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Yasuo Build Guide by WizardHunter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WizardHunter

No one is promised tomorrow! | Mid Lane Guide

WizardHunter Last updated on March 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I welcome you to my field of justice!

This is my first published guide and i hope you like it, if you do please like it and leave a comment on anything it missed or forgot! XD

My history with Yasuo is like none of the others for me, he was the champion who made me feel like i could actually play and was good enough to play in ranked XP

Thank You!

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Yasuo is a man of resolve, an agile swordsman who wields the wind itself to cut down his foes. But this once proud warrior has been disgraced by a false accusation and forced into a desperate fight for survival. With the world turned against him, he will do everything in his power to bring the guilty to justice and restore his honor.

Once a brilliant pupil at a renowned Ionian sword school, Yasuo was the only student in a generation to master the legendary wind technique. Many believed he was destined to become a great hero. However, his fate was changed forever when Noxus invaded. Yasuo was charged with guarding an Ionian Elder, but, foolishly believing his blade alone could make the difference, left his post to join the fray. By the time he returned, the Elder had been slain.

Disgraced, Yasuo willingly turned himself in, prepared to pay for his failure with his life. He was shocked, however, to find himself accused not just of dereliction, but of the murder itself. Though confused and racked with guilt, he knew the assassin would go unpunished if he did not act. Yasuo raised his sword against the school and fought his way free, knowing his treason would turn all of Ionia against him. Now truly alone for the first time in his life, he set out to find the Elder's real killer.

Yasuo spent the next several years wandering the land, seeking any clue that might lead him to the murderer. All the while, he was relentlessly hunted by his former allies, continually forced to fight or die. His mission drove him ever forward, until he was tracked down by the one foe he dreaded most – his own brother, Yone.

Bound by a common code of honor, the two warriors bowed and drew their swords. Silently they circled one another under the moonlight. When they finally charged forward, Yone was no match for Yasuo; with a single flash of steel he cut his brother down. Yasuo dropped his weapon and rushed to Yone's side.

Overcome with emotion, he demanded to know how his own kin could think him guilty. Yone spoke: “The Elder was killed by a wind technique. Who else could it be?” Understanding swept over Yasuo as he suddenly realized why he had been accused. He professed his innocence once more and begged his brother's forgiveness. Tears streamed down Yasuo's face as his brother passed in his arms.

Yasuo Yasuo buried Yone under the rising sun, but could take no time to mourn. Others would be after him before long. His brother's revelation had given Yasuo newfound purpose; he now had the clue that would lead to the true killer. Swearing an oath, he gathered his belongings and, with one last look at Yone's grave, set out with the wind at his back.

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Pros & Cons


  • Last Breath can be hard to use
  • Countered by hard CC
  • VERY hard to master
  • Can just flop in team-fights if missed a time to Last Breath into the fight, or if you go in too late and its 1v5

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • INTENT: Yasuo's critical strike chance is doubled, but the damage dealt by his critical strikes is reduced by 10% (25% on Steel Tempest)
    -Intent is what makes Yasuo so good, even woth the crit damage reductions.
  • RESOLVE: At maximum Flow, the next time Yasuo would take damage from a champion or monster he first converts his Flow into a shield that absorbs damage. After 2 seconds, if not already depleted, Yasuo loses all his Flow.
    -Resolve helps against harass champions because of the shield and it's easily replenished.

Static Cooldown: 5/4,75/4.5/4.25/4 Physical Damage: 20/40/60/80/100(+100%AD)
  • FIRST ACTIVE: Yasuo thrusts his sword forward, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a 475-unit line. If cast while using Sweeping Blade, the area of effect is changed to a ~375-radius circle around Yasuo.
    -The main harass in the early laning phase.
  • SECOND ACTIVE: Same as the first active.
    -The main harass in the early laning phase.
  • THIRD ACTIVE: Yasuo brandishes his sword causing a whirlwind to tear forward in a ~900-unit line, dealing physical damage and knocking airborne all enemies hit. If cast while using Sweeping Blade, the area of effect is changed to an ~375-radius circle around Yasuo. This active resets the chain.
    -The main harass in the early laning phase and also used to go into Last Breath.

Steel Tempest can critically strike, having a 25% damage penalty. Without any additional critical damage the bonus damage equals 50% of Yasuo's attack damage. Additionally, on-hit effects will be applied to the first enemy hit within 475-unit range. The cooldown and cast time of Steel Tempest is reduced based on Yasuo's bonus attack speed and unaffected by cooldown reduction.

Cooldown:26/24/22/20/18 Wall Width:300/350/400/450/500
  • PASSIVE: Yasuo generates a percentage of his maximum Flow whenever he uses Sweeping Blade in addition to the amount that is generated for the distance moved.
    -Flow: 3/6/9/12/15%
  • ACTIVE: Yasuo creates a gust of wind that travels forward to form a wall 400 units away from himself. The wall slowly drifts forward over 3.75 seconds, blocking all enemy projectiles with the exception of tower hits.
    -This is the best counter against harass, it can also block damage from baron and the dragon

Static Cooldown:0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2/0.1 Mark Duration:10/9/8/7/6
  • ACTIVE: Yasuo dashes 475 units in the direction of the target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them briefly. The speed of the dash scales with Yasuo's bonus movement speed.
  • Passive:Each cast increases the next dash's base damage by 25% for 5 seconds, up to 100% bonus damage. Yasuo cannot use Sweeping Blade on an enemy that's already been marked.
    -Min Damage:70/90/110/130/150 (+60% AP)
    -Max Damage:140/180/220/260/300 (+60% AP)

Cooldown:80/55/30 Physical Damage:200/300/400(+150% Bonus AD
  • ACTIVE: Yasuo blinks to the nearest visible airborne enemy champion to the cursor, instantly generating maximum Flow. Upon arriving, he suspends all airborne units within a 400-radius of his target in the air for 1 second while dealing physical damage to all of them. Once he lands, Yasuo gains 50% penetration to bonus armor for 15 seconds.
    -Casting Last Breath will reset the chain on Steel Tempest

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Bread and butter items:

Statikk Shiv is a must buy item and is the first big item i get as Yasuo. The reason is because of how it activates his Q Steel Tempest, it helps in lane with burst damage and wave clear with its passive.

