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Rammus Build Guide by BaLoRi

My IMMORTAL Rammus Build

My IMMORTAL Rammus Build

Updated on July 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 662 58 2,040,845 Views 76 Comments
662 58 2,040,845 Views 76 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Rammus Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on July 27, 2022
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Sliperyhippo (1) | July 28, 2022 12:39am
I got an S on my first Rammus Jungle game using this guide, so I trust your judgement, but I've been hearing a lot about chemtank over sunfire for movement speed in the jungle to gank more and have more overall map coverage. I was wondering what your thoughts were on chemtank, did you not mention it because it doesn't fit the immortal theme or was that just not in the meta when you originally wrote the guide?
tgm1337 | November 1, 2021 6:02am
The_Marco | May 4, 2021 7:02pm
best too best
Corvux (9) | April 21, 2021 10:07pm
Hi BaLoRi! I always have found your Rammus guides very interesting. This version of Rammus Health Tank with insane heal seems to be fun to play. I usually use Unflinching but I really like the combo that you have create with Revitalize + Ravenous Hunter + Spirit Visage. I will try your build...
Young_Izee (1) | November 28, 2020 8:12am
Balori i beg u make an olaf build im struggling i got a skin for him and i always use ur builds voli malph now i need olaf please u can reply to me with the runes and items no problem pleaseeee
BaLoRi (44) | November 29, 2020 11:50am
I will soon upload an olaf build guide in our YouTube Channel, it will be a Max Heal Type but you need to give me some more time to further test it in order to share it 💙
Young_Izee (1) | November 30, 2020 9:12am
yes thank you so muchh 💙💙💙
DjapeFromSerbia (20) | November 1, 2020 8:09am
Does Font of Life apply to Rammus too? Also does Sorcerers instead of Tabis decrease tankiness by a significant amount or it's not that noticable?
BaLoRi (44) | November 28, 2020 5:17am
No, the Font of Life as I am saying in the guide is for your allies and you will multiply that healing effect by 15% cause of Revitalize as well to make it even more powerful!
Magic Pen boots was always an option for our Immortal Rammus build and its for sure an option, it wont decrease your immortality cause it will increase your damage = healing = More sustain!!
DjapeFromSerbia (20) | November 28, 2020 11:33pm
Thanks for clearing stuff up. Nice guide btw.
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paokgr (23) | October 29, 2020 10:25am
BaLoRi (44) | November 28, 2020 5:17am
Since the very beginning of this guide, we were always playing Top Lane Rammus, Of course our Immortal build will work in any other lane as well!
paokgr (23) | November 28, 2020 5:29am
Yes, I said it very bad. Sorry, I wanted to say if Rammus top can work. (no need to answer I saw from other comments). Thank you and have a nice day.
dudmuffin | May 21, 2020 2:47pm
Is blind picking rammus with this build ok?
BaLoRi (44) | May 31, 2020 12:26pm
Overall we are focusing to pick rammus against certain type of champions, especially if the enemy team got 2 or more AD-Type ones, but, you can easily pick it blindly as well, especially with the meta right now you will certainly have plenty of AD damage against you, but even without that much you will still be the STRONGEST cause this build works against any kind of enemy team!
Mlamp | December 14, 2019 3:58am
works good but 80% of the time i get feeders in my team or the game ends in less than 20mins and i cant even get close to rammus final form
Shinriyoku (2) | November 11, 2019 5:58am
It works soo good with Rammus ngl. Thanks in advance imma try it out now :)
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