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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soupreme

Nocturne Soupreme

Soupreme Last updated on March 22, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
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Utility: 8

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I am going to start by saying this champion satisfies everything that i looked for in. This build provides a bulky speedy dps champ GTFO. Check it out try and and own the field.

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-Farming ability is great amongst other heroes
-Can chase really well for kills needed without risk of kill loss or tower dive
-Damage capability is really high
-One of the best ganker champs
-Damage output mixes well with speed and health in this build
-Passive is among the best with high damage and lifesteal


-Squishy beginning to mid game
-Target in team fights
-Range of ult can be depressing and champs moving out of range
-Vulnerable to CC

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I usually go with flat armor penetration marks and quintessences and increased by level glyphs and seals so i go with:

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Seal of Might

Greater Glyph of Might

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Defensive Runes you might go with:

Greater Mark of Warding
Greater Mark of Alacrity
Greater Seal of Resilience
Greater Seal of Warding
Greater Seal of Defense Greater Seal of Defense
Greater Seal of Shielding
or other **** you can figure it out by now just in Glyphs and Quintessences but im not going to waste time and page space filling it all out


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Champion Skills

Umbra Blades: Umbra Blades is one of the greatest champion passives that i have seen in a long time. The idea of 120% damage increase included with lifesteal. This passive is useful and amazing from begging to middle to end. In beginning say if you are laning or ganking it does not make a difference just combo it up starting with Q rush up to the Champ dusked and that hit alone will hit for much damage. Later this can be added with Unspeakable horror which makes the non squishes look like Vieger or a Teemo crawling for help

Duskbringer This skill is very useful and changes its meaning through the duration of the game.

Early: Acts great for harassing and farming. Make sure that you aim it right and try not to overuse it as doing to may result in the loss of mana quickly. Then you are stuck with being hit by the other champs clinging for life. Stay on top of it too, hit the champs and the minions for the most work being done and kill them before they kill you.

Mid-Late: Not only does this do alot of damage in the late game, of course it will if you follow my build, and it works to the advantage movement speed wise. Chasing is not a word to describe it because now it appears as if the enemy champ is walking and you are running with full momentum. It is not useful being a Yi and running if you are hunted down, feared out your damn mind and slowed with exhaust

Shroud of Darkness This i love because of the passive ability is provides. 40% by the time you reach level 5 skill that speaks for itself and i dont care if it is nerfed the passive itself adds to the bassassery Nocturne promotes. Actively his spell blocking adds to his passive however may be short can still be effective. I took into consideration that in team fights and even a 1v1 that the enemy is GOING to hit you with a spell, it is obvious. By using Shroud of Darkness as well as activating Yomuu's Ghostblade, your attack speed with be unfair to the enemy champ, maybe it would even be

over 9000!!!!!

Unspeakable Horror: With Fiddlesticks we have been given unspeakable horrors with his own fear ability, Nocturnes however, is better. Fiddle missed the point that damage wins battles along with the fear. This is exactly what Nocturne does. Up to 250 damage at least given you may include a Gunblade or maybe just the small AP given with the Trinity Force. DO NOT WASTE THIS. Too many times have i seen enemy nocturnes use this out of range or with long distance between. It does the damage but then the champ gets away before the seconds are up and it is just a waste of time. Use your other abilities to your advantage. Duskbringer lets you run up on the champs and then use this ability because you will be able to run along side and maybe pull in front so they run opposite the direction they want to go leaving them defenseless.

Paranoia I fear this ability in the wrong hands because people misuse it all of the time and that is just a disappointment and you look dumb in front of everyone. Know the range capabilities. Because you get some what of a wider range on Summoners Rift do not go prancing into Twisted Treeline thinking you cover the entire map because it works according to the map size. Another thing, do not dive straight into those big statue things people like to call Turrets or for the people who can not speak at all "Turrents" which is completely incompetent with the basics of language. When you dive and die you look like a noob and an *** because you can not escape by saying "oh dang lag i almost got you lucker." If you used the skill you knew what you were doing do not blame the servers. Aside from idiocracy this skill is amazing for ganks, chasing, solo and team fights because there is nothing that stops a champ in their trackers better then this followed by the combos you use to make running away useless. So ult away summoners as long as you can do it and not die.

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Summoner Spells

Among those i consider the best choices and i am not even going to include the others because argument is useless and you should know why or why not you should use these spells.

Flash: This spell is considered to work well for Nocturne because it serves valuable for fleeing champs as well as escaping from situations where any other spell would not be able to help

Exhaust IMO, now dont get mad. This is the best spell Nocturne can use. If you can chase a champ down good job but if you can not manage to kill the champ you are an idiot. This adds onto the speed difference and the lack of escape the other champs will have. If you hate Exhaust and everything about it as a person with complete rage, dont rage quit buddy just get Ghost.

Ghost is another great item that adds on to the chasing and escape out of otherwise certain death

This works in sync with Nocturne's ultimate Paranoia and is useful to spot ganks before they happen or help an ally affected by another Nocturne's ultimate to where in this instance you may cancel out the other ult, use Clairvoyance and rush to aid

This goes in sync with your ult and goes great with the ganks and team fights and if you do not see that then you must not see many things.

