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Sion Build Guide by BaLoRi

My IMMORTAL Sion Build

My IMMORTAL Sion Build

Updated on December 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 19 2 55,937 Views 1 Comments
19 2 55,937 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Sion Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on December 22, 2023
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Runes: Immortal Sion Runes

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

My IMMORTAL Sion Build

By BaLoRi
About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content Creator/Streamer part of Fnatic and FNC Network.
This Mobafire profile and the guides I am creating meant to explain my unique playstyle and build theory to my Community and make my Balorians even stronger 🔥
All the guides that I am creating are ONLY for champions that will give you 70%+ win ratio and these are the very same builds that I am using to rank up without trying.

You can find me anywhere:
Live on Twitch:
Discord server:

Lets now start with our OP Sion Build guide and how to win games easier than ever!
An introduction to Immortal Sion Build
Lets understand why to play Sion with the Immortal build and what makes it so powerful!

Sion is a champion that is DESIGNED to fight an entire team, his Soul Furnace will let him have an INFINITE Amount of HP stacks that will let him even without have items to reach a huge amount of HP and fight with ease against any target, but, here we will fully use every single thing that Sion got in his kit to make him the IMMORTAL of the IMMORTALS!!

With your Soul Furnace to give you an infinite amount of HP and SUSTAIN, Decimating Smash and Roar of the Slayer that will let you CC multiple targets and of course Unstoppable Onslaught that as the name says will make you UNSTOPPABLE will let you be the ONE that will make the biggest impact in teamfights!

This build will have 7000+HP in full late game, huge Armor, Huge MR but also 2-3 Shield type effects that will come from your Skill plus items and multiply these shield effects by more than 40% cause of Spirit Visage and Revitalize and not only that by using the power of Shield Bash these HUGE shields will be USED AS DAMAGE making this rune alone to do damage close to 3000 in every single game!!
While also using Sunfire Aegis to do 240+dmg per second to every target around us and ALSO BE UNSTOPPABLE cause of the huge tenacity that you will have by Legend: Tenacity, Mercury's Treads and Elixir of Iron, Sion Will combine the power of IMMORTALITY and MAX TENACITY builds and make sure to terrorize the lives of the enemy team, while also having Triumph to receive huge HP as heal back with every kill/assist!!!!

let me tell you that from now, our builds meant to make you the STRONGEST in teamfights and Solo Lanes at the same time!

You can see what Immortal Sion Can do in full late game by checking this::

You are going to realize soon that just by combining certain runes, items, skills Sion will become so powerful that you wont even believe it yourself!!

Let’s get started by explaining how Sion will become an IMMORTAL!
Secret Behind Runes
Lets start with the runes and why to play with this set of runes is one of the most important things!

For Resolve:
Grasp of the Undying One of the most powerful runes in the game for champions like Sion and especially for him cause of his Soul Furnace, this rune will give you 3 stats, bonus damage with % of your HP and Sion will have an INFINITE amount of HP, making it do a huge amount of magic damage from early to late game and also HEAL for 2% of your MAX HP, making Grasp of the Undying the most important rune for our Immortal Sion, but its not only these 2, there is another effect that that most people keep forgetting the 5 permanent HP that you will also get each time you are using it!
So just from Grasp you will have 3 effects that together with your passive will make you a total monster, but this is just the beginning. Lets continue!!

Shield Bash A super important rune, a MUST TO HAVE for Sion and one of the reasons that to go for Grasp is the only way, it will give you bonus Armor-Mr each time you got a shield PLUS bonus damage that scales with the % of the shield and % OF YOUR HP for your next basic attack cause of your Soul Furnace, Winter's Approach and even Gargoyle Stoneplate you will use Shield Bash almost every SINGLE SECOND cause of how low CDthe skill and items got and these shields will be multiplied by 40+% cause of Revitalize and Spirit Visage, making Shield Bash ALSO INCREASE its the damage at the same time!!

Second Wind Another monstrous rune, HP REGAIN each time you receiving damage from the enemy that scales with your MISSING HP, people keep underestimate it, but cause of this rune and Doran's Shield you will be totally UNSTOPPABLE early, cause of this double regeneration from level 1 you will have ability to trade with the enemy for AS LONG AS YOU WANT and kill them easily while being Full HP!

