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Jinx Build Guide by ValleW

AD Carry Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc! - Jinx

AD Carry Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc! - Jinx

Updated on November 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ValleW Build Guide By ValleW 4 6 7,770 Views 19 Comments
4 6 7,770 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ValleW Jinx Build Guide By ValleW Updated on November 4, 2013
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Jinx is among the funniest ADC's to play around League, her unique abilities and play styles allows for endless ways to handle the countless "counters", all around she never gets boring.
This guide will provide you with some knowledge on how to play Jinx as a mobile, strong and extremely unforgiving carry. Just remember to be nice too your support!

Short info about me:
I am Summoner ValleW from the North American server, I've been playing league for a long, long time now (Pre-Season 1) and I have my fair share of knowledge within' the game, I rarely play ranked so don't expect any fancy medals or such.
I started playing Jinx on her release day and haven't stopped since then, I have played a few ranked with her just to qualify this play style for ranked games and I can assure you. It works.
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Pros / Cons!

+ Versatile play style!
+ High damage output!
+ Fun gameplay, fun spells!
+ Easily get fed!
+ Great in teamfights!
- Squishy!
- Hard to master(although I find this positive)!
- No direct escape!
- Requires lots of thinking and global map awareness!
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

Seals & Glyphs for a bit more defense early game, Marks for that extra burst of damage and Quints for more sustain in lane!
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Summoner Spells!

MUST HAVE: Flash is a must, I've experimented with and it has proven inefficient with Jinx, you need that quick gap closer/head-start escape!

RECOMMENDED: I recommend Barrier, as it has the best utility for Jinx and will come handy in many situations.

OPTIONAL: If you feel like you need this to keep up to track with the enemy champion feel free to swap it in for Barrier, but it will come with the price of reduced survivability.

OPTIONAL: Swap this in for barrier if you're more comfortable with using it and doubt your ability to chase/fight enemies alone.

ANY: Any other spells should not be considered to be useful on Jinx as she doesn't benefit from them as much as the mentioned ones.
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Skill Sequence!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We shall max out first as the damage output, slow and cooldown will be in our favour and in regards to the items we get, we won't need the extra attack speed from until we reach higher levels. One point into just to have a bit of utility with us early.
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Standard boots, gives you that little attack speed boost at the start and it's enough to give your a good boost. This attack speed will last well enough til you get your .

Heavy damage, a must on all ADC's!

Best lifesteal and damage so far, pays off a lot better than on Jinx because of her attack speed, also the passive on BoTRK doesn't work so well late game with Jinx.

Attack speed that goes extremely well with you , movementspeed for chase and escape and also the passive allows you to utilize your own passive to the fullest!

Extra damage and a nice armour penetration for the late game heavy tanks.

A little bit of magic resistance, a little bit of armour and an extra life. What else do you want?

Replaces your , only get this if you feel like you need a bit of health and there are multiple AD damage sources in your team. The passive will be beneficial for all AD team members and yourself.

Mathematically it is a lot less cost efficient than a but if the enemy team is going heavy HP & no armour, and you're falling behind then I'd suggest you go for this instead of . Combines well with either or , perhaps even both.

Good item, extra lane push, good burst of damage. Take this over if you feel like you'll need that extra lane pushing ability. Also the item can become cost efficient if you rush it with either blade of the ruined kind or !

Nice to pick this one up when the enemy team deals a little too much magical damage for your taste, also if you find yourself being mid-low on health often it actually helps you sustain yourself by providing extra damage which scales nicely of your lifesteal in dire situations!

Consider this one if you're being CC'd to hell constantly.
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I find counters to be bull****, if you can play your champion correctly, nothing counters you!
However, as a new or even a experienced player to Jinx... You might have issues with some champions. Allow me to list them and some hints to beat them.

Sivir's spell shield will be your biggest issue, as long as you are able to dodge her boomerang you need to focus more on forcing her to waste the shield on either chompers or Zap. Depending on which ability you want to land, use it last.

Just dodge his and you'll be fine, you can always catch him with if he tries to escape with .

Tons of damage and he shreds the little armour you have. Avoid confronting him alone, and he has a great escape but reaches him still.

Out ranges you and pokes you a lot. Avoid traps and dodge

Blinds. This is really the only thing Quinn has against you. Just dodge it and if you get hit, her!

Tons of damage, but can be easily outplayed.

Out ranges you but has no escape, and a AoE that ruins your survivability by reducing any healing effects on you. Move out of the area ASAP! to prevent any sort of unfavourable trading.

His really ruins you and you should try to avoid it as much as possible. If you're caught, not even will reveal enemies, so use chompers to keep yourself safe and run out ASAP!

