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Sona Build Guide by Hiku

Support Maven of Strings, Sona ~ Protect your team [S4]

By Hiku | Updated on June 25, 2014

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Welcome, I'm Hiku, my summoner name is Harmonia Lacey for EUW server and I play LoL since a year. This is my very first guide here on MobaFire, about one of my favourite supports and character, Sona; it's a really simple guide you can use in normal and ranked sessions, and it will be updated every time it needs and I'll take out new tips for you all about using Sona as supportive champion.
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Pros / Cons

+ Nice poke
+ Versatile
+ Low cooldown
+ Good buffs and debuffs
+ AoE stun
+ Easy-to-use and great support

- Squishy
- Slow on early game
- Problems with mana
- No escape
- Hard with CC until lvl 6
- Can't choose specific target
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First of all, let's talk about spell picking and the possible solutions and alternatives you can choose when playing Sona.

Exhaust is one of the most useful solutions for supports like Sona, and it allows you to reduce movement speed, attack speed and attack, magic and items damage to the enemy champion, together with Flash for a more successfully escape. If you want to be a bit more aggressive and to take you enemy's life decreasing time to time, you can pick Ignite instead of Exhaust, but I suggest to make this choice with care and have to feel more confident using it, as I almost never pick this.
Heal spell can be another good choice, placing Exhaust, if you feel more confident with an extra heal spell for your teammates.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Power Chord is Sona's passive, it gains 1 stack for every used ability; after casting 3 spells, her next autoattack deals bonus magic damage, depending on the spell casted: if you used Hymn of Valor, it deals double damage, with Aria of Perseverance it deals magic damage and debuffs the target to do 20% less damage for 3 seconds, and with Song of Celerity it deals magic damage and slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds.
Hymn of Valor is really useful in early game because it allows you to poke enemy champions, but you have to be careful, because it has no specific target while it hits and you could steal minions to your ADC, so you have to be near the enemy you want to hit.
Aria of Perseverance is the main spell that allows to heal Sona and a nearby champion with the lowest health, giving also to her and the target armor and magic resistance for 3 seconds. In combo with E, it's great while you're getting poked.
Song of Celerity grants to Sona and nearby allies Movement Speed while the aura is still active, becoming really useful during teamfights.
Crescendo is Sona's ultimate, it's great if used in teamfights or to escape faster from enemy champions, stunning and forcing them to dance while they take your team's damage.

» » »
Spell sequence is R » Q » W » E, you have to max up first the R for major damage and minor cooldown, then give priority for max up your Q since level 1 for fight and poke enemies since early game. Next, maximize W to sustain your team with life and armor, then end with E to uprise your team movement speed at least. You can also choose to set W at level 1 and Q at level 2 in case you'll heal since the laning.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Those are my personal runes of choice, I've always myself better with them because I can avail of all the possible magic power with Sona and have more armor during battle phase. I suggest those runes combination, but you can also choose to change quint into Health or Gold ones, depending on your playing style.
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Utility Masteries

Defensive Masteries
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With the incoming of this pre-season, supports changed a bit on their role and they have given more gold suppliance for those champs like our Sona, with items like talisman of ascension to gain health and mana regen other than gold to beign more useful than before.
Now, let me introduce you to the various starting, core and situational items above listed on how you could mean to use them.

Starter Items

Let's start talking about the main items you'll need during early game phase, when reaching bot lane. You can choose to first sequence of items suggested above, or just change the order of the purchased items, that's on your playing style.

Warding Totem is the main item and trinkect I always take and suggest if you want to play supportive, it gives you an invisible ward you can place for 1 minute. As you reach level 9, it will evolve into Greater Totem, that will give vision of the area for 2 minutes, instead of one. It's useful when you're out of ward, or you just need vision of a particular area for a really limited time. If you intend to play more aggressivly, but I don't suggest it to you, you can take Sweeping Lens trinket to find invisible wards, having time to disable and remove them.

Now on season 4 you can only place 3 Stealth Wards per time, even when you take Sightstone. Like my play style is, I prefer to first buy 2 Stealth Wards together with Ancient Coin instead of buying Health Potion and Mana Potion, and Vision Ward too, that you can buy when reaching level 15 to place it to have a look on Baron, or just after early game to have a better view and to find any possible hidden ward and destroy it.

