ton of fun. Pretty normal right? But what I found when I took her for a test drive was, M A G I C A L

So What Happened?

Well as an Attack Damage Carry, I find myself bot lane in every other game. To this, the certain amount of champs that I can use and find success slowly gets smaller and smaller due to nerfs/buffs and competition. Soon I found myself experimenting with different champs in the carry role. The popular unorthodox carries (being Kennen Urgot and sometimes the occasional Thresh) , I found either lackluster or just too cheesy for my own liking.

But there was one sorceress that changed everything.


...Who said that? That was weird.... *cough* Where was I?

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Positives and Negatives


+ High damage that will surprise the enemy
+ One of the few carries that can defend themselves
+ Kiting just comes naturally
+ Plays with many playstyles (aggro, passive)
+ Is very fun once you get the ball rolling.
+ The reaction on your team and the enemy team when you win.

+ You lose the magic damage side of your abilities.
+ Mana problems can occur in extended team fights
+ Getting close in fights to proc the passive will get you in danger
+ Very skill shot dependent, needs to hit the shot to tag the passive
+ Your team will rage at you during champion select.

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Deeper look Into Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux is normally an Ability Powered Carry that loves to bind you, then lazer you into infinity.


Before we utilize our new found carry, let's take a quick look at her abilities.

Passive: Illumination

Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds.Her basic attacks or Final Spark will ignite the energy, dealing 10 + (10 × level) magic damage to the target.

Here lies the answer to your question. Why play Lux as an Attack Damage Carry? You run attack speed and crit chance because this passive will deal another 190 magic damage at level 18. Just let that sink in for a moment. In early trades, other carries like Ezreal and Graves don't have that luxury of dealing additional magic damage after using an ability. Sure Ezreal gains attack speed after a successful ability, and yes Vayne does have her true damage, but thats after three auto-attacks. Twitch can be outdueled using your Prismatic Barrier at the right time, and Caitlyn is pretty obvious when she lines up her Piltover Peacemaker. You trade harder than any other carry, ever since the sad sad nerf of Draven.

RIP my glorious executioner.

Light Binding

Lux releases a sphere of light in a line, striking up to two enemy units along its path. It deals magic damage to the first enemy it touches and half that damage to a second enemy behind it. Additionally, the first enemy struck is snared for 2 seconds, and the second enemy is snared for 1 second.

In lane this is your tool to both engage and escape. Opening a skirmish with a binding gives you a massive advantage. Binding the enemy ADC not only denies them movement for a brief moment, but marks them with Illumination making your next auto attack deal large amounts of damage. On any ganks, if you don't avoid any form of crowd control you give your enemy a moment of hope. But then you turn and unleash a magical "GO AWAY" cage. Once they think they are in the clear, hit them in the face and proc your Illumination. This can lead to a turn around or most likely a safe return to the fountain. You must take this level 1. I cannot stress how important this ability is early. For invades or for defense this is one of Lux's most useful abilities.

Prismatic Barrier

Lux shields herself for up to 3 seconds and throws out her wand in a line, applying the same shield to friendly champions in its path. Her wand then returns to her, again shielding friendly champions in its path and Lux herself upon touching it. When reapplied, the shield does not stack, but is refreshed.

Unlike Midlane Lux, this shield is very important to the bot lane cause. Having the ability to shield both you and your support is beyond clutch. Any close call can be negated with your Prismatic Barrier. It will save your life when you find Ignite ticking away at you. Throwing out Prismatic Barrier in front of you will give you a fresh shield if you run into it. Combine this and Barrier and now you are surprisingly resilient. Maxing this ability is more important than Light Binding.

Lucent Singularity

Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to a target area, revealing it and slowing enemies within 300 range for up to 5 seconds. At the end of the duration or if Lucent Singularity is activated again, the zone will detonate and deal magic damage to enemies in the area.

Welcome to your harass. The range on Lucent Singularity is far enough to zone out opposing carries at a safe distance, then when you feel confident to go in, activate Lucent Singularity again to tag them with Illumination and follow up with an auto attack. The slow Lucent Singularity provides is very useful for kiting and for chasing. Combined with the Phage passive, you can run down any fool who thought they could escape ADC Lux. Max this ability first. The slow and the damage will increase and the you will reap the benefits.

