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Udyr Build Guide by Ellesmere

Jungle Not So Fireproof | Jungle Udyr | 12.14

Jungle Not So Fireproof | Jungle Udyr | 12.14

Updated on July 31, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ellesmere Build Guide By Ellesmere 3643 233 15,629,459 Views 180 Comments
3643 233 15,629,459 Views 180 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ellesmere Udyr Build Guide By Ellesmere Updated on July 31, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    Phoenix (Meta Build)
  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    Not So Fireproof
  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    Tiger Meta


Lethal Tempo
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

NOTE: Current meta for Udyr is AD Tiger. If you check the builds at the top of this guide you'll notice the left one will always be the most OP current build, while the one on the right is the original Not So Fireproof phoenix build. If you're looking to be as optimal as possible, stick to the main build on the left.

My name is Ellesmere and this is my first guide on mobafire! I'm a diamond jungle main in NA and you can check out my stream out here! First thing I want to say is that I discovered this champion on my own and although I do know who Trick2g is and respect him as a player/streamer, he is not the reason I play Udyr and I do not watch his videos. Just because I play and love a certain champion doesn't mean I'm a trick fanboy haha.

That being said, let's get started!

About Me

My summoner name is Ellesmere (A variation on the name of the elven city from Eragon - Ellesmera) and I'm 28 years old from the Bay Area in California. I run my own company which has branches in LA and the Bay Area, and I do everything from television production to graphic design and web development. I've played violin since I was 4 and spent my whole life preparing to be a concert violinist until I decided, the year before my college auditions, I wanted to pursue a career in film so I changed courses and started my company in LA when I moved there at 18. I love spending my free time playing basketball, video games, and spending time with my friends and my wonderful girlfriend.

I've played video games off and on my whole life, mostly games like League and WoW but I also love playing old school shooters like Doom II. I'm currently a top world Mythic+ player in WoW (rank 1 healer NA) and am a healer for US 4th guild Midwinter. I've also recently created a guide for Holy Paladins that want to push keys! And you can see my type of content creation in the video I made for mythic+ below :D

Strengths and Weaknesses of Udyr

Overall, Udyr is an extremely strong champion. His speed, damage and tankiness combined make him a deadly threat to most team comps. Let's start by looking at his strengths.

Great clear, very hard to be counter jungled. Not only is Udyr almost impossible to be counter jungled, but he can 1v1 almost any jungler early on, so when played properly you control the map for the first 5-10 minutes.
Incredible at splitpushing. Udyr's splitpushing powers are unparalleled. Once you have your tri force, you can easily 1v1 and sometimes 1v2 or more dependent on how ahead you are. By split pushing, you force the enemy team to make a decision to either send 2 people for you, in which case your team wins 4v3 fight, or one and then you win the 1v1 and take their base. See more about split pushing in the section below.
Very high mobility. Once your Bear Stance is maxed and you get the full speed boost from it, you are pretty much uncatchable since you can spam between Bear and Turtle, which gives you massive move speed and a shield every few seconds, plus the fully stacked passive Bridge Between.
Can solo dragon and rift herald early. Your early game kit is perfect for soloing dragon and rift, so make sure to obtain those objectives early, read more about when and how you to solo them in objectives section.
Strong CC with stun. Your stun is very unique in that you can stun multiple enemies in under a few seconds, without having to land a skillshot. Using Bear Stance on an enemy puts a 5 second debuff on them where they can't be stunned again. In team fights this can be very useful as you can help peel by stunning their frontline, and then dive the backline and stun their carries before you delete them with your damage.
One of the highest damage champs mid game. As you'll find out very quickly, this build gives you one of the highest damage outputs in the game once you have your tri force. After that you can go tanky, but once you hit your power spike around 15-20 minutes don't back down from fights, don't be afraid. Pretty much no one can 1v1 you the rest of the game unless they're insanely fed.

