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Udyr Build Guide by RooLLy

Jungle đŸ’™Master Udar's Udyr Phoenix Guide + MIXED UDYR (NEW)

Jungle đŸ’™Master Udar's Udyr Phoenix Guide + MIXED UDYR (NEW)

Updated on October 11, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RooLLy Build Guide By RooLLy 107 24 364,476 Views 3 Comments
107 24 364,476 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RooLLy Udyr Build Guide By RooLLy Updated on October 11, 2023
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1 2 3 4 5 6
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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About me

*for 2stances udyr scroll down*

Best udyr on EUNE, season 10 got from iron2 on a fresh account to diamond 4 with 65% in less than 200 games. Carried games that weren't supposed to end as a won, and did things noone will think about.

league of graphs:

I am now trying to get at least Master with udyr only, and after that Challanger so i can prove that even if the champion might not be that popular, or that played, you can also get to a higher level just by trying enough and putting enough work; even if you have to do it all by yourself, carrying all the games, and going trough toxicity like Moise did on water.
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What you should know about Udyr

First of all, Udyr is a mid-late champion who can carry your game if you know how to play him. This build is very alike with lilia's new kit, you engage, and disengage from fights very easily with phase rush and nimbus cloak, being ap gives you cooldown reduction that will reduce cooldown between stances and give you a more open field where you can choose from.
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Udyr goods and bads

Udyr is an extremely strong champion. His speed, damage and tankiness combined make him a deadly threat to most team comps. Let's start by looking at his strengths.

Great clear, very hard to be counter jungled. Not only is Udyr almost impossible to be counter jungled, but he can 1v1 almost any jungler early on, so when played properly you control the map for the first 5-10 minutes.
Incredible at splitpushing. Udyr's splitpushing powers are unparalleled. Once you have your tri force, you can easily 1v1 and sometimes 1v2 or more dependent on how ahead you are. By split pushing, you force the enemy team to make a decision to either send 2 people for you, in which case your team wins 4v3 fight, or one and then you win the 1v1 and take their base. See more about split pushing in the section below.
Very high mobility. Once your Bear Stance is maxed and you get the full speed boost from it, you are pretty much uncatchable since you can spam between Bear and Turtle, which gives you massive move speed and a shield every few seconds, plus the fully stacked passive Monkey's Agility.
Can solo dragon and rift herald early. Your early game kit is perfect for soloing dragon and rift, so make sure to obtain those objectives early, read more about when and how you to solo them in objectives section.
Strong CC with stun. Your stun is very unique in that you can stun multiple enemies in under a few seconds, without having to land a skillshot. Using Bear Stance on an enemy puts a 5 second debuff on them where they can't be stunned again. In team fights this can be very useful as you can help peel by stunning their frontline, and then dive the backline and stun their carries before you delete them with your damage.
One of the highest damage champs mid game. As you'll find out very quickly, this build gives you one of the highest damage outputs in the game once you have your tri force. After that you can go tanky, but once you hit your power spike around 15-20 minutes don't back down from fights, don't be afraid. Pretty much no one can 1v1 you the rest of the game unless they're insanely fed.

Can be kited by champs with high mobility / cc. Unfortunately, even though Udyr has many strengths, this one thing can be a massive problem and is the main reason he is not played much in LCS. He relies on face to face combat, pummeling enemies down with his fists, but because of that, he can be locked down / kited fairly easily. Stuns, slows, fears, binds, silences, etc pretty much all remove Udyr from a fight. This is what we have items for though. The reason you often purchase Mercury's Treads is because it reduces the duration of all crowd control by 30%, which is incredibly strong for you. For teams with a lot of crowd control ( Morgana, Leona, etc ) or champions that have disable ults such as Warwick or Malzahar, buy a Quicksilver Sash early. That is one purchase that you will never regret as it makes you much more dangerous in team fights or 1v1s.
Very mana dependent. All of your skills cost mana, and to play Udyr to his maximum potential, every fight requires you to rotate quickly through your abilities. This can run Udyr oom very quickly, so you need to keep an eye on your mana bar before entering a fight and know about how many stances you shift through before you just become an auto attacking bear. Also, always take the first 2 blue buffs unless mid lane desperately needs the second one as it will help your jungle clear and ability to gank lanes immensely.
Not a strong tower defender. As powerful as you are 1v1, in order for you to wave clear you have to be in melee range of the creeps for a few hits, this leaves you very vulnerable in comparison to other champions that can wave clear from further back. This means defending a tower against a stronger opponent(s) alone will be very difficult for you.
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How should you jungle with Udyr

