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Nidalee Build Guide by Der5chmu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Der5chmu

Nida - Claws and Spears [AD]

Der5chmu Last updated on January 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Nidalee is one of my favorite champions - one reason is her versatility. You can pretty much play her on any position in the game (exept for jungle), and she does really well at it.
Because of the great fun I have playing her, and because I think I am bringing some new Ideas to the topic, my first guide will be about on Nidalee.

This AD Bruiser build is one that is different from most other Nidalee guides. Because I believe it to be one of the best builds as an AD Nida I am very curious, wether I will see it more frequently now.

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Pros / Cons

+ One of the most fun Champions to play
+ Nice Burst damage as Cougar - makes us also an Assassin!
+ Even as AD good at poking
+ Impossible to chase
+ Build-In mini wards and extra map control with Bushwhack

- Only half potential pre lvl 6
- does not stand a head-on-battle with the usual top laner
- Very Mana hungry
- No natural CC

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With My Bruiser Build I am aiming for good Damage and Kiting Potential, while still beeing able annoy your opponents with your spears and plant traps whereever you can, as they give a good extra map control.

  • Phage Us the Obvious Bruiser Item - it gives you Damagem HP and a nice slow - everything you can ask for from an early game Item
  • Muramana I LOVE this Item on Nidalee. It gives you a lot of damage (+70AD at our 2500 Mana), AND the Awesome Toggle, wich adds 100-150 extra damage to our spears, our traps and our autoattacks! It also gives us the Mana to Spam all of our other Abilities.
    Nidalee has the Advantage, that the Tear of the Goddess is charged extremely quickly, as we are basically ALWAYS casting some spell (and be it just Pounce while running across the map)
  • Iceborn Gauntlet The Passive gives us not only awesome kiting abilitys, but also makes it fearsome when we jump into the TF as a cougar. Additively it gives us armor, more mana, cdr and a little AP. It is our only armor Item as we dont build Wriggels Lantern, the extra mana are converted to extra damage by Muramana, the AP make our spear a little more annoying, and a little CDR is never wrong, even if we dont depend on it.
  • Maw of Malmortius gives us The needed MR and additional Damaga, wich is always nice.
  • Guardian Angel When you have build all this, you might well be focussed - you dont want to die that easily, do you?

    WHY NOT:
  • Trinity Force Your right - its an awesome Item on Nida, and gives us just what we need - just not quite enough of it. We dont really need the extra ms and as from Zeal, as we are already quite mobile, and the get Much more slow, more Damage and more HP by building the Phage to a Frozen Mallet and the Sheen to an Iceborn Gauntlet.
  • The Bloodthirster or an other Lifesteal Item? - We already have a heal for sustain, and we can get out damage from elsewhere too. If you feel like getting it though - go for it!
  • The Brutalizer We need Armorshred!! - That is why i have armor penetration quints, wich give me more than a Brutalizer (We start with 16 Flat and 8% Armorpen). You can build it anyway, but exept my opponents are stacking armor like hell - i dont really see the point.

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I take the Offensive masteries for mainly for the armor penetration and the Executioner . The defensive tree is very helpfull in the lane.
Sometimes I also take the even Masteries 9/9/12, because I want the armor Penetration from Offense, need the extra HP and Armor/MR from defense and like the Mana and extra MS from utility.
When my team cant decide on ANYTHING in queue, i often Take nida with 9/0/21 Utility Masteries. With that, i can go Top, Mid or Support equally well, and I enjoy some extra gold from Greed and fun from Pickpocket .

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I take flat MR glyphs, wich is pretty much standart, because we dont build a lot of MR until Hexdrinker. In Quints and Marks I take armor penetration and flat AD. Armor penetration, as I usually build none with items. This way you have 16 flat and 8% armor penetration at the start of the game, wich isnt a lot, but absolutely worth building. If you think you need more flat AD for lasthitting, feel free.
If you go Mid, you can also take manareg seals, as you will probably face less physical damage in early game.

