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Nocturne - "The Fist of Shadow"

Nocturne - "The Fist of Shadow"

Updated on May 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Juiget Build Guide By Juiget 64 27 153,799 Views 148 Comments
64 27 153,799 Views 148 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Juiget Build Guide By Juiget Updated on May 6, 2011
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This is to avoid people downvoting for the reason of just checking the item purchase order and masteries.

This is my first build here on Mobafire.
It's a jungle Guide of the new champion Nocturne, "The Fist of Shadow". I think Akali is not very fitting with that name now when we got a shadow champion like this! :D I've tried out a few different things on Nocturne since the release. The build itself contains a huge burst and enough survival to survive without problems.
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Pros / Cons

- Able to jungle
- Amazing ganker
- Great damage and survival throughout the whole game
- Helpful in teambattles
- Extremely FUN to play
- Not team dependant

- Rather squishy
- In most cases gets focused in teambattles
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I really can't tell much about this section. It's just that I can't find many other item possibilities that gives you a higher burst or any more necessary survival.

Note that Nocturne's Duskbringer (Q) and Paranoia (R) scales with AD and not AP (Unspeakable Horror (E) however, does scale with AP. This still doesn't make Nocturne available to use a AP Build)

Here's a list of items I recommend in first place!

Mercury's Treads - Gives you a better chance to survive getting focused and makes your 1v1's against hard CCers alot easier. The attackspeed from Berserker's Greaves isn't needed, since you already have amazing attackspeed throughout the whole game thanks to Madred's and your passive attackspeed from your W.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This is one of your main sources of damage. It's perfect together with your passive attackspeed, and makes even tanks go down on seconds! It's not that hard to get either since you're already getting Madred's Razors for jungling early-game. This item should be done rather quickly if jungled and ganked correctly.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - A overall good item for Nocturne. It gives that extra movement speed boost you might need to chase someone down if you miss your Duskbringer. Or the extra attackspeed for bursting a tank down. I find it rather useful, and it has also saved me a couple of times.

Banshee's Veil - As good as all the survival you need for any 1v1 and ganks. With this item you now have TWO shields against abilities, both with a rather short cooldown! Get this, you will need it!

Infinity Edge - Infinity Edge. If you reach this item, you shouldn't have any problem bursting ANYONE down. With this, your attackdamage exceeds 350 together with your Q ability bonus. Not to mention the crits will be up to 900-1100 with a attackspeed of 1.500-1.800!

The Bloodthister - Last but not least, The Bloodthirster. Since all your abilities scale with AD, this item is great as your final item, taking your AD to overkill. However I choose to pick this item up very late in the game because your Q's bonus attackdamage already makes it easy enough to kill early-mid. This item is mostly to make you available late-game by adding all that extra attackdamage to your abilities and auto-hits.

Situational Items

I've tried out some of these item choices, but it's all a matter of taste. I like the item build above over these.

Phantom Dancer - Great item, gives you some extra movement speed, attackspeed and crit. However I don't feel this item needed. You already got Ghostblade, Ghost and Duskbringer for the movement speed, and you wont need crit more than you will have late-game. However I suppose this could be swapped for Ghostblade if you prefer permanent movement speed and attackspeed instead of armor penetration and a activate effect.

The Black Cleaver - I suppose this item would work on Nocture aswell, however I don't find the armor reduce stack effective unless you're facing armored enemies such as Rammus.

Sword of the Divine - If you're facing a good dodgey Jax, this is the item you need to whoop him over. Otherwise I'd recommend the other items I've stated above.

Frozen Mallet - Imo, this item shouldn't be needed. However, if you feel you're dying too much, and your ganks arn't as successful as you hoped, get this. This will grant you a bunch of health and you won't need the lizard buff to gank anymore. But since I personally never feel any need for this item, because ganks should be successful enough with lizard buff, I put it under situational items.
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1/19/10 - I find these masteries the most useful for Nocturne. His damage output is way over the line for easily taking down his targets without a problem. These masteries also gives you a great survival in team battles, longer buff durations, and makes it even easier to jungle.
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Greater Mark of DesolationI pick Armor Penetration Marks for piercing through that thick tank armor combined with your Madred's Bloodrazor. Also making it easier to take down squishy targets easier (obviously).

Armor Seals for easier jungling.

Attackspeed Glyphs also for jungling, since attackspeed helps your passive.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationAs for Quintessences, I prefer Armor Penetration or flat Attack Damage, however if you would have problems jungling early-game I'd suggest flat Health (Greater Quintessence of Fortitude). However this has never been a problem for me.
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Summoner Spells

Smite - This a jungling build. Smite is a must have!

Ghost - I prefer ghost as the second summoner spell. Together with your Q (Duskbringer) it gives you a amazing speed. Good for both chasing and fleeing.

Flash - I feel Flash isn't really needed on a champion like Nocturne. However if you prefer this over Ghost, feel free to swap it and change the Improved Ghost for (1/3 Good Hands) in the Utility Tree.

Exhaust - Works great on Nocturne, however you shouldn't have any problems in 1v1. Your E's (Unspeakable Horror) fear effect should take well care of keeping you in range, combined with the movement speed from your Q (Duskbringer)
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Nocturne's Abilities

Check the spotlight about how the abilities work.

Umbra Blades (Passive)
Nocturne's passive is perfect for jungling, in fact it's what makes him available to jungle with. With attackspeed, this passive is incredible. It heals, does a extra dose of damage based on your total attackdamage and heals you for a flat amount per targets hit!