Can be kited by champs with high mobility / cc. Unfortunately, even though Udyr has many strengths, this one thing can be a massive problem and is the main reason he is not played much in LCS. He relies on face to face combat, pummeling enemies down with his fists, but because of that, he can be locked down / kited fairly easily. Stuns, slows, fears, binds, silences, etc pretty much all remove Udyr from a fight. This is what we have items for though. The reason you often purchase Mercury's Treads is because it reduces the duration of all crowd control by 30%, which is incredibly strong for you. For teams with a lot of crowd control ( Morgana, Leona, etc ) or champions that have disable ults such as Warwick or Malzahar, buy a Quicksilver Sash early. That is one purchase that you will never regret as it makes you much more dangerous in team fights or 1v1s.
Very mana dependent. All of your skills cost mana, and to play Udyr to his maximum potential, every fight requires you to rotate quickly through your abilities. This can run Udyr oom very quickly, so you need to keep an eye on your mana bar before entering a fight and know about how many stances you shift through before you just become an auto attacking bear. Also, always take the first 2 blue buffs unless mid lane desperately needs the second one as it will help your jungle clear and ability to gank lanes immensely.
Not a strong tower defender. As powerful as you are 1v1, in order for you to wave clear you have to be in melee range of the creeps for a few hits, this leaves you very vulnerable in comparison to other champions that can wave clear from further back. This means defending a tower against a stronger opponent(s) alone will be very difficult for you.

Flash vs Ghost

There used to be a lot of debate with Udyr as to which summoner spells you should take, until a few seasons ago when the new meta pretty much required everyone play flash. There are very few scenarios in which ghost is more beneficial than flash on Udyr. First off, you have no ability to go over a wall so any time you need a fast escape to prevent death, or a jump over baron/drag pit to steal objectives, you'll be screwed without flash. Second, in team fights there is no better way to disrupt a combo / take out the enemy carries than flash. Let's say for example that a team fight starts and the enemy team has a Miss Fortune who starts to channel her ult. Instead of ghosting and possibly being cc'd along the way to her and being dead by the time you reach her, you just instantly flash onto her, stun her, and save your whole team from the ult while ripping her apart while she's stunned. Or for another example, let's say their team has a killer wombo combo (malph/ori/yasuo) for example. If they engage on you, you won't be able to ghost out in time but you can flash their engage and blow up their carries instead.

For early game ganks, flash and ghost are pretty much even in terms of usefulness. Both have their benefits, but if you use them properly you can easily secure kills. So overall, flash is much better for team fights, objective steals, and quick escapes early game. The only time I would advise running ghost over flash, is if their team has an insanely strong team fight and yours is more of a split push / pick comp because the one thing ghost is best for is split pushing. You can outrun the enemy team for days so you can pretty much split push without any concern of being killed. But again, this is not a very common circumstance, and even then I'd be hesitant about giving up all the benefits of flash.


Jungle Items

Hailblade is by far the best jungle item for Udyr. This item gives you the passive "Chilling Smite", which allows you to cast smite on champions dealing true damage and stealing 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds. The reason this is so powerful is because Udyr relies on getting in the face of an enemy and blowing them up. Once you're in melee range of them, 9 times out of 10 they will die. But getting there can often be the hard part, especially against champions with high mobility/escape and lots of cc: this is where Chilling Smite comes in. Not only does it slow them so you can catch them, but it also speeds you up, making it much easier for you to run up to their face and stun them. That and the instant true damage it deals gives you a bit of ranged damage that can be extremely useful for finishing enemies off.

Emberknife is a great item for dueling but is not the best for Udyr. The problem with this item on Udyr is that it doesn't give you the gap close that Hailblade does. This item is meant for Champions who have enough CC to lock people down so they don't have to chase you ( Rammus, Warwick, etc), or champions that can stick to an enemy no matter how much escape the have ( Master Yi, Shyvana, etc).

Defensive Items

Dead Man's Plate is your go to first armor item on Udyr because of the speed, enemy slow, tank/health, and damage it provides you. This item makes you nearly uncatchable, so you can split push freely and flood their gates.

