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Master Yi Build Guide by Crixes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crixes

Master Yi - The Assassin in the Jungle

Crixes Last updated on November 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro - Through Me Wuju Lives on

My names TCR Crixes and I'll be your guide to helping you clean yours and the enemies jungle today. Master Yi is a Jungle assassin, one of the most powerful, easiest, and effective junglers today. He's a great AD Carry and can easily snowball early game. I made this guide for people who are new, looking for a new build to just melt faces as fast as possible, know the basics, or to sharpen up on their Master Yi skills.

To review my reasons behind my Mastery and Runes, read their notes. Thx. =)

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Pros / Cons


    - Great Snowballer early game.
    - Great Mobility.
    - Easy to Learn and Use.
    - Effective Split pusher.
    - Easy to clear the jungle early game.

    - Countered hard through most forms of cc, especially stuns.
    - Extremely squishy if not using your W correctly.
    - Zero utility or cc.
    - Most likely focused first in team fights 95% of the time.

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Masteries and Runes

Mastery Tree

Alright, let me explain why I went the way I did in the mastery tree. First off, Im all about the damages. Master Yi is really strong and can keep his health almost topped every second of early game while clearing jungle and ganking. So in my opinion points into things like:


Are actually useless, Id rather put the points into more attack speed, damage, crit, Armor, and magic resist.

Now, Id like to be able to dish it out and least take some damage from any source of incoming damage and that little bit may just save your life, get you a kill, or even help your allies in killing someone before they kill them.


There are two ways to build runes for Master Yi. You can go Armor Pen Runes Greater Mark of Armor PenetrationGreater Mark of Armor Penetration or more damage. Greater Mark of Attack Damage.
I personally go with AD runes, straight up for the soul purpose of early game. Master Yi is all about the kills early game. If he Snowballs early game then its gg. Their aint no stopping him unless they have a fed Pantheon, who in my opinion is your number one counter.

Other then that, its pretty simple for Seals and Glyphs.
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3

Just like my mastery tree, Id like to be able to take some damage while dishing it out. You don't want to be burned down faster then you can burn your opponent.

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Summoner Spells

Best choices as Master Yi is Flash and Smite.

    - Flash is your typically run of the mill escape/gap closer. Very useful.
    - Smite is a must for clearing jungle.
    - Finishing off red/blue/Dragon/Baron.
    - Great for stealing red/blue/dragon/baron.
    - If you have baron and dragon warded, you can use this combo to steal Baron and or Dragon, this can sometimes mean the make or break of the game.

    - You could use this, but really its useless once you have 6.

    - If anything, Id take this over Flash. Its the only other optional Spell that is decent.

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Core and Optional Items

Core Item's

Berserker's Greaves
[*] Everyone Loves attack speed, this stacks well with Phantom Dancer and allows you to build more damage instead of more attack speed.
Phantom Dancer
[*] This item is your crème de la crème. It gives a butt load of attack speed and crit, not to mention 5% increased movement speed AND can move through units! As an extra extra bonus. Because of this item, you can start stacking pure damage with out building more attack speed or crit. This item is a must for this build.
Ravenous Hydra
[*] This item early game is so deadly, it shreds through the jungle quickly, mini team fights and ganks. PLUS it gives you life steal. Omg! You are set early game to wreck havoc and begin snowballing.
Infinity Edge
[*] Once you have everything up to this, its GG. Your able to duel practically everyone even if they are higher level or have more items then you. The Crit stacks amazingly with Phantom Dancer, obsurd amounts of AD, AND it increases your crit damage!
The Bloodthirster
[*] This item is purely for doing damage and increasing your life steal potential, it works great with Ravenous Hydra, giving you back so much health and able to duel with out doing a thing. Make sure you farm it for its full potential though.
Last Whisper
[*] This is the frosting on the cake, 35%!!! Armor penetration. Enemy tanks are in trouble, get this item after Ravenous Hydra if they have more then one tank and or if they have one that is wrecking havoc and has a lot of armor items already. If not, get this after Infinity Edge and your golden. After this, farm for The Bloodthirster and its all down hill from their. Just start looking for that penta.

Optional Item'sb]

To be honest, with my core build, it gives you all the essential and important stats you need and to maximize them as much as possible to do what he does best and that's to kill as fast as possible with out anyone knowing what just happened, but to others its hard to give up some items that you just cant part with, here are some that are good to work with.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
[*] I don't really like this item, but it does have great potential and covers some good key stats like armor penentration and crit. Early game I could def recommend this, its very strong and great for chasing down that first blood. But sell it mid game for something more useful.