This is good early game but serves kind off useless when you get later in the game. I use it to get an early start and kill other champs to feed into my stomach.

Cleanse if useful say against and his blind or maybe and taunt. Also if the enemy tries to chase you and slows you in anyway with spells or a Frozen Mallet this proves useful

Heal: i have seen this spell be used several times by Nocturne because it is useful at the time where he is in his weakest form with regards to health

Ghost and Flash are two considerable spells choosing to be able to escape ganks or simply run from enemy players. This is a valuable asset considering that Nocturne tends to be squishy for an excessive amount of time in the duration of the game

What i do not recommend

This item is only needed if you waste your spells instead of using them conservatively. Get this if you tend to be that person but if you acknowledge Nocturne as a champion who is not entirely spell dependent stick to the ones above.

Smite is useless in this build because it is built for laning however there are several jungle guides to where this spell may be included but not here

Although when in the loading screen you tend to laugh at the guy with Rally on it is useful for teamfights if you upgrade it in the masteries tree to provides a boost in AD and AP but i would not use this for Nocturne given that other spells are more valuable and do not suit to his building needs as an assassin

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Items Sequence

I did not explain the steps involved in getting your items so let me do that now :D

When you start get a Doran's Blade because this adds onto both your damage which add to Duskbringer and Umbra Blades right away. However if you are a bigger fan of hp regen get Doran's Shield for this may apply to you more because you are a physical damage champ who does not like to do physical damage.

If you are doing well and got a couple early kills under your belt go back to base and get some Berserker's Greaves. If not so well but you need to go back and you have cash start with getting a Dagger. I have you get Attack Speed boots because at start i like to get speed right off the bat and not wait for Shroud of Darkness to catch up.

Get a Long Sword and then follow it with a The Brutalizer. This adds CD and Armor Penetration as well as damage and develops into Yomuu's Ghostblade which is vital to this build.

Follow this up with either a Phage or a Zeal depending on if you are getting hit hard any you would rather have more health right away or have that attack speed to stack onto the speed you already have. This later develops into a Trinity Force which because of the Sheen ability, after using say Duskbringer you invoke that much more damage. After this upgrade your The Brutalizer into Yomuu's Ghostblade and become unstoppable.

Get another Phage to add on to the health you already have and follow it up with a Frozen Mallet. At this point you have decent health, damage, and attack speed not to include the The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.

The next steps i really do not care with what you go first. Personally i like getting the The Bloodthirster because i like the lifesteal but then again critical strike chance leads me into the mood of getting Infinity Edge.

GUIDE 2 Process

Start off with a Doran's Shield for defensive purposes. After that you can get the Boots of Swiftness quickly given its low cost again the other boots available.

After you want to consider getting extra speed. For this you want to rush getting Youmuu's Ghostblade because it provides damage, crit chance, and speed at a considerably high rate. After this you need to get a Phage then follow it with a Zeal.*If you are against building two items at the same time instead start with the Frozen Mallet and then the Phantom Dancer.

If you are doing well i have also used and suggest getting the B.F. Sword sooner then later so you can easily build The Bloodthirster right away to get an earlier lifesteal.

If you do not get The Bloodthirster before you get the mallet then continue to buy that now then in addition to doing so buy a The Black Cleaver to add to your attack damage and speed greatly*You can also get the The Black Cleaver after Youmuu's Ghostblade if desired for increased damage and speed and the addition to the meaning of being a speedy assassin

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Items Reason

This is suitable and explained for my build. Comment if you want to have other items explained for Nocturne and how they may effect him.

I love speed. Early speed can be devastating to other champs. The only other boots i would consider are Boots of Swiftness and Mercury's Treads

This give Nocturne much need health, mana, attack speed, and its passive abilities work well with Nocturne

Use it all the time and the armor pen plus the additional 50% attack speed really gives into why i love this champ so much.

The 25% chance of slow is really good considering how lucky you may be and maybe because you attack super fast now. Lets take the 700 additional health and additional damage and you have a prime item needed for any Nocturne.

The damage and lifesteal are what Nocturne thirsts for

GTFO now you get critical strike chance up to 50% and you attack alot and do tons of damage the deal is sealed with this item.

This is great because it adds to your Attack Speed, Crit chance, and movement speed which is vital to Nocturne's cause

This item was added so that you can max out on your attack speed and also have addition damage. The passive of the cleaver also helps to kill the enemy faster with the considerable damage you will be doing the armor reduction speaks for itself against the enemy champions

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!!!UPDATE 3/22!!!

For a defensive scheme and quick speed earlier along:

Spells Changes:
-Added alot more spells to give balance to reasoning of useful spells against the useless

-Addition of a second guide strictly for item changes and possible differences

-Explained separate build process in the items column

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Closing Statement

I am not against comments and even criticism. Leave your comments down below and I WILL be updating according to your opinions and how I play the game in my future games.