Spirit Visage is your main magic resist item. It gives you a little more cdr, tons of magic resist and health, PLUS a passive that increases all healing by 30%. Because we also took Runic Armor your turtle stance is now incredibly deadly. Not only does it give you a massive shield when maxed, but you also gain a ton of lifesteal. This item is especailly strong when you have anyone on your team that gives heals ( Soraka, Sona, Fiora, etc). Overall, spirit visage works great with your kit and should be your go to magic resist item.

Thornmail is one of my favorite items in the game because it's so much fun watching enemies kill themselves. This is an item that you only want to build if a team is very heavy on attack damage/auto attack champions. The reason it is so strong is while you're killing them with your spells, if they try to auto you back, they kill themselves in the process since it reflects 15% of the physical damage you take (+ 25% bonus armor) back to them as magic damage. Overall a very fun item but should only be built against mostly all AD teams.

For teams that are heavy on AD and crit/auto attack reliant, Randuin's Omen is a great armor item for you. It gives you lots of health, armor, slows the enemies attack speed, and reduces the damage you take from critical strikes by 10%. On top of all that it helps you kite champions by giving you an on use ability that slows enemies within a 500 yard radius by 35% for 4 seconds. This is a very strong item overall, but should only be build after Thornmail against all AD teams.

Offensive Items

Sterak's Gage is the other core offensive ability in our kit. In addition to the solid base damage it provides, it also gives us with a huge protective shield when we take critical damage, allowing us to be far more aggressive.

Wit's End is a fantastic item under the right circumstances. If a team has a lot of AP, a wit's end can be the perfect extra damage/tank item to mess them up. Not only does it steal up to 25 magic resistance from any champion you attack, but it also provides you with a ton of attack speed and magic resistance. This makes Wit's End one of the strongest items for Udyr against heavy AP teams.

Boots / Flasks

Although Mercury's Treads are your go to boots in most every game. The reason you almost always purchase these is because they reduce the duration of all crowd control effects on you by 30%, which is incredibly strong for Udyr since his biggest downfall is cc.

Plated Steelcaps should be purchased if the enemy team is all attack damage and has little cc.

Boots of Swiftness are your third and least used option for boots. You should only build these if the enemy team has little to no cc and you plan on split pushing for most of the game.

Elixir of Iron is the only elixir you should buy with this build. For one, because you already do tons of damage with this build, getting extra tanky is far more valuable so you can focus on blowing them up while not getting blown up yourself. For two, because giant sized Udyr is hilarious.

Ideal Teammates and Biggest Counters

Udyr works extremely well with certain champions and teams, but at the same time, is also very weak against certain enemy teams. This section will explain which champions have the best synergy with Udyr, and which enemy teams will make your life a living hell.

Ideal Teammates

First up is everyone's favorite champion, Lulu. Lulu is by far the best teammate to have as Udyr. Between her speed boost, shield, ult, slow, polymorph, etc.. she essentially removes Udyr's biggest con (being easily kited) and allows him to charge enemy back lines extremely quickly, with massive protection. Also you will generally be ulted by her since you should be right in the middle of the fight, so she'll get the best enemy knockups from ulting you. If your teammates pick Lulu, get ready for a fun game.

Next is Zilean, an incredibly powerful asset for Udyr if played well. His speed ups make you uncatchable, and gives you pretty much instant access to the enemy teams back line. Then there's his ult, which is pretty much a GA every minute. This allows you to zone their carries without too much fear of dying, which is an incredibly powerful asset for Udyr. Now that doesn't mean charge in recklessly every fight and make Zilean waste his ult, it's much preferred for him to save his ult for your adc, but it does allow you to be more aggressive when engaging.

Janna is another very strong champion that works well with Udyr. She has massive shields, slows, and infinite peel for her adc. What janna brings to the table is the confidence that your adc will be peeled without your help, which free's you up to focus enemy carries in every team fight. On top of that, her shields go for like half your health when maxed, and her slows help prevent anyone from kiting you.

