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Mordekaiser Build Guide by salendrin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author salendrin

Mordekaiser tankyeyish ap

salendrin Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! this is my first guide here so take it easy on me...
this guide is on one of my favorite champs, Mordekaiser. I have seen so many diffrent kinds of mordes from all out health to ap even ad+lifesteal (I would never do this xD) so I decided to make an ap tank build
Morde is a very interesting champion to play his abilities donesnt cost any mana instead they cost health which when your 18 you wont even be able to tell your losing health to your abilities. Mord's passive is his spells generates a shield that can actually be extremely helpful in a fight. with this build you'll be generating more shield than losing. But just remember that his shield is not god you can still die if you have low health gtfouta there.
one extra thing i dont even go with all of the items listed above always be open minded to the other team's champions you may not need sunfire or thornmail or hextech gunblade but i HIGHLY recomend FoN and rylai's

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Pros / Cons

crazy burst dmg
high survivability
his ult can change the outcome of a team fight
excellent farmer
no mana

CC able
instead of mana abilities cost health
people QQ about you being so op

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for morde I get afew magic pen and health marks
health regen and ap seals
more ap for glyphs
2 health and a quiescence of swiftness for that extra speed

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When I start the game I always grab a and and on my first trip back get another and if you have enough money either or me personally i always get the blasting wand and regrowth pendant because i usually go back to base around level 6 and love that extra kick for his ult and more health regen never hurts. next on the list is and soon after get i put FoN first for the hp regen and the movment speed after that grab this is change able. Morde doesn't really have any CC breaks unless you have so the opposing team has alot of CC's then you can get next youll have to decide for your self. if they got teemo, mf,ashe,tristana, or any of the ad/as champs get your self a you want more kick in your abilities get you may not even get to the last item but hey you may get lucky orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i always have a hard time picking between these two. the high amount of health for warmog's is very helpful but the health+AoE dmg for sunfire's really compliments your Creeping Death but like i said you may not even go that far. sometimes when i feel like i want to lean more to the ap side i get i can throw CotG on a squishy and half of the life is gone from that alone.
i took thorn mail off of my core items b/c it is strictly a situational item (thanks to VKZ95 for bringing that to my attention) and replaced it with Frozen Mallet the slowing combo of rylai's + FM will basically stop anyone in your way

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While laneing with mord don't just toss out SoD's at only minions if you can always get one of the enemy champs in with it so you get a full shield plus some dmg on the enemy. Keep up the harassment your shield should block most dmg from the enemy while you pick at them and most of the squishyer champs will stay back so they get less gold xp. now after a you get the first blood stay in your lane a bit pick up some gold and go back to town grab some of the items that youll need and haul back to your lane. you need to be the one getting the minion kills the extra gold will really help if you arnt getting all of the killing blows and morde's abilities makes him a very good farmer. your ult's ghost can really do wonders while laneing what i do is when i get it i throw Creeping Death onit and send it after the turret or if a dude who got a way is hiding behind the turret then you get a kill or dmg to a turret. ghosts dont give any xp or gold for killing it so you might as well sacrifice it for some extra tower dmg/kill (btw in case you guys dont know you can control the ghost with ALT clicking) dont forget the ignite + CotG combo if theyer low health you can get the kill easy

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Soloing mid

IMO i hate mid. so if by some very low chance that everyone decides to go melee then you might as well go mid morde is a good soloer. since your soloing you might as well go ahead and spam your SoD on the minions so that your opponent cant getin the extra hits b/c or the range still aim for them but get your shield up and keep it up. since your soloing youll get gold faster only when you KNOW the other champ has gone b/ you killed go back and get what ever you want. blah blah blah get tower down call mia's you know the drill.

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Good champs to lane with

-his knock up can really help catch
-the slow+ heal is awsome
-his crazy dmg will let you ks (xD)
basically the cc champs with fear, stun slow etc. is ideal to go with i found that laneing with nocturne was one of the best if ever laned with

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Thanks for taking the time to actually read up to this part first of all :D
the key things to keep in mind while playing morde is to not spam your abilities lower lvl, remember that your shield is not going to save your life... most of the time , and always add your ignite/CotG on the lowerish healthed champs to get the Killing blow, when you have your ghost from your ult by using alt clicking you can control your ghost and send it over to the turret to do dmg to it and sit back you can atck too but caution