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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ShakurStyle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShakurStyle

Mordekaiser Es Numero Uno(Solotop/SoloMid)

ShakurStyle Last updated on August 4, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 13

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Hello everyone my name is Dimitris and I am a great Mordekaiser player.
In this guide,I will show you how to rule with the "Metal" straight on
skirmish battles and teamfighs,while you can easily solo on the laning

Take in consideration,that this guide will get updated patchly*
In order to give you some great advices in order to counter every
new champion as possible.

Before reading this Build Guide,you need to know mordekaiser's abilities,
so you can understand it better,why not taking a view?

Here is a video spotlight for the Pentakill Skin,also shows you his skills.

    Patchly*=Every new patch,it's the same way we say daily,montly and so on.

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Pros. / Cons.

#1 Mordekaiser


Easy Leveling
Great Counter agains DPS champs
Easy to handle
Great to counter junglers
Dies hardly
Perfect to help the team jungler gank

Not the perfect choice agains CC
Exhaust+ Ignite(If enemy has DPS)


Counters most AP champs
Ganks do not affect him easily
He can deal massive damage to other mid champs
He is pretty good in case a teamfight apears
He can fight alone many players the same time*
He can Shut Down sprees with his E>R
And also he can farm amazingly easily

He can die easily if he doesn't go AP
He is not really bulky at early-game
He is slow so CC are not your friend
If enemy got
Heal your Ulti might be useless(At certain times)

*Of course by saying that,that doesn't mean that you can dive to crowd of
enemies trying to show off that your bulky,remember his abilities have not the perfect
range except
Children of the Grave and Siphon of Destruction

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Here are some things you need to know about the runes.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

x9 Why MPen instead flat AP

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Well as we all know,Marks are for Penetration or for Attack Based runes.
Magic Penetration will be the cherry on the cake for Mordekaiser,since he can
be played as AD/AP/TANK we choose AP,cause his skills are much better with AP,
however AP costs some health,while if you go tank the skill sequence changes giving
priority to
Creeping Death but being a support with Mordekaiser is not the best
out of him,so don't go this way,go trully hardcore in battles since your passive
Iron Man gives you Armor whenever you use an ability,but remember abilities
cost health for Mordekaiser,so don't use them too frequently,but your Armor will
be amusing,especially on team fights,and because you allso want to deal damage,
it is suggested to take
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration


Greater Seal of Armor

Probably the best runes to go off with Mordekaiser,giving him a flat boost at
armor,while he doesn't need the Armor per/lv. runes,because of his passive
Iron Man so there's no talk here,just get it and go to the fields of justice.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This is probably the best again as Greater Seal of Armor.
As you can notice this is not flat,firstly because most champs at
earlygame do not deal too much Magic Damage,but also you are getting
more items with magic resist on your build,due to your passive
[Iron Man]
that will give you the Armor that Mordekaiser needs.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This is a monodrome now,you will need some AP,and 15+ AP at early game are
Great to give you a boost,witch will make you lethal both at early and late
game,alternatively you can pick either
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
so you can move faster or
Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp in order
to steal the life you lost from using your spells(this one works really cool and makes
morde fun to use)

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On Masteries as you can see we divided them to give him great survivability
while he will deal massive damage,so we picked masteries that are giving us
AP/CDR/DMG boost and Tanky masteries.

There are not much that we can say but use Summoner's Wrath on par
Exhaust,you can pick instead Ignite but don't take that
Children of the Grave does the same almost work

VKZ95 A specialist of Mordekaiser suggested 9-21-0,In my oppinion it is good for survivability,but I prefer 13/17/0 so you can bot survive and get fed early.

Guide Top


For your items:
The Items you saw above are a sample,theese above do not represent the build that you can
make with Mordekaiser so take this in consideration and read carefully.

Mercury's Treads Possibly the best choice against CC,it makes you fast and grants MResist

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Health so you can cast without a big cost and great Ability Power
also your basic attacks can slow the enemies so take that in mind that you can kill them easily since you can also slow them with this item(Via basic attacks or on-hit effect abilities)

Rabadon's Deathcap

Not the best choice,but if you will really need that and you see that building tanky
is not by your favor,take the death cap and combine it with some Magic Penetration.

Sorcerer's Shoes Another really good pick,that I approve if you want to go with
full AP,since with this you will even be able to kill some magic resist tanks and you
will be able to max out the power of your items,so take it if you want to go with full

Zhonya's Hourglass This choice is a special one,it seems somehow essential for a tanky
AP champion,but remember again,your armor is already fine with Iron Man but on the other
hand Zhonya's Hourglass passive makes you invulnerable to all kind of damage,so while others are focusing you or while the team is pushing and you are tanking against a tower or
enemy champions probably this is a great choice,so you can keep a distraction for your team,again this works supportlike,but its good for all.

Void Staff Possible the best way for those who want to max out their ability power,
notice though,that this is giving you just +70 AP and +40 Magic Penetration,and its one
of the best items,but it doesn't fit for our APTank dedicated guide.

Force of Nature The best choice if you add much health regen to yourself,it gives you some cool stats,but I do not suggest it,but I meantion this cause its a very good item.