Revitalize One of the most BROKEN runes that on certain champions works incredible, Tahm Kench is one of them, 5%-15% BONUS HEALS that together with Spirit Visage you will increase this to 40+% and will make you an IMMORTAL MONSTER! Also you will increase your SHIELDS by another 40+% that means your Soul Furnace, Winter's Approach and Gargoyle Stoneplate plus the shields that you will have from allies such as Janna Yuumi Sona etc.

For the secondary runes tree we got two different options!


Cheap Shot Bonus True dmg after your CC, that means you will activate this rune non stop with Q-E-R making you use also true damage on your engages!

Taste of Blood If you want better sustain, then this is your option, bonus HP each 20seconds while damaging your enemies, this amount will multiplied by 40% cause of Revitalize and Spirit Visage

Ultimate Hunter Bonus Ability haste for your Ultimate, our Unstoppable Onslaught is one of our biggest weapons for our Immortal Kench, now we will use it FASTER and destroy them more EASIER!

And also Precision:

Triumph Missing HP Heal plus bonus gold for every kill/assist, you think the heal value is low for this rune, but in reality you will be gaining more than 500-600 HP per kill/assist and cause you will multiply this heal by Revitalize and Spirit Visage this heal will become EVEN BIGGER!

Presence of Mind If you think you need more mana, especially early to spam skills much more, then to have presence of mind is the best rune for you, cause it will give you mana regeneration after damaging your enemies and max mana % for each kill/assist!

Legend: Tenacity Bonus 30% Tenacity, making you have a total tenacity of 60%+ that will let you avoid ANY CC while fighting 1v5! One of the most important stats in the game that will also let you the option of going for Plated Steelcaps instead of Mercury's Treads to counter both CC and Basic attackers with lots of ON-hit effects!

If you want to understand how Heals, Shields and Regeneration works and why we are choosing these runes over anything else, we got our league masterclass that will help you:

By having this combination of runes you will realize that [[Sion] is many times stronger than you think, making him impossible to die while having the damage to kill them all, even if you are 1v5!

Let’s continue with the item choices now.
Secret Behind Items
As we talked above Sion start item will ALWAYS BE no matter what the Doran's Shield plus a Health Potion this will give you an insanely big amount of regeneration that from the early stages of the game will make you unstoppable and unable to die!

Another option for mana sustain will be Doran's Ring, giving the mana regen that you need to spam your skills a little bit more early and farm/fight much easier!

Our first back item will always be Bami's Cinder that will give you HP and tons of AOE Damage that will help you dominate against any target plus Refillable Potion and Cloth Armor if we got enough gold, your main focus is to go back to base with 1250 gold, in order to buy Bami's Cinder and Refillable Potion something that people ignoring is that by buying Refillable Potion as soon as possible in the game, you will have free pots all lane phage long and you will also sell it and gain back some of the gold that you invested to this item, making it TOTALLY FREE!
Sion is one of the champions that will use Bami's Cinder burn effect at its maxinum from early levels, cause you will increase your MAX HP non stop from both Soul Furnace and Grasp of the Undying

Then our main focus in to first buy Bramble Vest cause of the armor and its effects will make us even stronger, you will repel back damage while applying the Grievous Wounds effect that will reduce their healing at the same time!
The moment you will finish buying these two part items, you will be ready to fight against any kind of enemy, be it an AP TYPE or an AD TYPE champion, you will have damage and enough sustain to overpower them completely, even if you are playing 1v2!
Remember even if you are playing against AP type champion against you, there is tons of physical dmg that you need to dodge, like towers, creeps, junglers, basic attacks etc. also the heal reduction effect alone will be WORTHY to have!

Then we will finish our first item Sunfire Aegis the most powerful item for Sion, you will now have everything you need, HP, Armor and AOE BURN effect around you that will scale with your HP INFINITE, that means Soul Furnace & Grasp of the Undying will increase the damage effect of the item limitless!!! And also one more effect, for each second that you are in-combat while applying damage with Sunfire Aegis you will gain stacks, with each stacks you will do increased damage, at max 6 stacks, you will have start applying a second AOE effect that will double your damage to all the targets that are within the range, making you the absolute KILLING MACHINE!!!
Imagine now why, Sunfire Aegis is that important, Sion is one of the FEW champions that can get an insanely big amount of HP, making the burn effect of sunfire to reach a CRAZY AMOUNT, to realize it, in full late game, you will be doing 240+Dmg per second around you to EVERY SINGLE TARGET that is crazy enough to fight you, while receiving close to zero damage back!!

