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Nautilus Build Guide by ShrO0M

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShrO0M

Nautilus Support - Locking Down Carries

ShrO0M Last updated on March 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, my name is ShrO0M I'm just ranked in silver but I'm playing League mainly as support since 2011, so I had a lot of time to get some knowledge and expierence which should proove the viability of this guide at least a bit :D
I will appreciate any constructive criticism but please don't be too rude and harsh with me.
I realy do like to play unconventional supports like Ashe, Fiddlesticks, Gragas, and so on. I even played Nautilus, Zyra and Elise straight as support when they were released seeing their potential in burst, CC, peel, ability to carry hard even as a support and the possibility to use almost every kind of build; tanky, AP, supportive.....

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Pros / Cons


  • melee range
  • no long ranged poke
  • no heal
  • no buffs

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I do recommend to get tanky runes that increase your actual and effectiv hp pool:
6-9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, 9x Greater Mark of Armor, 3x Greater Quintessence of Health to fit the aggressive playstyle of xerath. Take 9x Greater Seal of Armor.
those runes should help you to negate a lot of early damage while you are trying to get to the enemy's adc face cc-ing him.


To get Flat HP for your early game Sustain in lane and boosting your Titan's Wrath .

Most ADCs do pure AD damage(exceptions eg Vayne, Ezreal), because of that you have to get some flat armor for sustain in lane to tank some damage etc.

Some more armor to push your resistance against incoming autoattacks of the enemey's ADC.

Some flat Magic Resist against those ap burst supports or mixed damage ADCs

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0 / 24 / 6 because you need every available HP, resistance, anti-cc you can get. The biggest problem you will face is that you will be trying to get to the enemy's carries by either catching them with Dredge Line or walking up to them and I can guarantee you will take massive damage and cc on your way to them.
Espacially Swiftness & Legendary Guardian will help you with those nasty disengages and desperativly tries to peel by the Enemeys frontline to stop you and it's helpfull to compensate your missing tenacity if you buy Boots of Mobility.

Last but not least get some points in Fleet of Foot for some extra movement speed to catch up and some points in Meditation for some mana regeneration.

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Flash....always take it, I'm sure i dont' have to explain and it's a standard spell.
Sometimes you can use it to Flash Dredge Line into Staggering Blow and Riptide + Ignite / Exhaust for a great and easy catch.

Exhaust should be your choice in most of the times. Because you are actually in range to easily exhaust their damage output by directly rushing in their backline which will at least ensure some panic and less damage to be tanked. As well you can use it for peeling.

Ignite Is another good oportunity to first bloood and getting some early kills to dominate the lane early on, though Exhaust has the better late game potential against attackspeed and attack damage dependend champions.
So far i haven't tested any other spells because I don't see a real use in them accept for Teleport which can be usefull in surprisingly well working tp-ganks, but therefore you need good communication.

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Early Game

Starting with

Pretty handy for the early levels 1-3 till your first baseing. It will help you to negate some AAs and other damage generally it makes you tanky and gives opportunities to zone, to (fail)engage and makes you less vulnerable.

Less flat heatlh and health regen than Doran's Shield but it costs less and allows you to farm + some healing for your ADC. If you farm always try to get the siege minions, those with the big canon for biggest explotation of your farming privilege.As well you can afford a Stealth Ward right at the beginning.

Not much to say, it keeps you in lane after some fights, tanked damage etc just remember to use them in case of need. Sometimes people do forget their potions which would have rescued their life's easily.Everybody knows that feeling if you can escape the ignite with 10 hp becaus of correctly used potions.

First core item

It's your real "gold income item".I recommend to get is as soon as possible Mostly You will benefit of the free wards but the extra hp does help you a lot as well After getting it you won't need to buy any Stealth Wards anymore. Maybe get a Vision Ward though for Dragon or Baron Nashor pits.

Use this item wisely when u don't take any Stealth Wards with you to ensure vision and lane safety. If you think that botlane won't face the enemy's jungler in early game and/or you are able to keep track of his path, always use the free vision for the lane brushes for better zzoning and catching people offguard.

