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Caitlyn Build Guide by Hoodstomp

AD Carry Meet the Long Gun of the Law

AD Carry Meet the Long Gun of the Law

Updated on January 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoodstomp Build Guide By Hoodstomp 8 1 328,552 Views 18 Comments
8 1 328,552 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoodstomp Caitlyn Build Guide By Hoodstomp Updated on January 3, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


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More Caitlyn Runes

table of contents

1. introduction
some info on the author and champion
2. pros and cons
what are the strengths and weaknesses of Caitlyn?
3. masteries
what masteries are taken for Caitlyn?

4. runes
what runes are taken for Caitlyn?
5. summoners
what summoner spells are suggested?
6. abilities
the usage of Caitlyn's abilities

7. items
what should you build on Caitlyn?
8. matchups
how does Caitlyn do against other AD Carries?
9. supports
does Caitlyn do well with most supports?

10. laning phase
how should Caitlyn play during laning?
11. team fights
how should Caitlyn play during team fights?

Here for October, I'm Hoodstomp. The named position of marksman/AD Carry is the role I enjoy playing. Because I enjoy playing as a marksman/AD Carry very much, I've thus gained a lot of knowledge about the role of a marksman/AD Carry. My main account currently sits in Diamond 1, while I have a few smurfs, all in diamond elo and/or close to diamond 1.

Caitlyn is very strong during laning phase. She's known as a lane bully! If you want to learn a bit more about her, continue reading! Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to know whenever I have a new guide out or on the rare occasion that I might be streaming!


+ Great early game with her range of 650.
+ Lane control with Yordle Snap Trap.
+ Able to escape with 90 Caliber Net.
+ Able to pick off opponents with Ace in the Hole.
Caitlyn is a strong champion early game, and as previously mentioned, a lane bully. Her starting range of 650 is the main reason why. With that range, her passive, Headshot, and Piltover Peacemaker your enemies will have to watch out for their positioning. You already have a lot of power, so why not have some more? Yordle Snap Traps will allow you to zone your enemies with smart trap placement. If they step on a Yordle Snap Trap, you can wail away at them. Because of Piltover Peacemaker, you may find yourself pushing the enemy pretty hard. This will leave you vulnerable to ganks, so 90 Caliber Net can help you escape. Lastly, your ultimate, Ace in the Hole is great for picking off any fleeing, low-health enemies! It can also be used as a poke once you get back to lane or before you leave lane.


- Weak to all-in/close range fights.
- Piltover Peacemaker damage is reduced through each enemy hit.
- 90 Caliber Net is easy to interrupt.
- Ace in the Hole is easily blocked.

While Caitlyn might excel at being a lane bully, she does poorly in any straight up 1v1 duels, or close range fights during lane. Her main harassing ability besides her autoattacks, Piltover Peacemaker, is reduced in damage for every enemy it hits. If you hit your enemy through a huge wave of minions, they won't take an incredible amount of damage from Piltover Peacemaker. Caitlyn's escape, 90 Caliber Net, is easily interruptable by things like Thresh's Flay and Janna's Howling Gale. It's a less than optimal escape tool. Lastly, her ultimate, Ace in the Hole, can be blocked by anyone on the enemy team. It's not an incredibly reliable ultimate, but it'll do the trick most of the time.

// Fury increases your attack speed by just a bit, while Butcher helps you last hit minions, which is useful early on.
>> Deadliness gives you a little AD.
// Havoc and Weapon Expertise both increase your damage, which is most noticed early on. The armor penetration from Weapon Expertise is most handy though.
>> Lethality gives you some increased critical hit damage. Brute Force is more of a point filler.
// Frenzy goes well with Lethality because of the extra attack speed after you get a critical hit. Sunder gives you armor penetration.
>> Executioner helps you deal more damage to low-health opponents.

// Summoner's Resolve benefits your defensive summoner spell. It could be Barrier or Cleanse. You can never know if that extra tiny bit of cooldown reduction will save your life or not.

>> Summoner's Insight reduces the cooldown on your Flash, which is vitally important. Meditation helps your mana regeneration, mostly in lane. Caitlyn's spells can be overspammed.
// Mastermind is another helpful mastery to have your summoner spells on the lowest cooldown possible.