And then the Lazer...

Ultimate: Final Spark

After gathering energy for half a second, Lux fires a broad and long-range beam of light in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies in the area.Any enemies that already have the Illumination debuff have it ignited for additional magic damage, then re-applied.

Oh man the Final Spark also known as Finales Funklen for those who enjoyed the old name. The most important use of this ability is not only proc the passive damage, but to secure kills when an opponent is on low health. Because you are now losing the majority of your magic damage, Final Spark is there to snipe and steal objectives. People know about the range of Lux's ult, so they will attempt to dodge or avoid the lazer. Make sure you either outsmart them, or just guess. Blind shots to give vision is a very useful function of Lux's ult.

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Runes and Masteries


These are your basic ADC masteries. They give you everything you need to have your champion dealing the most damage at the highest rate. Executioner is even more frightening on Lux. Because she does both magic and physical damage, both sources will be granted the 5% bonus damage for enemies under 50% health.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction

Another pretty standard set of runes for physical carries. Attack Damage marks give you that bonus damage for early engages and trades that allow you to last hit pretty effectively. (We will talk about last hitting a little later in the guide.)

The Armor Seals are to create a small form of defense for early trades. Why? Because the enemy carry also has Attack Damage Marks to try and give themselves an upper hand in lane. And the mind games have begun.... That and you gain the potential sustainability of invades or early ganks: the armor is more useful than you might imagine.

Our Magic Resist Scaling Glphs show their importance later in the match. As a carry, you don't often find yourself being burst down by an Ability Power carry early in the game, so flat Magic Resir Glyph are kinda a waste. Scaling Glyphs do just what you may think: give you more MR later in the game when you actually need it.

The Lifesteal Quintessences are something I personally picked up after watching a few pro streams namely Yellowpete and Phreak himself. The bonus lifesteal adds a ton of synergy with the on-hit health regeneration built into Doran's Blade. With the bonus 6% lifesteal, you now have a better chance of staying in lane longer than other players without the seemingly small amount of sustain.

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Item Importance

I know when you think of Lux you are thinking -- build cool down reduction! More ap no problem! Mana regen for early game! Well it is time for that to change

The most important three items on ADC Lux

Statikk Shiv

It is this item that gave me the concept of using Lux as an ADC. Once the Statikk Shiv gains 100 charges, tag your prey with a Light Binding or an Lucent Singularity to place an Illuminationmark on the unfortunate soul. Then just auto attack. Boom.
The Statikk Shiv provides an awesome combination of burst and attack speed that makes Lux really scary mid to late game. If you rush it, you will push extremely hard in lane so take that into consideration before jumping right into it.

Infinty Edge

Infinity Edge also known as IE will be the bulk of your attack damage. I personally rush this when I am ahead in lane. This is pretty counter-intuitive, because usually you build The Bloodthirster if you are ahead to gain the extra lifesteal and damage. But much like Twitch or Vayne you want more critical damage and eventually attack speed/critical chance. Your crit damage does NOT account for the magic damage on the passive Illumination but it is still 250% of your atttack damage so you can't complain too much.


You have a little bit of wriggle room with this one. Whether you pick Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet, you want the bonus damage on your auto attack after an ability. Figure this: you see an Ashe in lane, and you land a Light Binding on her. So now you have Illumination mark, combined with Statikk Shiv and now a Sheen proc ready to go. I guarantee it will bring her to half health on a single auto attack.

Other Strong Items:

Trinity Force

Especially with the new Phage, kiting has never been so easy! If you want to do tons of damage,look no further than Phreaks favorite item.

Blade of the Ruined King

Not as hilariously strong as it was when it first came out but still pretty damn good. The passive is great on the tankier foes and it's active is fantastic for dueling any enemy who laughed at ADC Lux. The attack speed and lifesteal is great as well.

Last Whisper

A late game necessity for any carry. Ignoring 35% of an enemies armor is a game changer. Especially for Lux for is already doing a bunch of magic damage, ignoring even more armor can shred big tanks fast. And squishes faster.


This is a semi-situational item. If you find yourself needing the tenacity then definitely build Zephyr. If you just want the movement and attack speed then grab it anyway. It's a great item after you buy your core three.

