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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi

M'Lady Miss Fortune

jhoijhoi Last updated on November 5, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the Author
Hey guys, I'm Jai (or jhoijhoi) and my highest elo in Season Three so far is Gold IV. In addition to my Gold status, I've played League of Legends since December 2010, and I've witnessed many changes to the game. Miss Fortune's biggest change was the adjustment of her ultimate, Bullet Time to accommodate both AP and AD (not either / or).

Content disclaimer
This guide is 100% my experience with this champion and a reflection of my own style of playing, not anyone else's. Everything here has been tried and tested by yours truly, jhoijhoi. Take everything I say at face value; I am just like you, an avid League of Legends fan. What does this mean for you? It means that this guide may not be "optimal" to the "pro" standard. If that's a problem for you, go read another guide ^^

Why pick Miss Fortune?
This change, in addition to the rework of The Black Cleaver, focussed Miss Fortune into a straight AD champion. Miss Fortune excels in team compositions with large amounts of AoE crowd control. For example, picks like Amumu jungle, Sona support, Rumble top lane - her ult, when coupled with Black Cleaver, can completely turn a fight in your team's favour.

What will this guide cover?
In this guide, along with detailing summoner spells, mastery points, runes and skilling order, I will also cover generic gameplay and the builds I find most successful on her. If reading isn't your thing, you'll find plenty of infographics for those of you who are visual learners. Remember, this is how *I* play MF. I'm just sharing my style of play with you; maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. This guide is pure, unadulterated jhoijhoi!

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+ Long ranged poke
+ Brush reveal
+ AoE slow
+ Healing reduction
+ Attack speed steroid
+ Quick movement speed
Miss Fortune is a great pick in solo queue. While she doesn't have an in-built escape, Make it Rain + Strut allows her to make quick get-aways if ganked. Her duelling potential is huge due to Impure Shots, halving the effectiveness of sustain supports like Soraka. Most important when considering Miss Fortune, is her team utility. She brings an AoE slow, high damage + long ranged poke and healing debuff.


- Poor late-game
- Susceptible to CC
- AP ratios
- Cast time on ult
- Interuptable ult
- Not a crit-based champion
As per all champions, Miss Fortune has her strengths, and her weaknesses. Compared to other ADCs, MF's late game can be considered subpar due to the mechanics of her ultimate. It's interruptable, it's got a cast time, it's static, it's easily avoidable/Flashable, it falls off late game in damage. Additionally, she's got some useless AP ratios on Make it Rain and Impure Shots. Lastly, she isn't crit-based. This is a detriment as many other ADCs will be building crit and dealing critical strikes of more than 500 damage per hit. It's hard to compete with that sort of damage output.


sp M
// The page recommended is a standard ADC page, grabbing AD-related boosts. The main things to note are picking up the armour penetration masteries, in addition to Executioner for easier last hits/finishers. These AD-focused masteries will ensure you have a good damage output throughout the game. Keep in mind the summoner spell specific masteries: if you don't take Barrier for example, don't grab Summoner's Resolve

sp R
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: ADCs have travelled a long way in terms of runes. From flat HP, to armour pen, to flat AD, and now to life steal. This movement can be attributed to a few things: 1) removal of life steal from masteries, 2) lowering life steal %s in items, 3) push meta, 4) abundance/popularity of aggressive supports. All you need to know is that in lane you will be harassing and being harassed. To keep in the lane without a sustain support, you'll need sustain yourself. Thus these runes.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: These provide a significant boost to your damage output and scale well into late game, in addition to giving you a helping hand last hitting in lane, grabbing jungle minions early on and harassing enemy champions. You need to be last hitting really well to afford an early Bloodthirster.

Greater Seal of Armor: Your primary opponent bottom lane will be the enemy ADC; armour is the best counter. The runes will also allow you to trade damage more, as they will absorb some incoming attacks. Finally, these runes will help you out when you tank minion aggression from attempting to harass. It's worth mentioning that additional armour also keeps you healthy when farming jungle minions.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These runes protect Miss Fortune against early game magic damage from ADCs such as Kog'Maw and supports, such as Sona. Most importantly, these runes keep you somewhat safe until you buy your first defensive item. Without MR, you are EXTREMELY easy to kill from an enemy caster's opinion.

sp S
While Summoner Spells all come down to personal preference, I've found these Summoner Spells suit Miss Fortune greatly. Flash is a must have on all squishy champions with no escape mechanism. While MF has Make it Rain to slow pursuing enemies, Flash is a fail safe, as well as being a strong offensive tool. To accompany Flash, Ignite, Barrier OR Cleanse can be taken, depending on your lane match-up.