Ancient Coin is my first item of choice with wards, as I like to have more health and mana regen since the start, and for more gold gain: its unique passive, Favor, gives you 2 golds every killed minion near to you, so just remember to stand next your ADC and don't kill his minions, that's important for the both of you, as he farms and you gain necessary gold for items. A good alternative, is Spellthief's Edge: it's better if you want to play a more aggressive way, as you obtain Ability Power, with mana regen and gold, with its unique passive, Tribute, that with every basic attack to enemy champion gives 4 golds, and killing a minion disables it for 10 seconds.

Core Items
talisman of ascension
Those are the most important item you have to buy during mid game, to improve your supportive abilities. As first items you should upgrade, talisman of ascension and Boots of Mobility are really important, because of their properties.
talisman of ascension is the upgrade of Ancient Coin and Nomad's Medallion + Faerie Charm, that reduces cooldown for 20%, makes you gain health and mana regen every 5 seconds and 2 golds every 10 seconds, plus 4 golds every dead minion nearby you. Activating it, allows to grant 40% more movement speed to your nearby allies, for 3 seconds.
If you opted for the aggressive way, you may upgrade to Frost Queen's Claim, gaining more AP, mana regen and gold generation. Its active allows to chill the target enemy and those nearby him, doing damage and reducing movement speed for 2 seconds.

Boots of Mobility are a wise choice, as they make Sona gain more movement speed that's very important during teamfights, as she lacks on movement speed, and you can complete them with Enchantment: Homeguard if you want to have more speadness from the base to defend faster your Nexus. Boots of Mobility are useful out of combat as you can place fastly your wards. A good alternative, are Ionian Boots of Lucidity, for supports to obtain movement speed and cooldown reduction, if needed.

You should upgrade your totem into Greater Vision Totem, with the same function of Vision Ward: you can place one vision ward per time, for a maximum of 5 stacks, so you can view all the warded area, as it's visible and lasts until it's destroyed. It's suggested to place it at Baron Nashor, to have a wider vision of it.

Forth, but not last for importance, you have to buy Ruby Sightstone, Sightstone's upgrade, with 5 charges and 360 health, and the same durability of 3 minutes revealing the surrounding area where's the ward placed.

Situational Items
zeke's herald Mikael's Crucible can be really useful during mid game phase, depending on enemy team: it's good against more AP champs and to gain a fair amount of mana regen, and due to its active effect, you can recover a good amount of health and cleanse your carry from any status like stun, taunt, root, fear, silence and slow.

Another useful but not indispensable item, is zeke's herald: its gives extra health and cooldown reduction, and can be helpful with it's Aura effect when you're near your allies (like in teamfight), because they gain more attack damage and life steal, due to the properties of the two items composing Zeke's.

Recently changed during season 3, Locket of the Iron Solari now is an upgrade of Aegis of the Legion, that's useful to protect better you and the team, with its Aura your nearby allies obtain an extra bonus in magic resist and health regen, while its Active shields yourself and the target, absorbing up for the damage recived. It really useful during the middle of the match, as allows you to gain more defensive power for the whole team against AD and AP enemy type.

In addiction, when ending your build, you build up items to gain ability power, like Twin Shadows to find and slow nearby enemies, or even Rabadon's Deathcap or Deathfire Grasp to improve your AP points for skills, and other good AP items can be Seraph's Embrace (built from Archangel's Staff) to improve mana and its regen with similar properties of Mikael's Crucible so they can be replaceable; good for its ability power gain and health, it's Rylai's Crystal Scepter, an items for more pretection and magic power, that can slow enemy champions while dealing spell damage.
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Why did I put a similar chapter when Sona is a support and doesn't have to farm?
That's simple: because she must help and not condition her AD Carry's farming!
Always remember that, especially during early game, you don't have to take minions' kills as your carry needs more, beign more helpful while poking your enemies using Hymn of Valor, or buffing with Aria of Perseverance, or also Song of Celerity for more movement speed, every of them combinated with Power Chord Aura, so you can gain buffs on you and debuffs on your opponent.
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In the end...

... Thank you for following my guide! As you can see, this build has to be updated more than this, so if you have any suggestions to improve it, make no problems and let me know.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hiku
Hiku Sona Guide

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Maven of Strings, Sona ~ Protect your team [S4]
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