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Ezreal Build Guide by BlueAngelFlame

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueAngelFlame

Mystic Shot them to the DEATH (Incomplete)

BlueAngelFlame Last updated on August 4, 2013
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Tsup People...
This is my first attempt to do a guide, My name is BlueAngelFlame, I'm at Bronze III, not a Pro player but i know a lot about this game and i wan't to share of my builds and get some coments and tips to improve my skills and others.
My main Role MarksMan (Ad Carry). My favorite Marksman are: Ezreal, Varus and Vayne.
I invented this build by seeing the Mystic Shot passive and the "Blue Ezreal Build".
I don't personally like the Blue Ezreal build since you have to wait for you cooldowns to do something, if you have no mana you are a dead Ezreal. But in my build i unite the Ezreal poke and the normal MarksMan fighting style (the basic attacks OP).

Ezreal is a Poke, Mobile, Safe Marksman, that has a great kit for escape, ( Arcane Shift) poke ( Mystic Shot) and snipes ( Trueshot Barrage). He Counters other Marksman that depend on land their abilities or some cc's to trade like Ashe, Quinn and Varus. A good way to counter Ezreal is using Marksman that can trade he's poke with great Damage like Draven, Miss Fortune and Graves.

Good supports for Ezreal are those that can help him poke with some steroids like Lulu, Those that poke with I'm making the bot lane very poky like Nunu or Those that Stun or Hard CC the enemy helping Ezreal land his skill shots like Taric and Alistar. Good Supports against Ezreal are those that can stop he's escapes by stunning him like Taric.

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- This is a really good start because of the sustain, health and damage that it gives but CAREFULL with the trades, if the marksman starts with pots a bad trade made by you will give him a great advantaged because you don't have the heal that the pots give.

- I just love the poke and damage that this item gives to you. This is one of the few items from the blue ez build that i really like. Combine this item with the Iceborn Gauntlet kite and poke it makes Ezreal a big treat when he is defending or attacking. With this item you get the cc that Ezreal needs.

- This is the main item of this build. Complete this item second or third depending if you are winning or losing, but first buy Vampiric Scepter and Sheen. The The Black Cleaver build works really well with Mystic Shot that applies on-hit effects, a good combo when you get this item is Mystic Shot followed by a basic attack. The health that this item gives will help you sometimes.

- This item is a good for Ezreal because the AoE frost and damage. Complete this item third or second depending if you are winning or losing. If you complete this item second try to get Vampiric Scepter and The Brutalizer first. Iceborn Gauntlet is a item that gives the tankiness and CC that will help Ezreal getting a great kite potecial, this item synergyzes really well with Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

- The Bonus Life Steal and Attack Damage bonus that the The Bloodthirster gives thanks to the passive. This item helps not only Ezreal but all the marksman is an item that i really like to have in all of my marksman build. The sustain and damage really help you during all game fases.

- Guardian Angel is a basic item for all marksman and other champions. I think G.A its a waste of gold if you buy it for no reason. There is only a good reason to buy the G.A and that is when you are getting focused in the Team Fight.

- This other waste of gold if it isn't bought in the right situations. Just buy Banshee's Veil when the enemy a.p carry is really strong and you need to get protected by one of his habilities like Nidalee Javelin Toss.

- This an item that need acurracy to be used, just like Cleanse it's hard to use but the rewards are great. I just buy this items when the enemy team has a Leona or many hard cc's. And i recommend only in that occasiosion. If you need magic resist buy this item, but Maw of Malmortius may help more, but that's an item i don't usually use so you won't see him on this build.

- One of the most OP items i ever saw. I don't usually buy this item, but is great when you see that you have enough damage and you need some health just to stay more time alive or to don't die instantly when get caught.

- It's a good item for those that like to enter the Battle, do damage, kill one and get out. The critical that this item gives is just great for a Marksman.

- This a item really hard to choose when to buy. But when bought at the right time give you great rewards. This is a good item when the enemy team is staking armor.

- I like to buy this item when i see that my damage is good but i need more sustain

- This is a good item for those that like to spam their abilities and basic attacks

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Skill Sequence

With this build you will just need your Essence Flux to Help your team mates, so i don't put a point into it until lvl 9 to make my early game poke with your Mystic Shot.

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With this masteries you will have the damage, the attack speed, cooldown and armor pen from the offense, the health and buff at barrier at the defense and the mana regen and flash cooldown reduction at the utility.

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This runes will give you the damage and sustain that you will need at the early game and the defenses that may save your life

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Pros / Cons

- Strong During All Game
- Great Poke
- Long Range hability to farm ( Mystic Shot)
- Global Ultimate ( Trueshot Barrage)
- Great escape tool ( Arcane Shift)

- Relies on landing skillshots
- Can Have Mana Problems