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Lux Build Guide by NeoRhaek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeoRhaek

My View of Lux - AP Burst

NeoRhaek Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Hi, this is my first guide on MobaFire and as you probably noticed, it's about Lux, one of my favorite champions.

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x9 x9 x9 x3
For runes, I take Magic Penetration marks, which are the typical choice for most casters. My seals are for Mana Regeneration, which is great since Lux can run out of mana VERY fast during early game. My glyphs are for Flat AP, since I feel that it's a great boost early on.
I pick Flat AP instead of AP per Level because I feel that I only need this little ammount to help me out early on. Most of the AP later on comes from items anyway.

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I take the standard 9/0/21 for casters; not much to talk about here. I don't take Awareness (Increased Experience gain) because I feel like Expanded Mind is more usefull for me. (Because I tend to have Mana issues in the start of the game).

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Skill Sequence

About the skils, I take first, because I usualy go for First Blood. It's also for harrassing enemies. Some people like to take first because it's great for farming. (However, I feel that this is a slightly worse spell for harrasing at level 1, because it consumes more mana and only slows the target, whine snares them alowing you to take advantage of your passive.

I max first, because it really starts to hurt from level 3 onward. I get 1 point on at level 4 because the shield can be usefull for when you (or a teammate) are ignited or dying for some reason. Obviously, I take 1 point on Finales Funkeln every time I can (it's your ultimate!). After is level 5 I max .

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells of choice are Clarity and Flash. I pick Clarity because, as I've mentioned countless times on this guide already, I have alot of mana problems early on with Lux, and this helps me stay in lane much longer. Flash is my escape (or chase) mechanism of choice, since it's so versatile. (You can jump walls, etc).

Of course, if you feel you don't like my spells, you can pick other ones.

Some good choices (in my opinion) are:

- Ghost (you should ALWAYS take either Flash or this)

- Ignite (for that extra damage)

- Clairvoyance (for people who are still learning to hit with the ultimate, or if you
simply want to make sure it hits.)

- Teleport (to stop people from backdooring/defending turrets/farming/etc...)

I consider that the following spells are OK/not so great picks:

- Exhaust (can be good for running away or if you like to 1v1 alot, but you should stay far away from enemies anyway)

- Cleanse (you're not supposed to be in the middle of the fight, but if they have alot of CC or you're just scared to death of being stunned you can pick this.)

- Heal (it can save you or a dying teammate, although I don't think it's necessary since you shouldn't be anywhere near the enemies and you have your shield)

The following spells are the ones that I think that you should NEVER pick:

- Revive (really...?)

- Fortify (leave it for the supporters/tanks)

- Smite (although it IS possible to jungle with Lux, it's highly unadvisable, so no)

- Rally (I consider this spell almost useless, and I've never seen anyone use it, but it could have some use in teamfights...)

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This is the main part of the guide, and it's supposed to help you learn/be better at playing Lux. Lux is a good character to go middle, but can also be usefull on the side lanes. If you go middle, you get more minions, higher level, and it'll be much easier to get kills and get fed. On the side lanes it can be a little harder, but if you start getting fed in the start it will be even easier than if you had gone middle.

This build is somewhat expansive, and so getting alot of minions is important. At the time I started using this build I was very bad at last hitting and getting minion kills, but I made up for it by getting alot of champion kills; so that's another effective way of using this build. Your main task in the team is to deal heavy ammounts of AoE damage, but also to shield your allies (especialy your carry). You can hurt alot while keeping everyone "safe" at the same time, by using your shield, your slow and your snare. These are all very important if you're getting chased or if an enemy tower-dives.

You should start fights with and use right afterwards, trying to hit the most enemies possible. When your Q and E are on cooldown, you use , trying to catch the most targets possible, the most important ones being the one that is taking hits and the carry (obviously). You should use Finales Funkeln when it can hit the most targets, and NOT just to last hit running targets. (Although last hitting champions is pretty much the use of it in laning phase).

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For items, I start with an and 1 . On the first trip to the base I usualy buy and if I can afford it. Then I turn the into and buy a Catalyst the Protector, for lane control and to help out with mana issues. After that I finish my and start getting the , starting by the . After it's complete I get , starting with the . After this you should have no mana problems and a ton of AP.


Yes, I picked a snowball item for core, but that's just the way this build works.

The 6th item is the typical situational item. It's usualy something defensive, or even more AP if it's going great.

Typical 6th items I pick include:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter (AP/HP/Slow), Zhonya's Hourglass (Armor /Active), Void Staff (Magic Penetration/AP), Banshee's Veil (HP/Mana/M.Res/Passive), Archangel's Staff Number 2 (amazing ammount of AP), Rod of Ages Number 2 (HP/AP/Mana) and Lich Bane (AP/Mana/M.Res/Passive)

If you still rely on your normal attack alot in end-game, get Lich Bane.

If you want some more HP without giving too much AP get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rod of Ages Number 2.

If they have alot of AD champions or if you're getting targeted in teamfights and want to feel safe get Zhonya's Hourglass.

If they're stacking Magic Resist get Void Staff.

If they have alot of casters, you want more HP/M.Res or they have any other type of heavy Magical Damage dealers, get Banshee's Veil

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The End

And this concludes my first guide, hope it works for you! Please don't downvote without trying it out and/or without explaining why. Thanks!