Items To Consider

Runaan's Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane is pretty fun on this Lux build. It allows you to tag the enemy team with your Illumination passive and then hit three targets at a time, dealing the bonus magic damage to each enemy. In a team fight this can be devastating. If three champions are caught in your Lucent Singularity, you can deal significant amounts of damage to each target while staying at a safe distance.

Iceborn Gauntlet

Switching out Trinity Force with Iceborn Gauntlet give you a tanky-er feel as a carry. You gain armor and mana which is really useful on a carry like Lux that can benefit from the extra stats. The most important stat being the 10% cooldown reduction. More Light Bindings and more Final Sparks can change a game in an instant.

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So Why Are We Building Attack Damage?

"So we talked about Lux's abilities,, we saw what kind of Runes and Masteries we need, and the items we discussed look silly on an ability power based champion, so it's safe to say I am not convinced."

- Reader

Fear not my friend, I shall shed light on the matter about how attack damage Lux will embarrass the enemy bot lane. So before we get to the level 18-hard carry mode that out Lux can be, we need to play a smart, tactical, laning phase.

Early Game

This is the time you need to assert yourself as the lane bully. Using your Doran's Blade to bring your attack damage to 75, you actually have more damage than a level 1 Graves, Ezreal, and Varus. Using Light Binding sparingly will conserve mana and keep the enemy guessing. The most important thing to remember with ADC Lux is that the opposing team will think you are trolling. I wouldn't call this a "next level" mindset, but knowing what the enemy is thinking is a huge step into making it to your next goal. Because your opponents now think, "Hey guys this is a free win, they have Lux building attack damage! Let's just do some crazy things!", you can not only surprise them, but demoralize them starting with the bottom duo. Think back to any ranked game you have played. How often have you seen the mid laner start to scream at the support and carry? Or the Jungler refusing to gank because bot lane "are a bunch of noobs?" As ADC Lux you now have that ability to cause a team to go from happy, to toxic in a matter of minutes.
Kinda cool right?
But back to the actual mechanics.

At level 2 grab your Lucent Singularity and proceed to zone. Zoning is one of the most important aspects of any laning phase. Use your support to the fullest extent by letting them either

A. Act as a meat shield and then heal up everything ( Nami Alistar Taric )
B. Be a presence in lane by posing as a threat at all times ( Thresh Blitzcrank Leona)
Zoning allows you to farm with a sense of security while making life difficult for the enemy ADC.
Here we have Lucent Singularity circled in yellow, watch as Graves is in his own minion wave, getting ready to take easy creep kills.
NOW notice how Graves is forced to move farther away from his minions into the bush. Not only does this make him miss minion kills and gold, but reveals Blitzcrank's position.

After level three you can start really going aggressive. When I play with my friends, I tell them "if s*** goes down, we are going all in." because I know with Prismatic Barrier and Illumination you can win a large percentage of trades. As you farm and gain gold, you will continue you confuse the enemy into submission.

Warding With Lucent Singularity

Below is a map of your typical bot lane, places your Lucent Singularity in the spots that are red to give you the best vision of enemy supports and junglers

Mid to Late Game

If you have ever played Kog'Maw, Vayne, or Tristana, you'll know how strong a carry can be if given enough time and money. Lux is no exception. Your ability to contest and secure objectives with Final Spark and Illumination is unprecedented. Teamfights are simple with Lux once you have Statikk Shiv and Trinity Force: avoid as much damage as possible and use your range to your advantage.

Here we see Lux displaying her dominance over a Diana:


*Note, SneakaySneak is a friend of my trying out the build, my IGN is also Brock19

Guide Top


So below we have a couple of match history I made while making this guide to show that I am not trying to troll you. Even though your team might think you are, just believe in yourself and you can do great things! I mean, you are with Lux, so you aren't allowed to be negative.

Thanks guys for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll continue making fun guides that push the meta every day.


I was laning with a Janna vs. Graves Blitzcrank

I was with a Thresh vs. a solo lane Maokai
Fun fact, when Maokai came back to lane he had Negatron Cloak

And for fun, here is a full length game from start to finish with ADC Lux.
Don't mind the commentary, I was with a group of 5 and OBS did not want to record their voices as well...go figure.