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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Blargh9

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blargh9

Mundo Jungles as he Pleases!

Blargh9 Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everybody!
I'm Blargh9 and I'm a jungler main on the NA server. Mundo is my favorite champion in the League and i have played many, many games with him over the past year. He is a really powerful jungler due to his quick clear times and easy counter jungling ability along with his infinite tanking skills (unless they ignite you!) Hopefully you all learn something new about how to jungle mundo in my guide!

It's a work in progress and I hope to add more than just the basic items and build tips over the next couple days! It's also my first guide so feel free to provide constructive criticism and point out any mechanical errors i might have missed! Comments are appreciated if you up or down vote my guide; I want to continue improving it so any comments are greatly beneficial and mean a lot!
Ganking Panda
(Formally Blargh9)

1/2: Published Guide
1/3: Added Items section and Jungle route
1/4: Jungling,Map Control Sections, Tips
2/12: Updated Runes

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Mundo Pros / Mundo Cons

+ Fast Clear time
+ Strong mid/late game
+ Gets incredibly tanky
+ Doesn't care about turrets when ulti is up
+ Great jungle control
+ Best skin in the game!
+ Secretly OP
+ Doesn't Die if built right :D
- Weak first clear
- extremely squishy early game
- susceptible to early counter jungling
- no reliable CC

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Mark of Attack Speed: I run attack speed marks to speed up the clear time
Hybrid Penetration: Hybrid Pen is great on Mundo since he has the AD steroid from Machoism and his cleavers and burning agony are magic damage. Helps clear the jungle faster and helps with early game ganks since you will be doing more overall damage to champions as well.

Armor Seals: standard jungle requirement, essential to survive initial clear

Scaling Magic resist: scaling MR is useful late game for ap damage and unless your opponent has 2+ ap members these runes and SV is all the MR you'll need

Quintessence of MS: Very good on many junglers and tanks. Allows for faster clears and map control. Also go well with Mundo's speed boost on his ult to help gap close during ganks or escape from bad situations.

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I go 9/21/0 masteries on Mundo. The defense tree is simply amazing for him and it's perfectly fine to run 1/29/0, taking one point in summoner's wrath for your exhaust. the 9 offensive points are mainly for helping clear the jungle faster with a small boost for his AA. Summoner's wrath is the most important point here.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: if you don't take this as Jungle Mundo...please uninstall or stop jungling. It's great for securing buffs, dragon, and baron as well as getting you 10 gold every minute. ALWAYS LET YOUR TEAM KNOW IF YOUR SMITE IS ON CD WHEN TAKING DRAGON OR BARON!

Exhaust:: Great for ganks if you miss you're cleaver(briefcase for corporate mundo fans!). Always try to land exhaust on the most fed CARRY on the enemy team durig late game fights.

Why not....
Flash: You are Mundo. You run in circles, don't give a ****, and don't die. Mundo never run from fights, so why flash away? You wouldn't, so no need for flash :)
Jk, I kid. Flash is really useful for chasing or escaping. I prefer exhaust because a cleaver+ exhaust almost guarantees a kill even if they flash. Exhaust is also good in case you miss your Q. Flash+Q is a much riskier combo because if the Q misses, you've wasted flash and wasted a gank opportunity.

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Mundo's Ovepower'd Skills

: Adrenaline Rush
Dr. Mundo regenerates 0.3% of his max health each second.

Mundo's passive. Not the most exciting but it has it's uses in keeping you alive in the jungle and scales well with your items late game.

:Infected Cleaver
Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver in a line to damage a single enemy, dealing magic damage equal to 15 / 18 / 21 / 23 / 25 % of the enemy's current health (minimum 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 damage) and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. If Infected Cleaver hits a target, it refunds 50% of the cost.

Mundo's Cleaver(briefcase) is his signature move. It does pretty good damage because it scales off of the opponenet's current HP, but the slow doesn't change as it levels up so I max it second for the damage in sieges and ganks. This is mundo's ONLY form of cc without red buff or exhaust so make sure you master hitting this skillshot or your ganks will be very lackluster and probably fail.

: Burning Agony
(Toggle): Dr. Mundo drains his health every second to activate Burning Agony. While activated, it will deal 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+20% of ability power) continual magic damage to nearby enemies and it reduces the duration of stuns and slows used on Dr. Mundo by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 %.

