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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ywn4125

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ywn4125

Mordekaiser: The Armor Isn't for S***s and Giggles

ywn4125 Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Hello, before I get started I just want to say one thing. I am not a pro player. To some people my build may show it. All I ask is keep trolling to a minimum, ok? Now, this is my first build ever. That I posted anyway. This build will explain how I build Mordekaiser Tank with with some AP thrown in.

Mordekaiser is a facemelter. The greatest one I might add. AC/DC and Def Leopard have nothing on this guy. When done right you will be able to take on 3 people without dying and probably getting 2 kills while watching the other guy run like a little ***** because you're still at around half life if not more. Of course that is just how I've done. Not all games, but a lot. Try the build out for yourselves. I believe a person's set build is one created by them for them, so I made it easier to do this by suggesting items instead having a set build.
Now that that is past us lets get to it.

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Were building Mord tank/ap right? So I prefer to go 9/21/0. The only point I might substitute is take the point out of Archaic Knowledge and put it into Burning Embers . Both are great for Mord.

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First thing we're gonna analyze is the Marks. There isn't much in Marks for a tank, but since Mord is tanky/ap, Magic Pen. runes work wonders on Mord. I would not suggest anything else.

Next up are Seals. There are tons of runes here for a tanky Mord. I take flat armor runes because 1: they are cheap 2: every game you play there is bound to be 2-3 AD champs. The other runes I might get are flat Health regen runes to go with Warmogs and FoN

Glyphs is another area good for Mord. As a first choice I would go is flat MR runes(if you haven't noticed, I don't take anything but flat amount runes,unless I'm playing a carry.) This is because, again, you're building tank Mord. For a second choice, I would take flat amount AP runes, simply because Mord is AP.

Finally, Quintessence runes. There is multiple different choices here. My top picks are speed runes, magic pen. runes, and health regen runes. You can basically take any number of those runes and your pretty much set.

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This is where I get trashed the most, and praised the most surprisingly. Mostly because people rarely realize the potential of Warmog's Armor on Mord. Mord is a pusher by definition. Three of his abilities are AOE's, which makes it really easy to farm minions, and as you farm those minions and push their towers those stacks on Warmog's will be yours in no time flat. That is why I start with it, to get them early.
Sorcerer's Shoes is a very nice item for Mord. If you picked Archaic Knowledge in your Masteries, then you will have 35% Magic Pen. very early in the game. More boot choices would be either Ninja Tabi for extra armor and dodge is always good, Mercury's Treads for MR and Tenacity, or Boots of Swiftness because Mord is made of metal. He is slow as hell. I go with Sorcerer's shoes because you will have enough tanky and speed by the end of the build.

Force of Nature and Thornmail are your standard tank items. FoN works especially well on people like Mord and Garen where regen, tankiness, and speed benefit them greatly. Also Warmog's, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and any other items that add health have great synergy with FoN.

Rylais is just a great item. Health, AP, and a slow? Count me in. However Rylais is a substitute-able item in case you want more resistances, AP, so on and so forth, but I would only switch it out for something completely superior to it according to the situation. ( I will delve more into situational items in the next chapter)

NOTE: I'm sorry, I completely forgot about starting items. I start with Regrowth Pendent because it allows you to harass without you ever having to worry if you're spamming abilities too much. Another great possibility would be the normal start with boots for that extra boost of speed. If you picked regen runes then you will be able to get away with this with ease.

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Situational Items

This is the most important part of the build. Any tank has to be flexible with his/her build, and the enemy team basically picks for you. what you should take into consideration are these.

    What is their team composition like? (Mostly AD, mostly AP, etc.)
    Who is carrying them/ putting out the most damage?
    How much CC do they have?
    Do they have any stealth champions? (Twitch, Teemo, Eve, etc.)
    Finally, are you your team's main tank?

All of these questions should be in your mind when building Mord. It should be obvious what you should build after these questions are answered, but just in case I will go in more detail.

AP heavy team/AP carried team

There are a couple key items you may get in this situation. The top build is for a balanced enemy team. In this section, you will want a lot of MR ("No **** Sherlock." I know) FoN is king in this section. Not only is it perfect for Mord, but it also provides the highest MR in the game. Banshee's Veil also provides good MR and a spell shield, but the tiny bit of health and the mana altogether is wasted on Mord. Another amazing Mord item I left out of the top build to reserve it for down here. That item is Abyssal Mask. Not only does it provide good AP and great MR, it LOWERS nearby enemies MR, allowing further Magic Pen. in a cooler sort of way, which will be better for your AP team mates because you will all ways be in the middle of the fight. If your not, then either stop playing Mord or uninstall the game to save us from having to play with you.

AD heavy team/AD carried team

This section is easy. Thornmail is obviously the first choice for armor. One of the best items on Mord that go in this section is Sunfire Cape. This plus Abyssal Scepter is mean. Abyssal Scepter lowers a persons MR allowing the damage from Sunfire Cape to be increased. Also both of those items covers a completely balanced team, so if your not the main tank or are building tanky AP, get those two items. This next item I have yet to prove on Mord, but in theory will be f*****g awesome. That item is Zhonya's Hourglass. When you're in the middle of the fight and dying quickly for any number of reasons, pop it's active. Not only will they waste some abilities and time more importantly on you while in the invincibility form, your team will be having a field day. The active is awesome, but it also gives good armor and a helluva lot of AP. Another untested item for me (again, I'm a ******) is Frozen Heart. This item gives armor only 1 point below Thornmail while providing CDR for you and slower attack speed for the enemy. The mana is a waste, but everything else fits Mord perfectly.

