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LeBlanc Build Guide by MrTibbie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrTibbie

MrTibbie's Leblanc guide

MrTibbie Last updated on November 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cassiopeia One of Leblanc's easiest matchups, she is extremely squishy. Go aggressive on her early and you can just all in her Post-6, she will most likely die in one burst. Just be sure to not face her when she ult's, you rather be slowed than stunned.
Fiddlesticks You absolutely destroy him. Even when he is at full health, you can easily nuke him down in one combo. Just be careful if he's missing from lane for awhile,he can easily gank lanes. Buy more wards and keep him pushed to his tower.
Karthus A very easy matchup,just dodge his Q's Pre-6 and poke him as you please. He will be forced to use his Q to farm and even then you will be able to harass him.You destroy him Post-6, and when he reaches level 6 be sure to warn your teammates that he has his ult up. You do not want him to be able to pick up free kills even though you are winning your lane because he can be a real pain in the ass late game.
Ryze Similar to fiddle,you destroy him completely.With his recent nerfs,he can't even trade with you without getting harassed even harder back.If you are ahead,you MUST maintain that lead because he is an absolutely monster late game to a point where you will not even be able to kill him due to his tankiness.
Twisted Fate Ezpz lemon squeezy.Another very easy matchup for Leblanc,just watch out for his stun card.Similar to Karthus,be sure to warn your teammates when Twisted Fate hits level 6 and has his ult up.Do not hesitate to all in him Post-6,he will die to your full combo.
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz?Who's that?If you play well,he won't exist throughout the entire game.He is extremely squishy and he will have trouble landing his spells on you since your mobility is so high.With that being said,all you have to do is constantly harass and deny farm from him.Take him out first in team fights as he can melt your team with his ult.
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Hello everyone I'm MrTibbie, I'm currently in Diamond 5 and playing on SG server. I main LeBlanc and have been playing her for over a year now, I have played about 700+(normal and rank) games with her. She is the my most successful champion that brought me to Diamond 5 all the way from Silver 4, I won't say I carried in every single game but I certainly carried in most.Typically LeBlanc is seen as a champion that falls off late game and becomes really useless when she falls behind,but with my experience,this is NOT true.If you are new to LeBlanc or deciding whether you should start to learn to play her,my answer is YES.She is a really fun champion to play,and hopefully with my guide,you will also be as successful with her. :)

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Pros / Cons


+Insane single target burst
+Extremely mobile
+High juke potential
+Lane bully
+Able to single handedly carry
+Amazing ganking potential

-Hard countered by CC
-High skill cap
-Not the easiest champion to farm

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The runes I use are pretty standard:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration- A must for all Ap mid champs as the Magic penetration greatly increases your early game damage, allowing you to trade better.
Greater Seal of Scaling Health-I usually use these when facing Ap mid laners as it offers a decent amount of health as the game progresses as compared to Greater Seal of Armor.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power-I prefer these on LeBlanc than Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power as she is strongest early to mid game so the extra AP will help.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power-I only use two of these, pretty standard, 10 flat ap early will greatly increase your damage.
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration-Combined with your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, this extra Magic Penetration will fully maximise your early game damage as it offers 10 flat Magic Penetration.

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These are the masteries I always run on Leblanc mid, regardless of matchup. They offer damage,sustain as well as mobility.

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Summoner Spells

Along with your high single target burst, Ignite will greatly increase your kill potential in lane, there is really no other summoner spell you can take to replace this.

Sorry but Flash is an absolute MUST to use as combined with Distortion+ Mimic's Distortion, you will practically have a total of 3 Flash's allowing you to escape ganks or to simply chase down fleeing enemies. No other summoner spell can replace flash.

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Skill Sequence

At level 1 you can choose to either level up your Sigil of Malice or Distortion, but I usually go with Distortion incase of lvl 2 jungle ganks.

At levels 2 and 3, level up your Sigil of Malice as it will provide the most damage in terms of harassing with your Sigil of Malice+ Distortion combo.

At level 4,take a point in Ethereal Chains.

From then on, Max your Sigil of Malice first, followed by Distortion then Ethereal Chains and leveling up your Mimic whenever its up.

If you are looking to roam, max your Distortion first as its shorter cooldown will help you gank lanes faster. Maxing Distortion also helps you farm fairly easily.

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Starting Items:

Doran's Ring-Gives you 15 Ap,which is a huge increase in your damage, 60 health,allowing you to trade with your opponent, 3 mana regen and 4 mana restore per unit killed, providing you lots of mana sustain as LeBlanc is a very mana hungry in the early game, this item is a MUST to get. The two Health Potion's will help you sustain in lane.

What item should I get next?

I usually get Morellonomicon as my 2nd item as it is an extremely cost efficient item that provides a high amount of ability power, cdr and mana regen. These are stats that will certainly make your laning phase much easier.

Since the removal of Deathfire Grasp,this item is an absolute must to buy as the 2nd item as it provides the most amount of ability power. With its 120 base ability power and a 30% extra Ap bonus, you will be a killing machine unless your enemy stacks loads of Magic resist which you should then get Void Staff first then Rabadon's Deathcap.

If you realise the enemy team building Magic Resist, this is when you will need to buy Void Staff to counter that Magic Resist with its 35% bonus magic penetration.