Warmog's Armor Another VERY good option for a tankaiser,its good and viable if you go
deep tanky,plus,you can work it well with
Force of Nature

Thornmail A classic option for all the tanks,it gives you a great boost and combines
really well with all the tankish items,plus the magic damage that every enemy who attacks you recieve is a very good addition if you are going to use it with Sunfire Cape

Guardian Angel This one is a very good option not only because it revives you upon death (5min. cd) but because this one gives you both armor and magic resist,witch can be really
helpful at mid to lategame,making you a decent tank,but notice again,Mordekaiser needs this usually for 1 vs 1 duels otherwhise while on teamfights,he doesn't die so easy.

Rod of Ages Probably another extremely perfect option,but this functions good at early to mid game,reason for that? well in order to max the passive stats that this item gets you need about 10 mins to get them at max,but giving you Health Points and Ability power is really good,although this choice gets bad because Mordekaiser doesn't have mana to use it and spend them,so if you get it for the 2 out of the 3 stats,its better to buy another [[Rylai's Crystal Scepter] well although the health buff is really good once the passive has gained max power,around 700 HP!

Morello's Evil Tome As Morrelo says he is a great mage,well this item that is dedicated to him,helps Mordekaiser greatly and not greatly the good is that it gives you 75 AP and 20% CDR
so that is good,but mana regen witch could make this a great choice,doesn't work with Mordekaiser.

Will of the Ancients This one is good for early game,but sell it at mid game,and remember,this item is just butter on your bread for teamfights,especially against a tanky

Athene's Unholy Grail the dedicated item for Athene the video maker,this one works perfect on a mage like Ryze but can be Good also for Mordekaiser,since it gives you some viable Magic Resist and some great Ability power along with other good effects,but again mana regen. doesn't fulfill it.

Lich Bane Perfect for those who want to Spam Q or Q>E combo,it gives us the magic resist we want and doubles our next basic attack's power,its not strongly suggested,while [[Trinity Force] or [Sheen] (for earlygame) might be better maxing your AP.

Trinity Force This gives you everything,we might not need mana,but gives you every dam thing that Morde will need,Attack speed,Attack Damage,Ability Power,Health and much more so why not taking it it will make you undead on late game.

Abyssal Mask Last but not least,Abyssal Scepter witch gives you whatever our build needs!
This is the most viable and lethal item on our build,firstly because you get that +70 Ability Power then because you get +50 Magic Resist, and third because of its Unique Aura,witch drops nearby enemy's(enemies) Magic Resist,making your team capable of dealing tons of magic damage or at least Phreak said.

The suggested items
For solotop:

Sorcerer's Shoes / Will of the Ancients / Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Randuin's Omen / Zhonya's Hourglass / Abyssal Mask

Alternatively for solomid:

Mercury's Threads / Will of the Ancients / Abyssal Mask


But notice,you should modify your build in order to destroy your enemies,thats why. I don't give you a very stable build,but a build that you can change the items so you
can play really good and counter some hard enemies.

Remember once again,for example they got many AP? get Mercury's Treads instead of
Sorcerer's Shoes ,that you get in order to assassinate low health / low mag.resist
enemies with ease,so theese were the suggested items,you can form it the way you like.

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Skill Sequence

We take Siphon of Destruction first to harrass our enemies as good as possibly,while its the best for pushing lanes and getting easy last hits,becarefull though cause its useless against a ranged champion with good CC like Ashe

Then we focus on Mace of Spades this owns really the laning phase of the game
while its good to kill one/or more minnions,depending again on your AP,this works really good
Lich Bane but first use a skill like Siphon of Destruction and then use Mace of Spades

Creeping Death A great skill for killing minions faster or beeing the support of the team,not our favorite for this build,since it deals the less damage for our Mordekaiser,but
if you combine this with
Thornmail and Sunfire Cape you can consume huge enemy hit points.

Children of the Grave One of the best ultimates in the game,while you cast it,you steal the enemy's health plus if he dies while Children of the Grave was binded to him/her,he/she will become your pet,available to control him fully for a period of time.
Notice that with this you can see traps like Caitlyn's,Teemo's and Nidalee's.

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Counters/Possible Laners

Soon to be added

Guide Top

Ranked Play

Soon to be added.

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Farming with Mordekaiser is hella easy,after you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Will of the Ancients (you don't need both for farming,but if you want to farm like a beast,prefer WoTA) And farm using your skills with this priority
1.E(Siphon all the way)
2.W(Great to kill many minions alone)
3.Q(Bouncing mace,awesome)
A great example of the safe-areas is here(Thanks to LoL wiki)Green:Safe area,you won't need to fill your backpack with wards.
Yellow:Be cautious,Yellow area will be green once you have wards,and you are aware of
the minimap.
Red:Danger Zone,becareful for ganks,red areas become Yellow with wards.
Black:Don't mind approaching,wards won't save you there,since you got a moderate mobility.

Mainly,to complete this article,farming with Mordekaiser is really easy,once you
see many minions having a low ammount of health,go and use your AoE > E!

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Update Log

    Guide Created
Published 16/6/2012
Fixed Runes/Masteries 16/6/2012
Added Chapters (Farming/Ranked) 16/6/2012
Added Newest Patch Update Section this will be getting a major update in the future
4/8 Improved the farming section
4/8 Added more information
4/8 Added a new chapter.

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Thanks for reading.

Thanks summoners who read this,mainly this is my first guide,and I made it cause I love playing
with mordekaiser and i got some great expirience with him,so I thought it was cool to share with

Don't go hard on me if I did any mistake,I'm sorry I do not know well the language.

Before you rate +1 OR -1 Play using my guide,and then choose if you liked it or if it was a pain in the...


Thanks for Reading.

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Newest Patch Update

Dianna update:(Pending)