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Master Yi Build Guide by salmjak

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author salmjak

Master Yi: The Best of two worlds (AP/AD Hybrid Build)

salmjak Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there. Right now you're probably sceptic about an Ability Power based Master Yi. Don't be, there's no reason to. In this build/guide I will try to show you the wonders of an Hybrid Master Yi and what he is capable of.
So what can you expect from this build? A Master Yi that does average damage while being a pain in the *** to take down, simply an off-tank.

Since some of the items in this build was remade it's a bit outdated and I will now update this build. You can no longer stack which is a huge loss for Hybrid Yi. I'm going to rethink some of these items since I don't see as a sustainable item.

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Pros / Cons

+Great survivability!
+Great harass with alpha strike during the whole game!
+Decent DPS!
+Great Pusher using ulti and Wuju style.
+Great farmer, your alpha strike will one-hit all minions.
+Great chaser, "flash" to enemies with alpha-strike and nuke them at the same time

-You won't be able to take someone down in 2-3 hits like an pure AD Yi might.
-Emh... Yeah, that's it...

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Changed the entire description of the items. It was just too long.

: Two words - Mana regeneration. and will drain a lot of mana so this item will help you from going Out of Mana.

: This will give you a lot of things you want, really great item. That extra AP boost for better harass, attack speed too deal some more melee damage and cooldown reduction, you won't really need more CDR the entire game now. I do believe that this item gives the largest amount of CDR in the game. (That's why I removed morello's evil tome from this build)

: Solely for sustainability. You will heal a lot with your now.

: Magic penetration *thumbs up*
Alternative to these would be:


: This item will grant you a bit more burst after .
Upgrade this to: and NOT
Why not Lich Bane? Because Trinity Force is just a much better HYBRID item. Trinity force will give you Attack damage, attack speed, ability power, movement speed and a lot more.

: Just imagine, you get tanker and you can simply die, revive and use to get Max HP in a matter of seconds.


and are your primary items, these items makes the build. Without them you're useless, without you they're useless.

If you would like to go a step further into the AP I would suggest getting and .

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The Sixth Item

This is very situational, this is where you have to choose your rightful path: AD or AP.

Ability Power:
: That AP boost, 'nuf said. With this item you will get ~400 AP. That means your will deal 700 magic damage before reduction and your will heal 2300 HP.

: Not enough magic resist from ? Go with this item to even it out. Also, if you plan to go with this item you may go with instead of .

Attack Damage:

: This is an underrated item. Think about it. Cooldown reduction fits perfectly with this build (you will get exactly 40% reduction from items). Another big pro of this item is the Armor Penetration, in addition it will give you some attack damage and crit. chance. But most important is it's ACTIVE giving you attack speed and movement speed.

: reduce magic resistance and more attack speed aswell as a auto-attack damage boost.

: The extra magic resistance will even out the (which gives a lot more armor) and you also get the auto-attack damage boost.

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Don't go with these Items

: This might look like a good hybrid item at first glance granting both attack speed and Ability Power. This does not apply to Master Yi. Master Yi is a burst chaser. You won't be able to stack that extra AP effiently.
E.g: when you start to meditate you will lose it direclty.
*This item might be good in some situations though*

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So many new runes must mean new rune setup! Remember, I do not say that you should buy the runes picked above but rather that those are the optimal runes for this build.
Personally I just love the attack speed runes. They just give such a huge boost early game, so I pick these on both marks and seals (which gives a total of 22% attack speed, which can be compared to a ). I want to mix som AP in there too so I go pure AP glyphs. (Not much AP but it's atleast something).
For Quintesses I go with the new Hybrid Quintesses which will give both Armor- AND Magic penetration.

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Since the Masteries were remade I now go:

You can see that I pick point in ATK. SPD. and armor penetration, but not magic penetration. The reason for this is that if you go with you will get your magic penetration from those. To even it out I pick armor penetration in masteries.

I focus a lot at the AP side of the Offense Mastery Tree, that is because your main attack will be meaning you will want that bonus AP.

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Skill Sequence/Use

-->( ) --> -->

You'll have to start with , with this skill you can last hit minions and also harass enemies without even getting close to them (good for ranged enemies as well). This skill will also be your primary gank skill, use it to flash to your enemies and at the same time dealing ton of damage. This skill will also prove guilty in team-fights. Once when I went with I made 1000 magic damage with Alpha Strike, not only that, but that 1000 magic damage soon becomes 4000 since you hit four enemies.

After your you will need CAUTION! You have no health reg item so this skill will be your primary health resource! This skill will also be efficient 1 vs 1 as well as in team-fights or if you would like to run away. Once I tried to flee from an enemy, I was low in HP and had a 6 sec cooldown on . What I did was that I just started to meditate. He couldn't hit me down one vs. one and when I was done healing my ulti was ready so I could run away safely. If you and your enemy is both low on HP this can be your way to a safe win. Start meditating (but only if your meditate is better than his attack damage) when your enemy realize that you will own him with more HP than him he will start to run, don't worry, use your and you're next to him once again.

will be your damage boost. After your it is important that you can deliver some real damage as well, else you're literally screwed. A good set of Damage Items and this skill will make it possible for you to hit 'em down in a matter of seconds.

it is hard not to love this ulti. You can chase, you can flee and you can attack with the speed of lightning! This is the skill you would want to use just before/right after to increase your DPS. This skill will also help you get to your turret faster in early game after you've recalled or died.

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Summoner Spells

The reason for these summoner spells are simple. Ignite : In early game you will also be troubled by cooldowns (when Alpha Strike is your primary attack) so this will be a good way to finish them off.

: You can never have enough movement speed, together with you will be able to aid your allies in a matter of seconds!
Alternative is since it's ALWAYS a good summoner spell for an extra escape capability.

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Please do not vote down this build without trying it just because you hate AP Master Yi, and please leave constructive feedback and your general opinion. Thank you :)