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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nautilus Build Guide by RalleDude

Nautilus, The Titan of the jungle

Nautilus, The Titan of the jungle

Updated on March 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RalleDude Build Guide By RalleDude 105 19 1,085,642 Views 63 Comments
105 19 1,085,642 Views 63 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RalleDude Nautilus Build Guide By RalleDude Updated on March 16, 2013
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Hello fellow summoners! This is my first guide on mobafire, and it's about our favorite titan: Nautilus! In this guide i will be focusing on Nautilus as a jungler, something I have NEVER seen a Nautilus (other than myself) do and being tanky while dealing enough damage to still be a threat to the enemy team. Feel free to comment on my build and leave constructive critisicm.
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Pros / Cons


+ cc king.
+ Insane ganks.
+ Big enough for teammates to hide behind.
+ Can wreck an enemy team if they ignore him.
+ Awesome joke AND dance!

- Incredibly slow.
- Insanely long cooldowns.
- Doesn't seem to realize that the anchor IS weighing him down.
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Nautilus, to pick or not to pick? That is the question

When deciding whether or not to pick nautilus you should take a look at your own as well as the enemies team and ask yourself these questions:

Are my teammates fragile and in need of tank?
Does my team lack CC?
Are my enemies difficult to gank?
Are my enemies vulnerable to CC?

If the answer to these questions are "Yes" then Nautilus is a good pick, even if the answer is "no" then he is still a good pick but not very necessary.

You should also consider these questions:

Are my enemies damn near impossible to gank?
Does my enemies have a fast jungler and good counter jungler?
Are my enemies hard to initiate on?
Are my enemies hard to lock down?
Can my enemies almost or fully ignore my CC?

If the answer to these questions are "Yes" then Nautilus is a poor pick because you will get counter jungled, become unable to gank, unable to protect you carries and unable to initiate.
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:Greater Mark of Alacrity: These runes are the best for many junglers and allows you to clear the jungle much more quickly and dish out more of the initial damage your auto attacks gain from your shield.

Alternate choice:
:Greater Mark of Insight: You could pick these if you really want to deal a bit more magic damage to the enemy early game but since the jungle creeps have no Mres they are useless in the jungle.

:Greater Seal of Resilience: Pretty self explanatory, helps you survive better against physical attacks.

Alternate choice:

:Greater Glyph of Shielding: Gives you what this build is lacking a bit: Magic resist!

Alternate choice:
:Greater Glyph of Warding: They can work but mr per level outscales them pretty quickly.

:Greater quintessence of Swiftness: Great runes for Nautilus because of his low base movement speed and also great for pretty much everyone else.

Alternate choice:

:Greater quintessence of Avarice: Great runes for all tanks or supports, gives you that much needed gold since your carries should be taking the kills.
:Greater quintessence of Fortitude: Gives you more hp and thus decreases the likelihood of you dying
:Greater quintessence of Potency: Allows you to do more damage and thus jungle faster and gank more effectively.
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The good old 0/21/9, pretty standard for all jungling tanks.

Summoner's Resolve: 10 gold per smite may not sound like much but considering the short cooldown you should be using it a lot and if you have used it 35 times then congratulations! You have just gotten back that money you spent on boots of speed!

Perseverance: HP regen to keep you a bit more healthy in the jungle.(The icon is because the mastery has the same name as Garen's passive)

Tough Skin: Try jungling without this and I can almost garen-tee that you will have to b before you're finished jungling or are able to gank.

Durability: More hp per level, awesome.

Veteran's Scars: More HP is always nice.

Bladed Armor: Makes those nasty creeps kill themselves on you, very useful for any jungler.

Tenacious: This is great for chasing and escaping and stacks with tenacity from items.

Juggernaut: Gives a 3 percent boost to you HP and 10 percent free tenacity! Quite awesome if you take my meaning.

Legendary Armor: + 5% bonus armor and Mres? That's a miniature Garen W passive and it's awesome.

Summoner's Insight: Reduced cooldown for flash and some nice bonuses to other summoner spells if you want them instead.

Meditation: Mana regen so you can stay in your jungle longer.

Mastermind: Cuts down your lengthy summoner spell cooldowns.

Artificer: Less cooldowns on the items you pick up.

Runic Affinity: Makes you hold onto your buffs longer unless you give them to the enemy for some reason.
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Starting Items:

Hunter's Machete + 5 Health Potions: My standard start in the new jungle.
Early game items:

Boots of Speed: makes you faster and builds into better boots.

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone: Gives you health and mana regen increases the rate at which you gain gold, AWESOME!

Spirit Stone: Gives you more sustain and more damage vs jungle creeps.

Glacial Shroud: gives you mana, armor and CDR! What's not to love?

Core items:

Mercury's Treads: Gives you magic resist, Tenacity and makes you even faster! The standard boots for any tank.

Rod of Ages: Tankyness, AP AND mana? Yes please!

Frozen Heart: Gives you even more CDR, mana and armor than Glacial Shroud and a sweet aura debuff.

Situational items:

Runic Bulwark: HP, Mres, Armor and HP regen and all of the minus the HP as an aura.

Enchantment Homeguard: Instantly resotres your HP and Mana when standing on the summoner pool and giving you a move speed buff to rush back to your team faster.

Enchantment Alacrity: If you really need the extra 15 move speed then go for this instead of Homeguard.

Randuin's Omen: Gives you an awesome active, passive and a ton of armor and health.

