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Nautilus Build Guide by Wizilow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wizilow

Nautilus guide

Wizilow Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Hello dear Summoners,
This is a guide for the new tank(ydps), Nautilus.
This is my first guide, and this is based on as many games as i could play. Still there can be mistakes in it. But write a comment with your toughts if you have something constructive. So, to sum it up, why is he good?

+ He is a cc master.
+ Excellent ganker, easy jungler.
+ He is HUGE.
+ Amazing kill-saver
+ He has a space marine skin.
+ He can deal noticeable damage in full tank gear.

And why is he not?

- Weak at early game (mostly because of his high cooldowns)
- Very slow
- Ap build costs way too much.

So, lets begin.

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Summoner Spells

Which ones to choose from:

Flash Good skill, no explanation needed.
Ghost Becasue you are slow, this can be useful.
Heal When learning the playstyle of this champion, its useful too.
Teleport To quickly reach your lane. I dont use it, but its not that bad.

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Solo top TANK:

Boots of Speed ----> 3x Health Potion (or a sight ward) ----> Heart of Gold ----> Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi ----> Warmog's Armor ----> Frozen Heart ----> Banshee's Veil ----> Thornmail / Force of Nature

Building Heart of Gold into Locket of the Iron Solari or Randuin's Omen depends on your team, but you will be needing that extra gold, so build it when you are really in a need. You can insert in anywhere in the build a support item, since soemtiems tanks have to play that role.


When jungling, you should try to focus on building a tanky AP or an AP. Of yourse If your team lacks a tank, build that. Bulding a Heart of Gold should be considered, because the extremely high gold need of yours. You can skip it of course, if you feel like that.

Non-solo TANK:

Boots of Speed ----> 3x Health Potion ----> ( Heart of Gold if tank ) ----> Phage ----> Mercury's Treads----> Sheen ----> Trinity Force ----> Warmog's Armor ----> Frozen Heart ----> Banshee's Veil

You need Trinity Force VERY much, its the core item of the build. Every single stat is needed on it, because it makes you faster, gives you slowing attacks etc. Believe me: its important. scales well with Warmog's Armor, so dont hesitate to grab one. The part after Warmog's Armor, is basically optional, but Frozen Heart is very important too, because u need serious CD reduction.
Force of Nature is prety good too, because of the movement speed and the mag. res., but not the best item for you either. Thornmail should be used when the enemy is full of ADs, or when your team managed to feed one.


Boots of Speed ----> 3x Health Potion ----> Rod of Ages ----> Sorcerer's Shoes/ Ionian Boots of Lucidity ----> Deathfire Grasp ----> Rabadon's Deathcap ----> Lich Bane ----> Warmog's Armor

You can start with Doran's Ring instead, but im not a big fan of Doran items, plus you need to be quick, thats why i prefer starting with boots. Starting with Philosopher's stone is a pretty good decision too. Having those bonus regens and the plus gold is pretty useful. (Thanks for Bloddrunk to mention this) You can grab Mercury's Treads if they have a lot of CC. Lich Bane is a BEAST for you. No, seriously. Combined with your passive it not only gives you a lethal auto-attack, but it gives you so-desired movement speed. (thanks ziminar for helping me out with tips)

Tanky AP DPS:

Boots of Speed ----> 3x Health Potion ----> Philosopher's Stone ----> Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi ----> Warmog's Armor----> Lich Bane ----> Deathfire Grasp ----> Rabadon's Deathcap / Thornmail

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Max ur W asap, shield + damage is always nice. The Maxing of Q and E is personal business. You have to decide which one you need more, the aoe slow , or the grappling hook.


If you are going for AP, can become serious Aoe damaging slow, and you will be rather levelling that than other skills. Your Q will do noticeable damage too, but since it has a high cd, and an utility tool for tasks other than damageing, you will not want to waste it instantly to do damage, so you dont need to level it that much, but take it early, since its a marvelous tool. Your W, the shield will dot bigger with AP which is nice, but you should still focus on your E when levelling.

Staggering Blow Bonus damage and rooting on auto atacks. Sexy passive, but remember to hit multipel tragets, switch often, becasue the effect cant occur continously.

Dredge Line Grappling hook. When used on an enemy, it pulls you together, and stuns the bad guy. When used on walls, hills, towers (!), it pulls you there, and the cooldown is lower when you grab terrain instead of players.

Titan's Wrath Damage absorbing shield, scaling with your bonus health. And not to forget : it applies aoe dot. <3

Riptide Aoe slow.

Depth Charge Epic ult. you target someone, and you send a wave of blast to him.

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Gameplay / Team Work

The fun part.

Nautilus is a great solo laner, thanks to his ccs. But in teamfights, or ganks, he is not just good, he is a BEAST.

First, the ganking:
You can start with , however, if you can approach the enemy without using it, do it, and pop and . Why? becasue if he still manages to escape, you can secure the kill with , which u did not use. Or if the situation turns bad, you can use it as an escape tool. Since it has a high CD, use only when it is a must to secure the kill, or if it saves someone in your team.

First, let me describe the usage of skills in teamfights.

The passive. Switch targets as fast as you can, by this, you will deal some damage to every champion, plus root their whole team.

This skill is useful for initiating teamfights, but its good for leaving them too. Chase someone, and catch him, let your team do the dirty job... Insta-win!

Pop this when you are in the middle of a teamfight. sometimes its worth to keep it to the point when you are beign attacked, but becasue of the dot it applies, sometimes its a good skill to start with.

Pop it when the enemies are trying to escape. But you can use this skill to escape too, pretty big range of slow.

Useful in-line CC, it can disable their whole team pretty easily. Good agains team sticking together. Both useful attacking and escaping tool.

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The route:
The route is the same as normal jungling routes.
("i think the standard route for jungle is goode enough.
blue, wolfs, wraiths, ancient golems, red wraiths,wolfes lvl4 done. - Philepk")
Now, the items:
Since you are an AP tank, you should consider just buying a tank gear, instead of the normal jungling gear, since you won get thet much bonus out of them. ( Wriggle's Lantern maybe worth it, feedbacks plz!) Another great option: Start with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion, and then start to build an AP gear for sick ganks. (big thanks to TekhniqueGaming for inspiration, sub him on youtube!:D)

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