Blade of the Ruined King
[*] This item is actually very good, great attack speed, great passive on auto attack damage because it does as percentage of health instead of bonus damage, lots of life steal, Id replace either The Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer for it, but only if you find it hard to give up. Its active can save lives, yours particularly. Steals life and movement speed, definitely not a bad thing.

Frozen Mallet
[*] This item is actually really good but bad for you at the same time, you really don't need a slow since you can out run and chase whoever you want, but it gives loads of health, a great snare, and some ad is very useful. Especially when your in team fights or chasing down that tank and allowing your team to catch up and finish the job.

Black Cleaver
[*] I really really like this item, take this instead of Last Whisper if they don't have a tank, this will get the job done on typically anyone but major tanky teams. If their team has more then 1 tank and they both built ALOT of armor, then go The Black Cleaver And Last Whisper replacing The Bloodthirster.

Maw of Malmortius
[*] This item is actually pretty decent, gives you great amount of AD and even more with each percentage of hp missing, and it gives you a spell shield absorbing pure magic damage. Id get this if they have a heavy AP team or even early game Hexdrinker to counter lots of Ap teams. Replace Last Whisper or The Bloodthirster for it.

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Master Yi's Abilities

Master Yi strikes twice every 4th consecutive attack. The second attack deals 50% of your attack damage, applies all on hit effects, can critically strike and counts as a hit for the counter of the next double strike.

This is a really strong passive, you really don't have to do anything with it but you can keep an eye on it and use your E with it for more burst. Just remember it can fall off though if you don't use it with in 6 seconds. Unlike before it was jus a stack, but do to it being such great burst, its been reduced to a timer. Which is still good because its every 4th instead of 7th strike.

Master Yi becomes untargetable and jumps to up to 4 nearby enemies dealing 25 / 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 (+100% of attack damage) physical damage to each unit hit as well as 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 bonus damage to minions and monsters.
This skill can critically strike dealing (+60% of attack damage) bonus physical damage. Basic attacks lower alpha strike's cooldown by 1 second.

This is your main ability, max this before your W and E. It does an amazing amounts of damage. Great gap closer and if you time it right while dueling, you can avoid certain spells/abilities. Try not to open with this when your going for a gank unless you have a good amount of attack speed already, if not save it for the kill when your chasing or if they enemy Flash's

Master Yi channels, restoring 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110(+30% of ability power) health per second. This amount is increased by 1% per 1% of health that Master Yi is missing. While channeling, Master Yi gains 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% damage reduction. This amount is halved against turrets

This ability is amazing first off, gives you an absurd amounts of health back and it reduces damage done to you per point you put into it, put a point into this every other level after your Q is maxed. This way you can survive in mid and late game when you use meditate to heal in tight situations and still give you good health back and to absorb greats amounts of damage and to eat Ults, specifally 's Ult.

Passive: Increases Master Yi's bonus attack damage by 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15%.

Active: Master Yi can activate this ability deal 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30(+10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of attack damage) true damage per hit. Master Yi loses the passive effect of this skill while it's on cooldown.

This ability is great late game and gives you a lot of extra AD, who wouldn't want more damage for free. Only thing about this is knowing when and when not to active it, try to use it when your double strike passive is about to activate for more burst or when your going in for a team fight, don't activate pre maturely though and then nothing happens, because it does have a cd and you lose the extra damage from it passively.

Passive: Champion kills reduce the cooldowns of Master Yi's other abilities by 18 seconds, and assists by half this amount.

Active: For 10 seconds, Master Yi gains 25 / 35 / 45% movement speed and 30 / 55 / 80% attack speed and becomes immune to movement speed slows. While active, kills and assists extend the duration by 4 seconds.

This is why Yi is so Deadly, first things first, do NOT active this pre maturely for one and two if your whole team is chasing or ganking one person, don't activate it for the kill. It puts it on cd and you wont have it ready for a team fight in late game, early game, activate away! Get them snowballs! This ability is a great escape, great tool to chase and almost guarantee kills. Its also great for burning down a tower for map progression and extra gold.

Ability sequences and why

Always want to start off with Alpha Strike, main reason is because it hits every minion in the camp and does great damage; Also it helps a lot if your invading and run into the enemy. Great execute and gap closer. Second point into Meditate, healing early in the jungle helps you reserve your health pots, so when your ready to gank, you can top yourself off. Third point into Wuju Style, your auto attacks will start to hit harder, activate when your Passive double strike is active or jus to finish off a camp. I max out my Q first and then 1 point into every other W and E, now my main reason for this is because meditate. Its extremely powerful in mid game and most recently received a minor mana reduction buff. Not only does it heal more but you get a 5% reduced in damage received every time. This is amazing for when your dueling people and they have their main hard hitting abilities available or their Ults. You can minimize damage done to you while your Q is on cd, heal, and reduce the enemies ult done to you. Crippling them and giving you the upper hand. Some people think Master Yi is just a Auto Attack Robot, Q and just let the good times roll. That's wrong, to maximize Yi's potential, you have to think outside of the box. Meditate is weak mid game with only one point into it and especially late game, it barely heals you and people can still shread through you. So, not only are you hitting hard, you have a shield wall in your pocket to counter ults and Q's.