Abyssal Scepter: Gives you Mres, AP and an Mres debuff aura.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: A possible replacement for Abyssal Mask, however I would only take this if the enemy is seriously lacking in magic damage and I needed the HP.

Banshee's Veil: This I would only take in place of Runic Bulwark if the enemy team has a lot of poke or the support is picking it up.
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Skill Sequence

We start by putting our first point into Titan's Wrath, this is our main tanking and damage skill and we max it first. At level 2 I put a point in Riptide and max it second, this is our main farming tool and coupled with Dredge Line our main chasing/escaping tool. At level 4 we put a point in Dredge Line and leave it to last because our other skills scale much better. And as most people I put a point into my ultimate whenever i can. So your skill sequence should look something like this:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Summoner Spells

Recommended summoner spells:

Flash: This is IMO the best summoner spell in the game, I take it on all my champions.
Smite: Probably the best summoner spell for junglers, you CAN jungle without it but you're doing so at your own risk.
Ghost: This is a viable alternative if you don't have flash.

Alternate summoner spells:

Exhaust: A good summoner spell, just not for jungle Nautilus. If you REALLY want it then replace Flash with it.
Ignite: Another good summoner spell, but again: not for junglers. However, if you MUST have it replace Flash with it, Smite is too valuable
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I start my jungling route at the blue buff and afterwards I proceed to wolves, next stop: wraiths, now I go to small golems and thereafter I go pick up red buff, and then wraiths again, at this point I should be level 4 and now is the time to GANK! Note: only go back to your jungle if you don't see any available ganks.

Counter jungling:

When counter jungling you always want to know where the enemy jungler is, for example if you just saw him ganking bot lane then you can assume it's relatively safe to go into his upper jungle and swipe a few creep camps (and leave one small creep sitting there like a giant trollface if you're feeling in the mood). If you're the one getting counter jungled, consider putting a few wards in your jungle and have your team help out if you spot the enemy jungler or if they don't want/can help, go do some counter jungling of your own, never try to 1v1 Shyvana for example, with Nautilus.
When counter jungling you also want to know the order in which your enemy jungler did his jungle, for example: if you know he started at blue then his blue buff will most likely be up at about 7:10 so take your mid and maybe bot/top lane and steal that buff since it will help your mid lane win and frees up your blue buff for either you or your bot/top lane.

Also, keep the respawn timers of the jungle creeps in mind:
Red, Blue buff: 5 mins.
Dragon: 6 mins.
Baron Nashor: 7 mins.


When warding you should prioritize objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor, not only warding the objectives themselves but also warding the paths the enemy team are most likely to take getting to these objectives. Example: You are purple team and are about to take Dragon, you should ward the tri-bush closest to bot lane and also the enemies wraiths, this will allow you to see if the enemy are coming while you are killing Dragon, you should also buy a pink ward and put it on Dragon if you suspect that the enemy has a ward of their own there. If you are counter jungling you should ward the enemy buffs so that you can steal them with smite or at least get the timer if you are not nearby or unable to steal. You should also help your team by warding their lane, however this is not a high priority and you should only ward if they have stayed in lane too long and their own ward has expired, if they neglected to ward their lane or if you simply believe they are going to need it. Note: the support should also be warding the map and it's better if they buy the majority of wards since you getting items is much more important than them getting the same.
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Early Game

Start at blue buff and have someone attack it with you a little then proceed to clear the jungle as described in the jungling section. Check the lanes and see if they are pushed or looks like they need help, if you can't see anything, ask if someone wants a gank. If there is no opportunity to gank then keep going through your jungle or hold a lane while your teammate goes b. When you have at least 850 gold, go back to base and buy Boots and Spirit Stone and keep looking for ganks. When ganking you will want you teammate in that lane to cc the opponent at which point you will come in and either run up to him and hit him with your passive Staggering Blow and Riptide or if he's too far away, use you ultimate on him or if you don't have it use dredge line on him (only use dredge line when they're trying to escape or you don't have another way of getting closer). Also, if you know the enemy have a ward in the river (usual ganking path) then tell your teammate in that lane to push so you can go into the side-brush without the enemy noticing. When you have enough gold and no one needs a gank, go b and buy Glacial Shroud and hopefully Mercury's Treads too. At the end of early game you should also have begun contesting dragon, which is an exceptionally valuable monster since it gives 190 gold to all the members of your team.

Mid Game

At this point you should have gotten in a few successful ganks and hopefully a few enemy towers should also have gone down and you should have gotten enough money to buy Rod of Ages and (with luck) Frozen Heart. This is the time where you stop jungling and ganking actively and start focusing more on moving as a team and teamfighting.
In teamfights, you will most ideally be the initiator with Dredge Line and once it's started you make sure to keep your carries safe and cc as many people as possible (i've found that it's most effective to go after the enemy main damage dealers since this prevents them from dealing damage and once they see how much damage you do the others on their team will have to come and help them.

Late Game

If the game gets this far you should have at least gotten Runic Bulwark and started working on Randuin's Omen, there should be very few towers left on the map and one team should have started struggling for survival. At this point in the game you should be making your team win most teamfights and and sending your enemies very slowly running for the hills. If the game gets so far that you get your full build that is pretty much a guaranteed win since you will be next to impossible to kill, dealing tons of damage and making it impossible to reach your carries.
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So that pretty much covers it, I'm sure I've forgotten something but I'll probably add it later if I can figure out what it is and if I can spare the time. I hope the guide is helpful because (believe it or not) that's why i made it. Have fun owning people with Nautilus summoners!

Thanks to jhoijhoi for making the guide for making a guide.
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