Lux is a great mid laner to work with. Her bind spells pretty much instant death when ganking, and her E helps prevent the enemy from kiting you. Definitely camp this lane, and in team fights, if she lands a bind on a carry that's a free kill for you. Overall, another great champion to work with that prevents enemy kiting, all while shielding and being able to snipe anyone that bearrrrly escapes your claws.

Thresh is the best support in the game for you to gank for. His lantern hook combo allows you to go from hiding on one side of the lane to pummeling their adc face to face in less than a second. Also when team fighting, his ult pretty much prevents any kiting, and he has tons of peel for his adc so you can just focus the enemy carries. Always camp a thresh, you will not regret it.

Biggest Counters
Please keep in mind these are counters for non junglers only. If you wish to see the jungler matchups, return to the top of the guide.

Vayne... the most hated adc by many. Impossible to 1v1 mid-late game if she's any good, very difficult to focus in a team fights alone even if you lay down a pink for her ult, and can pretty much 3 shot you even if you build full tank. You will not regret banning this champion.

Kalista takes second place in the most hated adc contest. Her nonstop bouncing escape from autos, plus her very powerful slow make it extremely easy for her to kite you. If you're going to fight her, you better go all in, because once you've committed, if you don't kill her she will kill you.

Azir will ruin your good time as Udyr very quickly. It's almost impossible to get within melee range of him, and even if you do, he can just ult you away or into a tower/enemy tank. On top of that he can just poke you like crazy from 30 miles away. My advice is to try and focus the other carries until he ults, and then go blow him up.

Heimerdinger is a challenge for any Udyr, as his entire kit is designed to kill you before you can even get close to him. Since you rely on getting up in his face to do anything to him, it can be a very scary task trying to take down a Heimer. My advice is to get other lanes, don't gank him, because he excels at turning ganks into a double kill, especially against melee champions. Late game you should be able to get in his face once his turrets are down.

As strong as she is on your team, she's just as strong when fighting against you. Lulu will be incredibly strong at kiting you and preventing you from doing anything to her back line. This will be a game to peel your carries and only switch onto the enemy carries when you see a strong opening. Beware of her ult!

Nasus can go one of two ways. Either he gets shut down early by you and your top laner, or he doesn't and becomes unstoppable late game. The most difficult thing for Udyr to deal with is his Wither. This counters everything Udyr is about: attack and movement speed. My best advice is to stop him from farming early, and buy a qss or take the Stormraider's Surge talent.

Mastering Early Game

Above is a video on how to get execute the first 12 minutes of the game perfectly, without power farming. In the video I'm able to farm extremely fast, while still snowballing every other lane. No amount of power farming can win you a game this quickly, which is why it's so important to focus on ganking just as much as farming. One of the most vital parts of playing Udyr is being able to clear your jungle on cooldown, without sacrificing your map presence.

Currently the best route for top side start is to go blue buff (shield lvl 2) > gromp > wolves (stun lvl 3) > birds > red buff, then go fight for scuttle. For bottom start, you want to go red buff (shield lvl 2) > birds > wolves (stun lvl 3) > blue buff, then go fight for scuttle. You can 1v1 most junglers, but ward their entrance so you can see if they're coming and ping your laners for help if needed.

Once you clear your jungle and get your lanes rolling, you should turn to early objectives. Objectives play a huge role in the new summoner's rift. Getting early control over these objectives is a huge lead for the rest of your team, so the question is, how do you know when a good time is to grab these early objectives? Let's take the first example, if your top lane is pushed up to the enemy tower, ping them to come do rift herald with you as the opponent laner will not be able to follow since they have waves to clear. On the other hand if your top lane is pushed into their own tower, go gank them, get the kill and then secure rift herald. Same situation goes for bot lane and drag, or mid lane for either. Dragon is easy to solo at any level past 4. If you are going to solo dragon, make sure you bring a pink ward to clear any enemy wards and then keep an eye on every lane for MIAs. Your rotation for soloing dragon should simply be rotating between Iron Mantle and Wilding Claw.