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Here I will go through our skills and shortly explain their use

    Nida starts in Caster form - so do we:
  • Javelin is what Nidalee is famous for. Everyone knows they have a nida - watch for spears! In this build, our spears are not a main source of damage. However - keep throwing them! They are still annoying, and when you have Muramana, they still hurt!
  • Bushwhak is mainly used as a free ward. I skill it first and directly run to the river. By planting a trap in the bushes there, you can discover invades early and give the opponents jungler a hard time staying unnoticed. When you come to you lane, try securing it with traps, so you wont get ganked.
  • Primal Surge is a powerfull heal and, as AD even more important, gives a lot of Attackspeed. Therefore we mac it first. It is very mana-costly at higher levels, so be carefull not to run OOM. Before you jump in as a Cougar - buff yourself with a heal!

    And now comes our ultimate, wich gives nida her other half:
  • Aspect Of The Cougar You become a powerfull Predator!!
    The following abilities are only available in Cougar form. Be aware, that theyre strengh does not depent on how often you skilled their xorresponding abilities in Caster form. They only level up with Aspect Of The Cougar! Also: While in Cougar form, you are a little less squishy, quite a bit faster and you dont use any mana. switch to cougar form when you have run oom!
  • Takedown This is gives us a charged attack wich deals damage base on how low you opponents life is. It does awesome damage as a Finisher on heroes and makes us a bit of an Assassin.
    It is also great for lasthitting lanecreeps (it doesnt cost mana) and later even dragon or baron, as it can easily deal more damage than smite later on in game.
  • Pounce is the reason why you just cant chase nidalee. A gapcloser with extremely low cooldown. It is also lice for farming and opening. Alway make shure you are really facing the direction you want to jump in - otherwise you might find yourself in uncompfortable situations ;)
  • Swipe is nice for Farming and is also part of our melee burst combo.

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Skill Sequence

Midalee is good at two things: Poking and finishing of. Leave the stuff in between to your teammates, especially in TFs!
So on the lane you should harrass your opponent with spears and autoattacks until you think he wont just smack you down as soon as you come near him.
Then, Transform to Cougar and jump at him with W Pounce, then E Swipe and Q Takedown. This combo deals quite a lot of damage. If you already have sheen you might want to space in an additional autoattack after Pounce and Swipe. If you did this just for some heavy harrass, transform back and throw a spear after him as he runs!
If your opponent closes at you and you want to get away, but not hurt him too, cast your E and Q first and then jump away with W.
Always cast you Q Takedown last for maximum damage!

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Summary / Conclusion

Ou might find this an unusual Nidalee Build. Without Trinity Forcy, without the normal high-AD Items like The Bloodthirster, and without going high on AP either.
A small Calculation shall show you, that we will still Cause a lot of damage and have High sustain never the less. Our final values are:


2690 HP
184 Armor
135 MR + Shield from Malmortius

270 AD + up to 150 if we toggle Muramana makes up to
430 Damage on autoattacks!!
1.04 - 1.64 AS after heal
0% Crit - because its unrelyable ;)
Our spears deal 350 to 480 Magic damage!!
16 flat and 8% Armor Penetration

380 MS, but with bushes and furor we get up to 483 MS, and then were jumping around all day.
17% CDR, so 37% with blue - thats quite ok for a hero that doesnt rely on it!
23 Manareg is a lot, but when we have Muramana toggled on, you might be looking for a blue buff to max your damage
61% slow!! with a charged basic attack (35% + 40% stacking multiplicativly)

This build Offers you a
  • MAXIMUM Usage of ALL your abilities
  • Very high Damage
  • Good tankyness
  • The ability to Jumps into Teamfights, causing high AoE Damage with Pounce, Swipe and Iceborn Gauntlet
  • To kite any Enemy, even Teemo if you have to ;)

So far, i failed to find a different build that yields a comparable damage AND high sustain AND a 61% slow on Autoattacks!! And if you feel, that you still dont do enough damage, you can either buy a Guinsoo's Rageblade early, or replace the Guardian Angel with a The Bloodthirster

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To Be Continued...

This guide is still in construction. I plan to add AP and hybrid build as well as more chapters. I also hope to increase the design of the guide. And - i didnt correct all the spelling mistakes yet - please just ignore them! Until then, I am very much looking forward to your feedback!