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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vebbebbabarl

My Offtanks

Vebbebbabarl Last updated on August 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build will focus on a couple of offtanks that I play often and how I play them, please read on and enjoy.

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Welcome to a simple Udyr guide that I have come to use every time I play this champion. Udyr does a lot of damage even when built tanky like this. This damage comes from the sustainability that the build gives so that the Madred's Bloodrazor and Trinity Force hits will deal consistent damage. This sustainability is mostly gained from the Turtle Stance as it is the main stance that this build focuses on.

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The runes that I use are focused around boosting my defenses early and giving the Madred's Bloodrazors and the Phoenix Stance bonus damage. Here we go:

9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration I use these because it gives bonus damage to not only Tiger Stance, Phoenix Stance, but also to Madred's Bloodrazors.

9 Greater Seal of Armor This gives a nice boost to armour for the early game.

9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Also gives a nice boost to defenses, this time magic resist.

3 Greater Quintessence of Health A really nice boost to health for the early game.

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I take 1/21/8 on Udyr focusing on boosting the power of the summoner spells that I choose: Ghost and Exhaust and then going into the defenses tree to increase the sustainability of your game. This mastery specifically gets the all important dodge masteries and the health regen from mana using Strength of Spirit . The utility points are used to get Good Hands and Awareness so that the sustainability in lane allows you to level up faster and get back to the fight quicker if you happen to die.

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Summoner Spells-Udyr

On Udyr I take Ghost and Exhaust so that you can get into battle quickly using Ghost and keep the enemy in battle because you can catch up to any stragglers to stun them. Exhaust is used as just another slow to keep even more enemies in the fight, and more importantly single out the enemy carry.

There are some other spells that work on Udyr, just not to the same effect as the first two:

Teleport is useful on most people and Udyr can use it as a quick ganking tool.

Ignite Also works as most champs, and Udyr is no exception, especially combined with Tiger Stance's DoT.

Flash Another very useful spell for everyone, Udyr is no exeption.

Cleanse Works on Udyr as an escape tool and as more sustainability in combat.

Clairvoyance Is another spell that I would take, mostly because I like using it and it is a good tool for every team.

Heal and Clarity are not as good on Udyr because of Turtle Stance

Fortify, Rally, Smite, and Revive are not as good on him, because your strength does not need to be supported by Fortify, Rally is out shined by other spells, Smite is not used because this is a lane Udyr build, and Revive is not as good as other spells again.

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Items/Build order-Udyr

The items that I choose to build on Udyr focus on creating a tanky build that gives most of it's strength from the Madred's Bloodrazors and the bonus damage of the Trinity Force.

Seeing as early game most of the strength of the build will come from using Bear Stance to stun your enemies then Tiger Stance to burst down the enemies and therefore the Madred's Razors early game give you great burst and survivability, coupled with the magic resist and tenacity of Mercury's Treads.

Starting with a Cloth armour, 3 Health Potions, and a Mana Potion allows you to stay in lane a long time and get the Madred's Razors quicker.

Rushing the Madred's Razors will allow you to keep the minion farm up and go to get a possible blue buff from your enemies early. The Madred's also allow for bonus damage from the attack damage and armour to keep alive.

Next the Mercury's Treads early allows for your attacks and harass to keep alive and give higher defenses.

Following the early boots a good next item is the Heart of Gold for the later Randuin's Omen. This item gives a nice boost to health and the gold per 5 allows you to gank more efficiently.

Next is the Spirit Visage because this will allow your Turtle Stance to heal for more thus keeping you alive longer.

After the Spirit Visage comes your full Madred's Bloodrazors because it allows you to do more damage, even in turtle stance.

Next comes the full Randuin's Omen because it allows you to trap the enemy in your stuns with the slow and it gives a large amount of health, armour, and health regen.

The last tanky item to get is either a Banshee's Veil or a Force of Nature, although usually I get the Banshee's Veil because blocking one CC is all important.

Finally i get the Trinity Force to give a large amount of bonus to your attacks.


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