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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Simeon747

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simeon747


Simeon747 Last updated on March 21, 2013
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Hello, this is my first guide .This is a guide made by a 1300ish elo player. My nickname is Somigator, my main role is jungling. My favourite jungler is Dr.Mundo because , as Dr.Mundo says : MUNDO GOES WHERE HE PLEASES. Which is true. Once you get to mid game, Mundo is almost invincible. In teamfights, you just rush to the carries and kill them. If they kill you first, it will mean that they will waste their abilities on you which is good, becuse your teammates will get the kills. You will never die, if you follow this guide.


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Change Log

21st March 2013

Fixed the BotrK chapter, since it got nerfed quite a bit ago. Mundo can go where he pleases again.

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I'm not gonna lose too much times on this chapter, I will tell you what you need to build on mundo. You WANT health on Dr. Mundo , so the items you need the most are Warmog's Armor because of the insane amount of health it gives you , Randuin's Omen because its active is one of the best Item Actives in game, and it also gives you Health/Armor which is very useful to you, since YOU ARE THE TANK! I always like to build Sunfire Cape because of it's passive, which really scales off well with your Burning Agony . I like to get Locket of the Iron Solari because of it's active, which is very useful in teamfights. TheOddOne (Jungler of Team SoloMid) builds Locket of the Iron Solari almost on every champion, while jungling. It gives you good health, armor and health regen , and it's not that expensive. It's a must once you start losing. If you don't know what else to build, check my guide once again and look at the items ^^.

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Champions that counter Dr.Mundo

There was a time when Blade of the Ruined King was the most OP item in the whole game. Everybody used to get it, bruisers,carries,assasins. It did a lot of damage and it had a really overpowered passive back then , and it's one of the worst items that countered Dr. Mundo.

Never lose hope!

Alright, for every champ there is a conter. For now , I've experienced A LOT of trouble against Kog' Maw and Elise.
Elise's Neurotoxinhurts Mundo because it does damage based on your CURRENT HEALTH.

Kog'Maw's counter to Mundo is his Bio-Arcane Barrage which does an on-hit effect which damages the target for it's max health which hurts Mundo even more.

Miss Fortune is also a great counter for Dr. Mundo. Her Impure Shots make you heal a lot less , which makes Adrenaline Rush and Warmog's Armor 's passive and Spirit Visage 's passive a lot less effective.

Basically, she counters you for the same reason Miss Fortune does , she lowers your HP Regen. Also, her ultimate Buster Shot makes it hard to get to her, and you're a melee champion.

Items that counter Dr.Mundo

How dangerous is that item for you:

Hard Counter

Slightly Affects You

Liandry's Torment : This item will give you a lot of trouble, especially when builded on champions that do damage over time like Malzahar , Rumble , Anivia , and so on..
But, there are also champions that don't do damage over time but they still benefit Liandry's Torment , like Elise , Katarina , Kog'Maw if played AP, and almost every AP Caster.

Blade of the Ruined King : DANGER , THIS ITEM IS REALLY DANGEROUS IF BUILDED ON THE ENEMY AD CARRY, You will become almost gibberish to him, because of this item's passive. I like to build it on champions like Kog'Maw because it fits perfectly with your Bio-Arcane Barrage

Morellonomicon : This item can really screw you up if it's mixed with Ignite , even tho I didn't see many people build it in my last games. If they do, dont completely retreat! It's good if they spended Morellonomicon 's active and/or an ignite on you! Your carries don't get focused and you do more damage!

Executioner's Calling : This item is pretty good, but deadly if mixed with Blade of the Ruined King . It will give you A LOT of trouble if the enemy AD carry gets smart and starts building it. Overall, it's a great item. The item itself doesn't counter Dr.Mundo so hard, because it's a Chance passive, and it's an on hit effect. BUT, If combined with Blade of the Ruined King it's a hard counter.

Basically, every item/ability that damages you for your health ( be it current or maximum), countery Dr. Mundo . Beware of those.

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If you get to ban a champion , make it be Elise . Mainly because she's viable top, mid and jungle, and if she jungles , her ganks are really good. She has ranged CC and a gap closer. Try to ban her.