When you bought Sightstone or getting like 3 Stealth Wards every time you base, swap Warding Totem with Sweeping Lens to clear enemy's wards, taking their vision doing so.

Would suggest getting boots after sightstone. Fleet of Foot together with your Dredge Line to gap close + CC allows you to avoid boots till the enemey gets their tier 2 boots. But can be bought in first place in some situations if you can'T cath up at all.

Mid to Late Game

Armor boost for your tankyness + a little manapool and some CDR always great to have on almost every support champion.Depending on your situation you can upgrade it to either Iceborn Gauntlet or Frozen Heart.

Magic resistance boost for your tankyness. I mostly prefer upgrading it to Spiritvisage (CDR, Health) but Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel can work as well.

Most of the time you are going to catch people/follw/chase in combination with Dredge Line and your CC to be fast enough you should get these boots.+105 movement speed is just insane.

If you are facing perma harass or teams with great kite abilities try Boots of Swiftness which will give you constant +60 movement speed and even 20% slow reduction some kind of Mobility mercurys.

In case you need some magic resistance and more tenacity just take mercury treads, though yoou will be a little slow but safer and tanky.

Do only get Ninja Tabi if the enemy team hardly relies on AD damage with little to no CC.

Aegis into Locket of the Iron Solariis always a good choice against AOE heavy team comps to support your whole team near you with some magic resistance and health regen + it's active shield.

Usually i try to get around the 15-20th min to get it for some gol generation (not that big late into the game) but mostly to build it into Talisman of Ascension for it's active movent speed buff helping your team to catch up or disengage easily.

A really great item for almost every tanky and semi tanky support. It buffs you with a large amount of armor, 10% CDR, some ap which scales well with Riptide and Depth Charge.But the best is it's passive the AOE slow, helping you to peel and lock down your enemys.

Lot's of Magic reistance some health and CDR big times. Almost a must have except you are facing a pure AD team.

Is a great choice if you need health and some more armor. even your playstyle does totaly fit the items active. Most of the time you will be right in the enemeys team so don't forget to use it for the 35% slow.

Same thing like Randuin's Omen lot's of health and armor and even some aoe aura magic damage. More of a situational item less effective than randuin's omen but still strong if your team lacks of some damage.

Just rally annoying for the enemy team, seeing you right in the center of their formation cc-ing them that they have to waste a lot of spells and damage on to you while your team can cath up or do damage to them.... and in the end you didn't even die and can start your chain cc all over again.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • I do max Riptide first because of it's burst and it's slow up to 50% for 2 seconds
  • Titan's Wrath 2nd to get some Sustain and ability to block some damage for your teammates
  • max Dredge Line 3rd most of the time you try to get the hook at a champion that has position himself between you and an object which will proc in case the passive cdr of the spell if you "only" hit the wall which will get you closer to your target anyways.
  • If possible skill Depth Charge it has a low cooldown and is team wrecking if used correctly, a massive chain of cc drilling it's way through the enemey team.

    Standard skill usage will be like:
    Look for an target near an object in case you only hit the object get ready may activate Titan's Wrath first, use Dredge Line into an instant autoattack for Staggering Blow slow them with Riptide activate Titan's Wrath if not already used for some extra damage on your autoattacks. If they are not dead yet use Ignite / Exhaust and keep chasing.

    Titan's Wrath-> Dredge Line->AA Staggering Blow-> Riptide-> Titan's Wrath

    Keep in mind that you can't Dredge Line through walls but can use Riptide at thin walls and Depth Charge at any position but use it wisely, always try to hit more than one champion at least.

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In my opinion Nautilus is a great tanky melee suppport with a great engage due to Dredge Line and his ulti Depth Charge sometimes it is hard to decide when your time has come to engage and to keep calm while beeing in the enemey's team but if you can magae it tosecure at least one kill and let you team catch up it will be devastating for the enemy's team. He's almost like a combination of thresh and leona.
I hope you did enjoy my guide.
Btw I'm German so please be indulgent with my English skills and help me out if I'm missing something :D