Stealthed enemy champions

Not much to do here. Get Oracles potion and Vision Wards

High CC team

I haven't really delved to much in this area, but I can assure you I know items that can help. The best item I can recommend is Mercury's Treads. Not only does this provide the tenacity you need, but also provides valuable MR. Another viable option would be Moonflair Spellblade. The Spellblade provides decent AP with decent Tenacity. The only other Tenacity item I know is Cloak and Dagger. Big no-no. It's a great AD item, but Mord isn't AD. I hope you knew that :( Another great item would be Quicksilver Sash, which is a Cleanse with MR.

Are you your team's main tank?

If you and your friends are a pro team (in which case I feel flattered you're looking at my build :D) then you probably shouldn't have Mord as main tank for lack of CC. Mord is an amazing tank, just not a tank like Rammus, Galio, or even Shen post-nerf. If you aren't main tank, then that leaves you to build less resistances and more AP. The great thing about Mord is that even when you don't build him tank, he's still tanky. The more AP you have, the quicker you can get your shield up and stay up. Items like this include Rylais, Rabadon's, and Void Staff. I'm going to get trolled for this, but I have never used Hextech Gunblade on Mord. I'm an idiot. Use it. Mord has always benefited from spell vamp and slowing tools. The AD and Life Steal add to Mord's Q ability too.

Congrats, you got passed the longest part of the guide :D

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NOT Recommended Items

These items I FORBID you to use.

Guardian Angel: I see Mords use this and cringe. The resistances are nice, but Mord can stay alive without it. Also Mord has no escape mechanism. Even if you take this, when Mord dies. He dies.

Spirit Visage: This may look like a good item at first glance, but compare it to other items you could get. Warmog's gives more life and regen then SV. FoN gives more MR and regen than SV. Frozen Heart gives more CDR than SV. Get the picture?

Lich Bane: I thought long and hard about this item. 80 AP? Movement speed? MR? Sounds great for Mord. I still wouldn't get it. Just like SV, there are items that are better than this in different areas.

Banshee's Veil: I'm not going to forbid this item. I'm just not going to recommend it. Yes, it has an awesome spell shield and good MR, but the miniscule amount of health and mana make it an item that doesn't suit Mord

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Summoner Spells

This part is mostly personal preference. Teleport allows me to get to towers quickly to defend them and keeps me from losing too much exp. Most would want to switch Teleport for Flash, Ghostor Cleanse to help in escaping, chasing, and getting out of that damn silence. As Mord silence will be the thing that kills you, since the only way to bring your shield up is to fire your spells. Ignite is almost a definite. Mord's ult plus Ignite is an insane combo. The synergy is so perfect that playing Mord without it would be like playing without a mouse.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is also something that differs between players. Some will want to level up the mace first. Some, like me, level up the Siphon first. It's your choice.

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Basic Gameplay

For this chapter I just want to point out some things that should help a lot. First, I want to add Mord's weakness to CC, especially Silence (For tips on items and spells to help with heavy CC teams, see Situational Items) I'm more scared of Soraka than I am of Tryndamere because of her Silence. Second, be careful of pushing with Mord. When you have 3 AOE's and a ghost that auto-attacks, it becomes hard to not push. Just don't spam harassment too much and you should be fine.

Thirdly, know when to run. I don't know about you, but when I'm playing Mord I easily become full of myself and don't back when clearly my team is retreating. Retreat with them. Rush into a pack of 5 people when you have at least 3 behind you :)

Lastly, if you have a jungler on your team, do your team a favor and get solo lane. Mord has to be one of the best solo laners in the game. On par with common solo laners like Caitlyn and Alistar. Mord can go mid, but you should still give it to carry. Especially since this Mord guide is mainly devoted to tanky.

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Ranked Play

Honestly, I rarely do ranked. What I can tell you is Mord is one of the most often banned champs because, well, play him and find out for yourselves XD

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Pros / Cons

It might be a little late to put this here. (I promise we're almost done ;) )but oh well.

    Item independent
    Great pusher/Farmer
    Nigh on invincible, even when not built tank
    I have a theory he is pedobear in disguise...
    That armor and mace makes him really slow...careful, he might drown in the river
    Banned often in ranked
    Vulnerable to CC (Silence is your doom)
    Ummmm being pedobear isn't actually a good thing?
    I don't know he's just so cool I can't think of bad things to say.

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In closing I want to wrap up a few things I left out. One, I have heard stories of jungling Mords. Just, just don't do it dude. Leave jungling to Warwick and Nocturne, Champs that can gank and actually get through the jungle with some speed.

Next, I have created my own personal rumor....of an AD Mord (GASP) It is 100% un-tested I think, and I believe it would work better than people believe. I'll add some chapters to the guide when I test it.

As a last statement I wanted to say this. I didn't build this guide to explain to you every step you should take to building and playing Mord. The only true build anyone should use is a build they created themselves. I made this guide to TEACH you how to build Mordekaiser. I hope you take my suggestions to heart, but it is your choice and always will be your choice.

Now that I am done, GO MELT SOME FACES