Out ranges you and has an amazing escape, and a DOT that ruins your survivability by reducing any healing effects on you. Save to successfully neglect death by DOT and you'll be fine.
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Skills, tips and warnings!

Alright, straight to the action here.

Get Excited!
Info: Gives a massive speed burst after being near a assisting/killing/destroying an enemy tower or an enemy champion.

Ah, Jinx passive. This will probably be your most surprising ability of all, it will be your best friend in emergency's and you'll always be grateful for having it!
The best way to utilize her passive, is to use it either to escape fast before being ganked while pushing a lane, or if you feel like you won't be able to fight both enemies but you can definitely do a Hit & Run to take down one. You'll be surprised by the amount of times this speed burst will allow you to escape from fights you'd never believe you'd survive, or to continue to chase that last kill down.
Nobody escapes Jinx.

Info: Jinx swaps between her minigun Pow-Pow and her rocket launcher Fishbones, Pow-Pow will increase Jinx's attack speed with each attack stacking up too 3 times, while Fishbones will deal AoE damage for 110% of your attack damage!

The ability to swap into a weapon that has more range than your minigun is amazing when chasing enemies or making sure dies before he manages to Arcane Shift away.
The moment you swap to Fishbones, you'll benefit from the attack speed boost from your minigun, BUT only the first attack is beneficial, any attack continuously will have your attack speed regular attack speed.

TIPS: Firing with Fishbones doesn't remove Pow-Pow's attack speed boost, the buff counts down as usual when using Fishbones. Also it can critical strike and it gives you the range boost immediately so if you time it well, you can hit an enemy before they go out of your range and the rocket will chase them down.

Info: Jinx fires a shock blast that slows, reveals & deals damage to an enemy.
WARNING: You CAN and will hit minions with this, it's inevitable and lots of practice should be put into aiming Zap! properly and well!

Zap! is Jinx's best ability both for chasing, last hitting and scouting. If an enemy is running away with little health, Zap! for the kill! The reason why we max this one first is because the 70% slow out weights the attack speed boost on Switcheroo! because you completely stop the enemy from having any means of escape, allowing you to... Well fill them up with bullets in your own pace.

TIPS: If an enemy is running away with lots of health, Zap! for the chase!
Worried that their jungler might be taking dragon? Zap! the dragon!
Am I being clear here?

Flame Chompers!
Info: Jinx drops down 3 chompers that will immobilize and enemy whom steps onto them.
WARNING: You can only chomp an enemy ONCE each time, walking into multiple chompers wont immobilize multiple times.

The chompers. Your only means of escape... WRONG! Being smart, you can utilize Zap! & chompers to escape but the chompers has another usage. Who expects you to Chomp an enemy, the beat the livin' **** out of them? No one. If you're feeling lucky, you can use the chompers to catch an enemy, line up the Zap! and turn the chase around. Or buy yourself tons of time to walk away.
Chompers are really good for keeping enemies in place, and buying you some time but they are easily dodge, so think ahead!

Super Mega Death Rocket!
Info: Jinx fires a giant missile towards the target location that on impact with enemy champion deals damage based on time travelled and missing health on the enemy champion, also deals 80% of the damage to surrounding minions and champions.
WARNING: If you miss your ultimate, don't be too hard on yourself, global missiles are hard to hit and most likely you'll miss a tons, but lucky for you. The cooldown is short.

Super Mega Death Rocket! probably the coolest name on an ultimate ever. Ain't much really to say about it. Use it to pick off enemies that are too far away to chase, or fire it to assist a teamfight/teammate, the damage you deal is devastating and in teamfights it'll give your team the upper hand.

TIPS: Don't initiate with the ultimate, you'll waste it's damage potential as it's scaled of missing health. Use it in near the middle/ending of the teamfight to turn the tide for your team!
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Team Work!

An ADC is only as good as his/her team!
This is my motto, I go by it all the time and I stay behind it. Always be kind to your support and your teammates, unless they're completely incompetent imbeciles in that case you IGNORE and KEEP QUIET. Don't RAGE and don't WHINE!
Jinx works with anyone as long as the player who plays it is competent. I've two friends whom always play support with me and they've supported me with almost all champions, both troll supports and legit ones, it all works well with Jinx as long as the player behind the champions has a brain.
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Thank you all for taking the time to read trough this!

Hope you've enjoyed my first guide to Jinx, The loose cannon!
Feel free to leave any feedback as it is my first guide I'd gladly take suggestions and criticism!

ValleW out!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ValleW
ValleW Jinx Guide
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Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc! - Jinx

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