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Renekton Build Guide by JesusChrist

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JesusChrist


JesusChrist Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guild will help you learn to play a beastly renekton. you will be able to 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2. i play him as a dps off tank. the main points i focus on are armor pen, cooldown reduction, and health. ren can smash on almost anyone 1v1. he has amazing sustain with no mana and really high burst at low level.

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Pros / Cons

farms like a boss
tanks like a boss
inescapable with mallet slice dice and flash
good 1v1 2v1 2v2 laner. (dont go mid go top)
good sustain
good burst
low cooldown
no mana
good team fighter
good ganker
good mobility
versatile builds

sacrifice dmg for surviveability
cool down dependent (silence stops you from ulting or slicing away)
very littl dmg if you use your rage improperly or atk without a bar

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Greater Mark of Desolation
these are the most important runes on renek.

tank like a beast.

Greater Seal of Endurance
these make your warmogs so worth it.

great for early game tanking.

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ive found that running 9/21/0 works the best for renek. grab 10% armor pen
then run all the way down defense getting cc reduction
then just grab whatever summoner spell buff you need.

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Early Items

the choice between these 2 is easy, a lot of ad get a dorans, a lot of ap get a pendant and pot. or if you plan on doing a lot of harass get some boots.

first time back grab this bad boy. ensures the kill most of the time. if you cant afford it get 2 long swords and regular boots.

with these and your brutalizer you're ready to dominate everyone

if you're building off tank i would go for this instead of the and rush your warmogs as fast as you can

this is a great option also if you're going more off tank. since you're almost always gonna be in the middle of a team fight these are gonna really come in handy.

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Mid Items

this should almost always be your next item. the health and the slow makes you a hard target to kill but also gives you the potential to kill your opponent. everything an off tank needs you have now

if you only get the phage save it for after you atmogs and get a tri force.

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Late Items

sometimes i grab this early in place of the sunfire but generally i liek it as a last item. so when you are lvl 18 your gaining health and dmg with your atmas

this item is especially good on renekton. with a mallet sun fire and warmogs you have a stupid amount of health and thats converted into dmg. you basically have an infinity edge. not to mention when you pop your ult it gives you 600 max health, so your ult will also increase your dmg.

best magic res item for renek. get this right after the mallet if their mages are tearing you up. works great with the mallet to because of the additional movement speed and the slow from the mallet.

this item rips people up! when you have your empowered stun your gonna tag em with about 4 hits with your tri. movment speed, slow, crit, ad, and i know the mana is a waste up the ap gives your ult a little boost. plus with the new masteries im not able to pick up magic pen so your ult will be taking a small hit so the ap from the tri can counter that.

rushing a sunfire cap after the mallet is a good option if their mages arnt focusing you. the aoe dmg synergies well with your ult also

at the end of the game you can sell your brutalizer and get this, or replace a different item. if the enemy team is stacking armor your gonna rip them up

this item is SICK! your stun applies on hit affects. and when empowered does 3 hits... you just maxed the cleaver stacks. the atk speed is good for keeping the mallet slow on your target too.

i personally don't like to finish this untill the end. i feel that the cost of it vs the stats is too expensive. early after you need to get beefy quick.

i really like this item on tank renek. even though there is 500 mana that goes to waste the 99 armor and 20% cdr makes up for it. not to mention the pssive atk speed slow debuff. sometimes ill replace my brutalizer with a for the cdr if i need armor>pen

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Skill Sequence

this is basically what makes renekton a boss. when you get half a bar you get one empowered ability, full bar 2 abilities

this is what you want to max first. it doesnt heal that much on minions but enough to keep you in a lane, and heals x4 on champions. makes renekton very deceptive. when empowered heals 10% more and deals 50% more dmg.

get 2 points into this before 6. then max it after cull. this is the ability you want to use empowered the most. deals a TON of dmg. stuns for 0.75 sec. when empowered stuns for 1.5 sec and deals 1/3 more dmg.

get 1 point into this at lvl 3. the 2nd dash uses your rage so keep that in mind. in most cases you aren't gonna want to use this empowered. your dice empowered reduces all the targets you pass though's armor by 25 (with 5 points in it). just use it for ins and outs. you can go through some small walls. very useful but not for dmg untill later game. save the rage for your stun or heal.

this is another one of renektons deceptive abilities. gives you 300-600 max health and aoe magic dmg. if someone dives you when your at low life pop this and stun em under the turret. this will happen a lot for some reason. you can also use it to dive them under the turret.

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Skill Usage

aka spin
aka stun

at lvl 3 here is gonna be your main dmg source.

once you've acquired a full bar of rage your gonna do this...

slice in (cost no rage) ruthless (1.5 stun, half a bar of rage) spin (heals you, does a lot of dmg, half a bar of rage) now that you have no rage left dice back to safety. generally this is gonna take half their life away.

if you cant get a full bar use the rage on your stun.

if you have a full bar of rage but your enemy is being defensive sometimes you'll have no choice but to have to waste a half a bar of rage on a dice. so then you slice dice, stun, spin the meek and walk away.

never slice and dice if you have only half a bar cause your stun and spin arnt gonna do a whole lot of dmg and then they will counter harass you.

you can try some different sequences too. they are all effective, this is just what ive found most effective.

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Summoner Spells

best for renekton in my opinion. when your solo in a lane good for getting the kill after you used all your abilities

cant gank me!

or ult flash stun! you dead :]

with slice and dice you cant be caught and they cant get away.

i usually only take this when i 2v1 and i plan on getting harassed a lot. gotta get back to your lane fast. good for buying and not leaving your turret vulnerable. also after you take your tower and join the team fights you are able to get back to your lane quickly without letting your tower take a beating

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Creeping / Jungling / Farming

you have no mana and low cooldowns. slice spin dice you should be able to pick up 6 minions with that alone. or spin and auto atk the ranged minions and then slice and dice the melee ones after they have taken some dmg.

bottom line renekton is one of the best farmers in the game.

snag red buff early. or gank enemy jungle at red and take it. you can do this if you are 1v1 top. once you have a brutalizer you should be able to take alone no problem

blue buff excels on renekton even though he has no mana, it will boost your cool down giving you more stuns and heals. but its a good idea to let your AP carry take blue. if you can help him get it because early game a lot of mids dont have the health to waste getting it

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Team Work

generally you wanna be 2nd in the fight. let the tank engage. either focus with the rest of the team or try to cc someone trying to assassinate your squishy. your aoe dmg from your ult is gonna help the team no matter who you are focusing. just do not chase down one target and leave your team.

if you have a zili on your team and he ults you, after you revive then pop your ult and they will be qq'ing.