This is the skill that makes mundo jungle fly. One of the best AOE spells in the game. It allows for fast clears AND reduces opponent disable. With this , tenacity, and tencious from masteries you will barely notice you're opponnts feeble attempts to stop you running into their team! Mwahahahahaha

: Masochism
Increases Dr. Mundo's physical damage by 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 for 5 seconds. In addition, Dr. Mundo also gains an additional 0.4 / 0.55 / 0.7 / 0.85 / 1 damage for every 1% of health he is missing.

One of the best AD steroids in the game. It gives anywhere from 100-199 additonal AD at rank 5. Not too shabby, but we aren't looking to carry, so max it last.

Dr. Mundo regenerates 40 / 50 / 60 % of his max Health over 12 seconds. Additionally, he gains 15 / 25 / 35 % movement speed for the duration.

Mundo's ult allows Mundo to go where he pleases. Press "R", get massive health regen based off your HP and a speed boost. Great for gap closing or charging wildly at the enemy team, and also to run away, which Mundo never does. It also has a relatively short CD so don't be afraid to sue it while jungling to get your HP to clear a couple more camps before backing. Also, really good for baiting tower dives when you have low hp hehehe

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This section I'll cover the items I've found to be most effective on Mundo and some of his late game options.

Merc Treads/Ninja Tabi - You're level 2 boots are determined by the enemy team comp, but more often than not i get the Tabi because Tenacity can be gotten from the Spirit of the Ancient Golem

Spirit of the Ancient Golem - Yes, I know this item gives mana regen and Mundo doesn't use mana, but Mundo buy what he pleases! Jusst kidding, this item is really, really good for Mundo. It gives a large amount of heath (Mundo love health!), armor, health regen for jungling, and tenacity. Tenacity from this item allows you to get Ninja Tabi and it also stacks with Mundo's W and the masteries for massive CC reduction.

Ruby Sightstone - Is sightstone just a support item? No. It is very strong on champions who are filling the tank role or like to counter jungle. Ruby Sightstone is a perfect fit for our good Doctor. It gives HP and the three wards that you can place in your opponents jungle to keep tabs on him and know when you can safely take his creeps, give one of your laners help with wards if he/she can't afford them at the time, or to keep control on objectives without spending money on wards. Remember, wards win games. Feel free to cover the opponents jungle because the sightstone wards are free. Also, use it to ward your own jungle if you're being counter jungled so you can bait the enemy jungler into a trap.

Warmogs - Must buy on Mundo. It gives tons of health(who needs damage!) and health regen that stacks on your passive. If looking to troll the enemy team build 5 of these and laugh at your absurd health regen.

Spirit Visage - Another Essential item on Dr. Mundo. It gives health, CDR for your cleavers(briefcases), MR, oh, and it boosts all your healing effects, including your passive. Amazing item!

Optional Items
Sunfire Cape - Gives armor and health. The passive is ncie becuase you'll usually be in the middle of the enemy team so it stacks on top of "W" to give a nice amount of DPS. Definetly worth the cheap price for this item

Randuin's Omen - Good choice if the enemy has an attack speed based top laner, like Jax or Irelia, and/or if their adc is fed to hell. Just run at them with your ult then pop randuins and exhaust on the ADC and hope your team is smart enough to secure the kill.

Aegis of the Legion/Runic Bulwark - only buy this item if your support doesn't. The aura is really good in team fights. Always upgrade it because a global 30 MR makes a huge difference in team fights.

Locket of the Iron Solari - Solid item for Mundo. Health and CDR is always useful. The active is also very effective for helping out your team and being more than a giant hunk of meat soaking damage. You can buy this item if you want more CDR or replace with a warmogs.

Shurelya's Reverire - nice item on Mundo. You can buy this even fi your support does because more Shurelya's = MOAR FUN. Activate your ult and this to get a real nice burst of speed to chase people down or get quickly into a fight.

Frozen Mallet - really never buy this item. You don't need damage or the slow, but the health is always nice. Sometimes Mundo wants to do damages so i put this at the bottom. Seriously, please don't buy it. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to buy it, buy a warmogs.

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Jungle Route

Red Start
1) Wraiths - get help from your teammeates
2) Red Buff - try to get your team to put lots of dmaage onto it or your early jungle sustain will be very dificult
3) Wolves
4) If give smite less leash at red take blue now, if not go back to wraiths
5) Blue Buff
6) Script ends, options to gank, farm, or counter jungle based on how the lanes are pushing and where enemy jungler is

Blue Start
1) Wolves - leash
2) Blue Buff -leash
3) Wraiths
4) Golems or Wolves ( only take Golems if you have 3+ health pots left)
5) Red
6) Gank, Counter Jungle, Farm your jungle

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Clearing Camps
Pretty simple as Mundo. Always focus down the biggest camp monster and Burnng agony will take care of the little guys. When doing buffs try to pull the big golem or lizard out a little bit so that you hit it with your cleaver. Because of the percentage damage it's very useful for quickly taking down buffs and objectives.