After finishing our Sunfire Aegis, then we also need to buy an item part that we need to stack in order to finish the item later on, this item is going to be Tear of the Goddess with this you will have enough mana to spam your skills more and not have overall mana problems later on and especially in full late game at all, another option here is to buy it on one of your backs after getting your Bami's Cinder and Refillable Potion

Then We will start building our Mythic Item, for Mythic my only item to go and one that will fully use everything that Sion Got but also everything that Sion needs is Jak'Sho, The Protean this item will give you HP, Armor, MR, Ability Haste and the ability to increase your resistances BY A LOT while being in combat plus a damage/Heal effect that is SCALING WITH HP, something that people cant understand and thats why they are going for Heartsteel, Jak'Sho, The Protean passive effect will scale with HP, Sion is one of the few champions that can fully stack his hp to amounts that going beyond crazy, so making this item even stronger, far stronger than Heartsteel that need tons of time to actual be a powerspike, while Jak'Sho, The Protean is a powerspike the moment you will buy it!!

Then we will finish the Thornmail with these 3 items you are ready to battle any kind of enemy and win easily, even in 1v3 situations even if they got AP DAMAGE, you won’t have any kind of problem, cause Jak'Sho, The Protean now will give you the an INSANE AMOUNT OF MR that you need to survive, plus with Soul Furnace you will have all the extra sustain that you need to DESTROY THEM! Remember now that healing always going OVER CRAZY Thornmail will not only be an item that will give you sustain, damage etc. but also 60% HEAL REDUCTION effect while CC the target, making it the perfect item for Sion

Then we will finish our Boots into MOST OF THE TIMES Mercury's Treads cause we need the extra TENACITY effect, plus to balance out the ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST, we will only have Spirit Visage for magic resist and together with the boots it will be MORE THAN ENOUGH!
If you playing against FULL AD teams with ZERO CC and cause you will either way got the Legend: Tenacity for the bonus 30% tenacity, then go for Plated Steelcaps especially against champion that using basic attacks as main source of damage, like for example Tryndamere Yasuo or Master Yi etc. this item will COUNTER THEM completely, cause it will reduce their pre-armor reduction damage by 12% (its pretty big, cause after that you will recude it even further cause of your resistances)

As Third item we will start building one of the MOST OP items that exist for our Immortal builds that using mana, this will be Winter's Approach a super cheap item that will give you HP, Tons of MANA to spam your skills, %Mana to HP EFFECT and NON-STOP SHIELDS every time you are slowing (E) or CC (Q-R) your enemies, that means in the entire teamfight, cause you will always have something to CC your enemies with with how low the CD of Sion skills are!

Now for the last item you got the following options:

1. Our next item will ALWAYS BE and now more than ever Spirit Visage this item might be one of the most broken items for Sion, the reason is cause of the combination of Revitalize that we talked about you will have a huge amount of SHIELDS, that will help you sustain and easily right now destroy any kind of enemy, be it FULL AD or FULL AP and even have the power to 1v5 easily!
The stats that Spirit Visage gives are the most gold efficiency stats that you can buy in the game, not only you will have HP-MR-Ability Haste-REGAIN but you will also have 40+% BONUS HEALS and SHIELDS together with Revitalize from any kind of source that you got plus it will increase by 25% the REGENERATION THAT YOU GOT, remember what we said above, people keep ignoring stats that are incanely important, base regen from the champion, items plus the power of Second Wind!!
Spirit Visage will increase these stats as well!

Plus you will increase the heals and shields from your teammates as well, so just imagine playing with a Soraka or Janna with you or even deadlier to have Yuumi!!
Especially a good Yuumi that will use Summon Aery and Revitalize will make you TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE if you got a duo and you want to try this combo, I will tell from now, it’s going to be something beyond imagination!!!

2. Warmog's Armor the MOST gold efficiency item in the game, its passive alone is 1000% gold efficiency of its cost as a stat and this item of course is Warmog's Armor not only you will have HP, Ability, HP Regain but you will also have an insanely out of combat HP REGAIN, imagine that you will have the power to go in, fight literally for AS LONG AS YOU WANT and then, if you are TOO LOW, to flash or just simply walk away, wait for 10seconds and then go in again with FULL HP!

3. Gargoyle Stoneplate might be one of the items that can compare to Warmog's Armor, Armor, Magic Resist, % Bonus ARMOR+MR While fighting and a huge shield that can be used to dodge an INSANE BIG AMOUNT OF DAMAGE if you use it right!!

