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Nocturne Build Guide by xIPainIx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIPainIx

Nocturne Ranked Jungle *with laning*

xIPainIx Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Hello all and Welcome to my 2 part guide on the Champion Nocturne. Having bought him on release he is still one of the most fun champions to play with his distinctively unique ultimate, his forever insane damage and not to mention the bad-*** looks.

In this guide the first part shall be dedicated to Jungling(I mainly play Jungle Noc) and the second part shall include everything about laning.

I welcome all criticism in my build as all I want is to help but please if you can try this build out before criticising hard.

Thanks hope you enjoy the guide.

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- Brilliant ganker thanks to Noc's ult
- Great farmer
- Great chaser
- Good jungler
- One of the most unique ults
- abilities can be used offensively and defensively

- Squishy
- Vulnerable to CC, pretty weak escape mechanisms ( Banshee's Veil helps )

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Part 1: Jungle Nocturne

Why should I jungle as Nocturne?

Why you ask well there are many reasons why:
He has incredible speed clearing out the jungle and Nocturne makes everything quicker.

He IS the best ganker as Paranoia can allow him to gank from areas where wards may not be placed thanks to its huge range. No one can see it coming and is just amazing.

His duskbringer allows him to chase effectively not to mention and increase in AD(also increasing jungle speed). His fear allows to cc the enemy the second he enters the fray.

These utilities make him so easy to jungle and gank with.

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Items, Optional Items and why I chose these.

There are some things that are debatable which I will go through.

First is What Boots should I take and why?
The most common mistake is to take Berserker greaves, most players will think "oo AS, more dmg, yay!" no bad idea as much as awesome how much AS you get from Berseker's you still have your Shroud passive and generally high AS. But the main reason why we don't choose beserker's is because as an assassin getting caught is a CC is Game Over you will die but you can never be too sure if you will get CC'd but at vital times you can not risk it.

So, Concluding from this we take Merc treads to allow the CD reduction and nice M resist as remember CC is a big issue for all assassins and we want your Nocturne to avoid all issues and become unstoppable.

Ok so that's good but wait why wriggles and not Bloodrazor?


Now I will say this both are brilliant and is your preference is Bloodrazor's then go ahead because both are equally awesome.

So, Why Wriggles you ask? Well for a start it is Extremely cheap, Extremely so you can be ahead in that early game because it can be gotten so fast.

It allows you to get more Core items in all games. But mainly it gives that huge lifesteal with that huge lifesteal early game you are hard to kill and always topped off with health. I Use wriggles specifically in my build as you can see no and Wriggles makes up for this lifesteal and by not having a can allow to get an Item say which can allow you get more AS and amazing ARP.

Now Madred's can be gotten if there is two tanks or if you see some trouble with armour, etc.

Now I can go into explaining what is our Core items, Your core items should look like this:


I will explain why I get each item firstly:
I get this pretty early, Why? because you have to think about what we need so let's look over:
We have Lifesteal from wriggles.
We get a Nice bit of AD early on from Duskbringer
and we don't get shroud second
So, I get some AS to complement everything else, it gels really well so we have a good mix early on.

is so brilliant as I choose this over The bloodthirster because like I said before we already have lifesteal early so lets get some other stuff. As this build doesn't contain Youmuus we probably need some ARP so I take The Black Cleaver as i gives us AS, AD and very nice ARP, with all this AS we've been collecting it takes no time to stack it up instantly. With this you can shred down anyone at this point.

is gotten at this point as being an assassin you are squishy and Merc Treads alone won't do so this brilliant item is gotten. Now I have made it a + to the core build as not all games you get it but sometimes you may want it before Black cleaver.

Although my reasoning to get it for this timing as around about when you get this in my build the main team fights will start to occur , you may find that there are earlier team fights of course but nothing is heavy yet. But in your game you find that people are dishing out damage fast then grab this before Black Cleaver hence the + to the core items.

is grabbed last as by it has great damage and with that phantom dancer you will be critting like hell.

Now games can't always go according to plan so there may be some situations where other items are needed as there may be an insane trynd or your generally getting sniped off first.

Is there a tank like rammus who just won't die grab a Last Whisper!
Frozen mallet is brilliant for keeping people from getting away. Not only that but giving a lot more HP to survive if you're having trouble being focused.
Starks is brilliant for the whole team if maybe some people are behind or generally give the team a boost.

Any AD carry's ripping you apart , then grab Randuins to give armour, HP and the brilliant passive to help you beat those fed AD carrys.
Guardian's angel is generally good because it gives both Armour and MResist and if you get nuked first you have a chance to get away.
Spirit Visage ups your lfiesteal and generally better survivability.

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Jungle Route

In my Route I like to start with the blue golem but to do this you need to runes listed above.
Start out here with your cloth armour and 5 Hp pots.Shoot a duskbringer to hit all three and from this range your passive still hits all three.