Initial Clear

An important aspect of Udyr is that he can clear his jungle and come out with full health. This is a quick explanation of how to maximize the efficiency of your initial clear.

Udyr has a few choices for his initial clear, which should be decided upon based on lane matchups and the enemy jungler choice. If you want to have very early lane presence to get a specific lane an early lead, you want to go Red/Blue Buff (bot leash) > (Gromp if you get top jungle) > Scuttle > Gank mid lane level 2 > Other scuttle > Other Red/Blue buff > Gank top/bot.

Your other choice is to not gank and farm quickly to gank somewhere as level 4, which gives you much more power quickly but most likely the enemy jungler will have ganked a lane by the time you leave your jungle which can be dangerous. The path is Red/Blue Buff > (Gromp if you get top jungle) > Scuttle > Other Scuttle > Other Red/Blue Buff > Clear that jungle side until you hit level 4.

For your initial farm rotation, cast Wilding Claw (or Phoenix dependent on the build) in base when you load in. When the buff spawns auto it once, then recast Tiger/Phoenix. If you end the buff with 3 stacks of tiger, hit the next monster with a melee to use your full stacks, recast /Phoenix, then begin the Blazing Stampede - Wilding Claw (or Phoenix) rotation. Read more on how to decide if a lane is gankable or not in the How to Gank section.

Above is a video showing you when you should ignore ganking and instead finish clearing your jungle. If you chose to power farm the rest of your jungle, you want to take a second Tiger/Phoenix point and clear the other 3 camps to hit 4 and then grab Blazing Stampede. You should ONLY do this if every one of your lanes is pushing hard and you know there aren't any ganking opportunities available.

Finally, you have one last option after hitting level 3: stealing the enemy jungler's buff. Only do this when you have vision on every lane and know about where their jungler should be. Also, you should be careful about invading certain junglers, to see a full guide on which junglers I recommend counter jungling, check out the champion threat list above. However, under the right conditions, let's say you both started in blue buff jungle: hit level 3 then run up to their red buff to try and steal it / get a kill. If you started blue and they started red, hit level 3 then run across to their blue and get a second blue buff!

How to Gank

People generally assume as Udyr you're going to be power farming and not ganking much early. The truth is, Udyr is a very strong early game ganker as well as a great power farmer. Your job is to find a good balance and only go for smart ganks you know will get results. To watch different ways to gank and where you should enter from, check out the Mastering Early Game video. Getting your lanes fed early will ultimately be 10 times better for your team than having you power farm, but if your lanes are pushing or you don't see a good opportunity, you don't want to waste time that could be spent farming your early power spike.

Ganking is all about timing, you have to know when it will be worth sacrificing your jungle farm and when it will just be a waste of time. If you can get a lanes flash or a kill, it is always worth leaving your jungle for. There are a few factors that go into deciding if a lane is gankable or not. First, how pushed is the lane? If the enemy is pushed past halfway towards your tower, that usually means it's a good time to gank. Second, how much escape does the enemy champion have? Dependent on the level of escape that a champion has, you may need them to be pushed much further than usual or bait certain skills so you don't waste your time. For example, if you're trying to gank a Fizz, he can use his E to remove himself from combat, and his Q to dash through you and away to safety, so in order to properly gank him your laner either needs some kind of CC, or needs to bait his E/Q and then have you rush in. The third factor that needs to be considered is how low is your laner? Let's say you're going in to gank an 80% health pantheon and your teammate has 20% health. If your teammate engages, panth can immediately turn on them for the kill, and then fight you 1v1. If you are positive you can take the champion 1v1, or even if you just want to go apply some pressure and draw a flash, ping your laner to not engage so they don't give a free kill.

When going to gank a lane, pings become your best friend. Always ping that you're on your way once you've decided you are going to gank a lane. Then when you get there, ping at least 3 or 4 times for assistance so your laner knows to engage with you. Even though this might seem annoying, it'll save you from the people who just afk farm and don't pay attention to their map, as well as getting them to start the engage before you enter lane which will often times make an enemy champion over commit deeper into your lane, giving you guys a free kill. It may be annoying for a second, but I promise you when you guys get the kill they'll be nothing but grateful.