4. Sterak's Gage A worth to buy item for our Immortal monsters, AD, HP and two INSANE passive effect, a huge shield that will scale with your HP and make you have another shield to increase the damage that you will be doing with Shield Bash and multiply this effect even further cause of Spirit Visage and Revitalize

5. Force of Nature If you got heavy AP dmg against you, then this item is the perfect choice, after fighting for few secs you will have the ability to dodge %of the magic damage that you are receiving, making you decrease the magic damage you are taking even if they are playing with the MAX PEN BUILDS!!

And also never forget to always get your Elixir of Iron for BONUS HP, TENACITY and also bonus movement speed for your allies that following you into battle

Note: People keep asking, why you are not playing with Titanic Hydra cause of the passive effect that will increase the damage but also give you bonus AD with %of your HP. Sion is indeed a champion that will have an infinite amount of HP, making this item increadibly powerful, the real question is not if Titanic Hydra is powerful or not, but if as Sion you will actually use your basic attacks to active its effect, Sion is not like Sett or Shen that will use their basic attacks just as their skills to apply damage, Sion will most of the times use his R to engage and after going in you will use your E-Q to apply CC and keep fighting afterwards till you use your Q once again, what I mean with this is that you wont actually use that many basic attacks and your basic attacks wont be that quick as well cuase of the lack of attack speed!
So if you think that you will use basic attacks enough times (or even better, play with sion, go watch the replay and count how many basic attacks your are using in teamfights, if its more than 10+, then play with this item) then choose if you want it as last item or not!!

The Full Sion Item build will look like this:

Sunfire Aegis Thornmail Winter's Approach Spirit Visage Mercury's Treads Warmog's Armor and always Elixir of Iron

Sunfire Aegis Thornmail Winter's Approach Spirit Visage Mercury's Treads Gargoyle Stoneplate and always Elixir of Iron

Sunfire Aegis Thornmail Winter's Approach Spirit Visage Mercury's Treads Sterak's Gage and always Elixir of Iron

And now you can fully understand why this combination of items together with RUNES is BY FAR the most powerful one that you can even play with on Sion!
It’s time Balorians for you to become the TRUE MONSTER of summoner's rift and make everyone to be your FOOD!!!!
My Strategy to Follow
Lets talk about the strategy here. To play with Sion inst only use his PURE Strength as your weapon, like any other WARS, at league you need to use your HEAD as well to win the game.
So lets talk about what you need to focus.

Creeps(FOCUS on FARM): The most important thing is to focus on your farm, you need to farm fast and if you can kill all the creeps without missing even one. This way you will take the lead from your enemy champion, dont be afraid to use your skills for last hits even at the 1 level.

Learn how To improve your Farming and Wave Management by watching our League Masterclass:

Stay Alive: To not to die at lane and not have any kills is more worth than to be 3-3 or 4-4 with your enemy Lane champion.
Your build focusing to be the strongest at the MID-Late game, doesn't matter if you cant kill now, focus on farm and you will be able to show your true Strength at the right time of the game.

Always try to use your E to slow the target and then charge your Q to stack the target and reach him to start applying the damage with everything that you got!

Another way to engage will be by using your R and CC the target, then use your E into Q while also having your W on and using it at the end of the Q charge, this combo can kill AN ADC Instantly or heavy damage any other target, cause of how your W works, it will have a base dmg plus %of their MAX HP, also cause of Shield Bash you will increase the damage that you are doing after a shield BY A LOT and if you also combine the burn dmg from Sunfire Aegis and Grasp of the Undying max% hp dmg, you will realize how easily to kill any target really is, while of course receiving zero damage back!!

So remember the most important thing in this game is FARMING and to STAY ALIVE to overpower and kill them all will come as long as you focusing on these two things! Our Immortal Sion build will always be the strongest in full early to full late game, no matter how bad you play early, clear all the waves that is EASY with your passive and items, get your gold that you need, use your Unstoppable Onslaught to be the first to engage in teamfights and absorb all the damage from the enemy team while also doing damage to all of them at the same time!! And of course by doing that you will let your teammates apply their damage with ease without having any problems!!!

Thats all that you need to know about our Immortal Sion build, in our YouTube channel you will find the way to fully use this build with our style and be even better!

Different Match ups vs My Sion Build
Sion vs Jayce
Sion vs Garen
Sion vs Gangplank
Sion vs Riven
Sion vs Gragas
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