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Team Guide by 52bloodeyes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 52bloodeyes

My personal AD carry build UNRANKED multiple chars

52bloodeyes Last updated on June 4, 2012
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My build on AD carries with AP


AD carry no AP spells

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is for nonranked i highly doubt this build will work for ranked as in ranked you acctually need to be smart and cant be a idiot :( (always why i play unranked) k so how i play my typical AD carry really any from yi to ashe to tristana to corki is i get a gp5 cause i cant farm (also good for noobies) and i get LS AS then i start getting my damage what happens on some chars like ashe is they cnat do anything you attack to much have to many debuffs on with red you just kill and you can get enough LS to seriously do like tehre all health in return for like 1/3 versus other AD carrys

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Build+how to play

I play overly agressive i sadly know this wont fix it thats boring so how i go is start with vamp septar go to boots 1 or dagger (mattesr on char base range/gap closers/moves) (boots on caitlyn next) (dagger on trish and ashe guys who have a stun or something to close distance anyways) then you get avarice blade for faster farm if you get fed well now your fedx2 have good farm now its good farm x2 helps in lanes wehre your jungler ganks alot so you dont get the kills and yeah just good and i like the crits then i get another vamp septar now you have 4 items and starting your real items you might be like hey BT is in build and good and i already have 1 piece may as well get that well you could get the damage but what if you got the AS so you may not have the damage yet but you do have crazy AS espcailly with tristana my favriote champion so you got you PD ahve 5 slots being used like k so what do i sell first gp5 or what? well no now you get BT make use of that after BT you are very strong go to jungle take some creeps farm it up to about 15-20 and arm it whenever you can you want max BT stacks now your pretty good probably got a few kills few assist maybe 1 or 2 deaths your doing good that GP5 doubled your gold and your grateful now your like k what i sell have 1 slot open well know what SCREW YOU you can still buy a BC easily and with that AS and LS BC makesyou crazy strong now you need to sell if your super fed getting kills sell the gp5 if your just farming getting some kills here and tehre sell the vamp septar and if your a AD carry with AP moves like trish or ezreal then get gunblade (so sell gp5 on them of course cuase cutlass needs vamp septar) but if your a pure AD champion get a IE now oyu just have 1 slot either taken by a vamp septar or GP5 your fed now probably doing good having fun just trying to finish game but they have some BS comp like morgana anivia galio amumu so its hard to push so now you can get a defense item (IMPORTANT move this up if your dieing alot or they starting to take advantage of your squishyness and dont have enough LS/AS) i like thornamail GA and a tanky AD item like atmas kinda if you arnt even getting targeted cuase tehre idiots (happens sometimes)

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Terms used
vamp septar=vampire septar
PD= Phantom Dancer
GA= Gaurdian Angel
BC= Black Cleaver
BT= Blood THirster
LS= Life Steal
AS= Attack Spped
and yes i know no coding (hate that stuff) and build wont work in ranked and my spelling is **** but meh
BTW it is not smart to have 1 generic build for every champ i just do it cuase its unranked and easy and works out really well
BTW im not a idiot i just didnt put anything for 2nd+slots becuase you should lookat at first one for the 2 builds (again geniric build do waht you want with it)


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