Infinity Edge+ Statikk Shiv gets you to 90% crit chance and 250% crit damage, along with the 5% crit from runes makes you have 100% crit. This is due to Yasuo's passive that doubles his crit chance.

Due to Yasuo having no sustain other than the runes i play which is only 4% along with this it goes up to 14% which helps out a lot. when laning against a harass champion such as Gragas or Syndra.

Defensive/situational items:

Maw of Malmortius is an item you get when you need just that bit more sustain against an AP heavy team comp, or when you need the shield to block to burst, but you still don't want your AD to fall off too much.

Mercurial Scimitar is similar to Maw of Malmortius however i do prefer this due to the speed boost you get and it's a counter to Yasuo's counter, Hard CC. Plus you also retain some damage, like Maw of Malmortius

The only time i would ever buy The Black Cleaver is if they had 3~4 tanky champs and i just needed some more shred to deal with them. However due to Yasuo's ult Last Breath that gives him 50% armor pen for 12secs, The Black Cleaver just seems a bit redundant to me.

This is a easy one to explain, it's a snowball item. If by the time you Statikk Shiv and everyone on your team is dominating and you've had a tasty meal of their team then get this to just carry on the carnage thats the purpose of The Bloodthirster.

Twice, just twice I've gotten Frozen Mallet that's because despite its many good points and it is a good item on Yasuo, i just can't seem to enjoy it much. when you need more health because you just die too quickly then this is a good item also the passive can help with chase and will almost secure you a kill every time.

guardians angel
This is an amazing item if you need some extra survivability in a team fight, but you can just be burst down after you revive. That said this has helped me finish of a penta kill as Yasuo before.

Similar to Guardian Angel in the sense that it will give you more survivability, however this is should be used only if you are being bursted down by ults like Gragas's barrel.

Randuin's Omen in my mid is nor purely a defense item, despite it not giving you any actual damage it can be used to slow and hinder the escape of enemies to help secure kills. But it still gives you 500 HP and 70 Armor, along with the passive cold steel means it can shut down champions that rely on attack speed.

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This is one of the most important things you must do as Yasuo his early/mid game depends on it because the sooner you get Statikk Shiv the better. As I've said Yasuo has no innate sustain so that's the reason i take 2x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal to help give you sustain, along with you Vampiric Scepter you should be OK.


The current meta is ranged AP mid laners, you may think you are at a disadvantage but you'd be thinking wrong or not as much as you thought. Yasuo has his E Sweeping Blade to get close and to get away, couple that with his W Wind Wall means that he can outplay almost every ranged Mid Laner. The main tool for harass at Yasuo's disposal is his Q Steel Tempest, the effectiveness of this is amplified even further when you get Statikk Shiv.

Sequence for harass

  1. Use your E Sweeping Blade to close the gap
  2. Use your Q Steel Tempest to land a hit on target
  3. Use your E Sweeping Blade again on an enemy minion to make some distance
Pictures will be coming soon


When preparing for a gank on your lane as Yasuo its best to do it at lvl6, there's 3 ways to set it up.
  1. The first is to get your 3rd stack then hit the enemy laner with it to give your jungle to land the gank, to secure the kill or to force a flash
  2. The second is similar to the first except you use your R Last Breath as-well to suspend them longer, i use this when i know the enemy can escape and i want to secure the kill.
  3. The last only works if the ganker has an ability that can displace the enemy so that you can use your R Last Breath to lock them up further and secure the kill.

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For me Yasuo is in his prime during the mid-game, just when people are starting to rotate around the map is when you want to join them and try and catch them out because in most 1v1 fights you can just win it then pull back to your lane or jungle.

If you won your lane earlier than the rest then i'd reccomend getting Boots of Mobility to help get to either top or bot lane and just kerb-stomp the enemy if they're push to far up. When roaming remember about the synergy with champions that have a displacement such as Wukong, Rammus or Aatrox and even champions such as Nami and Janna become deadly when used with your Last Breath.

HOWEVER! remember to farm!
Farm > risky kill

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This for me is the hardest time and will determine how good your team synergy is, due to the face that Yasuo NEEDS someone to be able to knock up 2~3 or even 4 of the enemy team so he can Last Breath in and get the advantage to your team. YES, he can stack his Q Steel Tempest to get a knock up but it can be hard to do this, I've lost count of how many time I've died because i tried to stack my Q Steel Tempest

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These are the champions to my knowledge that work with Yasuo's R Last Breath.

If I've missed any just PM me and ill add it to the list Thank You :)

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  • Thank you Kumagzter for allowing me to use his image for the signatures :) His Deviant Art

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  • 02/03/14 - Adjusted the items so to deal more damage and be more effective overall.
  • 01/03/14 - Re-arranged and added some champions to the synergies chapter
  • 25/02/14 - Reworked the runes in order to waste less crit chance/and added "projects" chapter
  • 24/02/14 - Changed the runes in order to increase attack speed
  • 23/02/14 - Added more defense items and boot options

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Other Projects

Some of my other projects both released and on-going projects.

  • Darius 3v3&5v5 - Ongoing