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Nidalee Build Guide by Sleepydrone

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleepydrone

Nidalee Top Guide[work in progress]

Sleepydrone Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro~About me

Hello My name is Ajay (IGN:Super Saiyan Cow) and i'm making a guide for this hottie Nidalee
Anyways, nidalee is one of my favorites, right now im in silver, and i'm rapidly increasing :D Enjoy my guide and have a good day.

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    Split pushing
    High damage
    High poke
    Ranged so in the top lane you can harass
    [Nidalee] is very versatile and can do the same of 3 heros in one

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    Some characters like
Zed can do almost the same thing but better in terms of damage and escape
VERY weak early game (pre-6)
other ranges can do very well (like Kennen
Kayle can do almost the same thing but better in terms of utility
Some characters like Kha'Zix can do the same in terms of poke

But don't get discouraged, Nidalee can do ALL 3 of these heros, just not as well, so she is very versatile in terms of play style.

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Summoner spells

On Nidalee summoner spell choice can be crucial for not only you, but your kills and deathes, helpfulness in pushing, and even team fights!

Spells You Should Take:

Flash Almost a must! increases chance of living by i'd say 50%. But not as useful on Nidalee because she already has a flash, which is Pounce Rate: 5/5
Teleport Useful no matter how you play her! If you buy home-guard boots early, you can do some crazy things, also good for split pushing. Rate: 4/5
Exhaust So good, makes them so much weaker, and almost secures you a kill, because of your chasing abilities Rate: 5/5
Ignite Nothing much to say, i prefer Exhaust Rate:3/5
Cleanse ONLY if they have hard cc, like Amumu Rate:3/5

Some you should never take:

Ghost Meh,exhaust is better Rate:2/5
Heal You already have a heal Rate:2/5

All other summoner spells i didn't cover are some that are not meant to be used on Nidalee, and would have gotten a rating of 1/5

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Why Ad, or Why Ap in situations

Always consider this;
Do we have a tank?
Do we have a hyper ADC?
Do we have a strong healer support?

If so, then pick AP nidalee, because most of your team covers what you do best as ad Nidalee

Also consider this
Do we have an ap?
Do we have a tank?
Do we have a ADC.
Do we have a support?

If you say no to some of these or your just playing solo q, i recommend playing AD Nidalee because of her high damage output and mobility

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Spells (Human)

Javelin Toss High poke, very good on ap, can do about half their health with only 1. It is also very good even if you are AD early game, because of the way backing works and items early on.

Bushwhack Again, very good spell, good for leasing Blue buff, and lowering their teams magic resistance and armor early on. Grants river so place them in areas that can help out the team

Primal Surge Use this for split pushing, because it gives attack speed and procs Sheen Also heals.

Aspect Of The Cougar unlocks beast form.

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Spells (Beast)

Takedown Strong spell when playing ad, in fact your only ad spell. Now, when the target as lost some health, it does basically triple the damage of an auto attack, as well as procs items like Trinity Force Lich Bane and Sheen

Pounce Strong AP spell, and makes you very mobile, use this and your passive to run away from anyone.

Swipe Just an aoe skill for AP, decent in lane for wave clearing under the tower.

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Spells- Using Pounce

Pounce Guide

Found this off of another guide, and it seems useful!
Red are places where you can't Pounce over
Green are places where you can Pounce over
(You can also use flash if you have it)

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Boots of Speed-Why boots? The scaling of these boots with your passive is very strong,even with the nerfs.

sight ward Crazy item, saves your live as alot of characters, buy this often

If you are behind, I recommend buying 1 or 2 Doran's Blade because of the strong early game. If you are ahead, i straight buy The Brutalizer because of the very very high damage.

If your ap and your behind, your in trouble and you should play AD, beacause sometimes its hard to catch up. If you insist of playing Ap, buy some of these. Make sure u always buy a Tear of the Goddess

lichbane - Very good for split pushing and high damage as well as utility

Iceborn gauntlets- Against high ad, this can grant alot of tankiness

Rabadon's Deathcap - So strong.

Athene's Unholy Grail - Against ap or if you need mana

Archangel's Staff increases your damage output, and you can healz alot

As Ad build some of these

trinity's force - Strong for ad, lots of health and utility

The Black Cleaver Very strong because of the stats in brings on the board for you

Randuin's Omen against high ad...very good

Warmog's Armor i almost always buy this item along with Last Whisper

Last Whisper So so strong late game.

the bloodthrister meh, don't like it because it gives little stats.

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Skill Sequence (AD)


Pounce into them
Exhaust or Ignite them

Then go into Your ranged human form

just use Primal Surge and Bushwhack
try to finish them with a Javelin, then if they aren't dead, revert back to beast form

NOTE that you can use beast or human at any time at any order and follow up,just this is the best way as ad for damage

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in beast form




You can push very fast like this and almost always get the creeps

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Early Game

Try to play passive against characters like
Xin Zhao and Irelia or other characters with gap closers

Poke until level 6, and try to Pounce into Swipe into Takedown
Then revert to your human form.

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Nidalee is a strong mobile champion that can cover alot of roles. I recommend you try her. Good luck in solo Q and ill see you guys.

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Thanks for reading my Nidalee guide^^ here is a picture i took when playing her, if you have more pictures, feel free to spend em to me so i can post them ^^

If you have any comments, please mssg me with feedback and ill get back to you

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WORK IN Progress

Future chapters
Mid Game
Late Game
Ranked play

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V 1.1
Added change log
Fixed glitches
Added Item chapter