Onto Highlander, its freaking amazing, This is Master Yi's Bread and Butter and in late game its on a low cd that its ready when any team fight or duel is pushed upon you. Now, the most important thing about your Ult is to remember, your not immortal. You cant just hit your R and then Q everything and expect it to be dead; Your an assassin. That means your the clean up crew, yes my friends. This is the only time KSing is a good time to shine, in team fights you wait til your team FULLY commits to a fight, then you pop this baby and let the good times roll. You have two choices, either focus the ADC/Mage or clean up the low health enemy players. If its anyone but the tank low, 80% of the time its okay to just clean em up. But their are some situations where the adc is the most powerful and sometimes conservative and waits in the back or in a bush and doesn't commit til the team fight is half way over, but due to our amazing duration extention by 4 seconds per kill/assist, You'll be ready for them.

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How to - Rumble in the Jungle

Jungling/spawn timers/routes

Now there are some things you need to know and to remember. Firstly, know your champion inside and out. Knowing what he can and cannot do. Next, know the map and spawn timers of each buff, dragon, and Baron.

Wolves/Wraiths/Golems - 50 secs
Red/Blue - 5 mins
Dragon - 6
Baron - 7

Red and Blue, spawn at exactly 1:55, usually you get people to leash for you but you can also solo it if you smite. There are a few ways to clear jungle. The most common Yi jungle clear is. Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Red > Golems. Two things about this route, you can smite blue and it will be ready by the time you get to red, second is check red before you do wraiths. Make sure your not being invaded and always, ALWAYS check the bush at red. Sometimes the enemy tries to counter jungle you, meaning he goes his blue and then directly to your red and waits in the bush, hoping you don't check and you try and kill red. Which in most cases if you don't check the bush before you burn down red, he'll smite your red and kill you or force you to give up red and your behind in exp and clearing jungle.

Invading/Counter jungling

So we just learned how to do the basic jungling, if your not confident in your abilities to counter jungle or invade, don't do it. Its very simple, only time I really wouldn't try to counter jungle is if your vsing a Lee Sin user, for one if he is good, he'll kill you. Two, if he is a higher level then you and has a sightstone already, he'll most likely counter jungle you or again, kill you.

Now to the nitty gritty, what is counter jungling and invading. Well, counter jungling is basically stripping your enemy jungle of his exp, you take his big minions and leave one little one. Leaving him very little exp and gold and the best part is, his camp timer doesn't reset. So your doing a number of things here to help your team, your crippling the enemy jungle in levels, gold, and his ganks wont be as strong. A few things you can do to make this even better, is when you stop by the base and have extra gold, buy 2 wards. Always place a ward at a blue or red when you steal them. That way you can see the look on his face when he is there and clearing his one minion, two you can gank him with top or bottom, lastly your lanes can see where he is and can tell if he is coming to gank or not.

Now invading, this could be extremely rewarding or unforgiving, both are quit flexable and entertaining. One thing to know is the enemy jungle, if they start red or blue. Its up to you to be knowledgable of the champions that jungle and what buff they start. Now, you can invade the opposite buff the enemy jungle is starting and be sneaky about it or you can get your whole team and invade the buff he is at, usually this is the risky part. Main reason is vision. You don't know how many are there and if they are invading themselves. But there are a lot of upsides to invading, it forces enemy jungle farm more then gank early early game, which is good for you. You can gank and get the snowballing on the roll or just get your top, mid, adc fed and winning lane. Which means if they win lane, they are free to help gank other lanes or keep up a lot of pressure in their lanes still and make it harder for the enemy jungle to figure out what he needs to do or where to go. Messing with the junglers head jus by doing these two things can make or break a team early on and hopefully secure a victory with more then likely chances.

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Summary - Ending

Well lets sum up what we have learned here today. Master Yi is a fun champion, very versatile, lots of damage, easy cruise control, Great in the jungle, great in team fights, and is loved by everyone on your team but hated by everyone on the enemy team. I love the mastery yi Headhunter skin, its pretty sweet and well worth it in my opinion. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me or in game, Jus remember this guide is my first one and I enjoyed making it. Its for beginners and people learning Master Yi/Jungling. Great champ to start off using in the jungle and then moving on to more difficult junglers like Lee Sin, Elise, Diana. Hope you guys like the guide and thx for checking it out. Any positive feed back is welcomed. =)

God bless,