Duskbringer (Q)
This is Nocturne's way to keep up with his enemies, also one of the reasons his ganks are in most cases successful. It's also the first ability you take for starting your jungle route at level 1. Not only does it damage, but it allows you to (when it hits enemy targets) chase them down easily. If you enemy doesn't have improved ghost, you can even chase them down when their Ghost is activated, since your Duskbringer increases your movement speed by 35% (Ghost 32%).
This ability scales with AD!

Shroud of Darkness (W)
This is the ability you want to have one point in at level two and max last. It gives you 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% attackspeed. This ability is also a great saver in teamfights, and can also give you quite a good burst late-game, since when you absorb a spell, it dubbles the passive attacksspeed (80% instead of 40%!) This ability is very similar to Sivir's ability "Spell Shield (E)".

Unspeakable Horror (E)
This is your ability to keep your enemy in range after you've started your gank. Can also be very good if someone's chasing you while you're retreating. Combined with your Q, it's rather easy to stay in range for the Fear effect to go off. It's also pretty neat in team battles, as you can use this on their carry to keep him from killing your teammates. This is the only ability that scales it's damage with AP - Meaning AP is not a good build for Nocturne.

Paranoia (R)
Nocturne's Ultimate. This is what makes ganks so good with Nocturne. If you've seen the spotlight you should know how it works. The "charge teleport" this ability gives is just amazing. With this, you can actually sneak past the enemy team's tank and support, taking out their carry within seconds if done correctly. And his teammates wont even know what happened until their sight returns. However I do not recommend charging their carry if he's in sight range of his allies, unless your team already initiated the battle and got the focus on them.
Note that this ability is also scaling it's damage with AD!
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Most Nocturne players probably think he should start at blue buff, like in the spotlight, however I think not. Nocturne doesn't need the buff in early-game, since his jungling is based on his passive & auto attacking.
Start with buying Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions

#1 - Small Golems
Take the first skill point into your Q (Duskbringer) . Start off with casting Duskbringer hitting both golems, immediately smite the one you're going to target right away, then use a health potion and auto attack for the rest of the time here. You'll level up - Put the second skillpoint in W (Shroud of Darkness)

#2 - Wraiths
Open up with Duskbringer , and try to hit all of them if you can. Start hitting the Blue Wraith so your passive hits all the red wraiths aswell. Pop a health potion and auto-hit the rest of this camp.

#3 - Wolves
Once again open up with Duskbringer and auto-hit the wolves until they die. You shouldn't need to use a health potion here. You will level up, put this third ability point in your Q (Duskbringer) aswell.

#4 - Blue Golem
You should have around 80% health once you reach this camp. Start of with hitting all targets with Duskbringer , auto-hit and use a health potion . Once Duskbringer fades, just cast it again. Finish it off with Smite when the Golem is low. Continue on to the small golems again.

#5 - Small Golems
By this time, the small golems should be right about to respawn. Head over there, start off with Duskbringer and just auto-hit them down. You'll level up, put that point into E (Unspeakable Horror) .

#6 - Wraiths
Once again kill the wraiths, starting up with Duskbringer and just auto hitting them to death. By this time this is child's play :)

#7 - Wolves
Same thing, Duskbringer and auto hit until they've fallen.

After this route I suggest you recall for purchasing items. Buy Boots & a Long Sword .

#8 - Lizard
After you've recalled and bought the items, head over to the Lizard camp.
Start off with hitting all targets with Duskbringer . Make sure you'll go to the middle afterwards so you hit all targets with your passive . Use your Unspeakable Horror on the Lizard and use Duskbringer whenever it's not on Cooldown. Use a health potion and finish of the Lizard with Smite once it's low.

After this you're set and ready to gank!

Obviously, this obviously is exactly the same route for the opposite side of the map showed below with the exemption of being at Nashor's side instead of the Dragon's.

The Purple line shows route 1.
The Blue line shows how you continue route 1 from the Blue Golem
The Yellow line shows how you continue with "route 2" after you've recalled from the Wolves (After blue route).

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Nocturne is one of the best ganking champions I've ever played. Atleast that's my opinion.
It's pretty simple. First off, make sure they're not too close to their turret, let's say, in the brushes at their side is okay. Make sure your teammates on the lane has vision of the enemy champions, otherwise you cannot charge your opponent.
Start off with your Ultimate Paranoia (R) , the opposite lane (Top, if you're ganking bot, and reversed) will be more careful because they wont know if you're coming on their lane or not, also mid will most likely back off during this time.
Click at R again and charge the lowest health/squishy target and immediately cast Unspeakable Horror (E) on them. While hitting the first hit, also cast Duskbringer (Q) to make sure you can keep up with him running without interrupting your hits. With Lizard buff, this will be even easier than you can imagine. Many first bloods has been spilled this way.
Also don't be afraid to turret dive at mid-late game, perhaps not when your enemy is at full health, but if you have your ultimate ready and a target with less than 50-70% health, it shouldn't be any problems taking them down (depending on which champion obviously, but most do go down easily)
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17/3-11 - Build Created! Minor fixes done.
18/3-11 - Renewed the Build
19/3-11 - Fixed typo's in the jungle section
21/3-11 - Added Frozen Mallet to situational items
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This is my first guide - I've never written one before. Any advice how to make my guide better is appreciated, feel free to comment! And also TRY IT before voting it.
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