Then you may proceed to buy Zhonya's Hourglass which provides 120 ability power and 50 armor and its active is a life saver. Within that 2.5 seconds of immunity, it can either save you from a very sticky situation or force your enemy to switch targets when you activate it, allowing you to make quick decisions within that duration. Unless the enemy team is heavy ad or has hard lockdown's(such as Vi's Assault and Battery) you will only need to purchase this as the 5th or 6th item.

I am personally a HUGE fan of Boots of Mobility because i absolutely LOVE roaming. As LeBlanc, your ganking potential is extremely high, so abuse it. You have insane mobility and high burst, so the lane you gank should be successful most of the time. Not only will it help your teammates get a lead in their lanes, you will gain an advantage in your lane too, after picking up kills or assisting in kills. Sorcerer's Shoes is another option for boots, it's pretty standard, if you are not looking to roam then i suggest getting this. I only get Mercury's Treads if im faced with Annie or Veigar in lane, the extra tenacity might just save you life should you get jumped on.

This item works wonders for LeBlanc because it's passive makes it a really good pushing and farming item since LeBlanc somewhat has problems farming. However only get this as the last item as it's really expensive and not worth the cost in the early-mid game phase.


Standard trinklet start, provides a free early ward which, when timed well can prevent early ganks. However, I swap this out for Sweeping Lens when my jungler is camping my lane or around the 14-15min mark.


This elixir is great on LeBlanc as it provides 40 ability power and 25 bonus true damage to champions(every 5s) and towers(no cooldown).

Situational Items:

I usually get Athene's Unholy Grail when i face high Ap magic dealers in lane(such as Syndra, Veigar, Xerath etc.) Or when the enemy team has heavy magic damage.You will find most LeBlanc's buying this in most matchups,regardless whether they win or lose.In my opinion,I think that this item is pretty costly for the stats it gives so only get this when you really need the extra MR.

I only get Banshee's Veil when the enemy has a very fed heavy Ap magic dealer(such as Syndra, Lissandra, Annie, Veigar etc.)Do not buy this if you are not the main target for enemies in team fights as buying this would mean that you will lose out one slot for your core items.

I only get this item when the enemy team has a Warwick, his Infinite Duress is extremely annoying especially if he is always aiming you. The duration of his Infinite Duress is just too much and you will usually find yourself dead after the enemy team has caught up to you.Same goes for Malzahar's Nether Grasp.

With its recent buff(or nerf) its not that bad a choice right now, given you will have 5 stacks upon purchase. However ONLY get this item when you are really really far ahead and you can just one shot their carries as the punishment upon death will be the loss of HALF of your stacks. Unless you are really confident you can continue snowballing, I do not recommend getting this.

This item is pretty good if you are laning against strong AP laners such as Veigar, Annie, Syndra and Ahri or if you are up against a very heavy AP team. The aura will come in handy when you get close to your enemies using Distortion, but overall its not exactly the best item to get considering it has low AP.

Horrible items on LeBlanc:

Never ever get these.

You do not deal over time damage,which makes the active on the item practically useless.

What for slow down your enemies when you can just pop them like a balloon? Waste of gold.

No. Just no. You will spend almost an eternity to charge up your mana, and totally not worth for its cost. Considering LeBlanc isn't as mana hungry late game.

Spell vamp? What for? Complete waste of gold.

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Skill Combos

The Basics:

Harassing in lane: Sigil of Malice+ Distortion(QW)
Harassing enemies not in close range: Distortion(to get into range)+ Sigil of Malice+ Ethereal Chains(WQE)

Combo 1: Sigil of Malice+ MimicSigil of Malice+ Distortion(QRW)
Combo 2(enemies not in close range): Distortion(to get into range)+ MimicDistortion+ Sigil of Malice+ Ethereal Chains(WRQE)
Combo 3: MimicSigil of Malice+ Ethereal Chains+ Sigil of Malice+ Distortion(R(Q)EQW)
Combo 4(to make sure enemies with jumps/blinks can't escape): Ethereal Chains+ MimicEthereal Chains+ Sigil of Malice+ Distortion(ERQW)

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Early Game

FARM,FARM AND FARM! I cannot stress this enough,many LeBlanc players spend all their early games harassing that they forgot the most important thing,farming. Farming is where you get your income to get your items from, true that kills are certainly more rewarding. Good LeBlanc's know how to both harass their opponents and farm at the same time, this requires very good timing. LeBlanc has a very strong early game, abuse it and play agressive whenever possible. But if you are new to her, I suggest playing a little safer, not too safe though. Level 6 is where the real fun begins, when you have your Mimic you can start making plays and picking up kills as LeBlanc's level 6 power spike is HUGE. After 6, you may look to roam to other lanes. Your high burst and mobility should secure you or your teammate a kill should you gank their lanes.

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Mid Game

Mid game is usually where all the team fights occur. Your job in every fight is to delete their carries,this is relatively easy as there is always an opening in almost every fight where either their ADC or APC is vulnerable,this is where you MUST react fast as this window of oportunity is very small. As I said before, don't forget to FARM. Just because team fights occur often,that is not an excuse for you to ignore farming, it is still your source of gold income.

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Late Game

Team fights and objectives are everything now. One wrong mistake or if you are caught out of position, it will most likely result in the loss of an objective or even the game as the death timers are high. Likewise, catching the enemy team offguard is LeBlanc's specialty. You can easily catch and take down any enemy out of position, and unless the enemy team stacks loads of magic resist, your burst should be just as high(or even more) now. Remember, your job as LeBlanc is to DELETE their carries in team fights.

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Leblanc Gameplay

Check out my Leblanc Gameplays:

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