An important aspect of ganking is thinking about every escape that champion can and will use when you get to their lane, and how you can position yourself to counter it. For example, if you go to gank a Gnar, keep in mind when he is small he can use you to bounce off of and escape the gank immediately, wasting your time. However, if you gank him when he goes mega, he has much less escape and can easily be killed between the two of you, especially pre 6, so you're going to want to time your gank to line up with him going mega.

As Udyr, giving lanes kills is good, but often taking kills is equally beneficial to the team. On other junglers (like Amumu) often times it is best to give the lanes the kill, but if Udyr gets a few kills early game, that match is most likely over since this build snowballs incredibly fast.

The most important part of ganking is where you choose to enter the lane from. The goal is to be in between the enemy and their tower so you can kill them before they get to their safe zone. Try to gank from as close to their tower as possible and cut them off. Remember early game tower diving is very rarely a good idea so often times if you get a lanes flash, rather than continuing to chase, back off and come back around a minute later to secure the kill. I highly recommend smiting birds as often as possible to get the ward detecting buff so you don't waste your time hiding in a warded bush.

Above is a video showing how you should properly execute an early game tower dive gank. In this video you'll see myself (Udyr) and Lulu setting up a dive on Jarvin. The reason this worked so well is we were patient and took no chances. First I stole the enemy jungler's gromp while Lulu pushed her minion wave to the tower. This was essential so that we wouldn't take any tower damage until we engaged on him. Once the wave was pushed. I ran in from behind and Lulu immediately polymorphed him, preventing him from flashing. Right before the polymorph ran off I stunned him so he was locked down, unable to flash or escape the entire time. Then all it took was a phoenix hit to finish him off, all while Lulu tanked the tower for me and then dropped tower aggro before she died. This early game tower dive worked because we were able to cc lock him the whole fight, he was already low, and we had the minions pushed to his tower. Make sure that if you decide to dive early you're very careful with it and have good coordination with your teammate because the last thing you want is the enemy to turn it around and get a double kill.

Team Fighting

In a team fight, your job varies based on the team comp you have. As long as you have a support on your team that has reasonable peel, your job is to dive the enemy backline and take out their most deadly damage dealers, whether that's the AD Carry/Mid/Top or some obnoxious AP support like Annie or Brand (damn you Riot), you need to figure out a way to jump on them and stun them as quickly as possible so you can take them down. This is where flash comes in handy, because there's nothing more valuable then being able to flash directly onto the enemies carries and take each of them out of the fight for a few seconds, as well as (hopefully) blowing them up.

Your goal is to harass the enemy carries, while keeping their frontline from ripping apart your carries.

Effectively, Udyr can tank far more damage than other true tanks, just spread out a bit more. When properly kiting, you can constantly refresh your turtle shield while outrunning the damage from their carries, preventing incredible amounts of damage and wasting the enemy carries time running around. Your aim should be to harass their carries out of the fight by running up to them and stunning them / blowing them up, but once they use their escape (Ezreal shift, Ahri ult, etc) rather than chasing them, turn back and help your carries by peeling off their front line and helping blow them up. Then when they reenter the fight, just sprint back over to stun them again, this time without their escape, and finish them off.

The most important aspect of a team fight is how you decide to engage, and from which direction. There are many ways to engage a team and a lot of it will depend on both your comp and theirs. Let's say your team has a fantastic combo (Malph and Ori, Mumu and Leona, etc). You want to wait for their engage and then flank from another direction so that you cut their escape off. For example, if your team is in between the tier 1 towers in mid lane and you walk behind the enemy team by going through their jungle, as soon as your team engages, you can rush in from behind and have a direct line to stun and take out their carries. Flanking is very useful and will secure a victory in a team fight if done correctly, but if done poorly can also remove you from the most important parts of the fight and throw the game, so always make sure your timing is correct and you are there to fight when the engage happens.