Full clear with phoenix dyr in 2020, trying a khartus clear, get level 4 from full clear, max r lvl 3 and get bear stance lvl 4 after golems. Rush scuttle and after that gank/contest against enemy jungler. The best full clear with udyr, as a record(3:14-3:15) is down on the "2stances" chapter explained more in detail for those who think they can do it(it's more like a phase rush graves clear, but instead of kiting camps, you drag them close to each other).
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Split-Pushing with Udyr

Split-Pushing is something very important in playing Udyr. You can easily go gank top lane and take out the turret or do the same on any lane, but you have to know when you shall go and let your teammates fight alone and take out turrets. For example, you see your team mid lane, pushing and you see your enemy mid lane, since your team is 4v5 they shall not fight without you, but you should just stay on the lane you push and push as much as you can. If the enemy will come and chase you, you just have to let them chase you a long time, soo in that time your team will push mid , or even fight the enemy who is now in minority.
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Why to chose flash over ghost?

First of all, Flash is the most important on Udyr. For example: if their adc is fed, you just have to flash + e him and he's dead. Using Ghost is ok in some spots too, For example: if they don't have a team with escapes and just movespeed or slows, you can chose ghost first.
Ghost and nimbus cloack is a good combination especially since you've seen it on darius and other champions as well, picked a lot on top with teleport and so on.
Still flash and nimbus cloack is also a good combination, since why not have some movespeed after you use a summoner spell.

But I always take Flash, i don't like to play with Ghost.
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Counting auto-attacks

To optimize the usage of the on-hit effect of your abilities you got to count to 4, yes it's back to sesame street again when playing udyr because you'll be counting attacks.

Example 1: start of game, you start attacking your blue-buff
if ya smart you already activated your tiger stance way before attacking the buff started so there's a 3 on the tiger icon which means your on-hit effect is ready, so:

Auto 1 applies tiger on-hit effect
Press Q
Auto 2 applies tiger on-hit effect
Auto 3 normal auto
Auto 4 normal auto
Auto 5 applies tiger on-hit effect
since you're level 1 you can't switch stances here or reactivate tiger because of cooldowns.
Auto 6 normal auto
Auto 7 normal auto
Auto 8 applies on-hit effect
press Q after applying the on-hit effect, it might be ready before it but you use it after because it will provide you with more damage.
Auto 9 applies on-hit effect

Example 2, you aren't level 1 anymore, now you're level 2 and attack your gromp
From here on it's really just counting to 4.
So you kited towards your gromp and your tiger is not on it's on-hit most of the time here (depends on the leash you get) so this is what you do:
Ps this is a normal clear, not the most optimal one, the most optimal you activate W turtle when walking towards gromp so your passive has it's second stack and you immediately activate Q tiger which just got out of it's cd (cooldown)
For the example a more normal clear:
Activate Turtle press W
Auto 1 turtle on-hit effect (count 1)
auto 2 normal (count 2)
auto 3 normal (count 3)
Auto 4 turtle on-hit effect(count 4)
Activate tiger press Q
Auto 5 tiger on-hit effect (count 1)
auto 6 normal (count 2)
auto 7 normal (count 3)
auto 8 tiger on-hit effect (count 4)
Activate turtle press W
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Why those Runes?

Phase rush very good nowadays, a lot of movement on the map especially when u play jungle, ispiration second is again for sustain and with magical footwear you get free empowered boots, but if you want you can also take attack speed and triumph, from the precision tree.

Glacial is also good for phoenix dyr, thinking normally if u can't catch someone, you slow them down.