Grab Shroud and move to the wolves and kill them shooting Dusbringer through all threeAim for the brown wolf first. Spam Duskbringer as you have the blue buff.

Move to the wraiths and aim for the Blue wraith first.Once killed grab another rank in Duskbringer and depending if you've had help with the blue or its been pulled then move to the mini golems as smite wont be off but if smite is nearly off move to the red. Like soif the golems hasn't already been killed do so now.

Now recall and grab your boots or long sword by this point and go gank, continue to get buffs accordingly and have fun ganking.

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Part 2: Laning Nocturne

Why should you lane as Nocturne?

He has a nice fear, a good initiator, brilliant at chasing down and deals a lot of damage.

In this part of the guide I will explain items for lane nocturne.

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Items, Optional Items , etc.

Being a melee champ early game it's hard to get in the fight early on so we start out with
to give mobility early on and this allows you to grab three health pots to give insane lane sustain. No mana pots are gotten as we have mana regen seals.

In the Jungle Item Section I explain why I get Mercs instead of Berserkers

Our Core items should look like this:

is gotten quite early thanks to the nice early AD not to mention the ARP and with all the Runes should clear most of someones armor. This is really for the early game edge.

I feel while not leveling shroud having the AS early gives me quite the edge. I just feel this makes me do so much dps early on.

For awesome survivability in the lane and in team fights.

I get the bloodthirster as in the early game duskbringer gives nice AD but now you need to start getting some AD and also we have not had any lifesteal yet and since i like a bit of mix , Bloodthirster fits perfectly here as it gives everyone i need which i don't have.

is a brilliant item but i dont get this early because of The bloodthirster but with this by now you should be nearing the cap. *Remember always use it's active.

with all the crit collected and with its passive can cause huge damage late game.

For Optional items see the jungle items part :) thanks

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Greater Mark of Desolation is used as it gives the most dps compared to any other mark. (Able to kill tanks faster)

is used to allow to be able to jungle more effectively without losing as much health not to mention a little bit of defense.

Greater Seal of Replenishmentto give good lane sustain as nocturne has bad mana problems.

is used as it gives us nice AS to clear up the Jungle faster and to do more dps on those ganks.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation same as mark
to make Jungling easier and have that edge early on.

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Skill Sequence

is ranked up first because it gives a substantial amount of AD and gives incredible MS to chase those pesky champs in the lane. It has a nice range so even champs as some range can be hit and with the increased MS can be caught up to and fear immediately.

What should I rank up second?
This is a commonly asked question and
Gives that nice passive attack speed to allow to hit more increasing dps but when ganking attacking more is useless if somehow they have gotten away by ghost but if we had some sort of cc to stop them for running away for as long as possible but
when ranked up increases the time the target is feared. From rank 1 to rank 5 there is a 1 second difference, one second may not seem alot but in that time it can allow a fellow team mate to catch up or simply allow him/her to attack and nuke the target quicker making it much less likely to escape. (Plus 200 added damage can't hurt, eh?)

So in summary AS is good for more dps but its keeping that player locked down longer increase the chance of that vital kill.

is your bread and butter of succesful ganking. This is obviously ranked up when you can and its such a great tool as when jungling no one knows which lane you've hit(except the person getting ganked ;p) and by the time they see, there won't be much left of the player. The incredible range also allows ganks to be made from areas where may not be warded.

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Summoner Spells


Well. :P

brilliant when you have just feared so you can keep them locked down(well nearly) and be able to kill them without of chance of them getting away.

is used because it makes it easier to chase champions and it someone is faster to keep up to be able to auto-attack. Many will say "You have Duskbringer screw ghost" but even so Duskbringer isn't always up and if you miss you're pretty much screwed. So Ghost compensates for this. Ghost also has a shorter CD than flash.

Other Options

is an awesome spell that allows you to jump over walls offensively and defensively and if anyone prefers this over ghost sure it's just as good. A long CD but still very good.

is still very good but I prefer to get some sort of escape mechanic.

Meh Spells

is good for cross map ganks but you have paranoia so why waste a summoner spell on this nevertheless a good spell.

is good for your ulti if enemies are not in sight but let the support take it.

No, ty
Revive- eh, meh, no ty
Clarity- You have the mighteh blue buff!
Heal- Not my favourite but not bad.
Fortify- let the tank have.
Rally is kind of poop.

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I use a Offensive 21/0/9:
I think everything is pretty standard nothing really needs to explained except maybe possibly taking 2 points out of Sorcery to put into Offensive Mastery to clear the jungle faster but it's not needed but can be done.

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Thanks for reading, take consideration playing the build first and any criticism is nice so i can edit the build for players to use.
Update Log:
Build made:24/7/12
****Hey, internet has been broken for awhile and i'm back and ready to update will add stuff soon!****