In this video, you'll a few examples of how to team fight as Udyr. For the first example, you'll see a fight in the enemy base, it's 2v2 at first, and then Ahri comes in. Since we're in the enemy base by their towers, we don't want to engage on them, we want them to engage on us. So I bait them into coming out a bit, all while working on destroying their inhib. As soon as they engage with the MF ult, I reengage on them, dodging the ult and stunning her quickly so I can blow her up. Then I turn back to the inhib, until Ahri comes down from above leaving me no escape. At this point it's just a 1v1 and I shield myself, then double back right as she throws out her orb, dodging the initial hit, flip into bear, step to the side to avoid her orb, stun her and kill her.

For the second example, you'll see a team fight by dragon pit. It's a 4v3 favoring the enemy team (azir comes in later to make it 4v4, our adc is dead and their mid lane is top). Evelynn immediately engages, and rather than going straight for their adc (who is protected by Nami, Malphite, and 2 traps blocking the path), I blow up Evelynn who is binded and pulled for an easy kill. At this point, Malphite comes in and reengages hard with a Nami stun as well, but as soon as we're out of it Caitlyn has now moved in front of her traps, allowing me to get in her face. I ignore the Malphite since he's already done his damage and we don't have a carry in the fight for me to peel, and I go straight for Caitlyn, stunning her and killing her before she can escape. At that point I turn back to Malphite, switching into turtle to stay alive. What you should take away from this is knowing when to focus the carry and when to peel/stop the engage. Don't rush the carries if they're too heavily protected or too far away with escape. Your job is to peel your carries and wait for the right opening to charge the backline. Once the opportunity is there, you charge them hard and light them all up.

With all that being said, where Udyr excels most is in splitpushing, which I'll explain below.

Your Role as Udyr

Before I get into how to properly split push, I want to lay down one important rule. Split pushing only works if your team can do something with the map pressure you apply. I've seen far too many people afk split push without any regard for where the rest of the team is on the map or what objectives are being contested. If you decide to split push, you have to make sure your team is pressuring another objective so you don't just feed the enemy team kills without any consequence. If they send more than 1 person for you (which they typically will), your team must be at another objective, using the 4v3 to win the fight, otherwise you'll die for nothing and your team will be very upset. Also keep in mind that not all comps will work for split pushing, if the enemy team has a pick comp, you need to be VERY careful of split pushing since one pull from Blitz or one assassination from Talon will allow the enemy team to win the fight and the objective before you can even get there. Also keep in mind, never split bot with Baron up, and never split top with Dragon up. These objectives are too important and if you're on the other side of the map, the enemy team will quickly capitalize on your mistake. Now, onto the actual fun part.

Udyr is one of the games strongest split pushers. His wave clear is unbelievable once you have rageblade, and he can shred towers incredibly fast. On top of that, he has a very good escape with bear/turtle stances and once he has rageblade he can 1v1 pretty much any champion no matter how fed. Later in the game the enemy team has 2 choices when you're pushing: Either A, send 2 people to come kill you (which even sometimes you can still 1v2), or B, let you take their towers. So they really don't have much choice in the matter. Typically teams will send 2 people for you which gives your team a free 4v3 in whichever lane they are pushing. Keep in mind if you are split pushing, make sure the rest of your team is pressuring another lane. If they send 2 for you, your team wins the fight or takes their towers. If they send 0-1 for you, you win the fight or take their towers. So either way your team should win.

When you split push, keep wherever you are splitting very well warded, and keep your eyes on the minimap at all times. You need to have knowledge of where every enemy champion is before you start pushing hard. And again, don't get lost in your own world! Make sure you're still grouping for objectives and helping defend when you're needed.


Thanks again for taking the time to check out my guide, I hope it helped anyone who's interested in trying out this amazing champion. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for me on the guide and I'll try to update it as often as possible.

As a special treat for making it all the way through my guide, I'll leave you with this hilariously awesome Ryze ultimate and an amazing Blitzcrank pull I did on an Ezreal.

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