Compared to other ADCs, Miss Fortune is renown for her positioning skills. This is due to her ability to attack/harass from afar, in addition to her movement speed "boost" from Strut. Only downside to Strut is that any sort of incoming damage interrupts Strut's movement boost.

Double Up hits two targets, and takes some getting used to. Luckily, Double Up has perfect mechanics for the current meta. As the enemy ADC will traditionally be *behind* their creeps, Double Up will be easy to land. Basically you target something, and the ability bounces off the first target to another target behind it. The second target takes more damage.

Impure Shots is an attack speed steroid, in addition to a healing debuff. This is your primary tool when skirmishing. Activate it just as the fight starts. It lowers the healing rate of your opponent by 50% - that's inconceivable. Consider that an ADC traditionally only buys one defensive item and supplements their survivability with lifesteal - you've rendered their active regeneration virtually useless.

This ability slows in an AoE, grants vision in brush and deals a surprising amount of damage. Whilst not recommended in the guide, levelling Make it Rain first can lead to some pretty lulzy effects. MiT is best used to slow an escaping enemy or keep a pursuing enemy at bay.

First thing you need to be aware of is that Bullet Time is a channelled ability, which means YOU can interrupt it and the enemy can interrupt it. The enemy can also dodge it, walk out of it, or even ignore it if they have high amounts of armour. Bullet Time shines early game, and then falls off, especially if you don't have good team co-ordination. It is a fantastic ability to use when the entire enemy team is grouped up, like a fight in Baron/Dragon pit.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Obviously level up Bullet Time when possible (levels 6, 11 and 16). Theoretically there is no reason not to level Double Up first, followed by Impure Shots and then Make it Rain. Double Up is a strong form of long-ranged harass, allowing you to deal damage from a safe distance. Impure Shots allows you to win trades or severely cripple your opponent. Make it Rain slows enemies by 50% at final level. However, if you were considering switching it up, maybe building a little AP (for whatever reason), I've found that levelling MiT first leads to satisfactory results.

Itemising against the enemy team is a skill one learns with time and experience. For now, here's a list of common ADC items and the categories they slot in to. For example, if you are finding you need health, scroll down to health and check out the items displayed there. If an item is not listed, it means: a) the item isn't viable on ADC Miss Fortune, or b) I've completely forgotten it, in which case, PM me!


Magic Resist



Attack Speed

Early game is pretty standardised for ADCs. You either buy a Doran's Blade for the life steal, boots of speed + pots for the mobility and safety, or a Long Sword which can be built up. When deciding which items to buy, take a look at the enemy team, and your support. If your support won't be able to keep you alive bottom lane against that Draven + Morgana combo, you probably really will need that extra mobility and pots.

Starting with this item is surprisingly effective. It gives you a stable boost in health and a little health regen per hit via the life gain. Be wary starting this, however, as laning without potions can lead to being forced off the lane.

Starting Long Sword + 2x Health Potions is a common approach by many ADCs in Season Three. The Long Sword is either rushed into a Vampiric Scepter, The Brutalizer if you're an ADC that benefits from CDR or Avarice Blade for Statikk.

Alternatively, starting Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potions is effective towards sustaining your health and allowing you to trade damage early game. However, the movement speed isn't as necessary early game anymore, the way it was before S3.

It is imperative that you pick up some early life steal, whether it be via a Doran's Blade, or a Vampiric Scepter. Why? You need enhanced active sustain. The lifesteal will help you in lane and in teamfights when they start.

This is the cheapest attack speed item in the game. In Season Two, it was custom to buy this item on first recall, or as soon as possible. In Season Three, upgraded boots are not as necessary, so it is acceptable to delay this purchase.

This consumable is commonly seen as a spawn purchase for top lane and the jungle. Keep one in your inventory for just-in-case scenarios, or to boost your damage during a trade. Remember, the stats from this consumable are lost on death.

Miss Fortune is not a critical-strike based champion. She does not rely on amped up hits to deal damage; instead she has an arsenal of abilities that deal damage for her. Whilst Impure Shots can denote the idea of sustained damage, you can't afford to live in the mindset of "I can duel". Against a fully built crit-strike opponent, you're going to lose if you limit it to autos. Thus, the below items are perfect "core" items for a "burst" ADC MF.

