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Tryndamere Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

Miniguide: Hybrid Tryndamere

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on October 20, 2013
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About this Build


This hybrid build is made with the most amazing and also least used item: Guinsoo's Rageblade. The jungle represents the savest way to farm it up, but it can also be played in lane. I write this guide because AP and Hybrid Builds are non-existent here. Read further to get a different look at Tryndamere.

I'm not saying hybrid is best, I telling you how its done.

Please note that this guide assumes you already know the basics about LoL, I won't explain in detail, since I want to keep this guide as short as possible. For more detailed information I suggest you first read MP's Tryndamere Guide.

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Why ???

Let's talk about the unusual stuff first:

  • What good is Guinsoo's Rageblade ? Read the stats and take your calculator (or check the wiki entry). This thing is worth 5175g when fully used - and Tryndamere can keep both passives up surprisingly long. The stacking AP and AS really makes your shine and the Lifesteal and Spellvamp boost keeps you at your ideal 40% HP as long as you like. This item is more cost-efficient than Shiv, better than IE, better than ANYTHING in the game, it even beats Doran's items.
  • Allright, but Nashor's Tooth ? If you ignore AP, this item is still cost-effectiv with the CDR and AS it gives and when you consider Tryndamere's AP ratios its only gets better. But I can understand if you don't want it, build and another CDR item instead, it works as well. Just don't expect to one-slash camps and minions without AP.
  • Lastly Youmuu's Ghostblade ? Scales best with overall, with AD, CDR and Crit beeing the perfect stats you want. Its another cheap wonder to get you to carry.

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Pre-Game Settings

Summoner Spells: take and , , , or . I recommend Exhaust but Tryndamere's skillset is versatile enough to choose freely.

My masteries go for the much needed damage boost and some survivability with 21/9/0. Note that we go for weird stuff like and to make use of our ap and get to 10% CDR.

Runes: Lifesteal Quints for the start. CDR Blues for more reliable damage, mobility, heal, slow and invincibility, something much stronger than just MR. Crit Marks because we don't build much Crit with our first items and its hard to get furry without Crit.

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HH Battle Fury (Passive) Crit: 35% Crit Chance (1750g) for free! This is a massive advantage and the first thing that makes Trynamere a carry.

HH Bloodlust (Q) Furry, Crit, AP, Missing HP: Bloodlust gives a big AD steroid, with up to 60 AD (2400g). Heals for a big chunk when full furry. Use if your Furry is empty or dropping and you are below 50% HP. Don't consume it in any other situation as it will take away all your damage.

HH Mocking Shout (W) CDR: Slow and Debuff. If you hit the entire team, you take away 16k global gold (assuming they rely on AD) and a 4 seconds 60% slow that doesn't decay is amazing - only Zilean can do better. Be careful as quick enemies can dodge it by turning around. Use it to duel, gank and teamfight.

HH Spinning Slash (E) CDR, AD, AP, APen, Crit: This gives you a spammable AOE with massive damage. With CDR and Crits its CD goes down to 2 Crits! Your mobility rivals that of , only you get it without any mana cost and already at lvl 1. Its amazing AP scaling is why AP is viable on Tryndamere and the combination of AD and AP scalings makes hybrid items work on him.

HH Undying Rage (R) CDR: Tryndamere's Invincibility is legendary and if used well, you will not, ever, die. Even though you can use it while CC'd or silenced, remember it has a cast-time. It can also just be used to refill your furry for more crits. Your ultimate will enable you to either slaughter your enemie's carries, or make them waste all their CC on you.


Start with , get enough points into to sustain yourself (usually 3) and take a point into for fights. Afther that its: > > > . You may choose to delay the second and third rank of your ult.

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How to Build Him

Allthough Hunter's Machete is the obvious jungle start, Trynamere's raw damage and early sustain allow for a Doran's Blade start. This is to be prefered since none of the usual jungle items really give him an edge. Wriggles may be a solution, but thats 2000g we could spend on something better...

The recent jungle changes made the jungle farm quite worthy. Tryndamere is one of the few junglers that can just rush through it all in a breeze and still give the occasional gank. Get your first item: Guinsoo's Rageblade. You won't need to back before that. Usually you should have it at 10-11min (75 cs).

Jungle vs. Lane Farm

Get it, solo dragon, and farm even faster. You will notice that allthough you are getting stronger, your skills still have too high a CD and you are rather vulnerable to CC. That's why you want CDR and Tenacity next. Remember that CDR, Crit, AD, AP scale best with - and are your best purchases before . is another wonderfull item for you. Even though the passive isn't te best for you, its very cost-efficient, and AS is the one thing that you still lack. Get and finish your core.

This core build allows you to duo baron (you can almost solo it). And now the big question stands - AP, Hybrid or AD ? I must say all three paths have their merits and you should decide more based on what active and passive item effects you want rather than on the path. Zhonya's Hourglas or can really come in handy.
In most cases I take on the hybrid path with wich is a very strong item nowadays. You can proc it with each 2 sec and it adds good burst to it as a finisher. I end with a defensive item like . Remember that you do only physical damage despite your AP and you might therefore get a Last Wisper on top (or instead) of your Brutalizer upgrade. Your end game build could look like this:

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Hybrid Jungle Tryndamer is an insanely good farmer and splitpusher, almost invincible, very save from invades, his farm is comparable to a solo lane freefarm and he snowballs really hard.

Thanks for reading and credits to JhoiJhoi. Feel free to post your feedback. I hope my miniguide helped you learn something new about Tryndamere.