>>These AD marks are great to run on all AD champions. It gives you enough AD to last hit minions as well as trade effectively with your enemies. With your Doran's Blade, your laning opponents will be hurting from your auto-attacks, as well as Headshot.


>>Armor seals are never a bad idea! In lane, they help you reduce damage taken from enemy auto-attacks, towers, physical damage spells, and also neutral monster damage. If you bring some other weird rune setup, you'll probably not do so hot in lane.


>>Magic resist glyphs are good because you'll, inevitably, be taking magic damage, whether from a pesky Zyra support or an Annie mid. The mana regeneration is great on Caitlyn because of how much mana you can use with Piltover Peacemaker and Yordle Snap Traps.


>>These are a little more open to interpretation, but two lifesteal quints and one attack damage quint is what I prefer to run. These will help you sustain in lane when combined with your Doran's Blade and possibly Vampiric Scepter later on in lane. Some people run three lifesteal quints.


>> Flash is a must have on every AD Carry, especially Caitlyn. Her escape, 90 Caliber Net is quite unreliable, and you can easily mess it up. Flash will allow you to jump over walls, escape from that assassin you hate, or chase down a fleeing enemy. Whatever the matter, Flash will help you solve that!


>> Barrier is the other option recommended on all carries. It's another defensive summoner that can help you win the fight you desperately needed to win. Barrier gives you a two second shield that should not be underestimated. You can bait your enemies by fighting until you're low, then popping Barrier to save yourself.

other summoners


>> Ignite is not as recommended. You have your range for a reason. If you're in range for Ignite, you're probably doing something wrong. It's best for you to keep your distance, especially for how squishy you are!


>> Cleanse is great if you're facing a team with lots of CC to focus you with. This can be more recommended if you have to face a Leona in lane because of her stun-lock. If you feel you can survive, Barrier will be better!

> > >

Headshot (Passive)

\\ Headshot is a great passive. Because you lack an active steroid, you make up for with your passive. Headshot is good in lane for trading and harassing your enemies during laning phase. It can also critical hit, making it deal a devastating amount of damage once you're nearing your full build. Remember that Headshot is charged by your auto-attacks. If you stand in bushes, each auto-attack is counted twice!

Piltover Peacemaker (Q)

\\ Piltover Peacemaker is your bread and butter skill. It's in Caitlyn's nature to push, and this ability is how you do it. It's great for creating early pressure and pushing a lane. Piltover Peacemaker also does a hefty amount to champions early game if it connects to them as the first target. The damage on Piltover Peacemaker is reduced by each enemy hit.

Yordle Snap Trap (W)

\\ Yordle Snap Trap is a great utility ability to have. These things are damn annoying, and a key component to your kit. Set Yordle Snap Traps up to zone enemies from CS in lane, or to seal off a choke around baron or dragon. You always want to stay at a long range as Caitlyn, and these help you accomplish your goal.

90 Caliber Net(E)

\\ 90 Caliber Net is your escape ability. It's great because it not only closes distance, but it slows a target as well. It's great for kiting and even setting up a combo with your Piltover Peacemaker. If you use 90 Caliber Net back and instantly press Piltover Peacemaker while 90 Caliber Netting, you'll be able to combo the two skills.

Ace in the Hole (R)

\\ Ace in the Hole can be good and bad. It's pretty lackluster as a finisher because of how easily Ace in the Hole can be blocked. It can also be used to initiate fights and soften up targets quite effectively though. During the laning phase, it's not a bad idea to poke with Ace in the Hole before you go back to base, or once you get to lane.

A Doran's Blade is the starting item that every AD Carry will be taking. It gives you a nice mix of all sorts of stats that will be very helpful for you: HP, attack damage, and life gain on hit! Paired with your lifesteal quints, you can easily sustain back up after a bad trade, or if you accidentally took a tower shot.

first back

core items

Bloodthirster is great on Caitlyn because of how everything scales with AD on you. Piltover Peacemaker and Ace in the Hole are your primary sources are damage from a large distance, but you'll be relying on auto-attacks after the laning phase. You gain a huge amount of AD from this item alone, and your ratios aren't half bad either.