Aftershock or any other tank runes, does what you tought it will, just maxing your defences more from the start, if you want to go literally full tank udyr, aftershock might be the best option you have, but since udyr is so liable you can try any other runes even if u play tank udyr, for example going conquerer if you go q(tiger stance) and also max w(turtle stance), or even phase rush goes really well with tank udyr since will add a lot of movespeed for you.
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About late game

In late game, if you farmed a lot and ganked, you shall be able to win easily. You are a monster with this build late. Being able to chase anyone and being chased all over the map without being caught, that will help your teammates pushing and fighting the enemy who is in minority. You can literally "play" with your enemy, you bait them to chase you and waste their time.
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The most usefull champions to udyr

First up is everyone's favorite champion, Lulu. Lulu is by far the best teammate to have as Udyr. Between her speed boost, shield, ult, slow, polymorph, etc.. she essentially removes Udyr's biggest con (being easily kited) and allows him to charge enemy back lines extremely quickly, with massive protection. Also you will generally be ulted by her since you should be right in the middle of the fight, so she'll get the best enemy knockups from ulting you. If your teammates pick Lulu, get ready for a fun game.

Next is Zilean, an incredibly powerful asset for Udyr if played well. His speed ups make you uncatchable, and gives you pretty much instant access to the enemy teams back line. Then there's his ult, which is pretty much a GA every minute. This allows you to zone their carries without too much fear of dying, which is an incredibly powerful asset for Udyr. Now that doesn't mean charge in recklessly every fight and make Zilean waste his ult, it's much preferred for him to save his ult for your adc, but it does allow you to be more aggressive when engaging.

Janna is another very strong champion that works well with Udyr. She has massive shields, slows, and infinite peel for her adc. What janna brings to the table is the confidence that your adc will be peeled without your help, which free's you up to focus enemy carries in every team fight. On top of that, her shields go for like half your health when maxed, and her slows help prevent anyone from kiting you.

Lux is a great mid laner to work with. Her bind spells pretty much instant death when ganking, and her E helps prevent the enemy from kiting you. Definitely camp this lane, and in team fights, if she lands a bind on a carry that's a free kill for you. Overall, another great champion to work with that prevents enemy kiting, all while shielding and being able to snipe anyone that bearrrrly escapes your claws.

Thresh is the best support in the game for you to gank for. His lantern hook combo allows you to go from hiding on one side of the lane to pummeling their adc face to face in less than a second. Also when team fighting, his ult pretty much prevents any kiting, and he has tons of peel for his adc so you can just focus the enemy carries. Always camp a thresh, you will not regret it.
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2 stances udyr

If you mastered Udyr in his full potential, the last thing you can try, that in my opinion is like mastering the final "chapters" of lee sin combos, is that you can try playing udyr with 2 stances.
To make myself clear, maxing q(tiger) and r(phoenix) in the same game.(3rd one maxed is by self option, if you want to be more tanky u max w(turtle), or if u want to have more movespeed and be able to move more freely on the map you can max e(bear)).
I'm gonna explain everything here so if any of you want to try this, will have a fully guide on doing so.

First step

You need to start q(tiger), and usually start at RED BUFF, so after you hit level 2, you will put a point into r(phoenix) and go do KRUGS next, helping you clear golems faster using the wave clear provided my phoenix stance. 3rd camp will be the RAZORBEAKS wich will provide you level 3, the next point you will set on e(bear) so you can run faster to the next camp. 4th camp will be as in order WOLVES, then here it comes the fun part, doing BLUE BUFF and GROMP at the same time, hitting blue and dragging it towards gromp whilist hitting him and dragging him a little back so around 3:00 you will start doing both camps at the same time, after that getting level 4 and putting a point into w(turtle). So now you have all 4 abilites in use, from here on, you can either max q(tiger) fist, or you can max r(phoenix) first, its up to you depending on what build you want to go.

Second step

The runes you should take while playing 2 stances udyr.
Like you are used to udyr can play with almost any rune/items in the game, especially the new items.
The best choice for 2stances udyr in my opinion is either PHASE RUSH, or CONQUERER.

Third step

The itemization is very important on 2 stances udyr.
I prefer going for SUNFIRE, as the mythic option most of the times, providing you also have q maxed out, and r, giving you the wave clear you desire farming in jungle.
As a example, you can try this build in order: SUNFIRE-BOOTS(depending on enemy team)-SHEEN(your choice if you upgrade it now, or later to LICH BANE)-DEAD'S MAN PLATE-FORCE OF NATURE-(and the last one is up to you, like i said depending on the enemy team comp or what you desire for late game, more examples are: HEALING REDUCTION(THORNMAIL)-WIT'S END-any good AP item that gives you AP or helps you towards MOVESPEED or even DEFENCES).

In conclusion, this summarize 2stances udyr, and i hope i am of use to any udyr mains out there, or even to anyone that wants to try something different with udyr.
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