Bloodthirster is rushed mostly by caster ADCs, especially those with shorter range and thus prone to more skirmishes and trades, in addition to the fact that it is easier to rush BT due to an early Vamp Scepter.

Phantom Dancer gives Miss Fortune the ability to phase through minions, allies and enemy champions, making the item invaluable, especially when coupled with the additional movement speed from Strut.

Unlike Last Whisper, Black Cleaver applies an armour penetration debuff that your team can capitalise on. This means that if you manage to attack anyone, their armour is reduced for everyone on your team.

Assuming you have bought Berserker's Greaves, The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer, you have three item slots remaining. Ideally, you will want two more damage items, and one survivability item. Alternatively, you could buy one more damage item, and two damage/survivability items (like Zephyr/Maw). What it comes down to is your team composition and the enemy team composition. Do you need the slow from Frozen Mallet? Do they lack armour, thus making a The Black Cleaver the best choice for armour penetration? etc etc etc.

The critical strike chance, coupled with the significant damage boost of AD and critical strike damage means that you as the ADC will be dealing huge amounts of damage. Despite MF's non-crit-based nature, IE can be a good end-game purchase.

An interesting item that deals AoE damage after gathering charges. Great for crowd control, split pushing and clearing minions if your base is being sieged. Miss Fortune can use Statikk quite effectively due to her high mobility with Strut.

BotRK deals percentage health damage, and returns half that damage to you via life steal; this makes it a viable choice to replace or supplement the Bloodthirster. Equally important is the active ability to slow an opponent.

An age-old debate that has sparked arguments since Season One and amplified due to Black Cleaver buffs. The tl;dr version is: If the enemy team has a lot of armour, buy Last Whisper. If they don't, grab The Black Cleaver. Simple.

Although MF already has an AoE slow with Make it Rain, an on-hit slow allows her to catch out an out-of-position enemy. In addition to giving her auto's a slow, the Giant's Belt component gives a nice boost of health.

Attacking anything results in a movement speed boost - this is great for chasing, and even fleeing if you know how to kite. Alternatively, purchase Enchantment: Homeguard if your base is being sieged.

So this is your last, or second last purchase. A well-rounded build for Miss Fortune would have armour, magic resist, health, life steal, damage and attack speed. Tick off each attribute as you fulfil the requirement.

Ideally the best survivability item for an ADC, especially against a heavy AD team. Grants the owner a nice boost in armour and magic resist, in addition to the ability to revive upon death. The cooldown for this unique passive is quite high, however.

Randuin's gives a great mix of armour and health. If you find that the enemy tanky dps are sticking to you, the active and passive component of this item could save your life. However, MF's superior positioning can render this item useless.

Banshee's is an optimal survivability item for players who are pre30, or playing at low elo (below 1100). It gives a great boost to health, mana and magic resist, in addition to granting the user a spell shield that takes 45 seconds to regenerated after being popped.

Simply put, 1000HP is 1000HP. You add 1% for each point of magic resist and armour you have. So for example, at the end of the game you have Warmog's + 75MR + 75AR. Your base health will be around 2700HP. With resistances, your effective health becomes around 4700HP.

End game you will tend to want three things: 1) cool down reduction, 2) attack speed and 3) tenacity. This item can really round-off your build and give you everything you need for a late-game ADC Miss Fortune.

There are games when you are being caught out by CC and you haven't taken Cleanse for whatever reason, or if you're getting destroyed by ability power damage. Grab these boots instead of Berserker's Greaves for the Tenacity and magic resist.

Head bottom lane with your support. You will want an ally that can keep you safe and allow you to free farm for the first 20 or so minutes. Alternatively, farm champions. If you plan to be aggressive, you are going to need an aggressive support, someone who can initiate skirmishes, soak up incoming damage and deal some themselves. Whilst Miss Fortune can do a fair amount of damage on her own due to Make it Rain, a well-cast Double Up and Impure Shots, you will need a competent ally to aid your early game aggression.

Regardless of which side you are (Purple or Blue), don't forget to farm jungle minions when you head back to lane after recalling. Killing Double Golems or Wolves gives you an increase in experience and gold, meaning you will hit those gold milestones faster, level up faster, and buy items faster.