Map Control
A very important component to mundo jungle. Map control is one of the most important, and overlooked, parts of winning a match in League of Legends. At the start, ask your support if they can ward the enemy wraiths. If they don't its not a big deal, but a ward there is very helpful. You'll know where he starts, what level he is, starting items, and roughly get the timer for his red buff. Once you get ruby sightstone, you can ward anywhere you please in the enemy jungle. Make sure to try and ward their buffs so that you attempt to steal or at the very least get the timer. ALWAYS try to buy pink wards for dragon and baron after you complete your first item. Anytime you have 100 or 200 gold leftover, just buy some wards, unless you have sightstone. Don't go for dragon or baron unless the enemy team ahs someone dead, you know they have o vision of the area (pink wards), or you have forced their bottom to base so you know it's a 4 on 2 advantage in that part of the map.

Counter Jungling
Don't go blindy running into the enemy jungle unless your extremely ahead of the enemy jungler in kills and CS. Once you see the enemy jungler go into lane to gank or see him in another part of te map and you are not close enough to assist, go into the vacated part of the jungle and take his camp monsters. ONLY do this when you know the enemy jungler is not in your part of the map. Wards OP.
Kiling the camps with Mundo is really easy. Run into the camp, smite the enemy's big wraith, golem, or wolf, and always leave 1 small creep so the timer doesn't reset. Watch your "W" because it can sometimes kill the rest of the camp before you finish the big monster.
When stealing buffs always kill the entire camp so that you have the timer and will know when it re-spawns so you can be in position to steal it when its back up.
Key Timers
Blue Buff - 5:00
Red Buff - 5:00
Dragon - 6:00
Baron - 7:00

The reason for keeping timers is so you can tell your team when dragon or baron will be up so you can group as 5 for the objective. If you see the enemy team going for dragon and your team is NOT ready to fight it, PUSH TOWERS. Towers give map and jungle control. Trading tower for dragon is a good trade. it's almost the same amount of gold, but towers don't re-spawn and dragon does. Plus you gain map control around the destroyed tower because they won't feel safe pushing that far out.

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Pretty straight foward. If a lane is getting pushed around or someone calls for a gank, check it out. DON'T GANK if you believe it's bad situation where you'll lose the trade. Example, if top lane calls for a gank but your top laner is at 1/3 HP and theirs is at full, don't gank. You're top lane will die and you might too because of the overall weak early game.
If you decide to go for the gank try to come in behind the enemy laners. Start by hitting your cleaver and focusing the target you hit. If bottom, try to focus the ADC first, then the support. If they flash out, don't dive unless they are very low. Forcing a flash is just as good as getting a kill. With the 5 minute cooldown, your lane will have a huge advantage if they still have their flash and you can always come back within 5 minutes to get the kill.
If you trust your laners you can always try to leash them the kill if you think it's a guaranteed kill. If your're in solo que DON'T DO THIS. Too many times i turn off my "W" and turn back because i want my adc to get the kill and then they mess up and either turn back with me or miss an ability and the person escapes. Mundo uses gold very efficiently so don't feel bad if people rage at you for taking kills. Kill secured = good teamwork.
You can in-lane gank for top or bot lane. Come in from behind your turret and get in the bushes unseen. If minions are near your turret, ask your lane to push it out so the vision of the bush entrance is reduced. Also ask if the bush is warded or not so you arn't wasting your time sitting in a bush and getting no gold. Try to have your lane start a fight then run in with "W" and try to hit as many cleavers as possible.

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- Mundo goes where he pleases. You choose when and where you gank, not your laners.
- If they are pushing and complain about ganks, tell them to stop pushing
- Ask your lanes to keep track of where enemy wards are so you can avoid them
- Make sure to keep clearing your jungle, keeping up in CS is very important
- Always ward objectives, preferably with pink wards
- Whenever the opponent jungler ganks the other side of the map, go take part of his jungle
- If he ganks a lane near you, go help your teammate and counter gank. Counterganks are just as good as normal ganks and can be even more effective turning one kill for the opponent into a double kill for your team.
- As the jungler, you'll get blamed for someone losing their lane ESPECIALLY when it is NOT your fault. Just ignore ragers and keep doing your job
- Towers give you map control. If the enemy team groups for dragon and your team isn't ready to contest, take a tower. It's a good trade.
- Have fun playing as Dr. Mundo :)