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Master Yi Build Guide by ChopMiWong

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChopMiWong

Master Yi - Wuju Master

ChopMiWong Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 13

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This is my second build, so please go easy and point things out ;)

I have been playing Master Yi for a long time now, and I've found this build thats done me great.

I don't expect you all to follow this build exactly. If you want or need to change up the build, its fine.

Edit: Switched Randuin's Omen with Banshee's Veil, and also added item pictures. Will work on making them bigger while shortening the item section

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Pros and Cons

Ultimate is a great escaping ability
Hard to catch with ultimate
Fast Attack Speed

Most likely focused
Not much you can do if u get disabled besides run... Unless it's a stun, of course q:

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Summoner Spells

I choose Exhaust and Flash as my spells

Why Exhaust? Because it slows, enabling you to get more hits on your running target, or if your ultimate is on Cool Down and your running for your life, it can help big time.

Why Flash? Another great chasing/escaping spell.

Exceptional spells

Ignite for the pesky healers and finishing off those lucky escapers

Cleanse to get rid of blinds and other disables so you can kill, carry, and not die

Teleport to easily get to a pushed tower to backdoor... Doing this can be a game changer

Ghost to help you get away after backdooring, escaping a gank, getting places and more

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I grab ArPen Marks and Quints

Armor Seals for jungling, or HP Per lvl otherwise

Magic Resist Glyphs for extra protection

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Skill Sequence

I like to start with Alpha Strike so I harass/farm easily. I like to continue to level it up so so can farm/harass/clear even better

If you want to up Meditate for lane staying power, max this skill second, or first, or last, depending on what u want

If you want more damage, up your Wuju Style, and max this skill second, or first, or last, depending on what u want

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I like to start with Doran's Ring for the health, mana regen for early game spamming/harassing with Alpha Strike, and the Ability Power which gives a tad more punch into your Alpha Strike. You could start with a Long Sword & Health Potion with Wuju Style for nice damage if your going for First Blood or something.

Now I like to rush either Berserker's Greaves or The Brutalizer depending on how I'm doing
I get The Brutalizer for the damage, armor pen, and the fact I get Youmuu's Ghostblade later

If I got Berserker's Greaves, I would buy The Brutalizer, if I bought The Brutalizer, I would buy Berserker's Greaves

Now I like to get a good burst of damage with B. F. Sword

Now I like to finish up Youmuu's Ghostblade for the awesome active, and passive. Also, if your backdooring, youmoo's can help alot. How? Activate Wuju Style, activate Youmuu's Ghostblade, and start whacking at the tower. Why not use Highlander? Because if your backdooring, you use your ulti to take it down, and the enemy start comming, you run, Mundo pops out, throws a cleaver, you become slowed allowing Morgana to catch up to you, snare you, and stun you, getting you killed. Good enough? ;)

Then I get The Black Cleaver for the armor pen

Then I'll get Work on a Banshee's Veil to help you're killing and surviving and what not

If the enemy team likes to try and gank, buying Vision Ward or Sight Ward can help you a lot

And That Is My Core Build

Now I like to increase my survivability by getting life steal, which is why I get The Bloodthirster

If your doing fine with surviving/killing, skipping Banshee's Veil can be useful since you can put that 3k into a full The Bloodthirster, giving you better damage faster :D

The Bloodthirster is good for a few reasons. 60 damage right off the bat helps your killing exponentially ... The life steal heps you stay in fights and have an easier time surviving. Not to mention the ability that lets u get bonus damage and life steal... The bonus is lost upon death, so do be careful ;)

After these, if the game is still going on, I would get Madred's Bloodrazor. I get that because in this point of the game, usually everyone has quite a bit of health, and the razor should help you in killing them. Then I would grab Guardian Angel in case something goes wrong in a fight and you die.

If your having problems surviving, try switching Guardian Angel in for Banshee's Veil, or just get both. Your choice.

Exceptional Items

Sword of the Occult If your just dominating

Sword of the Divine - For those pesky dodge characters, namely Jax and Sivir.

Grab Madred's Bloodrazor early - Health Point tanks like Cho'Gath

Wit's End - Magic based enemy team

Randuin's Omen - DPS based team

Having health/mana problems? pick up an Eleisa's Miracle and you should be set, spamming your heal whenever you need it without worrying about mana :D

They have a lot of CC? pick up an item that reduces them, like Mercury's Treads

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The reason you dont see a cleaver/randuin is because this was still during the early stages of my build aaaaand one person rage quit after about 13 kills and my team said I should try some ap q: there wasn't any tanks since the tank is the one who quit, and the others didn't have much armor, so I didn't really need cleaver

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Team Work

Never initiate a team fight!
You will be focused faster than you can say "Oh SNAP!"

If you get seriously injured and are forced to retreat yet your team keeps fighting, use your heal. I know I have to get better about this. then jump right back into the fray. They probably wont expect it since they saw you run with low health.

I would say focus their Melee Carry, Ranged Carry/Mage, then Tanks. or whoever is the dangerous, or if someone is about 50% health... Then tear em to shreds >:D

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Alpha Strike is a great farming tool. If you have the mana and are sure you wont need it any time soon, spam it on the minions. (unless theres only 2/3)

Also, after obtaining B.F. Sword, you can easily 3 hit the caster minions. I suggest u take them out right away if possible without getting hit too hard from the enemie(s)