The ability to last hit is a fundamental skill of an experienced and conscientious player. Landing the killing blow on an enemy minion or neutral monster not only awards you Experience and Gold, vital towards buying items and levelling up, but also allows you to farm safely without pushing your lane. Creep Score (commonly referred to as CS) is often used as a measure of how successful one is whilst laning. Last hitting as the ADC is incredibly important. Until you get the hang of last hitting, try using Double Up to add some extra damage to nab those minion kills AND to practice how Double Up's "skill-shot" component works.

Keep your eyes open. Being aggressive in lane often means you are pushed to the enemy tower, leaving you susceptible to ganks. If you are ganked and start losing your lane, don't despair. Ask for help. There's nothing worse than being too proud to ask for assistance. Often your jungler can camp your lane and put some pressure on the enemies, or your mid lane can come and gank a few times. If worst comes to worst, let the tower fall and try and recover under your Tier Two Turret... Keeping your eyes open doesn't just refer to in the lane. Ensure you know where your enemies are, or aren't, otherwise you'll wind up in a bind.

Around about now you should be taking/have taken Dragon as a team. First push the wave to the enemy tower to ensure they're preoccupied with minion farming. Ensure the ramp to Dragon is warded, or any other entry/exit points that are of concern. Only attempt Dragon if your Jungler has Smite, elsewise risk it being stolen by the enemy team.

Kiting refers to attacking an enemy with ranged attacks or abilities while maintaining a safe distance. This term originated from the analogy of flying a kite, where the attacking champion (the person) holds the target (the kite) at a safe distance (the string). This feat is often performed by ranged champions against enemy melee champions. While kiting, the ranged champion makes use of their superior range, mobility and/or CC to damage the enemy champion without taking damage themselves. Kiting is most commonly known as orb-walking, which is alternating between right clicking away from an enemy and then shift/A clicking where the enemy is in order to hit. Doing this makes you walk away but still attack backwards. It takes tonnes of practice to master.

Where you stand and who you attack during a teamfight can make or break a game. You are an ADC, thus you are squishy and susceptible to being targeted. As such, the enemies that are going to be closest to you are those that are tanky enough to get close. These champions include junglers such as Maokai, top laners like Irelia and possibly tanky mids like Swain or Pantheon. Realistically, you ain't getting anywhere close to their AD/AP carries, so just fire away! Try to remain behind your team, behind their defenses, but shoot anything that's close to you. There's no such thing as a "wrong target"; unless you have the opportunity to target someone squishy, you're going to need to take down their front line first.

By mid game you should gotten a few kills bot lane. Don't worry if you haven't - often games are won via global gold/destroyed towers. As long as you've done your job bot lane by not feeding the enemy ADC, and by farming, you're doing well. By the 30 minute mark you should have that The Bloodthirster, Zeal, possibly The Black Cleaver/ Last Whisper if you've been doing well.

Miss Fortune does the most damage once someone has initiated for her. Allow an ally with AoE CC, like Amumu or Sona to land an amazing lock-down and then let loose with Bullet Time.

Well, that's all I've got ;) Everything else is up to you. The best way to learn a champion is by playing games, or watching someone play. Go watch some streams of Miss Fortune, practice in AI games, by yourself, or with a friend opposing you in middle lane. Learn the amount of damage she can take, and the amount of damage she can dish out.

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In conclusion...
Miss Fortune is super fun to play. I prefer playing Miss Fortune over Ashe or Vayne, and that's saying something. There's just something about her kit, her in-game model, and her play-style that really gets you hooked. Destroying a whole team with Bullet Time is such a great feeling.

Words of wisdom
Like all champions, you can't expect to pick up Miss Fortune and do absolutely fantastic with her. Unlike Corki or Tristana, Miss Fortune doesn't have a fall-back escape, which leaves her susceptible to ganks. She's easily shut down by CC and if your support is balls, you're going to have a bad time. But don't give up! Mastering M'Lady Miss Fortune is completely worth it :)

What if I have a question?
By all means, post a comment or query, I'll be happy to answer. If you want to talk to me in-game, just join my group chat: JHOIJHOI. I'm not online all the time, due to university and work (not to mention I'm Australian, so time zones!), but if you shoot me a PM, I can jump online and have a chat ^^

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So, the only reason why you'd still be reading is that you have some unanswered questions. Probably about the coding for this guide. Well, I'm here to help! This guide mainly uses a coding template I created, which is available here.