A Statikk Shiv is great because of the range you have. It also goes nicely with Bloodthirster. You build up the stacks on it easily, and you'll be able to get off the passive effect of it faster. You won't be punished for building a Statikk Shiv because of your range. You won't be in immediate danger, and you already have an innate steroid with Headshot. A Statikk Shiv proc plus Headshot will hurt!

Berserker's Greaves are great on all AD Carries. They give you extra attack speed. Who doesn't want that? There really isn't any other option for AD Carries anyways. None of the others offer stats that you'll find to be incredibly useful to have.

offensive items

An Infinity Edge is an item you must pick up. Your Headshot will be hurting for a lot if you manage to crit too. It's a good item to have if you're ahead of your enemies too.

This is an okay item. It's leaning more towards not so good though. You have a long enough range that you should be staying out of harm's way! If you're having trouble kiting, consider this.

A Last Whisper is practically core. It gives you armor penetration, which you'll need if you want to be relevant late-game.

defensive items

A Banshee's Veil is good if you're against heavy magic damage, or if there's one burst spell that you need to avoid.

If you think you can survive after you revive, then go for it. If you're also against a "press R" team composition, this can be helpful.

This is an item form of Cleanse. If you're getting CCed a lot, then be sure to grab a Mercurial Scimitar to keep yourself safe.


Enchantment: Distortion are great because they reduce the cooldown on your Flash which is your crucial, make it or break it summoner spell.

These are good if you're having trouble kiting. It shouldn't be too needed though. Caitlyn has great range and 90 Caliber Net.

These are only good if you're losing by a lot and are getting pushed in. These don't provide you any actual stats, so avoid these if possible!

AD Carries
Difficulty Scale: 5/5

Ashe Difficulty: 4/5

Ashe is a pretty difficult matchup for Caitlyn. Caitlyn typically has a huge advantage over her opponents in lane, and is able to poke them down due to a huge range advantage. This isn't the case with Ashe because she's only 50 range behind with a Frost Shot and Volley to poke right back at you. You have to be careful in this lane. Try to farm and poke her down while still playing safe, and be very careful about getting hit with Volleys. She has amazing all in potential against you at 6. Try to either 90 Caliber Net out of the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, or take Cleanse.

Corki Difficulty: 2/5

Corki is pretty easy to deal with as Caitlyn. You have a huge range advantage in this lane. You want to set the pace for the lane at level 1 because this is when Caitlyn is the strongest. Constantly harass him with auto attacks and push the lane in. Once you get a few levels, you can set up Yordle Snap Traps to make his life a living hell. Everytime he goes for a CS, he should take damage. Careful around level 6. He gains a massive power spike and can easily poke you down with Missile Barrages/all-in you.

Ezreal Difficulty: 2/5

Ezreal isn't much of a threat to Caitlyn in lane. You should be fine in this lane as long as you stand behind creeps to avoid Mystic Shots. You want to play aggressively and zone Ezreal using your range. This will make it so that he has to farm with his Mystic Shot, and can't even take shots at you if he wants to.

Graves Difficulty: 3/5

Graves does okay against Caitlyn in lane. You can definitely still bully him though if you play correctly. You have to get ahead in this lane early. Graves has a very low range, so at early levels you can auto-attack him for free. Set up some Yordle Snap Traps so that he can't freely Quickdraw into you without jeopardizing his positioning. Once he gets some items and levels, he can be quite an issue. Be very wary of close ranged fights with him.

Miss Fortune Difficulty: 3/5

Caitlyn definitely has the tools to deal with Miss Fortune in lane. Miss Fortune's strength in lane is being able to trade freely thanks to increased movement speed from Strut. You can easily stop this by getting an auto attack on her every so often to keep her strut passive down. Push Miss Fortune into the tower and keep the pressure up. It's very easy to harass under tower with your massive range.