In the early game there are 2 ways you can start your route. Either starting Wolves and asking for a smiteless BLUE BUFF so you can just rush for the RED BUFF and smite it and then go for a lvl 2 gank (which i don't reccomend) , either starting at wraiths, then heading to red buff, smite it away, go for wolves, after wolves you go for wraiths again and then (your smite should be up) you go for blue buff. After that you should be lvl 3. If so, get a few more camps just to hit level 4. Once you hit level 4 you are ready to gank. Before ganking , get some items and heal yourself.

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Okay, ganking isn't really rocket sience. You just need the right timing.If the lanes are freezed, you should somehow get behind the champion you're ganking or try to hit him with an Infected Cleaver (Q) as soon as possible. If you are ganking top, try to get a support with CC (stuns and similiar) so you can just Ghost Ghost in and slow him with your Infected Cleavers. The hardest lane to gank, in my opinion, is mid if the lane isn't pushed. You gotta get behind the carries, somehow like this :

While ganking, if under level 6 ,feel free to use your Ghost if you feel like you're gonna get the kills. If level 6 or above , feel free to use Sadism for ganks. Don't tank the turret and don't get greedy. At low levels , or at laning phase can't tank turret shots so well.

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Poking and defending turrets

I've often found myself in a position where both team were just stuck at middle lane, killing creeps, poking and defending their turrets. As Mundo, you should stand somewhere safe, yet where noone can see you so you can throw cleavers. Just because they can't see you , it doesn't mean you can't see them. Ask your teammates to slightly push , just so you can have vision on them. Your Infected Cleaver at lvl 4/5 do A LOT of damage. Try to land every Infected Cleaver because if you sum up the damage you have done, it's not a small number. This will make them fall back, even recall and that means your team can easily take the turret. You have done your job as a Dr. Mundo there.

Taking turrets

So, you kindly ask your teammates to get an outer turret you still didn't take. Let's take bottom for example. You should all group at mid, kill a minion wave and head to bottom. The way you're going to do it is like this :

Remember : If there are not any minion waves , you should tank the turret (or another tanky member of the team) AND remember to activate your Masochism for extra AD.


Here is one really important thing about Dr.Mundo : he is actually really good in teamfights. He may not have a lot of aoe damage or cc, but he is still good. Your job as Dr. Mundo is to activate you Burning Agony + Sadism (+ Ghost if needed) and get to their AD Carry or their AP Carry , since they are usually the squishiest yet higher source of damage. You should kill them, or if you can't do that : just zone them. That really helps in teamfights! At low level, you may die , but if you do everything correctly, their team should be damaged by you pretty much because of your Burning Agony . Also, remember to activate your items' actives like Randuin's Omen 's one or Locket of the Iron Solari 's one. That is pretty much everything you need to know about teamfights.
REMEMBER ! Just because you're slightly behind , doesn't mean you can't win the teamfights! Teamfights are all about positioning. I say that because of self experience. We made a 3-7 game into an 8-8 game , just by positioning well!
ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING : If you see they are heading to your carries, PROTECT THEM! Or, if you have another tanky teammate, tell him to protect them, while you do the damage to their carries!

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So, after all the farming, harassing , gaking and other jungler stuff you have done,it comes to pushing, because YOU NEED TO PUSH! My opinion is Turret > Kills. (Altho Ace > Turret)
You want to keep spamming your Infected Cleaver into minions, to push the lane. It should be late game, so you can tank turrets and you can tell your team to follow you to push a turret (THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD ALL LEAVE BASE AND GO BACKDOOR, THAT WILL MAKE YOU LOSE! ). If you are losing, you still want to keep throwing Infected Cleaver into them, and when they back off, completely, you are gonna place wards. You gotta place wards on Dragon , Baron and your jungle. You don't want to ward their jungle, because you're not gonna get there since you are getting pushed and you are still in your half map. (CPT. OBVIOUS AT IT'S FINEST!). Remember, you ALWAYS need vision! sight ward and Vision Ward always help, and they only cost 75 and 125 gold. Buy a ward, prevent a gank/getting caught, save a life.

sight ward Vision Ward sight ward Vision Ward sight ward Vision Ward sight ward Vision Ward sight ward Vision Ward sight ward Vision Ward sight ward

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This is the end of this guide to Dr. Mundo , I hope you learned something / I made you want to play Dr. Mundo . Remember, he might not be one of the best junglers in high elo, because he gets countered, but I got about 200 elo just by playing him.
Remember, like if you liked the guide/if you learned something and feel free to comment if you have questions or you feel like correcting something ^^ Peace!.

-Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun