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Master Yi Build Guide by big99smoke99

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author big99smoke99

Master Yi: A new era begins.. (top)

big99smoke99 Last updated on August 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master Yi: A new era begins..

Thanks for watching this.

I will make it as simple as possible.

First of all I 'd like to tell you that I decided to upload a guide about Yi cause after the rework I see people play him all the time and I really can counter him with the builds they use so I 'd like to share with you my Master Yi build, a build that will probably solve some questions you may have and most certainly will give you possibilities to try.

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Pros / Cons

+ True Damage.
+ Your ulti gives you all the attack speed you need so you can skip attack speed items or you can enhance even more.
+ Great low heath heal.
+ Cdr passive from ulti, all you need is a kill to use everything again.
+ Great soloing.
+ Your ulti is also your escape from ganks.

- Low health at early game.
- If you use your q all the time your mana strangely disappears..
- Your w need good timing.
- Long cds at early game.

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As you can see I recomend only a few choices to replace. The reason is simple. YOU DON'T NEED ATTACK SPEED.

If for example you get a phantom. What can you replace it with?
The answer is nothing, you 'll either loose armor penetration or health, both are important for Yi.

I will make it a lot more simpler.

If you are squishy and do tons of damage, soloing you 'll do good, at teamfights though there are always ways you kill you and do it really fast, you may get a kill, you may not, the question is why risk it?
You already do tons of damage, all the critical and attack speed you need and have the sustain to be in a teamfight the whole time, so, why give it all away for a bit more critical and attack speed? you wont see the difference and you 'll be dead anyway. Assuming always your opponents are smart...
Even without your ulti you do enough damage without the extra attack speed
Even though I recommend NO attackspeed, Statikk Shiv is a VERY good item for reworked Master Yi,

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Team Work

The only thing you have to do is rush on your enemies ad and ap carry. You can solo them at all times. Be smart though, if you can NOT reach them focus the one stopping you. True damage will do the rest.

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Skill Sequence

I see you continue reading,
well this is the important part,

At laning phase to maximize the harrase you wait for your passive and then q > e. Use ulti only for sure kills.

At team fights, usually is ulti > q > e and then reopen q and e with every kill or assist.

BUT, if you are fast enough (reflexes and stuff) you can q > ulti > e always with your passive on.

You can 3 hits your enemies ap carry or ad carry.

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Farming is as important as kills are for yi, if you farm good kills will come even if you don't want too.