Twitch Difficulty: 3/5

Twitch has a very hard time dealing with Caitlyn in lane. Caitlyn is pretty much the hard counter to Twitch. You get to harass him in lane for free because of his very short range, and he can't even be sneaky with Ambush because you have Yordle Snap Traps set up for that. As usual, you want to be very aggressive at level one and poke him down with free auto attacks. Keep the lane pushed with your Piltover Peacemaker and throw some harass down on him under the tower. Be careful when he hits level 6. At this point, he actually does have the range to deal with you, and can easily kill you in an all in fight with Spray and Pray.

Varus Difficulty: 4/5

Varus does very well against Caitlyn in lane. Varus has a decently long range, so sometimes he can actually trade autos back with you. He also has a massive amount of poke. You have to be very careful about getting caught by his Hail of Arrows. If you get hit by it, chances are there is a few autos coming after it as follow up. You want to farm safely in this lane and only harass when it's free. At level 6, he gains the tool he needs to force you into an all in. If you are quick enough, you can dodge the Chain of Corruption with your 90 Caliber Net.

Vayne Difficulty: 2/5

Vayne gets obliterated by Caitlyn in lane. You just have too big of an advantage over Vayne early. You have amazing early game pressure, and Vayne pretty much has nothing. You want to bully her and harass as much as you can the entire laning phase. Push Vayne into the tower and set up Yordle Snap Traps to make it even harder and more annoying for her to CS. There shouldn't be one CS she gets without taking an auto for it. At 6 Vayne has amazing dueling potential so you have to be careful about that. As long as you don't get Condemned into a wall though, you should be fine.

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  • Caitlyn has always been known as a lane dominating champion. She applies massive tower pressure in lane, as well as harass with her long range.
  • You want to take advantage of your enemies at level 1. You can easily abuse and harass people just using auto-attacks plus Headshot early to set the tone of the lane.
  • You want to push to keep the pressure up. This is made easy by using Piltover Peacemaker on the wave. Caitlyn is in the best position when she pushes her opponent into the tower and she harasses them under it.
  • Once you get control of the lane you can make your enemies' lives even harder by setting up Yordle Snap Traps. These traps, paired with your massive range, will make it very difficult for your opponent to maneuver and position themselves properly to fight you. It'll even make them think twice about CSing.
  • You always want to pressure the tower as much as you can as Caitlyn. You usually want to end the lane phase as quickly as you can because the longer it goes on, the worse it will get for you generally. Push, push, push, and make sure you're getting turret damage as well as harassing under tower.
  • Make sure when you're pushed up in the lane (which you should be) that you abuse your passive. Attacking people from bushes will increase your damage output dramatically, and make people think twice about trying to trade with you.
  • At 6 you gain an execute in your ultimate. If you poke someone down enough with autos, and land a few Piltover Peacemakers you can try to snipe someone with your Ace in the Hole. Chances are it will most likely get blocked, but either way you will force them off of the turret and be able to deny experience and take the tower for free.
  • As soon as you kill the tower in your lane as Caitlyn, you most likely want to group in another lane to keep up the pressure (most likely in mid lane). As Caitlyn, your main job is to siege and destroy turrets.

Caitlyn is generally honed for her sieging ability and dominant laning phase. She is still a more than capable team-fighter however. You have a massive amount of range, which means you will often be able to attack freely in the team fight. Your job is to stay safe and get off as much damage as you can, depending on whoever is in range. At the beginning of a team fight, it is often best to use your Ace in the Hole on a priority target to soften them up. If you have Bloodthirster fully stacked, this can take out half or more of their HP instantly. That's devastating on one of the enemy carries. If you think you are going to be focused in the team fight, try to set up Yordle Snap Traps as an escape route. Drag the enemy assassin/bruiser that's trying to dive you towards the traps and they will be forced to stop pursuing you, or get CCed and most likely die. If they do somehow manage to get to you, you still have your 90 Caliber Net available. It'll put distance between you and the enemy. If you land the slow, you'll be able to kite them well and continue to auto and get a lot of damage off.

If you didn't use your Ace in the Hole to get initial damage off in the fight, you can often pick up kills at the end with it. Just be on the look out for low HP enemies trying to flee.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoodstomp
Hoodstomp Caitlyn Guide
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